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My Taxes Went Up And All I Got Was This $25 Obama Coffee Mug

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 3, 2013 @ 4:58 pm In The Point | 20 Comments


Obama has always been for sale to the highest bidder. But you don’t have to be Warren Buffett or George Soros to buy Obama, because Democrats, unlike Republicans, are not beholden to a bunch of corporations. And while you may not get the same billion dollars value for your 25 bucks that Buffett or Soros got, and your net worth will actually drop as you drop money on worthless crap with the name of Obama, his wife or his dog on it, you will know that you did your part to make life worse for all working Americans.

And that’s value that a mere 25 dollar purple coffee mug with gold rim, that looks like it started life in the Elton John gift shop just can’t buy.

Are you dumb, stupid, a kneebiter, a wantwit, a fool, a poltroon, dense, dim and obtuse? Do you have trouble managing your money because you think it comes from a magic fairy? Obviously… you voted for Obama, didn’t you.

But is your house also full of collectibles that only a mentally ill person would collect? Then drop $7,500 on the medallion set featuring gold, silver and bronze medallions of Obama and Biden looking off into the distance, perhaps the place over the horizon where all the money went.

With the official 57th Presidential Inauguration medallion collection of gold, silver and bronze complete with certificate of authenticity so you can be sure that you have the real medallions of two fake men, you will finally have actual things to trade for food and gas when the economy collapses. While your medallions will not retain their face value of $7,500, Fajir will give you a dozen loaves of bread and fill up your tank, biting the gold and silver with his teeth, and throwing the bronze away, before melting them down.

Do you really love playing golf when you should be working? Convey your feelings to everyone with the one thing that can fully capture your love of laziness by commemorating four more years of laziness [2] with the Golf Divot Tool featuring the inaugural seal. What better way than a tool can there be to properly embody the inauguration of a tool… of billionaire socialists. And every time you use the tool, you’ll be reminded of what a sucker you are, since you use a divot tool to repair the damage you did, but the tool-in-chief just causes more damage, grins and goes back to the golf course.

A bargain at only $15.

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