Muslim Who Raped 13 Year Old UK Girl Spared Jail Because “He Didn’t Know It Was Wrong”

Other things that Muslims don’t know are wrong. Raping women. Blowing up buses. Persecuting minority groups. Genocide.

Islamic law in action means that there is a two tier justice system. One for natives. Another for Muslim colonists who get to live under their own law in which raping 13 year old girls is okay.

A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he  was taught that women are worthless.

Well that makes it okay. He only raped her because he thought women were worthless.

Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.

Well he didn’t know it was wrong. That means it’s not a crime. But good luck for anyone who leaves a pig’s head in front of a mosque and claims not to know it was wrong.

Two tiers. One for Muslims. Another for natives.

Yesterday Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.’

Earlier Nottingham Crown Court heard that such crimes usually result in a four to seven-year prison sentence. But the judge said that because Rashid was ‘passive’ and ‘lacking assertiveness’, sending him to jail might cause him ‘more damage than good’.

He seemed assertive enough when he raped a 13 year old girl. I don’t think he did that passively, despite his claims otherwise. And 4 to 7 years in prison might work wonders to educate him about rape.

Rashid, from Birmingham, admitted he had sex with the girl, saying he had been ‘tempted by her’ after they met online.

Like all good Muslims, it’s always the fault of the little girl.

In other interviews with psychologists, Rashid claimed he had been taught in his school that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’.

This is also apparently the view of the UK legal system when Muslims are involved.

When Judge Stokes said Rashid ‘must have known it was illegal, unless he was going round with his eyes shut’, defence lawyer Laban Leake said reports suggested Rashid had a ‘degree of sexual naivety’.

‘It is not too far to say that he may not have known that having sex with a 13-year-old girl was illegal.’ Judge Stokes sentenced Rashid to nine months youth custody, suspended for two years, along with a two-year probation supervision order.

‘It was made clear to you at the school you attended that having sexual relations with a woman before marriage was contrary to the precepts of Islam,’ he said.

So Rashid, instead of being punished for rape under British law, is being handed a suspended sentence for premarital sex under Stokes’ convoluted notion of Islamic law.

It seems that one of the more urgent laws needed now is a law barring Islam, Islamic law, cultural background or anything of that sort from being introduced as exculpatory in rape cases.

  • BS77

    England is lost.

    • Kiki

      They're working on America now.

      • Taylor

        True, they don't have to do much because it's the republicans who are thinking the same way as they refuse to sign violent against women act, the republicans states that rape is just another form of conception. Republican John Boehner states he wants to abolish abortion. What's the different between republicans and Muslim both are religious fanatics. Republican = Muslim

        • joc

          Wtf are you talking about? Last I heard muslim obama is a democrat. That upholds sharia law.

        • joc

          Furthermore Boehner is no better. Letting the dems tramp all over him. Having no respect for himself or the party he is representing. So are you for genocide or infantcide? Supporting abortion it is ei ther or.

        • Tina

          Taylor, that is a bunch of B.S. It's the liberals that sympathize with muslims. Republicans do not in any form or manner support rape. How can you equate abortion, especially after birth abortion, with rape. Liberal logic….. it's a disease.

    • Rogerthat1945

      My wife and I ditched the UK five years ago; because, IF you say anything to try and put things right (as an English person) you are locked up in prison or a mental institute. That is a fact.

    • Terry

      This is Sharia law into the UK by the back door. Because this rape was not unlawful under Sharia law, our spineless judges are now saying that its OK, because this government and UK law want to appease Islam because they are simply scared of taking a stance. More importantly – this says that ignorance of the law is a legal defence, but only if you are muslim.

    • ANITA


    • Jeff Suggs

      This is what happens when you let a large group of Muslims inter your country. Islamic law will never be practiced in America. The Muslim's made up religion is used to control them thru hate for anyone that is not part of their religion. If not for the United State's technology in refining oil, the middle eastern people would be driving camels to work.

    • Samuel Adams

      Indeed it is. How unfortunate.

    • Suzanne

      Why is someone from the UK getting tried under Islamic law? Since when is the UK an Islamic country? If your living in Britain, you should be tried under British law. Also the girl is a child, not a woman! How dare he have the right to take her innocence away. Britain wake up! A serious word in needed!

    • ROMAN
    • Roman Kaczmarek


  • Edward Cline

    "It seems that one of the more urgent laws needed now is a law barring Islam, Islamic law, cultural background or anything of that sort from being introduced as exculpatory in rape cases."

    How about ANY cases involving any criminal law and ANY crime that involves force, fraud, and deception, and especially if the crimes involve Muslims of whatever age?

    • Rogerthat1945

      There is a law in the UK the Judge ignored. that is;- "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." and the Law Courts often imprison people in the UK for breaking a law they did not know about…

      e.g. Collecting water on your own land is a crime against the UK `Rivers Authority`. You can be fined and jailed for it IF YOU ARE UNFORTUNATE ENOUGH TO BE EUROPEAN ENGLISH.

      Glad we ditched the sinking ship.

    • cam

      Just because he claims that the "Islamic Law" says it okay to rape women and thats what we was taught does not mean that what he was taught are Islamic teachings. No where in our holy book does it say that its okay to rape people, in fact, islam means peace, therefore before you talk, you should do your research about the religion. Blame the people not the religion, and its funny because if this was a white man who said the Christian Law said thats it's okay to rape women, everyone would deem his as a psychopath, but since this guy is muslim, ITS THE RELIGION!!? yall are crazy.

      • tamara

        I disagree, friend. I've read your teachings through and through. Peace is the LAST thing that comes to mind while reading them….As a matter of fact the Koran teaches in many places that if you "Can not convert infidels, then they should be slain." So what a twisted idea of Peace you have there, "Friend".

      • Bob

        It is the religion. He is a product of the religion, if you stoop to calling it that. Islam is a megaPAC with a clear objective of destroying everything that is good and reasonable in Western Civilization. This young man is a germ. He should be treated the same as you would treat an infection. The judge, sorry to say, is the same.


        Does your religion order you to kill infidels? I am a Christian. According to your sharia law, you should kill me. All of these terrorists murdering people and cutting off their heads, flying airplanes into buildings, executing young girls who have been raped, and not prosecuting the rapist, turning themselves into human bombs, Setting bombs off in the streets of Boston, all in the name of allah. This does not sound like a religion of peace to me AT ALL.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What this moron of a Judge did was to state that the victim of the crime was worthless, her
    human rights null and void and all women marks for supposed ignorance. I think that this
    Ratsheet will be heard from again, any unsolved murders where women are raped and if
    he is the culprit, he will say he was unsure killing a defiled woman was wrong……..(copious
    profanity here), when, yes when will the Brits wake the hell up and wern't thier guns
    taken away?………………………………………………….William

  • AdinaK

    The essence of dhimmitude is when the host country becomes subjugated/subjected to the "norms" of the immigrant community, and in this case, Muslims who insist on turning western nations into Sharia Law compliant states.

    As such, how do westerners know when they are no longer free –

    Eurabia is here to stay. The U.S. is not far behind.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • warpsix

    Let the dummy live with the Judges family .

    • Rogerthat1945

      Maybe the Judge is sexually involved with a 13-year old girl?

  • tedh754

    If I've asked this question once I've asked it a thousand times…
    Where are the MEN OF ENGLAND?

    • Kiki

      They are behind closed doors afraid that they'll get their heads cut off since the Muslims have taken over.

    • Rogerthat1945

      We left.

      We got sick of being jailed and locked up in mental institutions for speaking out against the madness and injustice.

      I could write a book.

    • skip

      Living abroad, England's full.

    • David

      They got arrested last night for protesting the muslim beheading of a British soldier…where were YOU?

  • kafir4life

    So when they kill infidels, they can claim it's in the koran, and they'll be correct, and let go because their religious rights must be protected.
    islam is a gutter cult. muslims are gutter cultists. mohamat was a pig faced dog, and their koran was shat from his anal orfice.

    allahu snackbar

    • Rogerthat1945

      I think the Koran was written as a counterbalance to the Jewish Torah. The Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ. They are apparently Anti-Christ (the evil Moslems oddly have a little [insufficient] respect for Jesus as a prophet).

    • unknown

      i would have killed this guy if u ask me
      but bro, i dont judge the religion of my christian brothers with what they do.
      Muslims are not all not bad people and this is not what islam teaches.
      GOD bless you brother, and may GOD keep our and your children safe.

  • Mary Sue



    • Rogerthat1945

      There is `discrimination`.

      ONLY If you are European English does that rule apply; but the Judge slid in some fiction to support the Muzz, possibly in guilt for his attraction to underage kids or to start a civil war?

      Anyway, if they do not know English/European law &/or Human Rights, they should not be permitted to set foot on the mainland.

  • FPF

    "you are very naive and immature " How dare Michael Stokes claimed Muslims as such, he clearly offended the prophet and all Muslims should go after him. LOL.

  • Kiki

    He's a Muslim isn't he??

  • wow

    I definitely agree that this man shouldn’t be excused for raping her or get any special treatment because of the values of his religion, believe me, what he did was wrong and I agree that he should pay for it.

    But I also can tell that you, Mr. Daniel Greenfield are a very ignorant person for generalizing all Muslims, as if they are all like this man you write about above. It seems like you don’t even know the word ‘stereotype’ as that is what you are doing in your article – stereotyping all Muslims as if they are all radicals and terrorists. So if this is the case, does this mean that a Christian who’s ever killed someone or done something against the law indicates that all other Christians are this way as well? It really astonishes me to read articles like this and see how very ignorant, and STUPID some people can be. This is an individual case about an individual person. This does not mean that every Muslim out there rapes women. Have you ever heard of Ted Bundy? I’m sure you have, he raped and killed around 30 girls. He was baptized. So does this automatically indicated to you that every person who has ever been baptized is a rapist as well? I honestly hope not, because that kind of take on the world is just simply disgusting. Reading this article horrifies me to know that there are people with beliefs like yours out there. I hope one day you’ll be able to open your eyes to the world and realize how much of it you have blocked off with that close-minded brain of yours.

    • Mary Sue

      I think you're assuming too much.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No other major religion has a founder who had sex with a child.

      I would say that has some influence on a religion and its followers,wouldn't you?

      • Anne

        I agree with you 100%. it is this kind of ignorance and fear mongering that spreads confusion and hatred that leads to violence and drums up people's support for wars, which are usually never about terrorism and everything to do with gain of money, power and resources, and certainly not for us. So what of the Catholic Priests who raped boys, are all Catholics this way ? Or the "Born Again" Christian minister who was having an extramarital affair and with a boy, does that mean all Born Again Christians are this way ? Think about it, as you judge, so will you be judged. Radical Islam and regular Islam are two very different things… and how about we base individuals as individuals and not representing of any "group" ? Time to grow up.

        • cjk

          All those so called 'Christians' were acting in a manner in direct violation with Christian doctrine and scripture.
          How in the world does someone compare that with the founder of a religion and it's 'most perfect example of conduct' being a pedophile?
          Are you thaaaaaaat stupid or what?

      • Anne

        The bible has stories of sex with children, marriage to children, rape, murder, incest, etc..does that mean that followers engage in those things normally ? Those were different and more ignorant times, people did marry children then in the manipulated to be patriarchal society that we have lived in for ages. I believe everything in every religious book has been perverted and turned around to support male superiority and diminishing of women's worth out of fear of the power of woman and to gain control over them…so it is this attitude that feeds all the major religions, media, and society. Just look at how in this "modern" society, women are still objectified and men boast about how many women they've "scored" with as though it were a good and admirable thing…women are still treated as a commodity today.

        • cjk

          Telling accurate historical stories in all their evil and perverse detail is what we call "TRUTH".
          Now please tell me how in the he*l telling the evil and perverse truth is comparable with commanding people to engage in evil and terrible perversity?
          Are you thaaaaaaaaat stupid?

    • Guest

      no but they live by their own laws and not the law of the land they should be making an example of him to show others that its wrong

    • ufo

      wow has a valid point. Most Muslims are capable of ignoring the more barbaric edicts in their "holy" books and thereby are able to abide by the secular laws of western democracies. Religious people are good only to the extent that they are able to ignore the more barbaric edicts in their "holy" books. The radical extremists are being true to the letter of their religious texts and that's what makes them so dangerous to the rest of us who are trying to live by European Enlightenment values. ALL the major religions have fought and continue to fight tooth and nail to prevent social progress. Some of the more horrifying examples are slavery, witch burnings, women's rights, and life-saving medical advances like vaccines, stem cell research, and even the germ theory of disease.

      • cjk

        The difference is that one religion teaches evil while all the others condemn it.
        Are you really that ignorant and/or stoooooopid?

    • bruce

      maybe, BUT, the christian bible does not tell it's followers to "kill infidels" and "non-believers"….good try though……you are an idiot

      • Barrie

        Wrong bruce there are many verses in the KJB that advocate the killing of non believers :-

        If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods, whom you and your fathers have not known, gods of any other nations, near at hand or far away, from one end of the earth to the other: do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. (Deuteronomy 13:7-12)

        Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. (Deuteronomy 13:13-19)

        They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13)

        These are just three quotes. Try being factual before insulting someone and to that point I think you need to apologize like a 'good christian'.

        Besides the christian churches have done more than their fair share of killing in the name of 'God'.

        • cjk

          Name one command in Christian scripture to kill anyone.

      • anne

        Neither does the quran, not in that respect, most of those scriptures are taken out of context by people who have never actually read the quran and just parrot what they are told about it, much the same way people who have never read the bible quote things taken out of context and parrot what they've heard, without ever investigating themselves. Actually, the extremists follow their own "Hadiths" books outside of the quran added by their leaders of their particular sects.

        • cjk

          You are simply lying.

    • Samantha Kafir

      Really? Stereotyping? This paedophile was taught that women are worthless in his Islamic school so your argument is invalid – he and his classmates were TAUGHT that sex with children is fine (as it states with Ayisha in the Quran) and that women are worthless (plenty of that in the Quran – women being deficient in intelligence, it being OK to beat your wife, that men are superior to women and men pay to maintain women so they belong to men) so the religion itself teaches this filth. Islam is fundamentally wrong but those who call themselves Muslim have a choice to follow the Quran literally (like this tool and every other Islamic terrorist who have the one goal to smite non-believers) or not.
      Personally, I believe that religion is outdated but firmly believe that Islam needs eradicating from this earth if we are ever to come close to world peace.

    • Bob

      Unlike any other known “religion” Islam has produced more rape, murder, revenge killings, honor killings, acid attacks, terrorists, mistreatment of women as a standard, pedophiles sanctioned by doctrine, daily bombings, daily shootings, daily stabbings, maiming of women and children, pretended “offense” at normal behavior, mischief of all sorts, riots, burning of Christian churches, razing of Christian neighborhoods, the hunting and execution of supposed “offenders”… so, any questions?

    • shane

      No matter how טםו butter up and sugar coat Islam the facts are there. It's a religion of hate, revenge, honor killing, intolerance, women stoning…all things that a normal person would detest.
      Since 9/11 Muslims have committed terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Chad, Chechnya, Dagestan, Denmark, East Timor, Egypt, England, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ingushetia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Jordan-Iraq, Kabardino-Balkans, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Gaza-Palestinian Authority, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Republic, United States, Uzbekistan and Yemen.
      Muslims have carried out over 5,800 fatal terrorist atrocities since 9/11, and countless thousands since Islamic conquest began in 623 AD.
      Open your eyes, people. Educate yourself. Read books. Muslims are worse than Nazis.

    • bret

      ok so you want westerners to be tolorant of their muslim hosts? Please enlighten me on how muslim countries are tolorant of other cultures. Maybe we can ask some buhdists in southeast asia about it…

    • really

      The Bundy example is beyond flawed. I don't think Bundy ever used his religious education or sexual naiveté as a defense for his crimes. I also don't believe he was ever excused for them because of a misunderstanding.

    • chewinmule

      You senseless twit. It's his defense that is ridiculous. What a deflecting putz you are. Ted Bundy didn't use the Christian religion or his education as his defense. What is horrifying to "normal" people is that idiots like this piglet are roaming free in Europe and other Western civilizations. All you goat-herding bastards should be wearing signs so that we can keep our eye on you and at least avoid you..

    • wizard

      Ted Bundy paid for his crimes and so should this guy

    • Really??

      Sounds to me like someone got their widdle feelings hurt!! Let me just say if Islam was so great and good, why would the very source of his education(and evidently parenting) be teaching him that anyone is any less than the next. I'm not going to slam Islam or it's followers or cluster them all into one groups as you say, but the cold hard truth is we are not talking about 1 nut job Ted Bundy here we are talking about substantially sized groups with the same Bundy mentality and that is scary as hell I don't care who you are!!!!

    • rpstitz

      Bundy didn't use Christianity as a defense.

    • Reply to wow

      The person you referred to as a "woman" is 13 years old. That makes her a "child" the fact is a crime was committed in Britain, so he should be tried under British law. If anyone non Muslim goes to an Islamic country, like the UAE, and commits a crime, their punished under Islamic law, the law of the land. They can't say I'm British and didn't know and get away with it.

    • Mike Rios

      First of all, baptizing does not make a Christian any more than parking a VW Bug at a Mercedes dealership makes it a Mercedes Benz so don't use Bundy's attempt to ease his conscience by imitating a biblical practice.

      Secondly, after Bundy was finally caught in Florida for the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl he was allowed to sit in a wooden throne that was wired for electricity and he was crowned with 50,000 volts of electricity. Funny things occurs when we do this to murderers. They don't ever hurt anybody again. Too bad they didn't catch him at the first one.

      Third, when the founder of Islam, Mr. Mohammed, rapes and then marries an eleven year old girl, wrote in his comic book called the Koran that women are worthless, and then they teach in their schools and Mosques that women have to prove with four male eye witnesses that their reported rape is not adultery. If she can't find four male EYEWITNESSES that her rape is not adultery she is by default found guilty of adultery and then is in very real danger of being sentenced to up to death for being raped. With a religion (?) that views women like this it is not very surprising that their young men and boys look at girls like an animal would. Why is it ignorant to think that Muslims should act out what they are taught from their days as toddlers?

      Of course I'm speaking from the perspective of one being taught from a child that girls and women are a precious creation of God and are to be honored instead of raped, beaten, kicked, publicly whipped, and sometimes stoned to death. But then again, I live in a land where all are equal under the law and a Johnny Come Lately religion doesn't get to set their own rules contrary to the laws of the land.

    • Nita

      I totally Agree ! There is SCUM in every Race, Creed ,Colour and so called Religion !!!

  • Guest

    that is an outrage being ignorant is not an excuse and people who want us to accommodate these people should take some blame if I went to a Muslim country they wouldn't let me off because i didnt no any better these people need to learn the law the hard way the full force of the law should be brought down hard on anyone who breaks the law regardless of race religion or any other bs.

  • Concerned Citizen

    people are saying that this is just islamophobia which is fear of islam and people should be very afraid they are slowly but surely moving around the globe in which will ultimately result in them using our democratic system against us and imposing their religious values on our western cultures and any who stand against them are indited as racist or infidels if people dont realise this and take a stand against it their wont be any democracy left to defend

    • ufo

      You should be equally concerned about the Christian, Jewish, Sikh, and Hindu extremists who in their own enclaves in western society are hell-bent on applying fundamental religious "law" to everyone. Have you not noticed all the whining coming from the US religious right about how their "God Given" right to discriminate against everyone who doesn't uphold their warped Christian "morality" is being violated by the provisions of the US constitution and the Bill of RIghts? The problem isn't just with radical Islam, it is a problem with all fundamentalist religious cults. Religious people are only good to the degree that they can ignore the barbaric "commandments from God" in their centuries-old barbaric "holy" books. In this case, and in all others where some Dhimmi idiot bends the law of the land to cater to "religious sensitivity", the prosecution should appeal and the judge should be retired or grounds of bringing the administration of justice into disrepute. Maybe part of the problem in this case is the idea that the sentence for a crime should be in order to "do the most good" for the criminal instead of providing some kind of justice for the victim.

      • J Oblerski

        If you want to stop all injustices, stop having children. All sexual predators should be given the death penalty regardless of their beliefs. If you don't stand up for that, then you don't care.

      • cjk

        No we shouldn't you idiot. Mohammedanism is the only religion that's scripture orders the domination of other people for this day and forever.

  • Patriot

    The people who are left wing nuts should take a good long look at their views on muslims especially women because if the time comes that they take our lands by force or infiltration our sisters and daughters will be the first to suffer and if we dont stand now when we have a chance to hold them they will turn our cities and towns into the battlegrounds you see on tv and all the hard work our ancestors took centuries to build could be lost in a single day.

    • ufo

      You have a point, Patriot, but let's not forget the equally pressing threat from the American Christian Taliban which is infiltrating the US Armed forces with the clearly stated aim of establishing an Old-Testament based theocracy and using the US nuclear stockpile to bring about Armageddon. The problem isn't just with radical Islam, it with the widespread acceptance of the idea that religious conviction is a valid justifications for breaking the laws of the land. It is that acceptance which is empowering monsters like Ratshid and even worse monsters like the "honor" killers who murder their daughters and sisters to do what they do.

  • Dr.R. Clavan

    I would happily torture the muzzie cockroach to death.

    • naved

      ( /me muslim) i would have loved to join you

  • Nick

    The 18 year old knew what he was doing, islam does NOT say this is ok.
    He wore a condom and prayed afterward?
    If he knew anything about the religion he hides behind he would know you are not allowed to pray if you have recently committed adultery and he should receive 100 lashes.

    • nido

      you are right… if i had any right i would have killed him ( im a muslim ) so that no children muslim/ non muslim ever faces such danger again.

  • Caznot

    we should NOT let this judge and this offender off the hook of justice.Each and every person who is repulsed
    by the double standards of this case should protest most vociferously until this wrong is righted.

  • Rogerthat1945

    At least they posted the photo of the paedophile.

  • ufo

    It seems there have been many media investigations into Muslim and other faith schools in the last few decades. Here's an idea. Let's bring back mandatory free 12 years of public school education for everyone, where everyone is taught basic arithmetic, basic science, basic English grammar, basic science (including the uncontested — by scientists — fact of evolution), and the Enlightenment values of individual freedom and respect for all persons regardless of gender or skin color. Faith schools of all religions serve to undermine national unity and social integration. We've tried it under the failed idea of multiculturalism. It didn't work. Let's move on! People are entitled to their religious beliefs but they are NOT entitled to impose them on others and they are NOT entitled to use them to justify violence against others whether those others are of the same or a different faith.

  • Ron Branney

    This is what happens when we bring back the dark ages. This sort of crap is never going to be acceptable. Public hangings an firing squads and "old smokey" seemed to work well. How about using this to celebrate the stupidly of these in of these inbred jerks. Wake up U.S it's coming this way.

  • Frank Livingston

    Keep in mind; this is the same Shariah/Islamic law Obama, Clinton, Rice, Petraeus, Holder, Janet Napolitano, and other Obama cabinet members want for America. This is the global Caliphate the Muslim Brotherhood wants for us and is screening with their project to destroy America and the Western world. This is also what the Democrat Party wants because they support it. And, never, ever forget how the RINO leadership/followers in the Republican Party ignore the Muslim Brotherhood and beat up on those trying to stop it. Here is an example. Go to YouTube and watch a briefing by a former DOD/JCS Islamic expert titled: Stephen Coughlin, Part 5: The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law
    Why did Obama sign UN Resolution 16/18 that all but eliminates our First Amendment and replaces it with Shariah/Islamic law/

    We have five brave congressional representatives trying to stop the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, our enemy, into the White House, DHS, DOJ, DOD, National Security, etc. however, they get chastised by the RINOs (Progressives) such as Sen. McCain, Rep. Boehner, and others. Read the 16-page letter by Rep. Bachmann to Rep. Ellison (Muslim Brotherhood supporter)

    You are here: Michele Bachmann fires off a 16-Page Bombshell to Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison by SHOEBAT FOUNDATION, JULY 15, 2012.
    This is how Facebook helps pedophiles secure their sex targets but what about the judge? Why is he helping them?

    • lisa cole

      Armed women are not raped women, period.

  • susan mills

    oh my god, I feel quite sick and worried about the future of our young ones if the LAW,cannot protect them any more. This has gor to stop and we need to stand together to make it stop.

  • Rick

    Thanks for this article – it echoes a similar case here in Australia, where a Libyan student raped 7 girls and women (youngest 13), and received a pathetic minimum sentence of 3 years jail because:
    'he was upset at the way Australian women dressed and behaved, a court has heard…Sentencing Atagore, Judge Margaret Rizkalla said she accepted there was a link between the cultural issues, along with Atagore's depression, and the offences. "It seems you were very ill prepared to deal with cultural differences," she said.'
    (see… )
    Our own judiciary are inadvertently telling us – Muslims are a danger because of the way they are raised. We need to learn the lesson and bar them from entry to civilized countries as we would bar anyone else raised in a criminal cult with criminal values, unless they convincingly renounce these values.

    • Rick

      I meant to add another link for more of the case details and Judge's comments:

    • nido

      kill that SOB … a'ole.. m a muslim, this is not what islam teaches … they have found a weakness in the name of religion and taking advantage.. this does not happen in islam …

  • Julie

    Erm, the punishment for a man proven to have engaged in pre-marital sex according to Islamic law is death (by stoning). Other men have faced this penalty in other countries, although they typically flee or are let go due to lack of evidence.

    The child should have known he could have been stoned for his act – which would be worse than jail time.

    • Rob_Crawford

      Only if the victim is a Muslim, Julie, and even then only if there are three other MEN who will testify that it was rape. If there aren't three MALE witnesses to the rape, then the woman is stoned for committing adultery.

  • Cassandra

    Well if the "justice" system is not going to protect the women and children in
    Britain, maybe the men of Britain need to take the law into their own hands?? Just like the Aussies did in the cronulla riots. When are you going to do something about your Muslim problem??

    • nido

      this does not happen in muslims why in non -muslims ? they have found a weakness to avoid jail and have forced sex with children .. this needs to stop. im a muslim and believe me, i would have killed that bastard. this is just not fair. we should take the law in our own hands cuz i myself cannot tolerate ISLAM being ridiculed this way. should have stoned him to death thats what islam says .. May God protect our children from such sort of bad people. i feel very sad :(

  • Kris Brown

    Britain is screwed. Give it time, Britain will be under sharia law. Giving the power back the royals is your only hope.

    • Bob Alvin

      ROFL like jewish law is any better? Fork the Royals. They should pine for jobs, even that of laundry custodians and toll booth employees, in the country they betrayed, or else find their calling in a land more suitable to them, like Isntreal.

      • cjk

        If you rape a 13 year old child in Israel, you will surely go to jail you putz.

  • PitBoss711

    If the father of the girl doesn't seek vengeance, he doesn't have a set on him.

  • Mike

    Was the girl caucasion?

  • Barrie

    Ignorance is not an excuse. He should have been jailed. There is a tendancy for the court system to be too lenient towards muslims for fear of upsetting their so called community representatives and thereby causing violent backlashes. When in Rome do as the Romans do. They should be bound by our laws wether they like it or not. We have to obey their laws in their lands.

  • larry white

    Typical uncivilised,uneducated islamic arsehole

  • larry white

    Funny how they think women are worthless but quite happy to use them to reproduce like a virus

  • marc

    islamic law banns any form of sex with a women that is not your wife as a punishement he should be beaten n jailed as stated in islamic law

    • Rob_Crawford

      Wrong. Islam allows sex with a woman "your right hand possesses" — meaning a slave or other "conquest".

  • T. Marcus

    This seemed a very horrible story, so I went on to the BBC news site to get more details. Oddly enough, there's no mention of it at all. If someone can provide me with a link to an actual NEWS story dealing with this, I would be grateful. I would hate to think that this story is true, but I would also hate to think that the writer (Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, a New York writer focusing on radical Islam) either made it up or distorted the facts to promote his own biased agenda. Update…just checked on the "Freedom Center". Started by David Horowitz to promote anti-Muslim viewpoints. The Anti-Defamation League (who hardly seem like they would be biased in FAVOR of Muslim extremists) writes that Horowitz sponsors a college campus project that promotes anti-Muslim views and arranges events with anti-Muslim activists. I'm still interested in links to news stories about this assault, but I'm getting more and more doubtful about the accuracy of this account.

    • Rob_Crawford

      Gosh! Anti-Muslim views and anti-Muslim activists!

      Can't imagine who could promote anti-Muslim views more effectively than Muslims, but…

  • T. Marcus

    Further update: Many of you who read this likely already know this, but THIS website is another of David Horowitz's domains. Here's Wikipedia on how reliable Horowitz is in his reportage:
    "Some stories Horowitz has used as evidence that U.S. colleges and universities are bastions of liberal indoctrination have been disputed.[54] For example, Horowitz alleged that a University of Northern Colorado student received a failing grade on a final exam for refusing to write an essay arguing that George W. Bush is a war criminal.[55][56] A spokeswoman for the university said that the test question was not as described by Horowitz and that there were nonpolitical reasons for the grade, which was not an F.[57] Horowitz identified the professor in this story[58] as Robert Dunkley, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Northern Colorado. Dunkley said Horowitz made him an example of "liberal bias" in academia and yet, "Dunkley said that he comes from a Republican family, is a registered Republican and considers himself politically independent, taking pride in never having voted a straight party ticket," Inside Higher Ed reported.[58]

    In another instance, Horowitz stated that a Pennsylvania State University biology professor showed his students the film Fahrenheit 9/11 just before the 2004 election in an attempt to influence their votes.[59][60] Pressed by Inside Higher Ed, Horowitz reversed himself and retracted the story.[61]

    Horowitz has also come under fire for material in his books, particularly The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, as New York University Professor Todd Gitlin has written.[62] The group Free Exchange on Campus issued a 50-page report in May 2006 in which they take issue with many of Horowitz's assertions in the book and describe what they see as factual errors, unsubstantiated assertions, and quotations which appear to be either misquoted or taken out of context"

    I don't know how long this comment will remain up (or if it will be posted at all), but I urge readers of ALL such accounts to verify them with independent unbiased news sources. Don't be taken in by liars and hatemongers.

    • Rob_Crawford

      "Don't be taken in by liars and hatemongers."

      That's why you're getting thumbs-down. You're a liar and "hatemonger".

  • Brick

    It was STATUTORY RAPE!!! The girl is hardly a snow white virgin. She was ready and willing. Still, this is not enough to justify the kow-towing to Mecca. It may, at best, allow for a minimum sentence of 4 years but that is all.

  • Lorima Tuivaga

    Freedom of religion is one thing but to be excused for ignorance, is a load of bull. No where does it say in the Koran that Women are worthless. Whose law will Britain be following. The Judge was stupid in opening that door, now you will see this occurring more frequently. Being part of a country is to live by its laws and principles. There should be a clear definition of LAW in all institution regardless of contradicting morals and values. You all came into the country and were accepted giving you more then they would give those that built it yet you set out to ignore the foundation it was built on. Are you conforming citizens or an invasion waiting to happen. Beware the consequences of this RULING.

  • lisacole

    I'd say this is England's karma for the Revolutionary War. Let these Muslime pigs try this in America… it'll end the same as it did on Oct. 19, 1781.

  • Jim

    And you call this justice…you lame ass losers! I hope you're daughters are next in line…MORONS!!!

  • lindsay

    You say your god is the one true god
    My one god is the one true god
    Don't want to hear about your one god
    'Cause my one god's the one
    The Austin Lounge Lizards

    Organized religion is the cyanide of the masses
    Tom Robbins

  • Kate

    Islam means peace n in Islam one of the most important things u have to do if ur a man is to respect a women so I don't understand where on earth he read it or was taught not to respect a women basically this idiot is trying to say if ur a Muslim it's okay for u to miss behave wiv a lady.

    • cjk

      Islam means submission and women have about the same rights as dogs in the glorious Ummah.

    • Rob_Crawford

      Islam means "submission", not "peace". Please stop spreading that lie.

  • GregZ

    Creeping Sharia! Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence for the rape of a 13 year old girl, because he heard Rashid went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless. OH?? Women are worthless, so I guess that makes it all right. Then again, I guess the victim did not have four Muslim men to testify that they witnessed the rape. Sounds like Sharia Law.

  • @F22Ross

    Sorry – hang the Muslim criminal and the judge, his accomplice side by side….

  • Donald Myers Jr.

    This should not be a religious or political debate. This should be about a girl at 13 being raped. When we travel to other countries we have to obey their laws or enjoy their punishments. The same should be here as well. Besides he did use Facebook and the internet to entrap her. This judge should be fired & face criminal charges. How many more Muslims will go to Britain for teenage girls they meet on FB. This problem is created by the judges decision.

  • William T Capps

    Holy Crap please tell me this story is not true…..

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    So in Britain…IGNORANCE of the law IS a valid excuse???

    Watching girls’ & womens’ rights get shredded more & more…worldwide!!!

  • Erica

    Then under islamic law he should be punished by his Imam, for sex outside of marriage.

    • Rob_Crawford

      Wrong. Islam allows rape if there are not three MALE witnesses who corroborate the woman's claim, and ANYTHING is permissible if the victim is a slave or otherwise "conquered" by the "man".

  • Donna Johnson

    The boy was very wrong! But I hold the Judge responsible, as he was the one with the final decision! The Judge is just as guilty as he is!

  • Bob Alvin

    Islam is a homosexual religion. That is why they feel women are worthless and have to wear body bags all day. Pisslam has no place in UK. The judge should have been worried about the "damage" done to the UK girl victim, and not the raging mudslim maniac who raped her and expected no consequence. The muslim should be fired publicly and sent home in a clear box, then maybe muslims would respect UK enough to stay the hell away!

  • Michael

    Last I checked, it's against the law to not know the law.

  • Shevill Mathers

    Enough is enough, it is time that this senseless killing that is spreading throughout the world is curtailed. Governments are bending over backwards to appease the wrong people, and the genuine peace loving inhabitants of Britain are getting shafted as a result. If you live in a country then you should obey and be aware of that country's laws in a wider sense, and ignorance of those laws is no excuse. The people of Great Britain fought and died in two world wars to make their country a safe place to life, now, thanks to their blind generosity, they are being shafted from within by those it has let into their space. No wonder prehistoric man used to build a wall around his abode, will we never learn??

  • yankg

    To Taylor Says. It is not the Republicans fault, but the stinking muslim in Our WH that is the problem with this country. I admit that Boehner, is spineless, but it is ovomit that is the muslim lover in this country. And if Congress doesn’t get any balls and stand up to this foreign POS that sits in that chair, we will be seeing the same thing in this counrty.

  • J

    Oh. But “rape” is legal anywhere, right? So stupid. If he’s living there, isn’t he required (by law) to know the laws of that country?

  • mark

    Yeah, women are worthless. If it weren’t for this worthless p.o.c.’s mother, he wouldn’t be here. None of us would be here.

  • Marte McCalla

    Firstly~I do not LIKE this story; I loathe it and all it stands for! Secondly~rape is NOT a sexual crime; it is a crime of violence and all that nonsense about religious double standards and worthlessness of women is just that-NONSENSE! How did that monster get into this world? He was birthed by a WOMAN! Sending him to jail will do him more harm than good?
    I am so disgusted that people still consider rape a sexual act when it truly has little to do with sexuality! It is a brutal, violent act wherein someone violently and with great prejudice assaults another being so completely that before that advent of “Special Victim Units” rapes were generally investigated by homicide detectives. Why? Because the act itself can be so damaging to the victims psyche it is similar to a murder…where your body lives; but whomever you were prior to the assault must be rebuilt or recreated. How do you think that 13-year old is doing now?—And that imbecile thought jail might be too hard on the perpetrator? Too damned bad! He obviously was aggressive enough and way too assertive when viciously attacking that child!
    This monster belongs in jail; not being released back to an innocent female population!

  • Jessica

    Given the nature of your page, why is there a Victoria's Secret ad on it?

    • Sandi

      Hi Jessica, unfortunately ads are placed on a page based upon each user's past browsing history. Search engines and web browsers keep up with what sites you visit and what links you click on. They then place ads on future webpages based upon that info. Big Brother is watching you…

  • volk

    Is this a wind up I mean seriously people his education shouldn’t have come into this he should have knon

  • James

    I was always led to believe that ignorance of the law was no defence. Obviously I am wrong, though I doubt I would get away with it if I suddenly decided to throw a brick through a window while out shopping. A few years ago, a couple of young Muslim girls were spared prison, after half beating a girl to death while under the influence of alcohol. They claimed, successfully, that they were unused to alcohol because of their religious upbringing, and so were not to be held accountable for their actions. They must have kept straight faces long enough to leave the court, then laughed their asses off at the stupidity of the English legal system.

    I doubt an Islamic court would have been so forgiving had the positions been reversed.

  • andrew

    rape is ok, but all non-muslims are "infidels" and need to die with hell fire?

    I hate to use a worn out meme to describe this but..

    ..seems legit..

  • Donna

    This is unbelievable. He knew what he was doing. That judge must be insane himself. I agree that he should have gone to prison. He is an adult. The little girl was only 13. Good Lord. This is really incredible. Who gives a rats ass if he was naive. A few days in prison would wise him up. This is a failure of the justice system over there. Ignorance of the law does not excuse you from the penalty of it. However, I do not believe for a minute that he was ignorant of the law. Get real.

  • Mark

    He is a Paki guys!! He got nothing to do with Islam these are Pakistani douche bags, who are solely responsible for all terrible horrific incidents recently happened in UK.. These Pakis are the most immoral, Terrorists, CORRUPT, LIARS, , FRAUDS, SHOW OFFS, ILLETRATE, CHEATERS, CRUEL, people in the world. They don't have their own identity except these traits mentioned above which differentiate them from the rest of the world and other nations.. so This guy actually went to a Pakistani school there in UK or Pakistan where he learned that women are just worthless. SO ISLAM SHOULDNT BE SCRUTINIZED Becz of Paki people.. Islam Has proper laws for such Horrifying crimes and criminals,,, The punishment for his crime in Islam is to bury him in the ground with only his head out and bash his head with stones until he's dead… Please spread the word… Islam teaches Tolerance, Love and harmony with fellow neighbors, colleagues and even teaches to live in extreme peace and harmony specially when you're living in some other country and strictly obey and respect the traditions and laws of the other country you're living in.. SO despite of these teachings,, and the characteristics of Pakistanis,,,,,Be Wise Enough to make a decision,, whose Culprit Islam or Pakistanis ?

    • cjk

      Mohammedanism teaches evil.

    • Rob_Crawford

      "The punishment for his crime in Islam is to bury him in the ground with only his head out and bash his head with stones until he's dead.."

      Wrong. Under sharia he committed no crime.

  • bernice

    if you visit or live in a country, you must know and obey their laws. this kid didn’t get to be 18 without knowing that it was illegal to have sex with a 13 yr. old girl. i don’t care what his religious school taught him. rape is rape. gentle or vicious, it’s still rape. it’s still all about power over someone.that judge needs to serve the sentance he suspended for that guy.

  • nido

    what a load of crap… shud have sent him to jail so that big guys use him and say they didnt knew it was wrong … a'oles….. islam respects women and teaches exact opposite to what he said…

  • Joe

    He should have had his balls cut off !!!

  • Kevin Germann

    Ignorance of the LAW, does NOT relieve a person from the punishment for breaking the LAW.

  • @jdlmike

    For those who think this is unusual (referring toward their attitude regarding little girls)
    It's the attitude promoted by their leaders. I saw an interview with a Saudi Arabian Muslim "religious" leader where he said openly 12 years old is old to marry girls should marry by 7 or 8.

  • mr b

    This case is utter bollocks why is the punishment in saudi arabia for rape…..death? why are all the women covered up as it believed that it protects them from even the prying eyes of men.

    complete and utter bollock. women are not worthless in islam. when anybody here actually reads the quran you will find it categorically despises rape and is considered unforgivable. punishable by fire.

    • cjk

      So that's why a man can have four wives and a woman's testimony is worth half that of a man in court?
      Moe, the most perfect example for conduct according to Mohammedanism also regularly screwed a hairless nine year old to boot.
      Yeah, that's right, yeah Mohammedanism teaches equal rights for women………yeah, sure it does.

    • Rob_Crawford

      "why is the punishment in saudi arabia for rape…..death?"

      That's the punishment for women who are raped. Men are not punished unless four men corroborate the rape accusation.

  • John

    Think of the new legal precedent that is set by this ruling. Now any muslim can rape all they want and claim ignorance of the law and by legal precedent they will have charges dropped against them. One ruling that sets precedent starts a whole new system. Thanks judge.

  • sophia

    Congratulations, another pedophile for you.

  • psiEnergos

    So, OK. Castrate him. Claim you did not know the punishment was too severe. Sounds totally legit.

    Enough of this b.s. In any other court, ignorance of the law has NEVER been allowed as a defense.

  • LordOfTheStarfields

    All Religion = Death, Dogmatism, Sacrifice, Hypocrisy Hate & Inequality ….

    On the hand Art = Life , Love, Imagination Joy & Empathy

    It's a simple choice… Give your child a chance to be well rounded, happy and open minded, don't send them to a religious school period!

    • cjk

      People who lazily group all religions together are just like those who used to equate the USA and the USSR.

    • Rob_Crawford

      I'm reminded of that world-famous artist, the paragon of tolerance and love… Adolf Hitler.

  • Joan Rogers

    you commit a crime, you do the time. SO, according to this; any 18yr old can play dumb, they didn’t know it was wrong, ummmm he was never taught it was wrong. I think the UK is very backwards in their laws, looking also at the fact, police and citizens are not allowed to have guns. lol So, they have police with guns. 1 mi. from the beheading incident, and took 20 min to get there lol then a woman cop protected the unarmed police from the terrorists who were going to attack the unarmed police by shooting them (just injuring them lol and then she is punished for that ? Something is very backwards inthat country. You people need leadership… who will put the criminal in jail not the law abiding citizen. Seems to me, they FEAR the terrorists. Guess it is because they have no guns. If the soldier had a gun, he would be alive today. NOW an 18 yr old gets away with raping a 13 yr old girl he had groomed for the attack online huh? He is the criminal and gets away with it. Back wards nation.

  • john

    wow.. englands justice system is as screwed up as ours! I thought part of Islamic law was that if someone stole their hand was cut off. maybe this kid should have something removed as well. or better yet maybe he should experience first hand what it is like to be raped. then he can educate the other muslins about English Law.

  • bally

    i say start with the sacking of that fckin disgracefull judgestokes ..hands up anyone else who believes that load of dog thought not

  • Cami

    Ignorantia iuris nocet? No ! Right ,I'm in UK :) Sharia low ????

  • Ruth

    what ever happened to "ignorance of the law is no defence"?

    • Rob_Crawford

      It was killed by the ignorant.

  • Shannon

    It does NOT matter where in the hell he is. He went to someone elses country. He needs to learn to respect their laws. I feel so bad for that little girl. She deserves to see justice done to this kid.

  • Arek

    Congratulations, England!!

    You have just taken a huge step towards becoming a backwards, third world nation! The legal precedent set with this case will have effects far beyond anything this judge (a true liberal moron) could ever have envisioned. Now, muslims all over your soon-to-be Islamic Island will be able to rape, rob, mutilate and pillage, simply by claiming that they were taught it’s okay to do so in those indoctrination centers they call ‘schools’.

    All you need to do is remove the ability of people to defend themselves, and you’ll have a liberal paradise, where people are safer. Oh, wait…you already did that, didn’t you? And crime has gotten better, and people are so much safer, as shown by that recent Islamic political statement involving that soldier, right?

    Oh, yeah…you’re on the right track, England. Keep up the great efforts. It’s obviously working JUST FINE.

  • hereticsclub

    This article makes me sad too, but for a different reason..
    it is because of the vicious comments I read here by people claiming the name of Christ.

    If as the article suggests, this young man has been raised to view women in such a way, he is more to be pitied than condemned for being raised in a society that teaches such things.

    I think it is just as likely that he did not force himself on her and that this was a case of statutory rape which has been blown well out of proportion.
    In which case it is hardly news worthy and certainly not deserving of such condemnation without knowing the facts.
    A boy met a girl and they had sex. Which of you wants to throw the first stone for this crime?

    • Rob_Crawford

      I volunteer to toss that stone.

      • hereticsclub

        In that case I presume you are without sin.

  • John Bowler

    I was told that ignorance has no defence in law as a teen I got in trouble with the law for minor offences and was punished a lot more harshly then this creep

  • The Jackal

    and still your biggest problem in UK is your paranoiac fear about romanian workers invading you ?

  • an atheist

    you live in uk, and for 18 years you didn't find out rape is a crime?!?!… you have to be under key for being really, really stupid! the same goes for the judge!

  • ThisIsUnfair

    Not knowing the law does not exempt you from responsibility! I bet that, if a native would do such a thing, he would go to the prison without any doubt. We can see, that there are equal and more equal people.

  • Roman Kaczmarek


  • Mike Rios

    No surprise. This PIG of a human being was just doing what the founder of that filthy religion did. Mohammed raped and then married an eleven year old girl. Islam teaches and practices pedophilia. They are perverts and whoever in the UK that has permitted these animals to set up their own judicial (?) system contrary to the laws of the Kingdom should be arrested and incarcerated for smoking too much weed and then making laws while stoned.
    The idiot of a fool judge who bought that stupid story should be immediately disbarred for practicing law without learning law first. I actually thought that a jurist had to pass a bar exam before he practices law. Stupid me, I guess we only do that in the U.S..

    I know one thing for sure. Had this inbred animal done this in Texas the little girl’s daddy would have used his legally owned pistol to put a through and through hole in that Muslim pig’s brain pan and would have gladly gone to prison for this punk raping his baby. I guess he could have used the excuse that he didn’t know it was illegal to put holes in pedophile rapists heads but our judges do go to school and they do have to pass a bar exam that proves that they know the law. Top Secret–We teach our jurists that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. You guys should try it. It’s amazing how fast they get an education .

  • comivouager

    May I ask you people why you don’t go out to the streets and protest against such verdict? Well from what it seems the cause is much more important than your safety and free time. Well it’s the era of the internet. Why you British people don’t just summon up and protest against the judge in front of his damn house?

    • Rob_Crawford

      Because they'll be arrested for "fomenting hate".

      • Tommy Robinson

        Or more realistically they'll be laughed upon for protesting against a fictional story which this is

  • bates

    his been given a suspended sentence and this poor innocent child has been handed a life sentence

  • Cezary

    I want to do something about it, even if that happened not in my country. What can I do?

    • cjk

      Study, learn, and spread the truth about Mohammedanism.

      • Cezary

        I want to help this litle girl now. I can't accept her harm!

  • FPF

    Well the judge is ignorant of the law, and should be stripped of his Bar Council rights. Even in a Muslim country like Iran, where the sharia law is practiced, the rapist is hanged to death in front of the public.

  • Helen Mund

    Think the judge would rule that way if it was His daughter that was raped?

  • Johnathan B

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha amazing to see how many people actually believe this article promoting Islamophobia!!!

    Where in the UK would sentence a man with Islamic justice over UK?
    Women are valued as the most valued asset. In mosques they teach that the key to paradise is under the mothers feet and half your faith is complete when you marry a girl with pure values.And that's the tip of the iceberg.

    If you learn anything by reading this then let it be that this is how people are brainwashed into hate. Just think wouldn't this have made it on the front pages and Tv headlines? Don't be made a fool of by these attempts to insult your intelligence

    • Cezary

      so you see no problem with this muslim and others? it is ok that she was raped and the law said it is not bad to rape her?

      • johnathan B

        Are you a complete moron? This article is blatant fiction for those who are easily brainwashed in to hate. This did not happen. With the Internet you can verify almost anything so I challenge you to verify this story from a more reliable source.

        I will answer your question nonetheless – no it is not ok to rape a woman under any circumstances.
        Now answer mine – would UK judge override English Law to cater for ignorance? (Clearly not.) This article is designed to make the uneducated hate muslims which seems to have worked on you. (no offence)

        • Cezary

          so you say it is fiction, totally like if you were muslim and wanted to defend him
          wasn't it in tv? but, for you no source i can find is reliable probably.
          SHE harms, that's bad
          but you can still say that there was no rape and muslims are not raping our women
          there are so many informations about things like that in all media
          and you know what? for me they are telling the truth, because i know what is qran which orders to have sex with children, to hit women and kill everyone, for whom is not a chance to become muslim, to attack judes and christians.
          that's what they believe that Allah wants them to do
          ah, btw. I'm not uneducated
          you ask why the judge did it? I don't know. Fact is, that in result that 13-year-old girl has no human rights

  • Matthew

    I didn't finish reading all the way to the end, it was distasteful how the writer portrays Muslims and the situation. First of all, I'm sure the judge in the case saw clearly what transpired, and made a ruling based upon what he found. I'm betting that it was consensual, that if anything it was statutory rape, not the more violent kind, if that has been that case then something would have been very wrong with letting a man like that walk. However, under the circumstances I don't believe that he is guilty if the henuaus crime you believe him to be. I'm not condoning that type of behaviour, but at the same time, every circumstance is different. I'm certain that the ruling in this case was given with insight and reasoning, something the writer seems to lack.

  • Matthew

    I didn’t finish reading all the way to the end of the article, it was distasteful how the writer portrays Muslims and the situation. First of all, I’m sure the judge in the case saw clearly what transpired, and made a ruling based upon what he found. I’m betting that it was consensual, that if anything it was statutory rape, not the more violent kind, if that had been that case then something would have been very wrong with letting a man like that walk. However, under the circumstances I don’t believe that he is guilty of the heinous crime you believe him to be. If he has been a year younger it would not have been statutory rape under the law and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. I’m not condoning that type of behavior, but at the same time, every circumstance is different. I’m certain that the ruling in this case was given with insight and reasoning into the delicate situation, something the writer of the article seems to lack.

  • ra44mr2

    Well there ya go, religion of peace, isnt it awesome? He is VERY lucky it wasnt my daughter cause i also would be celebrating that he wasnt sent to jail because i would then be able to send him to Allah myself.

    • constitutionalsoldier

      And he could have his 72 virgins. I would be honored to send him cherry picking.

    • John

      If you need help let me know, People love to be reunited with Alla.h

    • faye

      Again stop bringing religion into this matter, Islam teaches people to respect others, and especially commiting such sin is unforgiveable even in Islam. So YOU cant use this against Islam as your argument would be invalid. Secondly, his parents needed to teach him the values of the country they live in- likewise the girls parents needed to protect her and not allow her to go out to hotels at the age of 13. Religion is not to be blamed, the CULTURE of these Western countries need to be blamed. And please, do your research before assuming, it’ll make you look a lot more clever.

      • ra44mr2

        Really thats funny whats the predominant religion in countries where women have no rights? Islam isnt it? What is the predominant religion in countries where women get stoned to death for adultery? Hmmm…islam again. If you are not muslim you better wake up if you are, you need to stop lying, oh wait your religion doesnt preach against lying to infidels like myself and others Taqiyya i think its called? Where it preaches to lie to others in order to further the goal of islamization of others. What religion kills those that dont want to follow it? Hmm..islam AGAIN. You are full cr@p and you can lie all you want but the truth is in the actions of many many MANY of the followers of the religion. Xtianity has ONE FAMILY of evil b@stards and they are held up as an example when nothing is further from the truth. Islam has hundreds of thousands of evil b@stards and you people try to excuse their behavior and tell everyone they arent following the religion. If anyone with any sense reads the koran they know better. STOP LYING!! ITS WRONG i dont care what your religions says.

        • alex

          you say islam kills people that don’t want to follow it? so tell me again what where the crusades the christians held about? no religion is without fault but it is still the parents that need to teach the childeren how to behave in cases like this

          • ra44mr2

            You need to bone up on your history. The crusades were a response to the muslim invasion/attacks.

          • casper486

            They are there 72 little boys men are for pleasure females are just for babies and get there Clint taking out of them its fucked up

          • SRM29

            Do NOT blame the crusades on Christianity as a whole. The Catholic Pope ordered the crusades. From what i’ve seen, most, if not all, crusaders were of the the Catholic Church. I’m protestant (evangelical) and i believe much evil was committed on both sides.
            As for this topic, the crusades were a long freakin time ago. The world has changed. That doesn’t excuse them, but i’m not seeing Christians committing terrorism or encouraging hate and death.

  • Bacchus

    Since women are worthless the 72 virgins must be male

  • bahammer

    Come on down to Texas, where it is our culture to beat the hell out of punk rapists.

  • Islam for Europe





  • batthink

    good article. As this is an online publication it would add weight to your articles if you could include a link at the bottom to your sources.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The link is at the top

  • Michelle Mccuskin

    It’s absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!! This kind of thing makes you racist when Bastards like this intentionally rape an innocent young Girl…..She’ll have the sentence he should have gotten!!!! Fucking Disgrace

    • julietsm

      It does not make you a ‘racist’ to find islam contemptible. Stop buying into the leftist narrative.

    • ra44mr2

      Its not racist to believe that Islam is evil. Islam is not a race its a religion same as xtianity. If you can insult xtians and not be racist then you can tell the truth about islam and not be a racist.

  • Ella

    The 1 thing i dont like about this article is that it makes it seem like Muslims are bad people. Even the title, “muslim who raped…” instead of “man who raped…” Like, if he was a black man, would the title be “African american who raped…” or would it just be “man who..”? you know what i mean? and throughout the article, its always “Muslims dont know this is wrong” umm no this one crazy guy who happens to be Muslim didn’t know, most Muslims are completly normal people just like you and me.

    • Huffer

      Ella, Muslim’s are not like NORMAL people! They are born into a sick social culture that preaches hatred of others and Satanic principles! Sure, he was raised with disrespect for women and placing himself on a higher plateau then others. Many men these days do the same things but not because they are TAUGHT to believe that, it’s because they have NOT been TAUGHT properly. This leaves no leeway for excuses. Ignorance of the law does not nullify the law.
      Unless a Muslim denounces Islam in public and becomes a Bible believing Christian through their word and actions…DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY!

      • Joshua Higgins

        One doesn’t become trustworthy by simply being a Christian. The bible itself is quite similar to the Quran honestly. Read the old testament. I believe you become trustworthy by simply not being a douche. I’ve met great people who were Atheists.

      • Faye

        Ok you are being ignorant here, as not ALL Muslims have the same perspective as this rapist. Clearly not, and secondly, he was taught wrong! In Islam, women are held higher than men, so do your research before you degrade someones religious beliefs. And Im not being rude or ignorant, but why on earth was this 13 year old girl allowed to go to a HOTEL with a guy? Does this not make you think that parents need to somehow keep an eye on their childs activity? And why has a 13 year old allowed to meet up guys like this? Have parents got no control over their own kids? Was she forced to walk to the hotel or did she not go their on her own choice? You can’t clap with one hand and similarly, you cant claim something without knowing both sides of the story (And keep in mind, Im not siding the rapist, If I was there, Id kick the S**** out of him!)
        So this rapist is at blame and so is the girls parents- agree with me or not. And my quote for you Mr Huffer “Islam is perfect, Muslims are not!” .

        • 1234

          “In Islam, women are held higher than men” You fraking liar: quran 4.34 Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

    • cmjay

      Ella you’re lucky it wasn’t you who was raped.

    • MandaLynne

      Considering he successfully used his Muslim schooling and beliefs as a defense, it is entirely correct to use the headline they used.

    • pguild01

      Muslims are “normal ” people who happen to blow up buildings and shoot people. Muslims better not try to change my neighborhood. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

    • George

      Spend some time reading There are many good articles there written by people who know Islam very well. You will see that what you think you know about Islam is not correct. It is a violent belief and promotes and teaches violence against all who do not share their views. It is particularly barbaric regarding women.

  • cmjay

    This is not the first time that Muslim men rape young BRITISH GIRLS. They keep doing it because of BRAIN DEAD JUDGES like this one.

    • Oljunka

      The simple truth is that the political left do not like, in fact they despise, the ordinary people in England. The problem of the leftist is a religious one. They despise people who believe in the wrong God.

    • Faye

      Well it’s not always MUSLIMS for your kind information, as these people dont belong to our religion if they comment such a sin, clearly this is the biggest sin considered in our religion. Secondly stop degrading the entire religion because of minority of people who commit such stuff. There are so many peados who were Christians, would it be right if I said, ”All Christians are peados?” Not exactly. So use your words correctly.

      • 1234

        The Bible doesn’t condone rape or pedofilia unlike islam or the quran, you follow that b@stard muhammad to the letter, and muhammad killed entire tribes to take their women (beheaded the men of banu nadir to take Safiya), married his 6 year old niece Aisha and said that muslims could lawfully rape their slaves quran 4.24, pedofilia, incest and rape are condoned by islam, raping a non-muslim is a islamic thing to do.

  • Lion’s Roar

    Let’s not put emphasis on him being a Muslim. The fact is that raping kids is legal in the UK. And the higher up you are the more legal it gets.

    • MandaLynne

      By using his Muslim schooling and upbringing as a defense of course the emphasis is on his being a Muslim.

      • Lion’s Roar

        The point is everyone in the UK govt is raping kids lady. Try looking into “Jimmy Savile”.

        • MandaLynne

          Anyone raping anyone is a heinous crime. Actually, the point of this article is that his defense was his Muslim learnings made him unaware that it was wrong.

  • dragonwych

    No religion or alternate system of law or cultural background or anything of that sort should be introduced as exculpatory in any criminal cases. Oh, but wait. They already are. All of it. So get over the Muslim thing.

  • NorCalNik

    What I hate is that this conservative page has to use “Muslim” in it. Like they couldn’t just “Man rapes 13 year old”, no “Muslim rapes 13 year old” and then proceeds to make it out like all Muslims think like that. That’s part of the moronic ignorance of the American psyche that I can’t stand and that we need to reeducate people on. Not all Muslims are these evil people. In fact, they are 1% of the Muslim population. Most Muslims are very honest, warm, loving, peaceful people and as soon as ALL AMERICANS get that through their heads, the better off we’ll fucking be! God, I am ashamed to share the title of “American” with some of these people. I’m an American, those ignorant folks that I just spoke of don’t deserve the title of “American”. You are born an American, its up to the people to keep that title and keep it clean. When they tarnish it with ignorance against Muslims and other people, they lose the title of “American”, their new title should be “Douchebag” and they should lose their citizenship, then when the asshole learns to act right, he can go through the paperwork to get his “American” title and citizenship back. I’m NorCalNik, and I approve this message!

    • MandaLynne

      Considering he used his Muslim upbringing and beliefs as a defense, it is entirely correct to use the headline they used.

      • wale

        Islam thought us to respect women. rape is a great sin in islam.

        • MandaLynne

          I would laugh if your post wasn’t so pathetic. The actions of Islamic communities towards women who have been raped belies your statement.

          • Robert

            No it doesn’t, it demonstrates the wrong-doings of individuals. What people do doesn’t necessarily represent what they are taught. In Christianity it is taught that ‘thou shalt not kill’, yet many do. I’m not going to blame that on Christianity though, because that would be incorrect.

          • MandaLynne

            Actually, the commandment is “Thou shalt not murder”. So, Christians who have to kill due to war, self-defense and such are not breaking the commandment. Someone who truly has Christ in their heart will not commit murder.

            Regardless, you are comparing apples to oranges. This man states that what he did is what he was taught.

            Christianity does not teach that it is okay to murder, in any circumstances.

            Islam, on the other hand, does teach that women can be abused and murdered.

          • clamzoopa

            Well, you’re bordering on semantics. What happened during the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch trials among others, weren’t done in self-defense. And no, you can’t just claim self-defense in a war you started. Why do you think so many people were killed in the name of Christ? It was what they were taught. Also, let’s not pretend Christianity is some foundation for Women’s Rights:

            Timothy 2:12 – But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

          • MandaLynne

            I do no think that the Crusades, the Inquisition or Salem Witch trials are relevant to this case. No where in modern history have Christians waged war or killed in the name of Christ.

            According to1 Timothy 2:12, a woman should not “teach or exercise authority over a man,” it seems clear that the position of elders and pastors—who must be equipped to teach, lead the congregation, and oversee their spiritual growth (1 Timothy 3:2)—should be reserved for men only.

            However, elder/bishop/pastor appears to be the only office reserved for men. Women have always played a significant role in the growth of the church, even being among the few who witnessed the crucifixion of Christ when most of the disciples had run away (Matthew 27:55;John 19:25). The apostle Paul held women in high regard, and in many of his letters to the churches he greeted specific women by name. Paul addresses these women as “co-workers,” and they clearly served the Lord to the benefit of the whole church (Philippians 4:3;Colossians 4:15).

            Offices were created in the early church to fit the needs of the body. Although many modern churches interchange the positions of elder and deacon, they were not the same office. Deacons were appointed to serve in a physical capacity as the need arose (Acts 6:2-3). There is no clear prohibition against women serving in this way. In fact, Romans 16:1may indicate that a woman named Phoebe was a respected deaconessin the church at Rome.

            There is no scriptural precedent that forbids women from also serving as worship leaders, youth ministers, or children’s directors. The only restriction is that they do not assume a role of spiritual authority over adult men. Since the concern in Scripture appears to be the issue of spiritual authority rather than function, any role that does not bestow such spiritual authority over adult men is permissible.

            As for womens’ rights as a whole. Believe it or not, the Mosaic Law and the teachings of Jesus were paragons of women’s rights in patriarchal societies. The Old Testament laws served the same purpose early feminists hoped suffrage would. They protected women from sexual attack, ensured women would be supported if their husbands died or divorced them, and then even gave women a place to worship within the Temple.

            Jesus’ teachings and actions were no less radical. He forgave women of ill repute (John 8:1-11), spoke respectfully to a Samaritan woman (John 4:4-42), and willingly interacted with an unclean woman (Matthew 9:20-22). No rabbi, priest, or Pharisee would have dared do any of those things. Jesus ignored culture and the pressures of expectation to honor and show love to women.

        • Pete

          Not in every instance. Please spend some time reading to find out more about islam. People who run that site understand Islam well and often debate prominent islamic scholars around the world. They expose things about Islam that many moslems do not know.

    • Baron Kaza

      NorCalNik says it all from the State infected with PC thugs..another so called “enlightened liberal”. When Muslims stop burning Churches in Egypt in the name of “allah”, and when they even allow them in Saudi Arabia then we can talk… strange you have nothing bad to say about this rapist of course its only American who are evil and ignorant….rhetorical question but I have to ask: would rather be a Muslim in America or a Christian in Pakistan??? Tell me who is safer

    • jitterith

      You sir must be the 1% of ignorant Americans that you are ranting about. The article uses Muslim because Islam was used to get away with his heinous crime against that poor child who will have to suffer the rest of her life from his Islamic teachings. The School should be charged with this Heinous crime and the parents should definitely file suite against this School and have it shut down. This poor child was a victim of forced injustice that will forever change her direction through out her life. The Judge should be barred from the bench for the rest of his life.

  • Jay

    In Islam adultery is a sin and rape a major sin. Who’s so ever rapes will face the punishment of hell fire indeed. He sinned and blamed it on Islamic school to get away with it. what a coward. His punishment in a muslim country would be 100 wips slashes so his lucky he dnt live in a muslim country. Stupid teenager. Islam is a beautiful religion it teaches us to love and respect our woman. I’m muslim and never come across load of rubbish in my life. The title should be Stupid teenager raped 13 year old. Not a muslim!

  • Christmas Eve

    MUSLIM MEN should NEVER EVER be allowed around caucasian girls unless the girl is very very well protected with body guards!! OMG!! It*s not a problem where I live. There are no Muslims around here but, anywhere they live, PLEASE avoid them unless you*re heavily guarded!!!

    • Robert

      Seriously? You’re going to judge an ENTIRE RACE based on one person? I live in Leicester, a place where, as a British caucasian, I am technically in a minority. We have a huge Muslim community, many of whom I went to school with. I can’t think of a single one of those people being capable of rape. EVERY RELIGION, and every country and race, has fucked up people. Personally I think you’re one of those fucked up people, mainly due to your incredible racist view.

      • Bob

        Dude: muslims aren’t a race, but followers of Islam. Not gonna bother with the rest of your comment…

      • bmgamblin

        muzzies are followers of a pedophile and false god, built around lies and hate. islam is a cult and nothing more with a foundation built around evil. if the muzzies were sincere about what they say of other religions why do they constantly deny the evil that exists in their very own so-called religion (cult). It is because they are followers of a pedophile who was also a murderer claiming to be religious.

    • Imran Abdul Lathif

      i’ll rape you if i find you uncovered… i am joking you must cover sister,,, why do you expose

  • Matt Masoud

    he was just trying to find an excuse, that’s all. this is not the Islam’s teachings. If the judge went to that “Islamic school” and saw their teachings, he would know that his excuse was full of bullshit. Rape isn’t allowed in Islam everywhere, whether its with 13 years old or 50 years old (Even if it wasn’t rape, just normal sex before marriage).

    I am a Muslim and I believe that the man should be severely punished, not only because it’s against Islam law, but also because he should know and follow the rules of the country he lives in. I live in Australia and here it is okay for someone who is 18 or over to have a girlfriend who’s 16-17 and sleep her. If I wasn’t Muslim and I went to the US, I wouldn’t have a 16 years old girlfriend and sleep with her, because the law there is different.

    People should not judge based on the media, the media is not accurate, there were so many good deeds done by Muslim here in Australia, but when that happens the media says “group of boys” or “that man”, but when it something bad whatever that is, they immediately choose the word “Muslim” or “Islam”.

    I have many friends here who came from overseas and didn’t meet any Muslims before, they told me and my other Islamic friends, that before they came here, they thought that all Muslims are terrorists and rapist, because that was the only thing they see on TV or read about, but after they came here their view about Islam changed. I just want to say that I hope people would stop judging Muslims because of one Man or one group. I do not judge Christianity when I read about a priest raping 13 years old boy. I just say to myself that he is 1 pedophile man who happen to be a priest, he does not speak for all Christians.

  • Guest

    The Quran and the Hadiths are full of bigotry against women. And the prophet Mohammed aproved of the rape of prisoners and slave girls.

  • Guest

    “I just want to say that I hope people would stop judging Muslims because of one Man or one group.”
    What are you talking about? It’s not one man. Islamic rape and terrorism is a daily event. There are over 100 Islamic terrorist groups in the world. There is nothing like it in any other religion or non religion.

    • Robert

      KKK? Hitler? Crusades?…no?

  • Guest

    “Islam is a beautiful religion it teaches us to love and respect our woman.”

    That is a lie. The Quran says that a man may beat his wife. It says that the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man in a court of law. It says that a woman must recieve half of what a man recieves for her inheritance. It says that it is allowed to rape slave girls. And the Hadiths are full of so much sexism it is hard to account for it all. Here is an example.

    Sahih Bukhari
    Volume 3, Book 48, Number 826:
    Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
    The Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.”

    Sahih Bukhari
    Volume 2, Book 24, Number 541
    Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri
    ” Then he went towards the women and said. “O women! Give alms, for I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-Fire were you (women).” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is the reason for it?” He replied, “O women! You curse frequently, and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you..

  • Tyas Nugrahening Putri

    Im sorry but im muslim as well.. and never get a lesson like that.
    ok if you said that muslims think that “women r worthless” so why r we (women muslim) should use turban and protect or cover ourself, our skin our body with that?? For me, in my country any reason that you say to protect urself if you do something like this ofc ull get jailed whatever u said, any religion. Im sure no religion in this world teach about bad things. And im sorry, you dont know muslim very well. thank you

    • pguild01

      I’m sorry that you don’t know English well. I can’t understand what you are trying to communicate. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

      • Imran Abdul Lathif

        and you know to argue well… right !!!! lier are you truthfull

    • Baron Kaza

      You are from a culture where men are absolutely terrified of women, and the power they can have over a man. That is why your religion makes you cover up like a tent, and allows you to be beaten by your so called husbands…

      • Imran Abdul Lathif

        barona … don’t argue and lie

      • Leila

        BEATEN means in the quran she may be hitten with a wooden stick very very slightly. I have seen many american das ds who abused their daughter violently is the christian beljebe to blame? Nd don’t tell me this has to dk wiyh the quran just read the bible and tell me whay yoh are suppisedd to do with your daughter if she dkesnt remakn virgin until marriage. And then tell me again uslam is violent

    • Pete

      Tyas, If you do not know your religion well yet, please spend some time reading It is run by people who understand Islam very well. They debate prominent islamic scholars around the world and they look deeply into islam and expose it for what it really says.

  • pguild01

    Stop Islam! Sharia Law is completely inappropriate anywhere. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

    • Imran Abdul Lathif

      you lie about it

      • tahamihalal

        Shut the fuck up you PEDO!

      • Sammy

        No, Muslims practice subterfuge and hope other people will be fooled.

  • Unknown

    Aisha was 9 when he took her to bed. In Islam it’s perfectly fine.

    • Ziaurab Mazlomyaar

      Hey Unknown user. stop posting such childish statement. Indeed you dont know about Aisha and prophet

      • Unknown

        You people keep saying this, but you know we are just going by what Islam teaches.

        • Rahul

          I am not against Islam but if the Islam teaches what Mr. Unknown is saying, its grossly wrong and we need to revisit the teaching of Islam.
          However, i strongly believe that no religious teaching (Islam also) can say that you can rape a 9 year old girl.

      • Bacchus

        You keep lying to yourself Ziaurab. Unknown was telling the truth but because islam is based on lies you will never know the truth.
        By the way You know that muhammad took Aisha and raped her. So stop lying to us kafirrs. PS> the wages of sin is death. The real God will punish you in hell for ever .My God Hates Liars, see the 9th commandment written in stone by God himself.

  • Ziaurab Mazlomyaar

    Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    first of all let me advice you. that in case you really want to know about ISLAM. do not study about Muslim’s man’s or women’s please study ISLAM religion.

    Secondly. being a muslim I do agree with all those who condemn this savagely action done by muslim boy.

    but there must be some sort of logic. that there wasn’t ISLAM fault. its very simple like if we are working in organization where the usage of facebook is prohibited in working hrs. and suppose one of employee use facebook in organization despite of rule and regulation “Using Facebook is prohibited” does it mean that entire organization has fault or the person who crossed the rule and did an illegal action against organization . I am sure you all well reply. it is the great sin of employee. Therefore I request only Muslim brother/sister to not consider this really serious cause this all media activity against ISLAM. I am sure if same action done by a none Muslim even with 2 years old girl. their community well consider this action a legal right and there will be no punishment for him.

  • Luke

    This man obviously knew it was wrong. If he didn’t, so help the UK God… This man, who follows the religion of “peace” (if rape, invasion of countries, killing peoplein many different ways, suicide bombing, and just blowing stuff up in general is what “peace” is to them then it is indeed the religion of “peace”) needs to be shown a firing squad, wrapped in bacon and wear a pig’s head, and then be shot and killed so he will be unclean when he meets the devil *cough* I mean allah (I refuse to capitalize the “a” in “allah”), and have the event broadcasted to every single damn mosque in the UK as a warning to not defile women, because their messages from satan in a compilation called the “koran” (not gonna capitalize the “k”) do NOT mean we will permit them to harm us. This man will burn in hell.

  • usman

    there is black sheep in every community, but look at the title of the news (
    Muslim Who Raped 13 Year Old UK Girl Spared Jail Because “He Didn’t Know It Was Wrong” ) and what if the same rape was done by a Christian, what would be the title ? in whole uk only one rape case and that Muslim? people are really dumb

  • Imran Abdul Lathif

    good and bad answer…

  • Moe Chams

    I am Muslim and this is Bullsh*T, I have went to many Islamic schools and studies and never ever have I heard that a women is worthless. Actually the women is respected greatly and must be treated with 150% respect and love and must be protected at all time Muslim or non Muslim. If this guy was in Saudi Arabia he would have got the Death Penalty no if buts or ors, These type of idiots are who make us look bad. Please let me make this clear , The system was wrong very wrong and that girls rights were just taken away, If the judge was worried this idiot would turn out worse in jail what about this poor girl what is going to happen to here. If your judge cant punish ship his as* out to Saudi and they will show you how to punish a low life loser like this. I am in Canada and if I was there I would protest in front of that judges house until this kids gets what he deserves. On the other hand if this was the judges daughter I bet he would have looked at this a little different. Wake up people put the heat on this judge and the system and give the innocent justice and the criminal what the deserve.
    Mohamed Windsor Ontario

    • Pete

      Not it is not as you describe. Please spend time reading and learn about your religion from people who has studied it well. They debate prominent islamic scholars around the world and this religion is seen for what it is.

  • Pete

    This is utter rubbish. You need to read and become acquainted with the true nature of Islam.

  • Leyla

    Are you guys serious? I Actualluhaveto saythati found this really manipulating and racist article througha very bad german translation and I wanted to see for my self.

    Wanna know a fun.fact? I AM A GERMAN MUSLIM. Yes I exist. And i am going to tell you something.

    Below someone said women are not as much worth as men. Please Read the following

    “If she is a daughter she opens a gatee to paradise,if she is a mother,paradise lies under her feet”
    This is just ONE of thousand examples islam teaches about the worth of women.

    Of course, the.quran also says things which seems inappropriate. For example : a man is allowed to marry up to 4wifes(can anyonr please explain where you all get your 72 virgins reference?)
    but you don’t have the context to understand why.
    in.former times, women without a man had no chance to survive. if a woman becomea a widdow, she had to marry again in order to provide shelter and food for her family. But this was the tome where wars and crusades took place. therefor, there weren’t enough men. so they took those widdows somehow adopted tjem. it wasn’t for the personal joy of.the men.

    This is just ONE example of all those islamophobic utterances.
    Just read.the.quran and yoh.will fimd.clarity. ifyou don’t want to its fine butplease.stoo throwing accusations around.
    Someone above said that muslim.people aren’t normal. This was officially the dumbest utterance i.have ever heard. YES there are sime.sick bastards who claim to be muslims.(rapeis haram) BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ISLAMIS.BAD. sayingsome sick bastards muslim.represent the islamic.religion is kike saying kkk hitler and the crusaders represent the.christian faith.
    And i know many Christians.

    Psi .very sorry for my bad orthografie i am just writing with my new damn phone. i.really have problems with this damn keyboard

  • faye

    That’s not an excuse for raping someone, although Im sure this was entirely sarcastic response to the article, but a comment had to be made.

  • Rangsit

    It is well known, that there are certain social norms, which need to be observed. Having sex with a woman, or man, regardless of that persons age, against that persons will, is a clear act of violence and therefore the excuse of ignorance is not credible. How long will our society keep on watching people violating basic principles of society, without taking any action against it. And, to the dear judge who handed such a ruling: he should be fired without any pension claims and his legal and judge’s degrees, certifications or whatever should be revoked with immediate effect

  • WALI

    In Islam adultery is a sin and rape a major sin. Who’s so ever rapes will face the punishment of hell fire indeed. He sinned and blamed it on Islamic school to get away with it. what a coward. His punishment in a muslim country would be 100 wips slashes so his lucky he dnt live in a muslim country. Stupid teenager. Islam is a beautiful religion it teaches us to love and respect our woman. I’m muslim and never come across load of rubbish in my life. The title should be Stupid teenager raped 13 year old. Not a muslim!

  • Lara

    What the hell happened to “Ignorantia legis neminem excusat”? Being a judge, I would guess you know this bit>

  • LLSinSCV

    Linda here. They (Muslims) are LAUGHING at the WEST!

    There’s something wrong in WESTERN COUNTRIES, actually ignorant and naive of their immigrants from non-Christian/Judeo societies, who can claim “ignorance and innocence,” especially with a HEINOUS CRIME of rape of a minor.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous to have so-called CIVILIZED 21st century countries BEND LAWS to accomodate BACKWARD SOCIETY where women are CHATTEL and “no more important than a lollipop that has dropped on the ground” (see below)

    A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless.

    Well that makes it okay. He only raped her because he thought women were worthless.

    Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.

    Well he didn’t know it was wrong. That means it’s not a crime. But good luck for anyone who leaves a pig’s head in front of a mosque and claims not to know it was wrong.

    Two tiers. One for Muslims. Another for natives.

    …. In other interviews with psychologists, Rashid claimed he had been taught in his school that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’.

  • salman

    It is simple this is a big fat lie

  • Kick

    Seriously. Alot, Alot of people misunderstand the reasoning and teachings of the Holy Quran. it is a sin to rape a women regardless the age or what circumstances served infront of you. This guy was not okay in the back of his inchy brain. Tho the judge was probably retarded to have let go of this case with such unjustified reasoning response. I really do say so that they reconsider this cause this is a wrong and shitty justice for the people, not only that but it also degrades the teachings of islam. All the best wishes and luck to the poor girl and do i dearly hope the guy gets sentenced to at least 7 years, and if so, gets raped by a dude.