Muslims Complain About Lack of Mosques in Korea

muslim problems

Muslim Problems

Oddly enough there’s no word on the number of Buddhist temples in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has the largest number of Buddhists in the Middle East because of its reliance on slave labor. 1.5% of the population is technically Buddhist.

The UAE has over 200,000 Buddhists. Saudi Arabia has 400,000. Kuwait has 100,000. Despite that the majority of Buddhist temples in the region are in Israel. Meanwhile this is how Saudi Arabia treats Buddhists.

A Sri Lankan youth employed as a domestic aid has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for worshiping a statue of the Buddha, which is considered an offence according to Shariah law.

But by all means… let’s move on to some Muslim whining about the insufficient number of mosques in a Buddhist/Christian country.

Pointing to challenges facing Muslims in South Korea, a new study has revealed that more mosques, halal restaurants and better understanding of Islam were needed to encourage more Muslims students to study in the Asian country.

“Islam is part of their everyday life and many felt there was little in the way of halal food and too few mosques,” Park Hyeon-uk, a member of El Naafidha College’s student group for Middle East studies, told UAE’s The National on Wednesday, October 23.

Clearly what Korea needs is more mosques. Malaysia already paid to have one built back in the seventies. But there just aren’t enough suicide bombings.

Another obstacle that Arab students face in Asia’s fourth-largest economy country is ‘language’. They have been facing difficulty in understanding the Korean language, especially in classes, the study stated.

“It would be nice if they graded foreign students different than Korean students,” said one Arab in a video broadcast to delegates.

I guess they could just give the Muslims an A for Affront. Why would you go to South Korea if you don’t speak the language or intend to learn it? What’s the plan exactly?

“I think the people here need to learn more about the Middle East culture and vice versa,” said Farah Subedar, a presenter on K-Pop music station.

If that happens, it will be even harder for Muslim students to visit Korea.

Hijab was also a main target of “uncomfortable” comments and questions, an Emirati woman, who has been repeatedly asked about her hijab, said.

Meanwhile here’s a problem that Koreans face in the Muslim world.

 On Sunday, the Arab satellite TV network Al-Jazeera aired a videotape purportedly from Al Qaeda-linked militants showing a South Korean hostage begging for his life.

Kim Sun-il was a South Korean translator and Christian missionary who was kidnapped and killed. Kim was fluent in Arabic, holding a graduate degree in that language from Seoul’s Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

On May 30, 2004, he was kidnapped in Fallujah — about 50 km (30 miles) west of Baghdad — by the Islamist group Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad and held as a hostage.

But Muslim problems always come first. Maybe when Koreans are kidnapping and beheading Muslims, instead of not building enough mosques for them, they can complain.

  • N. Wasse

    Koreans should tell the Saudis that they can build a mosque in Seoul and Korea will build a Church across the street from the Kabaa deal?

    • Hannatu Adamu

      Seoul cannot be the equal of the Ka’aba. Try the Vatican!

    • Ladys

      Why would Korea build a church anywhere in the world when the majority of Koreans are non-religious?! Christians in Korea are still a minority.

  • Gee

    Islam is a hate crime and should be banned from all civilized countries

    • Sally

      To bad its the second largest religion in the WORLD… you’ll be dead and Islam will still climb the charts…

    • Sarfaraz


  • timmysfriend

    No matter the topic you never fail to put a smile on my face.

    • Daniel Greenfield


  • Veracious_one

    Maybe the Koreans will set an example for the rest of the world by saying no to Islam….

    • Moa

      Japan already did that. Clever Japanese.

      • defcon 4

        I’ve read that this is not, in fact, true.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s not.

          • Moa

            Is this not true?


            The claim is not that there are *zero* Muslims. Just that the Japanese Government essentially “says ‘no’ to Islam”.

            There are some Muslims in Japan for sure, around 0.1%, around 2/3 foreign, which is pretty negligible IMHO:

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Japan is historically not a fan of anyone’s missionary activities, but I believe it’s less restrictive than China and it has a history of attempting outreach to Muslims for political reasons.

            Japan does not like foreigners. It’s possible that there is a quiet policy of avoiding the entry of Muslims more than others, but if so it’s a quiet policy that operates under the table.

          • Drakken

            The Japs do not allow under any circumstances islam outreach in their country, you have to hand it to the Japs though, they smile to your face while doing whatever is in their own best interest and they don’t give a damn about what other people think of them.

          • Daniel Greenfield
          • ryanball

            They know how to protect their country, unlike the rest of us.

          • kushibo

            “Japs”? In 2013? Seriously?

          • Sally

            racist are we.. calling Japanese people Japs…

      • Sally

        not true. Islam is still known in Japan. there are Japanese Muslim there.. sooooooooooo ya wrong

    • dave

      All of you are so wrong. Christians are told to fuck off in Japan as well as Muslims. This is because they get most of their news from the West about Muslims who are branded terrorists. There is a general lack of interest in religion in Japan anyway. There are under 50 million Muslims in China, so watch out.

    • Sally

      Actually the Korean Gov’t is what bought Islam to Korea… Learn the history of Islam in Korea before making bigoted remarks. In 1982 they requested and Islamic leader from Kuwait in exchange learn about the each others culture. Arab student are from generations of exchange students. Idiot.

      • Veracious_one

        Why is it nearly impossible to build or renovate a church located in Muslim lands?

    • Hannatu Adamu

      Once people are attracted to Islam, there’s no stopping them. Ask the converts and they’d tell you it is the most beautiful thing that happened to their lives.

      • Ladys

        True. My mom is one of them. She is an American convert to Islam for over 30 years now. :)
        After marrying my dad, she moved to his home country in the middle east, then after we (their children) reached highschool age, both my parents moved to the USA, and they are still there since then, and they plan to go back to my dad’s home country in the near future to settle there.

  • Drakken

    Here is a great idea and a win win for every body, lets send the muslims to North Korea where they can bitch and whine to their little jihadist hearts content, and I say let sell the results to pay for view and make billions. I always knew the NORKs would be good for something.

  • hanbyul

    I hope they say NO.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Pointing to challenges facing Muslims in South Korea, a new study has revealed that more mosques, halal restaurants and better understanding of Islam were needed to encourage more Muslims students to study in the Asian country.

    I’m afraid Muslims aren’t migrating to South Korea to study and assimilate. Instead, they are migrating to South Korea for the very strategic purpose of stealth demographic conquest. Thus, there is a need for more mosques and halal restaurants over there to entice more stealth and deceptive non-violent jihadists to migrate over there.

    Indeed, so-called Muslims terrorists aren’t extremists perpetrating terrorism in response to Western imperialism. That’s preposterous leftwing propaganda of the kind you are fed here on this blog. Instead they are jihadists, i.e., Mujahideen (holy warriors) fighting jihad (holy war) both violently and non-violently, but astronomically far more non-violently relative to violently to ultimately make Islam supreme throughout the world. As the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is the subjugation into Islamic totalitarianism of all religions and all infidels through both violent and non-violent jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia (Islamic totalitarian law) in order to make Islam supreme.

  • Softly Bob

    To be honest with you, I’m getting old, tired and bored and I seriously think that Muslims should go and f… themselves and fu.. themselves hard with sharp sticks!

    • Porkys2istan

      I think I’m getting old too. After the next 9/11 (and there WILL be another 9/11) I just can’t see anyone saying lets spend a TRILLION dollars on these illiterate goat diddlers to bring them ‘democracy’ while they spit on us and shoot us in the back.

      After the next 9/11, I bet a lot of very tired people like us will say, “Just nuke ‘em”. No diplomacy. No nation building. No stupid coalitions. No supporting one group of evil muslims to kill another group of evil muslims. No UN horse pucky.

      Just Nuke ‘Em.

      • Hannatu Adamu

        You would have us believe that you are taking “democracy” to Muslim lands for free?

  • johnnydelgado

    I am complaining for the lack of Christians Churches in Saudi Arabia…….

    • defcon 4

      No other faith may be legally practiced in Soddy Barbaria besides Sunni islam, period, full stop. The mere possession of any other religious books is a crime.

    • Ladys

      There are no Saudi citizens who are Christian, only foreign workers, but there are around 40,000 Korean citizens (not foreigners) who are Muslim. Many Koreans converted to Islam during and after the Korean war. See here about the History of Islam in Korea:


    Good article, its always the poor hard done by Muslims and the fault of their evil host country, maybe if they put in as much work into their backward prehistoric utopia’s as they do in killing terrorising and complaining they wouldn’t need to flee to other country’s , but still a parasite is a parasite no matter what its species !

    • defcon 4


  • Well Done

    Tell the moslems to move to N. Korea and build mosques there. Western culture, whatever country it flourishes in, needs to STOP letting Islam get a foothold. They make “nice” until they decide not to. Easier to just not let the dirty fur farmin’ freaks in to begin with. We do NOT need them.

    • defcon 4

      Islam hasn’t made any country better by its presence. Ever.

  • Lanna

    Awe….The Muslims need more mosques to plan Jihad.

  • JaiHind

    so whats the bad news?

  • JaiHind

    smart move:
    Muslims are 100% Reproductive and 0% Productive

  • Meggles

    Here we go again. Same old same old. Go into a country and start to complain and whine, so that everybody feels sorry and lets you have your own way. Then it starts all over again – murder, rape jihads, halal, vile, vile pigs, following a vile vile cult.

  • kushibo

    It’s clear from these comments you folks know nothing about South Korea.

    We do have a large and visible mosque right in the middle of Seoul. Nice folks there, largely Turks and nowadays some North Africans running halal restaurants and kebab street eateries. The community reached out to South Korea authorities to help out with preventing radical elements from ever taking hold.

    What these students are complaining about is little different than what American and Canadian students are also complaining about. It isn’t part of some sinister plot.

  • puciferaneous

    Surprised North Korea hasn’t embraced Islam

    • kushibo

      Are you really?

      The North Korean government has set up the ruling Kim dynasty as demigods. They do not want the competition of any religion that already has a deity, be it Islam, Judaism, or Christianity. They would not embrace Islam for the same reason they jail and sometimes execute people caught with the Holy Bible.

  • SisterfromUK

    Some people’s ignorance never fails to shock (and slightly hurt me). I hope you find the right path brother.

  • Sara

    Thank you for exposing your fucked up views! You work at a Freedom Centre, yet your mind is imprisoned with hatred and venom to a religion you know nothing about! If 9/11 destroyed the world’s view of Islam, then so should Hitler’s torture of Jewish people, destroy Christianity! Religion has nothing to do with murder, and freedom is about being free to speak, and act, while being RESPECTFUL!

  • Margaritha

    South Korea is lucky for not having these people. Once they step into your country-you will find suicide bombings, terrorism, abuse of welfare system, and ,killings-which, now the other countries like USA, Canada,Australia, Britain, and Europe are facing ..