NAACP Files Lawsuit Claiming Rights Were Violated Only Hours After Voter ID Law Passed

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North Carolina’s governor had just signed a voter ID law, bringing the act of electing officials into line with other trivial matters like buying a beer, driving a car or getting on a plane, when the NAACP had already filed a lawsuit claiming that the new law had already violated the civil rights of a convenient patsy.

There was no time for anyone’s rights to be violated, but the NAACP had been prepping Rosanell Eaton’s lawsuit ahead of time. Rosanell Eaton’s only real card is that she’s 92. So it’s presumably a huge burden for her to get a free photo ID card before voting.

There is no vote yet and it’s unlikely that Rosanell Eaton managed to do more than grab some cereal between the time the bill was signed into law and the time the lawsuit was filed, let alone attempt to get a photo ID or vote, but the lawsuit was filed anyway.

The lawsuit claims that the voter ID law is racist because black people have more trouble getting photo IDs. Rosanell Eaton, an NAACP member, will have even more serious problems because the name on her birth certificate does not match the name on her driver’s license or her voter registration.

A sensible person would think that this is the sort of thing you’re supposed to clear up on your own. Certainly Eaton, who the NAACP tells us, is an assistant poll worker, would not find fixing the name issue insurmountable. Since she already has a driver’s license, clearly this isn’t any real obstacle.

But the NAACP lawsuit says, “Mrs. Eaton will incur substantial time and expense to correct her identification documents to match her voter registration record in order to meet the new requirements under H.B. 589 to cast her ballot in North Carolina.”

Eaton hasn’t even tried. And frankly, it’s her responsibility to do that. If she has the resources to participate in filing a lawsuit and attend press conferences, then she has the time, resources and energy to make the effort to clear up her ID issues. Which, tellingly, she didn’t even bother to do.

If you have different names on different documents, then there will be times when you will need to stand in line for a bit and file some paperwork. That’s life in a bureaucracy. The NAACP isn’t suing the DMV over that. It’s suing to stop voter fraud prevention measures which tells you all you need to know about its real agenda.

  • cathy

    Logic dictates! Thanks Daniel.

    Mark Levin on lawsuit against NC Voter ID law: ‘This isn’t a civil rights issue, Democrats want to promote fraud!’
    August 13th, 2013

  • Arf

    What does the lack of voter ID do for blacks? Simple: it allows illegal Latinos to vote against black candidates and interests. Only the NAACP could be that stupid.

    • mikeh420

      To paraphrase Golda Meir:

      There will be peace when Blacks love their own children more than they hate ours.

  • Veracious_one

    the NAACP has always been a fraud organization…

  • fdshumack

    Blacks have a hard time getting ID. Yea right. Got to have ID to get food stamps, welfare and every other social service they can get.
    They want to vote….get an ID.

    • mikeh420

      You also need a drivers license to drive the Escalade parked outside the PJs.

  • VHG1

    Apparently, the NAACP wants us to believe that Blacks don’t have driver’s licenses, can’t produce a Photo ID at the bank or when they get prescriptions drugs or when they get on a commercial airline, or any of the other places the federal government requires an ID, including getting in to a public building. The NACCP is now an openly political and paid organization of the democrat party and George
    “The Old Nazi Collaborator” Soros

  • JacksonPearson

    There’s about 25 related places where an ID is required to obtain, or to do business, So why not to keep voting honest. Voter ID’s drive liberals nuts!

  • Dave Francis


    Stop this travesty over voting laws. Demand the federal government issue
    every citizen a biometric social security card. This digital ID card
    will display your photograph, fingerprint or iris scan and will not only
    halt voter fraud as in the presidential election by non-citizens, but
    will detect foreigners in the workplace and as an additional incentive
    bring to an end credit theft. Everybody will then be satisfied,
    hopefully except for the Liberals as they want all to vote… including