Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service


These types of Saudi sentences seem to be going around.

In June, the Muslim rapists of a 15-year-old girl were sentenced to community service in Sweden.

Yesterday I discussed the case of a Muslim Anti-Israel activist who was sentenced to community service for the rape of a 15-year-old Israeli girl.

And now we get the same thing in Norway, except this time it’s a 12-year-old Norwegian girl.

A 12 year old girl from Namsos, Norway, was gang raped twice by four Muslim immigrants aged 15 to 18. All four perpetrator confessed, and argued that the twelve year old victim consented. The victim was gang raped on an elementary school playground.

The thugs were convicted of aggravated rape, but prosecutor Kaja Strandjord only asked the court for community service for the perpetrators!

The four monsters were collectively ordered to pay a fine. Three of the perps were also given community service.

One of the perpetrators was also convicted of raping another thirteen year old victim. He was only ordered to pay a fine for that rape.

What exactly is behind this pattern of First World countries acting like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan?

Obviously there’s an effort not to make waves and upset the Muslim settlers. There is, at the same time, a general contempt for their character by the authorities who expect nothing better of them, while insisting that they are oppressed and need understanding.

This is the familiar creepy liberal dichotomy of the Noble Savage.

And finally, when a crime becomes frequent enough, enforcement often drops and it becomes semi-legal since there’s no use fighting it.

News stories on the subject out of Norway provide some pattern for this insanity. Part of it is juvenile justice system that provides a free pass to anyone under 18. Europeans frequently criticize the US for trying juveniles as adults. But here are the consequences of their approach. One of the Muslim rapists claimed he did not understand that it was a crime. The others blamed the girl for seducing them.

The defenders of the other rapists  asked for mildest possible punishment, believing the prosecutor’s claim of a high number of hours of community sentences are too strict in this matter.

Norway is now officially Pakistan.

  • Chris Scott

    This is utterly despicable.

  • Carmen Lawrence

    Racist police made this up.
    Muslims do not rape.
    Please check their own Government statistics!
    It is simply part of a nazi like plot to blame the other.

  • tokoloshiman

    norwegians deserve what they get – bring it on ! they hate the jews , let them love the muslims every which way to hasten the implementation of their sharia compliant state. rape will result in more muslims – the sooner the better.
    norwegistan is coming and not too soon!

    • Drakken

      It isn’t over by a long shot, once that ole Viking DNA is finally unleashed, there won’t be a muslim or leftist Quisling left alive after all is said and done and no one to whine and cry over it.

      • MagenD

        Sounds like you need to go put the Top back on that bottle of Viking DNA before you fall off your horse brother!!! :):):)

        Or box it up and ship it over here!!!

      • MagenD

        That stuff’s about 180 Proof ain’t it?!
        I met a Nord before – gave him two shots of good ole Georgia Moon Shine and the next thing I know he’s down on the lake building a boat, sailed off mumbling something to himself bout Viking DNA and finding his damn sword!!!

  • Steve Gregg

    This is why we have a Second Amendment. Shoot a couple rapists and the rest learn it is, indeed, a crime. While the politically correct Scandinavian governments ignore the Muslim rape epidemic, I’ll bet the Scandinavian people don’t. Soft-pedalling rape inflames the problem and stores up tremendous resentment among the victims, their families, and their neighbors. What do you think will come of that rage?

    • Hard Little Machine

      Oh dear me in Nordic countries even posting that thought on line is a crime. Rape is fine, that’s just their quaint and wonderful culture we must respect. Complaining about it though is a hate crime.

      • Steve Gregg

        They are committing suicide by political correctness. If you won’t protect your women from rape by the barbarian invaders, what exactly do you hold dear?

        • MagenD

          “If you won’t protect your women from rape by the barbarian invaders”

          Most European (Western for that matter) “WOMEN” have become overglorified Feminazi Dictaters whom have succeeded – through Progressivism in the Courts and other positions of Authority/Trust – in feminising/DENUTTING their PROTECTER’s (Men). Most of those “DENUTTED” men now look to their “so-called” WOMEN to PROTECT them!!!!
          Western Women have become Amazons!!!
          Their “So Called” MEN have become b!tch3s!!!

        • MagenD

          I’m willing to bet that “Rollo” (Robert 1st) would agree 100% with everything I (we) write. While at the same time brandishing his 40 lb sword to strike the heads from this lunacy!!!
          The VIKINGS!!! Once the most FEARED men on the PLANET!!! Once G-DS SWORD of JUDGEMENT against Tyranny (Word derives from Ancient TYRE by-the-way) and Opression!!! Now – the Amazons have succeeded in EMASCULATING even them?!!!!
          If that isn’t a sign the end is nigh upon us, I don’t know what is???!!!

          Here’s more evidence for the end!!!

          Harbingers of Prophecy!

          Fidokave213 Channel

          Seventhvial213 Channel

          Hawkeye Davis Channel

          Last Messages Channel


        • chicagorefugee


    • Drakken

      Well deserved retribution against the muslims of whatever stripe and no amount of leftist apology is going to stop it.


      Actually, Steve, we have a Second Amendment not so that we can take the law into our own hands, but so we can take the government (which rightfully belongs to us anyway) into our hands when it refuses to carry out its solemn responsibilities while abrogating our freedoms. If there are any Norweigian patriots, this would be a good time for a revolution over there.

      • Steve Gregg

        Actually, it is lawful to shoot a rapist who is attacking you, which serves as a powerful disincentive to those considering rape.

        • NAHALKIDES

          Yes, that’s true, but self-defense from criminals is another category from self-defense from criminal government. We do need guns to protect us from both, however.

    • chicagorefugee

      Soft-pedalling the problem only increases the violators’ arrogance.


  • Elizabeth capecod

    It’s a simple case of having LOW expectations of these cretins. They don’t know any better. They’re inbred morons. They will never know any better. Either lock them up for life or let them go and call it a day.

    • John

      You cannot lock up the rapists.

      It is simply about power. The left has it. The left runs the national newspapers of note. the left has parliamentary power. the left calls these people “cultural enrichers.”

      You literally have to vote these people out of power, kick them put of the newspapers or make the newspapers go out of business through lack of subscriptions. You have to not invite them to dinner parties because of their stupid ideals.

      • shropster

        In the good ol’ USA, it’s “diversity is our strength”.
        Or give your gang-bangers and cretins.

      • Dolphieness

        Please add to that list TV, Movies & Music. Stop watching their shows, movies, etc that promote the leftist ideology.
        BTW – some newspapers have been purchased by neutral entities and are SLOWLY getting unbiased news out. It infuriates the left as they rant on about how the articles are right wing – when in fact they just leave out the emotions/biases in the news articles. Plus conservative editorials are printed as well as the left editorials (for balance).

  • john spielman

    Islam; a religion of darkness death and ultimately hell.

  • truebearing

    Having significant Norwegian heritage, this story pains and infuriates me. My father is as disgusted as I am and asked: “where is that Viking spirit now?” Soaked in estrogen, apparently.

    There is no denying that liberal/leftist thinking is heavily biased by emotional thinking. That is how the Left gets people to accept things that make no sense on a rational basis. It is time for some clever researcher to do a study on the hormonal effects of liberalism on the male psyche and hormones. I predict we will find out that testosterone is heavily suppressed by political correctness.

    Men don’t need testosterone patches. They need testicles, and nowhere more than in Scandanavia.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I wonder how much jail time one would serve for actually punishing these guys properly?

      • truebearing

        Infinitely more than the child raping Muslims.
        There is only one punishment for the Muslims that makes any sense.

      • Drakken

        Depends if they get caught or not? If that had been one of mine that got raped, God himself would not protect those muslims from my wrath. When asked if I ever saw them? My simple answer would be, what muslims?

    • Lode Star

      Let me offer you a tip on how to take down the left in Norway. The only way the left has power over young people’s minds is through the leftists that are making the popular music. Take a page out of the Golden Dawn movement in Greece. What they did recently was pure genius.

    • sumpplrstupid

      This is another good reason for school teachers and staff to be fully armed…when something like this happens on school property….they would be able to blow the mohammed wannabees away so they can concentrate on their 72 virgins instead of innocent schoolgirls…..

      • David Armstrong

        i love it. thanks for sharing and I agree!

      • hsam

        Yes you must admit as a true muslim it would be better for them, but you also CANNOT deny that it must have felt good for them inside her tight lttle hole.

        • GSIMS


        • Tee

          you know you can make your hand as tight as you like & not hurt another human & destroy their life…. you pedo

        • MagenD

          Better than your sheep or goat, hunh hsam???!!

          I actually love it when you Jihadist MORONs comment. Lets the Progressive Leftist MORONs know exactly what’s coming to them when they succeec in helping you take over the world. Run along now!!! Go Blow Yourself Up like a good little Jihadist B!tch!!!

          • MagenD

            P.S. hsam?!
            ake sure you do it (Blow yourself up) at your local bazaar, so you take 50-100 more Muslim b1tch’s with you!!! Hurry along now!!! You have 73 naked ewe lambs awaiting you in paradise!!! They’ve already been sheared!!!

        • mikeman

          How would you like a 12 gauge up your hole scumbag?

    • Steve Gregg

      A legion of Viking berserkers would stop this in a heartbeat.

      • Sueychop

        All the Berserkers went to Minnesota.

        • shropster

          …and elected Al Frankin

    • MagenD

      “Soaked in estrogen, apparently.”


      • MagenD

        Course – sadly, the only way one could stop this PROGRESSIVE TRAIN now would be to KILL THEM ALL; F@gs, Libtards, Feminist!!! The whole damn sorry lot of them, that being an impossibility, many MEN are now just turning to ISLAM… as, also unfortunately, it is the one religion left that, through SHARIA, knows exactly how to handle FEMINAZI’ISM – RAPE THEM BACK TO WOMANHOOD, OR STONE THEM!!!!
        “SHOCK-PIECE” – you bet!!! Cause if someone doesn’t derail this train soon, SHARIA’s going to take over the planet!!!!

    • MagenD

      Thank You for a SUPURB comment TRUEBEARING (Might consider changing your name to “TRUTHBEARER”?). Now I know that there is at least one out there that see’s the truth for what it is.
      Ever seen the Movie “As Good as it Get’s” with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt?!
      One of the most profoundly insightful lines ever written into a movie script was one of Mr. Melvin Udall’s (Nicholson) when he is being confronted with questions by his publishers receptionist, Zoe. She ask him: “How do you write women so well?”
      He turns to her: “I think of a man and TAKE AWAY REASON and ACCOUNTABILITY”!!!! :):):)

      Definition of FICKLE: Deceitful, Inconstant

      And this we’ve handed the right to vote? To make laws? To RUN our courts? To make decisions concerning our own families, careers, sons, daughters and/or lives? Run and make decisions concerning our soldiers and military?! OUR COUNRY???!!!

      • MagenD

        Any man who’s EVER been around WOMEN knows/understands that they can’t be trusted with the CREDIT CARD!!! They have a hard time deciding what to wear!!! Yet we now, being outnumbered, allow them to vote in KING’s, Queen’s and Officials. They – having taken High Positions in Gov’t, Military et al – now hold the reigns over Soldiers (As Pschologist and Counselors) lives….
        Women (And their Dumbed Down testosterone-LESS Pansy counterparts) voted in Obama (Next Hilary? – G-d forbid).

        The BIBLE itself SAYS IT ALL!!!!
        Isaiah 3:12-14
        Youths oppress my people,
        women rule over them.
        My people, your guides lead you astray;
        they turn you from the path.
        The Lord takes his place in court;
        he rises to judge the people.
        The Lord enters into judgment
        against the elders and leaders of his people…

        • Dolphieness

          What a hateful thing to say. Please do not quote the Bible when you are being so hateful. You are taking things out of context. The conservative males I know would not speak as ignorantly as you did above.

          Did you happen to read where a man is to have God in his heart and life FIRST? He is to LOVE his wife in a God-filled way. Only then is he deserving of the love of a woman.

          When I say woman – it is not the caricature you stated above. Women have been the home tenders for 10s of 1000s of years. They maintain the core of the family unit. They barter and trade for the home (butter for bread – wheat for corn – lamb for beef …). They maintain the hygiene of the home. They cook, mend and watch over the children as well as tending to chores according to their lifestyles (meaning: farmers, ranchers, nomadic, etc).

          Couples were TEAMS – they held respect for each other.

          • MagenD

            NO!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!
            I TOOK no verses out of context – I COPIED THEM WORD for WORD!!!
            In the Scripture Quoted above it is clear that G-d, speaking in the Spirit through Isaiah is telling the Israelites (MEN) that they have allowed the Devil to Manipulate them through their Women. Women – BIBLICALLY, are to have NO AUTHORITY OVER MEN – in any WAY, SHAPE, FORM or FASHION!!! Why?! Because WOMEN are NAIVE, GULLIBLE and FICKLE – like EVE in the garden!!! Jezebel was a Feminazi and Ahab her Emasculated Bitch. Men who can not even be men in their own homes can NOT be expected to run countries!!! America HAS been OVER RUN with PROGRESSIVE FEMINISM and EMASCULATED Pansy Men… and is why it is FALLING.

          • MagenD

            “Did you happen to read where a man is to have God in his heart and life FIRST? He is to LOVE his wife in a God-filled way. Only then is he deserving of the love of a woman.”

            Did YOU read the part where a Woman who has sex prior to marriage is a Harlot/Whore?! Or where she is to remain QUIET in the Church, Humble and Subservient to her husband, NOT DISHONORING/DISRESPECTING him in ANY way?! Or how a WOMAN who leaves her husband for ANY reason is to remain SINGLE or be RECONCILED to him. If she remarry’s – she and her new husband are in Adultery and therefore living in sin?! Or the part about how the Israelites were “Sacrificing” (Aborting/Murdering) their own children?! Or about how their own women had become Sanctimonius, Self-Righteous Feminist Harlots – G-d himself called them Swine (PIGS [Amos 4:1]), and Isaiah described them (Feminist’s) in detail (Isaiah 3:16-4:1)….

          • MoronWatch

            The only reason you exist in this world is because a woman spent nine months making you, risked her life and went through horrendous agony giving birth to you, and was up 24/7 wiping your arse clean and breastfeeding you, while she could barely walk.

            What happened to that poor little girl was disgusting, but you pinning the blame on women is a joke. Screaming like a mad man that women should be raped and stoned makes you no better than Muslims who say the same.

            You’re a joke mate, who clearly has mental health issues. My sympathies to your Mother.

    • Sueychop

      you should leave any scandinavian countries because Russia will bomb every inch in the coming WW3.

      • Drakken

        The Russians will be saving them, not killing them.

    • Dolphieness

      The world has had ‘Dandies’ running countries for millennia. What hurts is to see solid, grounded, successful countries like Norway, the USA, and other non-dandified countries try to become ‘sophisticated and civilized’ like the dandified countries. Sophistication, civilizing, dandifying includes political correctness. With political correctness there is an inherent weakness which in turn invites disease.

      During the process, the country loses its identity. As with all life, when one loses one’s identity they tend to suck in the identity of others until they are a conglomerate of nothingness. As with the kid in school who is extremely insecure. The kid tries to please everyone all the time, without regard to their own wellbeing, wants or needs. That insecure kid becomes such a mess they no longer know what they truly want from their lives.

      Sophistication, dandifying, civilizing and political correctness are cowardly.

      Civilizing, dandifying, sophistication and political correctness are not to be posited as signs of manners or respect, for they are neither.

      • MagenD

        “Sophistication, dandifying, civilizing and political correctness are cowardly.”

        You forgot – Feminism, Homosexuality, G-DLESSNESS!!!!

    • Andy

      I think testosterone was the problem in the first place, in this case.

    • NoOne

      I agree with you but..

      Its hard to feel bad for them… In Norway nowadays you have “strong” and “liberated” women, so they can probably defend themselves and can handle a little occasional rape!

      Who needs men anyway? Have fun in your feminist utopia :)

  • v

    Just one more reason I own a weapon. Because anyone of those bastards would not live another day had they had done this despicable act to one of my daughters. They will surely meet their allah and go there at the speed of a speeding bullet. Those disgusting pieces of —-

    • MagenD

      You know – 80% of Child Molestation Cases, at least here in America, are commited by Step Fathers and/or live-in-boyfriends?!!! And YET our IMPOTENT Courts can’t figure out what went wrong – Marketing Divorce like it’s the new fad drug of this millenium!!!

      The WORLD has lost its mind!!! And I feel sorry for you having girls in this day and age and I thank G-D that both of mine are BOYS!!! G-d Speed and good luck to you!!!

  • Will

    Obviously the Scandinavians don’t have a very high opinion of their young women.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Which probably means they don’t have a high opinion of themselves.

      • Steve Gregg

        Which means they will die as slaves in a Muslim Norway.

      • chicagorefugee

        It’s called ethno-masochism.

  • Jakareh

    Norway, treat the multiculturalists as Vidkun Quisling and the other collaborators were treated at the end of WWII. Do that or perish.

  • defcon 4

    Where are the feminists? Where is NOW?

    • Michael__Durham

      They all need to be strung up as much as the Muslim rapists that they apologize for.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Radical Feminst Naomi Klein is a huge fan of the Taliban, that’s where.

      • MagenD

        WELL THEN???!!!
        Why the H3ll haven’t we sent RADICAL FEMINIST Naomi Klein (And the rest of her self-hating Feminazi Ilk) to live and work with them (Taliban) in Saudi or with the IRGC in Iran?!
        I’m sure they’de love to use her up making baby Jihadists before beheading her!!!

        I mean really – could there be a DUMBER group of people on the planet?! It’s why the Devil chose Eve. And then Jezebel! The 1st true Radical Feminist!!! And yet G-d Himself made His thoughts known concerning Feminism!!!
        When He sent Jehu to throw her (JEZEBEL) out of a 3rd story Window!!! And then COMPOUNDED His true feelings by sending Wild Dogs to consume her worthless carcass!!! But yet – as if that wasn’t enough?!!! He ensured that the Wild Dogs did not consume her hands or feet!!! Why??? To show that HER goings and comings (her every action – accomplished through hands and feet) was DETESTABLE even to WILD BEAST!!!

        • MagenD

          Now then?! A Feminist is SCREAMING, “Why would G-d HATE (UTTERLY DESPISE) Feminist’s”. The answer is not all that complex!!! G-Ds FIRST LOVE was/is the REBELLIOUS (Feminist) WOMAN, ISRAEL. They continually disobeyed Him worshiping FALSE/PAGAN gods (Like allah/molech/Ishtar/Liberty). Even going so far as to MURDER their (Our) true Messiah (The Son of G-d sent as a New Covenant) because they themselves continually broke the first covenent (Made at Horeb). So!!! Rebellious ISRAEL (Who even like the Mayans sacrificed/murdered their own children), along with Jezebel are Analogous to RADICAL FEMINISM!!! Which like Ancient Israel and Jezebel and Ishtar and Liberty is leading the World in the Rebellion (The great FALLING AWAY) against G-d Most High!!!
          A Feminist is a wh0re is a prostitue is a rebellous woman!!! Read Ezekiel 23 (Two Adulterous Sisters) for refference!!!

          • MagenD

            For ANYONE having even a shred of Common Sense and/or Spiritual understanding. Then they should have garnered through those verses of scripture WHERE AMERICA (BABYLON) now stands in relation to G-d, Prophecy and Judgement!!! AMERICA (Founded as the NEW JERUSALEM by-the-way) is SOON to be handed over to HER LOVERS. (China, Russia, Iran). Read that Chapter (EZEKIEL 23) again and substitute “America” everywhere Oholah and Oholibah are used!
            Ez 23:48-49 “So I will put an end to lewdness in the land, that all women may take warning and not imitate you. 49 You will suffer the penalty for your lewdness and bear the consequences of your sins of idolatry. Then you will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.”

    • Dolphieness

      NOW has never been about women. It is a Marxist ideology that is set in place to destroy the family unit. NOW did not get women’s voting rights nor did it help abused/raped women. WOMEN did this. NOW just sits back and pretends to care about women. It is about power – just like all the other segments of the left.

  • herb benty

    This is Europe, it has been going on for a long time, the MSM doesn’t report it though.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Rape by “oppressed people” is the new marijuana infraction.


    • chicagorefugee

      Your rulers clearly hate you. And if they are of you,rather than above you, they are ethno-masochists. We have far far too many in the west.

  • Deerknocker

    Why on earth would any country permit Muslim immigration? They have fouled the Middle East and now want to do the same to Europe and the US. These Muslim rapes do more than merely devastate a young woman, although that is terrible enough in its own right. They also will in time come to proscribe certain behaviors of Western women. Women having struggled for centuries to rise above the limits imposed on them, will now have to balance their freedom to say and act and do against the fear that such behavior will make them a target for Muslim violence and rape. What good do such immigrants do for the women of a host country?

    • Hard Little Machine

      Sweden announced last week they’re taking 22,000 MORE ‘refugees’ from Syria.

      • Steve Gregg

        They will come to regret it, as every country has which has ever been foolish enough to provide refuge for Muslims.

        • chicagorefugee

          If only they were taking in endangered Syrian Christians! But of course the Swedes are too ‘progressive’ to do that.

          • Stefandemert

            dude, there are a lot of christian middle easterners here in Sweden.


        than start killing them, onlysolution u have left, murder the muslims immigrants

    • MagenD

      “SHARIA” is G-DS answer to FEMINISM (The Jezebel Spirit).
      Blaspheme and Kick Him out of your courts, schools, country’s and lives – He’ll leave and you’ll get the DEVIL (Allah and Shariah) in the Vacuum.

    • MagenD

      “SHARIA”Why on earth would any country permit Muslim immigration?”

      Immigration? Ha! Wait til IRAN gets the BOMB? (Which the Progressive LIBTARDS are/will help ensure happens).
      Then they’ll use them to push a World Wide Muslim Caliphate!!!
      You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

      • Tee

        So you think Shia are more violent than Sunni? From what I understand Sunni are the ones that make the messed up laws & kill people if they are not Sunni muslims, if fact they will kill their own family for missing prayer. Men have to grow beards, no driving for woman, prayer 6 times a day for men & they kill anyone who wont convert. So yeah I think Sunni in Saudi Arabia are far worse than Shia in Iran where woman go to school, drive & wear makeup & men don’t have to have beards & Shia are just far less violent all the way around.

        • Drakken

          Muslim is muslim regardless of what stripe they are, get them out of our western countries.

        • MagenD

          Yea Tee, Drakken’s right! Where did I infer any difference between Shia/Sunni?! I singled out Iran because at this moment, as far as I know, they’re the ony ones working for a Nuke!!! And that, so that they might use it (them) to facilitate ushering in their Messianic 12th Imam – Imam Mahdi!!! And if/when he returns (If he does, he’ll be the Biblical Anti-Christ), then he’ll be accepted by and will unite all Islam Shia and Sunni!!!

  • Muslim Watch

    Where is the vulgar_imposter to denounce this?

    He probably supports more Muslim immigration for every western nation.

  • Lode Star

    Culturally speaking Norwegians are not all that reactionary. During world war two, the Nazi’s simply walked into Norway without a bullet being fired. But the Norwegians did get back at the Nazis. They destroyed the Nazi’s capability of developing the Nuclear bomb first. This means that they are very good at long term revenge. Ask yourself a question. Do you want the heads of a few young muslims or the heads of the entire muslim world? Norway is smart enough to get that kind of revenge. Just give them time.

    • Shaun

      There are stupid people in every country.

      they are called Democrats, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Socialist Democrats, etc …

      They do not like their voters so they are literally getting new voters.

      • chicagorefugee

        Electing a new people, is what they called it in East Germany.

  • mackykam

    Couldn’t be happier that Norway is quickly decaying. First they gave up on their Christian religion and then began attacking Jews and their religion. Norway had the smallest Jewish population before WW2 and gave up more of its Jews to Hitler than any other Scandinavian country.
    God is laughing. It’s not nice to fool around with God or His people. Revenge time is coming.

    • nordfront

      You have no qlue kido?! The problem are infact the jews/hebrews! They propagate this immigration and racial blending, because they want exactly a weak half-negro race (like the muslims and partly also hebrews) as the Goyim-Race(Animalrace) to serve the Chosen people of Israel. They have still the Nurnberger racial-laws 1:1 in charge in Israel. The most of our politicans in the west are Jews/Hebrews and are fare more loyal to their goals as their countries. As also the old Christianity has stolen the most of their believs from the Edda (Odin is hanging/crucified on the the Worldstree and was reborn after three days and much more things). Christianity is pervertet captured religion from the Hebrews/Jews and the same mindblowing brainwashing like Islam and Jewism,BTW it was infact a very clever chessplaying, to capture the old symbols of the North, to imposte as the pseudo Masterrace over the people.
      The most minblowing thing about the old Religion from the North is, that infact it was no need to have priests or tempels, it was later invented, when the socia declining begun with the new iceage and during the influences from leaders of other cults, to control the power over the believs.

      So, everyone how is insisting about glorious christianity, should consider, that was based on the much older Edda and was persecutet, imposted and overrun from the Hebrews with their corrupt inbreeding kings on their side, to create a new powerful social behaviour control.
      It’s btw exactly the same thing today with this social engineering that hasbe put in place to destroy the last old traditions in Europe.
      That’s is why and all about this mass emigrations from the stoneage countries from the desert and the the african bush.
      The baklash will come, not today, but it will come, this is also an old prophecy.

      • MagenD

        The eddas, the veda – all came out of the Cult/Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon – all Norse, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Assyrian and Babylonian G-ds/Godesses were/are the same – only took on New names/characteristics were’er they went. Babylonian Nimrod, Ishtar and Tammuz became Osirus, Isis and Horus in Egypt and so on. It’s clear from Scripture that the devil knew Jesus was to come into the World – and so it only makes sense that he attempted to circumvent/undermine/steal the true story of the coming Savior of the World. All the Worlds Religions came from two places – G-ds true Word/Religion through Abraham and the Jews and Satans Carbon Copy at Babylon…. (With the Exception of Islam, where/when Muhammed received visions from the devil/a demon in a cave)…
        Agree with it or not – I bid you watch the following… lot of good info…

  • ssohara

    My parents are from India; I am an American. Recently, in India, there was a hideous gang rape of a college student who died as a result. The criminals were hanged. Thousands of Indians came out to peacefully protest and march against rape and against lackadaisical prosecution of rape.

    Why are Norwegians NOT protesting against the hideous crime committed against a TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD???? Why are they not calling for the death penalty for these savages, or at the very least a long prison term?

    I’m sorry, but this is not about cultural differences, it’s about right and wrong. Rape is wrong. When it’s the gang rape of a child… there are just no words to describe my revulsion and anger.

    • Lode Star

      You say its not about cultural differences yet there is commonality in the cultural identities of these gang rapists. Its not like native Norwegian boys are gang raping girls. Its Muslim gang rapists. Please do not inject your lies into an otherwise valid argument.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        HOW did she lie? She simply says that Muslim culture is wrong.
        You say, “Its not like Norwegian boys are gang-raping girls.” How much longer before they start doing copy cat rapes? Muslim culture shouldn’t be shielded from judgment.

        • liamjq

          trying to figure out what you mean…….do you think norwegians will start copy cat rapes????…what are you talking about??..with 9 recommends??

      • chicagorefugee

        Hey, hey, no friendly fire here! Islam is a culture as well as a religion and a political system too! It’s like the complete social nihilism bomb. Which is definitely a matter of right and wrong.

    • defcon 4

      Were they muslimes who committed the rape in India? You know the same psychopathic followers of the death cult who burned a trainload of Hindus alive.

    • Steve Gregg

      sshora, it is about cultural differences. The imams in Norway preach to their congregations that infidel women are their sexual booty. The Koran is the origin of this doctrine, which makes it moral in Muslim eyes. Such violent religious bigotry is a profound cultural difference between Islam and the civilized world.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      Um, not to ruin the party.. I mean, I know what happened was wrong.. but did anyone notice that these were all children? or have you all become blindsided with Muslim hate?

      • MagenD

        Or have you become blindsided by LEFTEST STUPIDITY???!!!

        • RarefiedSnotress

          So name calling makes you smarter huh?
          What I’m saying is that dothead girl doesnt need to call the lynchmob. The courts saw the circumstances, you didn’t.
          They made their decision, and while it does seem too-easy going all ya idiots have to realize these weren’t grownup terrorists for the gallows.

          • MagenD

            My heartfelt appreciation to you for replying and thus illuminating and further Justifying my extremely appropriate (Esp. in this case) use of the term – MORON!!!
            “The courts saw the circumstances, you didn’t.”

            I contest that when a headline reads like this one –

            “Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service”

            That I really don’t need to know the “Circumstances”.
            Muslims, Rape and 12 Year Old girl – more or less give the “Circumstances” away. I dare say that we need not know more!!! TRUTH be told – this article only serves to drive home the Truth I spoke in earlier comments, that the Courts themselves have become Emasculated. They likewise have become “Estrogen Saturated” and thus completely IMPOTENT, INCOMPETANT and UTTERLY USELESS!!!

            It has all been USURPED by Women and their Emasculated Male Counerparts!!!

          • RarefiedSnotress

            INFIDEL DOG

      • Dolphieness

        They are old enough to know better, RarefiedSnotress. The boys were 15 through 18 years of age. They know it is not acceptable behavior. Yet, they pushed themselves onto the little girl (12 years of age). It does not matter if they are Muslims or just plain sick perverts. Yes, there are sick non-muslim 15-18yr olds that rape little girls too. They are penalized harshly – so why shouldn’t the Muslims be penalized? Why do you want the Muslims to be treated with kid gloves?
        There is also the added fact that there is a higher incidence with the Muslim population than with the non-Muslim population. Why? The majority of the non-Muslim population treasures innocence, children, virginity and they abhor theft, rape, cruelty and abuse.
        Muslim v Muslim and Muslim v non-Muslim rapes & abuse occurs with a higher incident rate. It is acceptable for them.
        As long as we stand back and say – oh those are just little boys (15-18yr olds) – the imams will continue to encourage that sick behavior.
        Discipline those who break the country’s laws. Don’t allow sharia law. Simple.

    • liamjq

      they weren’t hanged at all..they were given a sentence where hanging is a potential theoretical possibility you not knowing this is part of the problem..

    • Jonathan

      I advocate death penalty for true rape, especially of children.

  • frank peter

    I suppose 99 percent of them on welfare also.

    • SSGT Myers


  • Pengary Bengol

    It depends on what the meaning of “rape” is.
    Nowadays playing doctor is rape, anything even a touch on the knee is rape, so you have to read between the lines.

    • Drakken

      Any filthy mudslime touching our daughters or sons for that matter is enough to let heads roll. Your play at semantics and excusing muslim savage behavior is the reason why we are allowing it in the first place, but those days are coming to an end.

  • cacslewisfan

    Absolutely horrible. The rotten fruit of socialism and Islam coming to a town near you. Buy. More. Guns.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Perhaps our hyper liberal Nordic moral betters will simply lower the age of consent to 9, in the case of sex with Muslim men. Perhaps they can simply eliminate it as a crime at all when performed by Muslims. It could make for an interesting new Muslim Sex Tourism angle. Oh well, glad I don’t live there.

  • MagenD

    This’s what the the LIBTARDS want?!!! Give it to em!!!

  • Stephanie S

    They did not understand it was a crime? A girl screaming “No, stop, don’t, help!” evidently doesn’t inform as what females say is just so much noise in Mooslem culture.

    • Turf_Lodge

      Of course they knew. They were lying to the dumb Norwegians.

  • Wolf

    They hold contempt for all things Western but they view blonde Norwegian women as prizes to be had. Send all of them back to the sandpits where they belong.

  • Wolf

    It’s getting that way in Canada as well….. we had two instances of white Caucasians
    beheaded…a cabbie and a fireman by young men of middle eastern background the main stream media barely made a whimper…regarding their ethnicity…
    ….also preaching it is alright to rape…
    women who are infidels…..just proves what psycho’s these people are… our politicians are useless sheep who do what they are told by the ones who truly pull the strings of the world…

  • SSGT Myers

    99% of Muslims are no good, plain and simple.

  • libsarescum

    Why are these muslim animals and the judge still alive? Are there any men left in Normay?

    • Turf_Lodge

      They threw him in jail. Remember?

  • Arizona

    all you cowards,prepare to live on your knees,your women have disarmed you for a reason,they want your country enslaved,and you have given it to them,now they will destroy you,prepare to die …..the men are no longer found,like Ireland their all gone now………….

  • Sueychop

    Their ancestors the Vikings are turning over in their watery graves.

  • MagenD

    I’m willing to bet that “Rollo” (Robert 1st) would agree 100% with everything I (we) write. While at the same time brandishing his 40 lb sword to strike the heads from this lunacy!!!
    The VIKINGS!!! Once the most FEARED men on the PLANET!!! Once G-DS SWORD of JUDGEMENT against Tyranny (Word derives from Ancient TYRE by-the-way) and Opression!!! Now – the Amazons have succeeded in EMASCULATING even them?!!!!
    If that isn’t a sign the end is nigh upon us, I don’t know what is???!!!

    Here’s more evidence for the end!!!

    Harbingers of Prophecy!

    Fidokave213 Channel

    Seventhvial213 Channel

    Hawkeye Davis Channel

    Last Messages Channel


  • MagenD

    I’m willing to bet that “Rollo” (Robert 1st) would agree 100% with everything I (we) write. While at the same time brandishing his 40 lb sword to strike the heads from this lunacy!!!
    The VIKINGS!!! Once the most FEARED men on the PLANET!!! Once G-DS SWORD of JUDGEMENT against Tyranny (Word derives from Ancient TYRE by-the-way) and Opression!!! Now – the Amazons have succeeded in EMASCULATING even them?!!!!
    If that isn’t a sign the end is nigh upon us, I don’t know what is???!!!

    Here’s more evidence for the end!!!

    Harbingers of Prophecy!

    Fidokave213 Channel

    Seventhvial213 Channel

    Hawkeye Davis Channel

    Last Messages Channel


  • Simple

    How progressive of them. Anyone who is capable of rape should be killed, plain and simple. Not only would that deter rape but its truly the only cure. Just like you can’t stop a pedophile from wanting to molest a child, you can’t change someone capable of rape. At least the punishment of death would make rapists think twice before committing the act. Those who do go through with the act in defiance of the threat of death are beyond repair. Of course proof would be necessary.

  • High Plains Man

    Give them the Southern Swamp Treatment – take each one out in a hot steaming swamp in the south, tie them to a stump and just let the water mocassins, bugs, and aligators do the rest….or the quick high plains justice method only requires a big tall tree and a short piece of rope and let ‘em swing till the sun goes down.

  • John Double

    Reap what you sow Norway, may your daughters be raped and sons beheaded by the Arabs and Africans.

    All you had to do was listen to the people,and prevent the Non-whites from moving in.

  • Hank Rearden

    Tolerance only works in certain situations. Just as non-violence worked for Gandhi because he was up against the British. Think that would have worked up against Hitler?

    Now the Norwegians are tolerating the intolerable. You know what happens when you do that? You become a guest in your own home. If you have no respect for yourself, other people won’t have any either.

    Where did the Norwegians get the idea that not standing up for their rights is a good idea. Quisling made that behavior the byword for cravenness and betrayal.

  • Boni Biggun

    I sure hope someone goes vigilante on those & ALL death cult pedophile worshipers, AKA MUSLIMS!

  • IftikharA

    This Muslim youth is the product of western education system, which makes a
    man/woman stupid, corrupt and selfish. They find themselves cut off from their
    cultural heritage and are unable to enjoy their literature and poetry in Arabic
    or Urdu. Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.

    You better teach your children in your own schools and let migrant
    communities teach their children according to their needs and demands. British
    Establishment and society should concentrate on the evils of their own society
    and stop trying to change the way of life of Muslims. Muslim community does not want to integrate with the British society, indulging in incivility, anti-social
    behaviour, drug and knife culture, binge drinking, teenage pregnancies and
    abortion. Prince Charles, while visiting the first grant maintained Muslim
    school in north London, said that the pupils would be the future ambassadors of
    Islam. But what about thousands of others, who attend state schools deemed to be “sink schools”? In education, there should be a choice and at present it is
    denied to the Muslim community. In the late 80s and early 90s, when I floated
    the idea of Muslim community schools, I was declared a “school hijacker” by an
    editorial in the Newham Recorder newspaper in east London. This clearly shows that the British media does not believe in choice and diversity in the field of education and has no respect for those who are different. Muslim schools, in
    spite of meagre resources, have excelled to a further extent this year, with
    couple of schools achieving 100% A-C grades for five or more GCSEs. They beat well resourced state and independent schools in Birmingham and Hackney. Muslim schools are doing better because a majority of the teachers are Muslim. The pupils are not exposed to the pressures of racism, multiculturalism and bullying.

    There are hundreds of state primary and secondary schools where Muslim
    pupils are in majority. In my opinion all such schools may be opted out to
    become Muslim Academies. This mean the Muslim children will get a decent
    education. Muslim schools turned out balanced citizens, more tolerant of others
    and less likely to succumb to criminality or extremism. Muslim schools give
    young people confidence in who they are and an understanding of Islam’s teaching of tolerance and respect which prepares them for a positive and fulfilling role in society. Muslim schools are attractive to Muslim parents because they have better discipline and teaching Islamic values. Children like discipline, structure and boundaries. Bilingual Muslim children need Bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods, who understand their needs and demands.
    London School of Islamics Trust

    • ConradCA

      If Muslims want to live under Islam then they should go back to an Islamic country.

  • Dean Fidlin

    People, let’s not stray our conversations away from the main point her. The main point being, “Islamic Men” NOT ASIAN Men, Islamic Men, are getting away with raping our children. I can tell you if it was my daughter, I would hunt them down one by one and induce severe pain on each of them, possibly even killing them. Our western countries have come under attack from Islam and we do not know how to deal with it.

    The politicians that we “vote in” have different views than we do on what is right and wrong, why is this? Why are we bending / changing our rules / laws for Islam?

    Is it all part of the new wold order?

  • Don’t Mess With Texas

    Liberal are always thinking between their legs and not their head,A father should Blw their brain out if the law turns a blind eye..

  • barbalicous

    when our laws become a respect of persons it means you are living in a lawless nation. does anyone think they would get that kind of sentence in Saudi or any other Muslim nation? Would most likely be stoned to death. Know the truth, take action, quit being sucked into a debate over a distraction issue, seek out the real problem and eradicate it.

    • ConradCA

      In Muslim countries these guys wouldn’t be punished at all as takes 5 eye witnesses to convict a person of rape.

  • gator37

    Should be castrated and fed to the pigs.

  • Marhoff

    I have no words…

  • morserkarl

    The flood of Muslims into all of the lands of the Christians must be done by the engineers of the Christian vs Islam WWII – because we are not welcome in their countries. If we look at who has opened the gate of the sheepfold we would plainly see an even greater enemy.

  • norwegian_dude

    In Norway we don’t punish underage criminals as hard. But we also have the lowest rate in the world of convicted criminals doing crimes when their sentences are over. When we imprison people, we give them low punishments and we make them better people by giving the tools and knowledge to become honest people.

    Systems for punishing in other countries, like USA is primitive and non-effective.

    • Alexander Stanislav

      Is this true of immigrant criminals as well?

    • Anon A. Moose

      Norway is pretty ignorant. Muslims don’t want your “tools and knowledge” and they don’t want to be honest people.

      They want to take over your country and change it to a Sharia state and it looks like it’s working.

      Just look at what Muslims are doing to Belgium.

    • ConradCA

      You didn’t punish these criminals at all.

    • Turf_Lodge

      Hopefully, you will be as benevolent should your daughter be raped. There is a reason they use harsh punishments in the Middle East.

  • Turf_Lodge

    Scandinavian women are extremely pro multi-culturalism, Equality & Diversity. therefore, its their own fault if they get raped by the primordial savages they invited to live amongst them. What did they expect?

  • The Lost Soul

    I am truly disappointed and angry. I was raised as a Muslim, my parents are the sweetest and nicest persons in the world and they would take a bullet for anyone else in a heartbeat. I was taught that Islam is a religion of peace, beauty and understanding, yet I see so many flaws and unjust actions being made by members of Islam. I feel ashamed and abused. Myself I am an immigrant in Norway and I am more than grateful for all the privileges I have from living here. I seriously hate most immigrants myself due to their actions and their attitude.

    The Norwegian government gives them shelter, food, water, free healthcare, education, money and everything, still they bring so much hate with them, still they rape the women of this beautiful country, women who have done nothing wrong towards those persons. Just because they dress in a certain way does that give you permission to rape them? It’s like saying that just because you and other terrorists dress the same way, we have permission to kill you. IT IS WRONG!

    Everyday I wish for this madness to end, those monsters who have infected this land deserve to be hated and they do not understand the outcome of their actions, it doesn’t only affect them, it affects other immigrants as well, immigrants like me who is happy to live in this country, who lives by the rules in this country and accept that I have to adapt to their way of life, not an entire nation adapting to me. It is wrong. For these wrong doings I have chosen to move away from Islam since it only reflects hatred. I feel so sorry for the families and friends of these women. I am truly sorry for their actions, I really am. I hope their mistakes wont come and haunt me later in life, since people have a tendency of prejudging.

    I hope this madness stops so we all can live in harmony without the fear of having our women being raped.

    “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

    – Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Odin

    I live in Norway, and it is sad to hear about this! I can remember the news
    from my childhood where rape was rear to hear about. The only “good” think is that most people here where i live will react with an “eye for an eye” approarch. because the jail system is pretty much a vacation resort!

  • Vikingblooded

    As a native Norwegian woman, I would like to share my thoughts on what I just read. Firstly: I think people who preoccupy their comments with hateful remarks aimed at a specific religious conviction or people’s natural heritage are only out to spread their hate onto the world; It is prejudiced and ignorant.
    Secondly: Vikings were a bunch of alcohol abusing thieves, murderers and rapists. They RAPED their way through Europe just for kicks. So i wouldn’t reference that kind of behaviour as “the good normal” to aim for.
    When that is said, I agree that The Norwegian judicial system is a practical joke. If someone molests a child they might get a few months in jail, if that, but if someone is caught laundering money they can get 2-3 years in jail. A rape-spree erupted, why? One guy decided to rape someone, and every other like-minded psycho learned a valuable lesson: You get away with rape, just like that. It is so infuriating and insulting to me as a woman, to learn that rape-victims in my country are told the police are “too busy with paperwork to catch their perpetrator.” A woman was assaulted and unfortunately for her, her knee-jerk reaction was shock. In a state of shock she ran home and immediately threw her clothes in the washer and took a shower, trying to scrub the disgusting perv off of her skin, like she could feel him on her still. I can see how this is hurtful for the retreival of evidence, but anyone with even the slightest knowledge of human behavioral pattern, would realize that her reaction wasn’t that of deceit. But what did the police do? She had only mustered up the courage to go to the police the following day, they responded not by trying to catch a nasty predator, no, they spent hours in an interrogating room with her, cross-examining her like in some elaborate gestapo sketch. She was raped, she had the courage to report it. Their response: “A lot of women have boyfriends, and then they go out one night all scantily dressed and consume alcohol and hooks up with a stranger at a bar. The regret of having cheated makes them cry rape, just so their lovers won’t leave” “Are you quite sure that isn’t what happened here too?” “Hm?” They kept repeating those types of questions. In my country women are discouraged from going forward, prosecuting the perpetrator. “It’s just going to be worse on them, having an uphill battle in the justice system, only the strong ones should bother” Seriously. That is the message Norway’s rape victims receive. If this was a crime that affected men in the same scale as it does women, I’d bet there would be a policeofficer on ever corner protecting all the men.I was so infuriated when a spring of pickpocket-robberies sprung up recently in the capital, proving my suspicion. Men who had been mugged went out to the media and said they would never feel safe again, they felt like they had been quote “violated”. The police wasted no time catching all the muggers. SERIOUSLY?? If a woman is mugged and gets away unharmed she’s praising her good luck of not having been raped. So to hear all the effort to make men feel safe when rape is ignored, that makes me pissed. It’s not OK to rob. The victims of those robberies are not an aim for ridicule at my end, but the justice system and police in Norway is. The robbers are being prosecuted as we speak, if victims of rape actually do prosecute and hold their stance in court, they get to enjoy at least two years of having their lives examined and picked apart, how many boyfriends they’ve had, what colour are their underwear etc. And that is if they are lucky! It usually takes a norm of like 5 years. The only member of the police with a slither of sense seems to be the head of the special unit dept. in the capital. She is quoted saying “I am sick and tired of hearing how girls should watch themselves and take precautions, watch how much they drink. That needs to stop. We need to stop telling girls this and start telling boys to watch their alcoholimit, tell them not to rape.”

  • noOne

    Liberalism at its very best!

    all foreigners and minorities are innocent, misunderstood, and need to be helped at the expense of our little girls.

    feminism and political correctness… those girls are strong liberated women, so they can handle a little rape now and then

    i hate to say it but, hopefully they fuccd the feminism out of them.

  • Humanity4Humans

    Socialist backed immigration to dissolve western influence

  • Bob Whitemann

    castration would be a solution as well as a deterrent