Muslims Threaten to Slit Jerusalem Cop’s Throat After Koran Shoe Outrage

What is it with the Muslim world and shoes anyway? Between all the shoes being thrown and the mortal insult of having to see the bottom of someone else’s shoe, major sole searching is required.

And then there’s this incident which is a shoe-in for the most ridiculous Islamic outrage incident of the week.

Jerusalem Police is bracing for violence near the Temple Mount on Friday after the spread of an inflammatory internet article claiming that one of its policemen threw a Quran onto the ground and stepped on it.

Muslim Internet forums published photos of an Israeli policeman earlier this week, accusing him of defiling Islam’s holy book, the Quran. The man serves in the Israel Police’s religious sites unit, and the website called on Muslims to throw shoes at the man, and to even slit his throat.

The event which sparked the controversy took place this past Sunday. A group of female Muslim worshippers at the entrance to the Temple Mount were disrupting visitors from entering through the Jewish entrance. Police on site attempted to move the group of women and during the ensuing commotion a Quran fell out of one of the women’s bags.

A police officer standing next to the woman in question became the subject of an intense smear campaign; he was accused of throwing the Quran to the ground, kicking it and even stomping on it. As a result of the ensuing death threats against the policeman, Jerusalem police have had to take measures to ensure his safety.

The patently ridiculous spat began when Muslim used their women to try and block Jews from entering their own holy site, which they hijacked with a mosque once they had conquered Jerusalem.

This Muslim act of religious intolerance then led to some faux outrage when the segregators scuffled with police resulting in a Koran on the floor and threats of murder and shoeing.

Having shoes thrown at you up there is not such a big deal, considering that mosque worshipers who have occupied the high ground have been known to hurl showers of rocks. But it’s just another reminder that Muslims are not very good at sharing sacred spaces with the people that they conquered.

The Koran is a text of Islamic supremacism. Islamists are sensitive to any insult to it, because it is a matter of group pride that elevates them above the infidels.

  • Softly Bob

    The childish insanity of the Muslim world beggars belief. This so-called religion is a highly disturbing collection of absurdities, psychological disorders, and dangerous obsessions. In a sane world this ideology would have been quarantined and then removed from the planet.
    But of course, we don't live in a sane world anymore do we? Thanks to the godless Left we're meant to show respect for this barking mad cult.
    In years to come when Islam has finally been eliminated perhaps we should be checking out all the Leftist enablers as well. I'm sure that they will be in grave need of psychiatric assessments.

    • @sheikyermami

      "The childish insanity of the Muslim world beggars belief".

      No. The insanity, the fanatical frenzy is their strength. It beats reason every time, because we cave in. Of course this was no accident; this was a planned, staged incident like so many before it.

      The Muselmaniacs have been threatening another intiffadah for a long time, this might just set it off.

    • Cat K

      Your typical psychiatrist (or other mental health professional) is a leftist and just as illogical as any other leftist. Bound to be pro-Islam and see pathology in those who differ. With a few exceptions.

  • Edward Cline

    One should ask: Will the shoes be Nikes? And if a shoe is thrown at one by an offended Muslim, one should pick it up and throw it back, saying, "It's not a Nike, thanks anyway, did you intend to hobble home on only one shoe?" No,wait. I'll be Muslims don't wear Nikes. That brand is named after an infidel goddess, and that's not harem. Never mind. Just throw the shoe back and give the Muslim a good old Italian salute.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      But they do like the slogan, just do it.

  • Spikey1

    "Police on site attempted to move the group of women and during the ensuing commotion a Quran fell out of one of the women’s bags"

    Clearly this Muslim woman needs to be stoned (live by the sword – die by the sword).
    It is a shame that there was a Jewish person in the vicinity to blame this defilement on.

    • Steve

      They planned this. They waited for a Jewish person (especially a policeman) to be around. Why should we be surprised the way muslims act. Hate and killing has been handed down to them since Ishmael was banished.

  • AdinaK

    This is precisely why there is NO room for Muslims in the west, and particularly in Israel, but our multi-culti fantasists haven't gotten the message –

    There is no doubt, a timid political leadership contributes to their mendacious outrages. Time for a tikkun….a reckoning….justice, justice you shall pursue –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • isahiah62

    I find any Muslims on the Temple Mount and their mosque to be an abomination and defilement of MY religion. Kahane was right- not a single Muslim should beallowed into Israel and especially not in Jerusalem- the city is HOLY to JEWS not Muslims- leave NONE nada zilch bupkes- send them each OUT with a brick from the abomination and let them re-build it in one of their own cities.

    • defcon 4

      From what I understand Jerusalem isn't mentioned anywhere in the holy Quran.

      • JacksonPearson

        Jerusalem is NOT mentioned in the Quran, not even once.

        Jerusalem is mentioned throughout the Bible, over 600 times in the Old Testament, and somewhat less in the New Testament.

  • Noah

    Has anyone noticed how the muslims have gone into 5th gear with their threats and killings since obama has come to power. The Muslims are now singing to obama "thank you for being my friend".

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