Muslims Shoot Each Other, Blame Zionist Snow Pig Conspiracy


Once every few decades, there is a winter storm in Israel so severe that it shuts everything down in both Israeli and Muslim areas. That’s the day that the Zionist pig breeders are waiting for.

“Quickly,” they cry, “Yalla, yalla. Release the pigs!”

The pigs, who have been specially bred and trained to destroy only Muslim crops, are set loose and have great fun for a day or two. And then they go back to the barn and wait another few decades to do the same thing again.

In the meantime though, the pigs, who are also great masters of psychology, trick Muslims into shooting each other.

A Palestinian youth was accidentally shot and killed by his cousin on Saturday night as a group of young Palestinians attempted to defend their village against a herd of wild pigs released by Israeli colonists during the snowstorm that has hit Palestine since last Tuesday.

19-year-old Yousri Mohammad Nayef Al Deek, from the village of Kafr Al Deek, near Salfit, was shot in the heart by a bullet fired by his cousin and neighbour Majd Ahmad Abdul Karim Al Deek.

Local sources in Kafr Al Deek told Gulf News that Israeli colonists have used the bad weather to set free a group of the wild pigs to attack the Palestinian farms and properties in the village.

And the wild pigs had of course been trained to target only Muslim crops. But what do the Jews do with the wild pigs the rest of the time? Use them in artistic backgrounds? Play chess with them?

The sources added that a group of Palestinian youngsters armed with old rifles rushed to fight the wild pigs but the rainy and snowy weather did not give them clear vision. During the frenzy, the victim was fatally shot.

I’m sure it was an accident. Caused entirely by the Zionist snow and Zionist pigs. It’s not like the killer has a family history of… wait…

The sources maintained that it was an accidental death and that the killer was getting ready to receive his father who is scheduled to be released from Israeli prison on Sunday after serving years of imprisonment.

I blame Israel. And the snow. And the pigs.

Not the shooter.

  • Veracious_one

    nothing new here, Muslims blame all their misfortunes on the Jews, they never take responsibility for their own actions….

    • Gary Rumain

      If they did, it would be a first and the media would quickly retract the report … if they ever publish it in the first place.

  • catherine maneker

    amazing how smart those pigs are, and the Jews. And how stupid the Palestinians are. Why aren’t they training their goats?

    • angrymike

      You wouldn’t send the love of your life out to fight the nasty pigs, would you?????

    • Gary Rumain

      Arselifter goats are no match for Zionist pigs. Everybody knows that.

    • retired

      Are you crazy?
      If they sent their goats out into the snow,who would they cohabitate with on cold evenings?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Israel already has the goat market cornered,7340,L-3197258,00.html

  • Biff Henderson

    Where these snow pigs loosed on the Sabbath? It would serve the narrative if they were decedents of Sabbath breakers that later became pigs and rampaged on the Sabbath. If the Mohammmadanians are going to spin a yarn I get confused when they deviate ever so slightly from Islam’s dogma. It’s a good way to loose credibility and due irreparable harm to da’wa.

    • AnneMclaughlin

      Stop maligning those poor pigs they were just out looking for truffles and next thing you know a pack of ” youths ” tried to make concubines out of the pigs only to find out they were boars and the boars tore them up while stating that they felt the same way as old Phil Robertson when it came to deviant actions.

  • ebonystone

    Zionist pigs, my eye!
    This was done on the direct orders of Her Majesty, the Empress of Emsworth, supreme head of world pork-dom, the Caliph of world swine.

  • ZZ

    Actually, terrorizing the Psuedostinians with pigs would be a very good idea.

  • camp7

    It’s no secret. The Jews hide their Zionist Snow Pigs next to their earthquake-making machine.

    • Gary Rumain


  • Peter gelezius

    Now if we could just train Porky to detect suicide bombers

  • M2000

    Wait shouldn’t professors who call for boycotts of Israel be suspended for supporting Jew-haters on college campuses like the way Phil Robertson was suspended?

    • Gary Rumain

      You’re on the wrong post.

      • M2000

        I was referring to the professors’ boycotts of Israel…

        • Gary Rumain


  • Drakken

    One less inbred muslim jihadist to worry about, hahahahahahahah you just couldn’t make this up.

    • Gary Rumain

      Xmas has come early this year.