Muslims Paying Australian Aborigines to Convert to Islam

islam in australia

There’s more to this story than meets the eye because Aborigines enjoy a similar status in Australia to some combination of Native-Americans and African-Americans.

And Muslims have been claiming that the Aborigines were Muslims all along who need to revert. The actual story is written through a predictably snide liberal lens. Of course.

Speaking to ABC Western Queensland, Rise Up Australia candidate Pam Hecht said the biggest issue facing people in the electorate of Kennedy, which Bob Katter holds by 18.3 per cent, was the conversion of Indigenous people to Islam.

“I don’t know whether people are aware, but many of the Aboriginal people in northern Australia are being targeted by Muslims and in some cases are being paid to convert to Islam,” she said, describing herself and the electorate as “farmers … just ordinary everyday people”, who “want to be free to go about our business”.

“Our concern with that is, the Muslim belief, that converting the first peoples of the land to Islam means that the land belongs to Allah, and Islam should be the only religion.

“There is an Aboriginal lady who works with the people up in northern Australia and she has spoken directly with the leader of our party, Daniel Nalliah [and told him about the practice].”

One wonders to what extent they’re trying this with Native Americans in the US.

  • tamale

    I suspect it has been going on in Canada for quite some time now.

    A new mosque opened in Inuvik (& not the first building) in Nov 2010. Seriously, people, Inuvik!?!?

    The CBC article below refers to “dozens” of Muslim families in Inuvik. (Keep in mind that the population of Inuvik is ~ 3,500!) Hard to say if First Nations folk are getting paid to convert. Would not be a surprise if the same practices were getting carried out here. (CBC, for those who don’t know, is a left wing public broadcaster in Canada, so take the news/truth you read in Canada’s answer to Isvestiya/Pravda with a extra large vat of salt.)

    • ziggy zoggy

      First Nation? Not hardly.

  • Chezwick

    A similar pattern exists in Chiapas state in southern Mexico, where a single member of a disaffected indigenous tribe converted to Islam twenty-some years ago and – over time – his brother, other relatives and now neighbors are converting. Yes, the head-scarf is becoming normative dress in southern Mexico.

    The danger is, the Amer-indians of southern Mexico are historically dis-affected and discriminated against…and have been prone to armed uprisings. If Islam is seen as embodying their grievances, mass conversions are a real possibility. Once that occurs, the phenomenon could readily spread to the poor of non-Indian communities in other parts of the country….and of course to the vast Mexican diaspora living in the USA.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Bullshit. I’ve been to Chiapas a bunch of times and I never saw any rag-headed Indios. And the Mexicans living in America are not part of a diaspora. They are blood sucking colonists.

    • tracy

      I never heard of Mexican Jews?

      • laura rubin

        what do mexican jews have to do this islamic stuff?

    • laura rubin

      islam is harmless in mexico/central america, its a savage culture anyway. so many hunrads of thousands of boys killing & beheading for the cartels. this newer more brutal violence is called the culture of death, from guatamala. mexico is a lawless place. USA is next.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Not all the whiskey in the world could convince Abos or Indians to convert to the religion of trash. It’s hard to imagine people who hate regimentation and outside domination more than those two.

    Good luck with that, Achmed

  • antioli

    I think I might be an

    Australian Aborigine

    Where is my check

  • tracy

    This is from our own complacency,we let them into our countries under the “humanitarian flag” ,and this is what we get for it. It seems that no matter how much anarchy they bring us,we still let them in.This is a migration of sharia law around the world.They will NOT assimilate to OUR democratic gov’t ever.They will continue to shove sharia law and it’s antiquated theology down our throats for as long as we allow them it do so. Round them up and send them back to their sharia based countries,and get out of the middle east.They can’t FIX their problems ,why do we think that we can FIX them?How much money and lives are we going to throw into the middle eastern black hole?They migrate get a good education, and use their knowledge to annihilate us.They tax and find every loophole in every facet of our gov’ts to get what they want,costing us even more money.Then we send them WMD so they can do it even better.

    • laura rubin

      WE?? speak for yourself. the govt orchestrated it. its the way to divide & destroy america.

  • defcon 4

    Islam, you’ll convert for the 72 virgins and/or petrodollars, and you’ll stay because you have no choice.

  • docmusic

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  • AVO

    I think you’ll find that the native americans would find islam to be anathema to them. They saw through the white man, they’ll certainly see through the muslims. Australian aborigines are a different matter – they’ve every reason to hate us.