“My Dad Forced Me To Be Muslim, Which I Did Not Want To Do,” Kidnapped American Boy Says


Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva has shown us one path that an American woman who marries a Muslim can take. But over in Pennsylvania, Kalli Atteya has shown us another.

Through the slit of the burqa she wore to blend in on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, Kalli Atteya waited and watched until the boy climbed off the school bus. When she saw him, she moved quickly, grabbing his arm and steering him toward the waiting motorized cart.

“Get in,” she said to the 12-year-old, who recognized his mother’s piercing blue eyes and obeyed wordlessly.

Soon, they were speeding toward a safehouse where they would wait for three weeks before returning to the U.S., and ending a 20-month ordeal that began with another abduction — one the boy, Khalil Mohamed “Niko” Atteya, did not accept willingly. His father, Mohamed Atteya, who is wanted by the U.S. authorities, is accused of luring the mother and son to his homeland, then snatching the boy and leaving Kalli Atteya and her sister on the side of a desolate road between Cairo and Port Said

“My Dad forced me to be Muslim, which I did not want to do,” Niko said.

“My son told me [it was] to make him a Muslim,” Atteya replied when asked why she thought her ex-husband snatched the boy. “He said that we lack the morality and the values that their system has. And he said that Americans were so violent, he said we are a rotting society.”

As opposed to the healthy and moral societies of the Muslim world. And its notorious lack of violence.

But Mohamed was only following Islamic law under which the husband would certainly get custody over an infidel woman. And Kalli’s actions are a reminder that the only way to secure our rights from people who operate under a system in which anyone who isn’t a Muslim man is an inferior breed of human being (if not a scion of apes and pigs altogether) is to take action.

  • Michael Copeland

    Let us all salute thus brave mother.

  • Mary Sue

    This is why non-muslim women should never willingly marry a Muslim man, no matter HOW charming they are!

    It's the charm of a psychopath…

    • JacksonPearson

      Woman are easily swayed. Some don't realize the pitfalls of how evil Islam can be for them!

  • desertdiva

    The sins of the father….all hatred is passed down generationally. Hatred of opposing political party hatred, bigotry, racism, victim mentality, all of it. Can it ever end?

  • JacksonPearson

    Debating Muslims is liken to playing chess with a pigeon.
    No Matter how good you are, the pigeon will knock over all the pieces,
    sh*t on the board, and claim victory!

    • john spielman

      That is very funny but true!

  • Michael Johnson

    this is sad no child should have to endure this what mother in her right mind would allow her son to go through this a muslim cannot tell me we both serve the same GOD because if we did they would not be persecuting Christians JESUS and allah are not the same one tells me to turn the other cheek the other says fight slay kill and ambush I invite muslims everywhere to get to know JESUS AND THE WAY YOU DO THAT IS TO OBEY ACTS2:38 REPENT EVERYONE OF YOU AND BE BAPTIZED EVERYONE OF YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST FOR THE REMISSION OF YOUR SINS AND YE SHALL RECIEVE THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST

  • Lauren

    “He said that we lack the morality and the values that their system has."

    Yeah. His country only has things like polygamy, kidnapping/forced conversions, female genital mutilation, etc..

    "And he said that Americans were so violent, he said we are a rotting society.”

    I guess all the things that muslims have done to non-muslims and muslims in general isn't considered violence.

    • Thomas
      • Lauren

        I recently found out that the Boston bombers were angry that the world views islam as a violent religion, so they succeeded in proving us right once again. That's muslim logic for ya

    • Mike

      Quite confusing the issue with facts…..

  • Irv

    Marital congress with a muslim is a fetish akin to bestiality. Nothing good can come of it. However, if driven by fetish, and bi-pedal animals are your thing, I suppose a muslim is less conspicuous than an ostrich.