NAACP President Blames Steubenville Rape Victim: “She Was Drunk and Willing”

The real story is that Royal Mayo, the president of the Steubenville NAACP has been saying this for a while without the media showing any willingness to report on what he was saying and who he was.

Mayo even showed up at a City Council meeting to announce, “I don’t think Ma’Lik Richmond received a fair trial. He was convicted in the court of public opinion before the trial. Their has been talk about healing but that healing can’t begin until this wrong is righted.” But the story only described him as a “local resident”.

Even now, after Mayo’s IBT interview, the media spin is to concentrate on Mayo’s allegations that there were other boys involved in the sexual assaults whose identities have been covered up by the police, rather than on his direct allegation that Ma’Lik Richmond is innocent and that the girl he raped was willing.

In shocking comments, the president of the Steubenville chapter of the NAACP places the blame for the rape case that has shocked the nation on the 16-year-old victim.

Royal Mayo, a lifelong resident of the Ohio city that gained national infamy following the rape of the girl by two Steubenville High School football players, says that attention should be focused on the role of the young woman, whom he calls the “alleged victim,” saying she was drunk and wanted to go out with one of the football players

In a phone interview with the International Business Times, Mayo described the 16-year-old girl as the “alleged victim” and said she might have been having consensual sex.

Mayo added that she might have been a willing participant, apparently unfazed by the inflammatory nature of such statements. “They’re alleging she got raped; she’s acknowledging that she wanted to leave with Trent. Her friends say she pushed them away as she went and got into the car, twice telling them, ‘I know what I’m doing; I’m going with Trent,’” Mayo said.

Mayo acknowledged his ties to the Richmond family, saying he counseled Richmond when news of an alleged sexual assault began circulating in August. Before Richmond’s arrest, Mayo spoke to him about the allegations.

“Back in August, when the rumors first started going around, I talked to Ma’lik, and he said, ‘No, Mr. Mayo, we didn’t do anything to that girl. I don’t know what these rumors are; I don’t understand it.’”

The victim was “carried” out of the party by Richmond and Mays two hours later. In the car on the way to another party, Mays was videotaped digitally penetrating the victim. At a third party, the victim was unable to walk on her own, and, according to testimony, Richmond was seen digitally penetrating her from behind.

Naturally Mayo is playing the race card.

“You hear local people saying, ‘We got this out of the way, let us just heal, let the community start to heal.’ It’s like these two were sacrificed, the poor black kid and the white kid who is from the next county, in the next town over, who were sacrificed over all the other dirt and corruption that would be uncovered if you come into Steubenville,” Mayo says.

A white kid and a black kid. Clearly it’s racism.

  • Walt

    Well anybody who blames a rape victim is a complet blithering idiot. I see what kind of people work in the NAACP now. Thanks Mr. Mayo

    • Mary Sue

      if the victim had been blac, I will guarantee you Mr. Mayo would be taking a very different tac.

  • Spikey1

    Royal Mayo on…

    Beating up women:
    2007; "The president of the Steubenville branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Royal Mayo) and his girlfriend (Tamekia Smith) were charged with domestic violence"…"Smith said, "He hit me. I ran up the house and threw something at him (Royal Mayo) as he was leaving. He beat me up in the house.""

    Child support:
    "Royal Mayo to pay assigned child support arrears to the State….On March 25, 2008, the CSEA moved the trial court to find Mayo in contempt for failing to comply with all prior orders, and moved the trial court for judgment against Mayo on accumulated arrears. After some difficulty in perfecting service, Mayo appeared before the magistrate on May 19, 2008 to request a continuance, but failed to appear before the magistrate…"


    Candidate for president I'd suspect, he would just need to sell a bit of coke and show he was born in some muslim hell hole and he's a shoe in.

  • Ar'nun

    Well as Obama's mentor at Harvard taught him, the White Man decided Rape is illegal and it shouldn't apply to bleack men. And the NAACP who is tied to the Nation of Islam, we know in Islam, that a woman is viewed as lesser than the man and the man was just taking what was his to take.

    Ahhhh! Multiculturalism at its finest!

    • Mary Sue

      which mentor at harvard?

      It's hilarious how the feminists will cry rape apologist if a conservative says "she was asking for it/she was willing/etc" but will absolutely back up any leftist accused of a similar crime.

      A weird form of Identity Politics must be in play for a professor to rationalize that rape is OK.

      • Ar'nun

        Bell and his Critical Race Theology. This is a good summary of the that theology. White men made the laws, forced the black people to come to this country as slaves, there for the laws shouldn't apply to them.

        • Mary Sue

          oh that sick f***. Hehe "The racist ravings of Derrick Bell" is one of the first articles I ever read at this place.

    • Chris

      This is exactly what is wrong with America. Some people can't and won't accept blame. That's why this country re-elected this President. His policies have held back the economy but of course, too bad. Hope all the Obama voters LOVE paying an extra $2/gallon but then again maybe most of them are on food stamps and by now social security disability and don't worry about filling up the gas tank, going to work, paying the mortgage, nat gas and electric bills and groceries along with insurance. Besides with the first black president in the WH, isn't the NAACP irrelevant now?

  • EarlyBird

    What Greenfield fails to recognize is that the failure of the media to report on this idiot, Mayo, is not because it wants to protect stupid black people, but to simply disregard outrageous comments which have no bearing on the story at all. This fool in Stubenville is to be taken no more seriously than 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

    And to the media's credit, it's been brutal to the black rapist – and other accomplices of all colors – as they should be.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No, it's because the media wants to protect the brand of a Democratic organization.

      • EarlyBird

        This dimwit in Stubenville hardly speaks for the entire NAACP. I don't see the non-coverage of this guy covering for the whole NAACP.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          He speaks for the local NAACP

          • EarlyBird

            News Flash (after such lefty sites as Huffington Post and Salon publically railed against Mayo):

            A comment from the NAACP, Thursday, march 28, 2013:

            ”The NAACP abhors the remarks attributed to Royal Mayo regarding the rape victim in the Steubenville. The remarks are Mayo’s own, and do not reflect the position of the NAACP and its membership.”

            Oops! Maybe your race baiting went a bit far this time?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            So why hasn't the NAACP removed him?

            Condemning his remarks is cheap.

          • EarlyBird

            Because he hasn't been the local chapter president since 2010, perhaps?

            And where is your correction that the liberal media IS covering this story and condemning him?

            Keep diggin, Danny!

          • Drakken

            Now I know what your malfunction is, your a minority with a chip on your shoulder.

          • EarlyBird

            Nope, I'm a good white, part German, Catholic boy, just like you. But I am a minority on this site in as much as I respect truth over propaganda.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Nope, I'm a good white…"

            Leftist. That's what a "good white" means to leftists. That you've swallowed all the Kool Aid and will continue to swallow when ordered.

          • EarlyBird

            You idiot, speaking of objective facts, the liberal media DID report on this fool in Steubenville, Mayo was NOT a president of the local NAACP, and the NAACP actually denounced him.

            Lil' Danny Greenfield's latest race baiting was based on three enormous factual inaccuracies.

            But here comes our local prosecutor, OFM, rushing in again to ignore facts. You're a drooling idiot.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "But I am a minority on this site in as much as I respect truth over propaganda."

            You have never met truth that you recognized.

          • Drakken

            Funny how that truth sends you on a complete liberal/progressive river of denial of facts, too much Berserkly brain washing going on.

          • EarlyBird

            General, the entire article is factually baseless. Wake up.

          • EarlyBird

            Also note Front Page Mag's use of "NAACP President" in the title of your piece. As if he's THE president of the NAACP, not just a former president of a small local chapter.

            Shame on you. Remember the 9th Commandment.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            He's the president of the local NAACP chapter. That was made clear in the piece.

    • Mary Sue

      He reported on it because this mayonnaise dude is a hypocrite of the highest order. And if a conservative victim-blamed in this manner they'd be raked over the coals in the media, while this man most assuredly will not be.

      • EarlyBird

        He's already being raked, Mary Sue.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "He's already being raked…"

          He's being "raked" alright. Or we might say "spun." But leftists can conflate anything with some of that magical moral equivalence where anything superficially similar can be presented as more or less the same.

          Just like your definition of truth.

        • Mary Sue

          not by the Left, he's not. Not so as you'd notice. Maybe privately one or two might have gone 'Dude what the hell?' The rest will Whoopie Goldberg him.

    • Lisa

      Yes they do go out of their way to protect black people from anything that will reflect on them in a poor manner; regardless of the peril to the public who ordinarily rely on the media to warn them of public dangers. Colin Flaherty writes all about it.
      This story has been huge, and the omission of Mayo's' remarks is glaring. They sure didn't hesitate to report Todd Aikern's comments about rape and abortion.
      I also think that this Steubenville story would not have even big so big if both defendents were black. Has the Knoxville Horror received the kind of national coverage that Steubenville has? No of course not.

      • EarlyBird

        Aiken had a hand in public policy. This disgusting fool, Mayo, does not.

        Oh, I agree that there is a light touch when black people say stupid things. People are afraid of being called "racist." But Greenfield's entire approach to race is to simply inflame racial tensions and make white people feel victimized and put upon by the Huge Leftist Conspiracy Trying To Destroy The West.

        He is a propagandist trained at the knee of Horowitz. Everything on this site is an act of war against whatever enemy FPM has chosen and that's a lot of them.

        Don't come here thinking you're getting quality information.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Oh, I agree that there is a light touch when black people say stupid things."

          Well then. In the end the early bird admits that there is a double standard. Actually there is no consistent standard other than advancing the leftist agenda. You're a tool of that agenda.

          "But Greenfield's…"

          You either have a crush on him or you're just another anti-Semite. Possibly both. Envy can be very ugly too.

          Anyway, if you weren't such a prolific psycho we wouldn't need to spend time on that analysis.

          "…entire approach to race is to simply inflame racial tensions and make white people feel victimized…"

          Wong. We're not victims but they often lie about being victims. That's the whole point. And some whites are victimized because they're white as a matter of fact but generally we are anti-racist in the sense that our position is (I think the author agrees) that racial distinctions that are attributed to racial differences are truly about culture rather than DNA or bogus theories about some populations being more "evolved" than other populations.

          • EarlyBird

            "Wong. We're not victims but they often lie about being victims."

            Sheesh. You even hate Asians. "Wong.'

        • Drakken

          Speaking of propaganda, you truly go for the false narrative of the left quite well, so your truth really isn't the truth.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What Greenfield fails to recognize is that the failure of the media to report on this idiot, Mayo, is not because it wants to protect stupid black people, but to simply disregard outrageous comments which have no bearing on the story at all. "

      You are so full of BS even after you are schooled day after day. You never learn anything. There is no way a white "activist" of any kind would get away with saying any such thing. Now add in the fact that the speaker has a role in leading a "civil rights" organization.

      Man you are a joke.

  • LindaRivera

    Royal Mayo, the president of the Steubenville NAACP. I refuse to call this being a man. REAL men protect women and children. Mayo is a vile, disgusting woman-hater.

  • Drakken

    Keep stoking those fires of Balkanization NAACP, what could possibly go wrong?

    • EarlyBird

      General, the only one stoking fires of Balkanization on this one is Danny Greenfield himself. See my post below for some actual facts.

      • Drakken

        Obviously your not paying too much attention to what is happening on a daily basis around the nation there shortbus. You just keep on believing in those rainbows and unicorns.

        • EarlyBird

          Another non-answer, General. You ought to be busted down to private.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Another non-answer…"

            Nobody takes you seriously. Nobody needs to answer to you other than a few worms I guess.

          • EarlyBird

            You sure seem to take me seriously, professor.

  • nick

    Yeah he was convicted in the court of Public opinion but Zimmerman was not? Stupid is stupid always will be- wheres Al Sharpton when you need him

  • Kuffar

    Of course the perp was black and the victim was white. She had it coming, she asked for it, she was drunk, she wanted it. Mayo is a black racist.

    Switch the circumstances to the Duke LaCross team. The white rich kids raped a black woman. Not.

    • EarlyBird

      Yes, he is a black racist. Thankfully, even those on the left and the NAACP itself abhor this idiot's comments.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        He is the local NAACP president.

        • EarlyBird

          No he is not.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        If the NAACP truly rejects him, it should removed him. It should have removed him over the domestic violence issues.

        • EarlyBird

          He has been gone since 2010.

      • Drakken

        Until the the national NAACP condemns and fires this guy, it is nothing but effing lip service. In their minds whitey still owes them and must pay. You are trying to rationalize this away, when it is clear tha you defend the indefensibale, as usual.

        • EarlyBird

          He hasn't been part of the NAACP since 2010.

          Hey, I've got it: maybe they should hire him again, just so they can fire him?

  • Brujo Blanco

    If the MSM had any morality at all it would report all the news in an in biased manner. The truth is.what it is. I personally investigated.many rapes and this story does not surprise me at all.

  • EarlyBird

    Lil' Danny Greenfield contends the "liberal media" are squelching the story of this idiot, Mayo, so as not to damage "the brand of a Democratic organization," the NAACP.

    Well, at least Huffington Post and Salon, both lefty sites, have both reported on and taken Mayo's comments to publically to task.

    And the International Business News – certainly not a "conservative" outlet – was the one to break the story:

    Also, Mayo hasn't been a member of the NAACP since 2010.

    Finally, a comment from the NAACP:

    ”The NAACP abhors the remarks attributed to Royal Mayo regarding the rape victim in the Steubenville. The remarks are Mayo’s own, and do not reflect the position of the NAACP and its membership.”

    Of course, nobody pretends to come to Front Page Rag for real information, do they?

    • EarlyBird

      Oh, lets see if Danny has the character to correct his assumptions based on actual information.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Lil' Danny Greenfield contends the "liberal media" are squelching the story of this idiot, Mayo, so as not to damage "the brand of a Democratic organization," the NAACP. "

      Still can't comprehend what you try to read I see.

      • EarlyBird

        Aw, poor lil' Objy, it seems you're forever a victim of others' poor reading comprehension and misunderstanding. Perhaps you're too much of an intellect for this site, huh?

    • Deep Space

      "Lil' Danny". Nothing like starting off with a Lil' name calling to lend credence to your comment.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    I said media coverage, not HuffPo which will run anything for traffic. I saw the Salon piece, but Salon is obscure.

    If a Tea Party president had said something like that, NBC, ABC, CNN etc would be all over it.

    • EarlyBird

      How cute you are when you squirm.

      Hey, I was in Cambria Heights visting friends last week, and was hoping to bump into you.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "How cute you are when you squirm."

        That was your breakfast. If you want to harass people here at least have the decency to wait till you're sober again.

        • EarlyBird

          My entire mission here is to "harass" scum like Greenfield and his fellow fascist propagandists, and the pitiful morons like you who eat it up and believe they come here for facts, truth and intellectual stimulation.

          • Mary Sue

            obviously you have no idea what the term "fascist" means, then.

  • Mary Sue

    silly mayonnaise man! ANY radical feminist will tell you that every single drunk woman that has ever had sex while drunk WAS RAEPED! (you know, because drunkenness means she can't consent)

  • Edward Cline

    "She was drunk and willing." Isn't that the excuse Muslims have when they rape a non-Muslim?

    • EarlyBird

      Yeah! And the same excuse um… communists and Democrats and liberals and hoity toity big city people and abortionists and gay people have too!


      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Yeah! And the same excuse um… communists and Democrats and liberals and hoity toity big city people and abortionists and gay people have too! "

        You're right, it's a common excuse on the left and coming from narcissistic people who refuse to accept responsibility. Occasionally conservatives stumble but they are fiercely corrected when they try to make such absurd excuses.

        Thanks for making the point that it really is all about culture and ideology.

        • EarlyBird

          You're a tragedy.

  • Drakken

    Rather interesting and amusing how you come to the defense of minority and muslim hate groups? You also take every liberal/progressive position there is, interesting.

    • EarlyBird


      You too are avoiding the issue:

      Danny complained that the liberal media are not covering Mayo's repulsive comments because he represents a Democratic organization, the NAACP. He was calling lefty media hypocritical and cynical.

      But wouldn't you know, the liberal media HAS called Mayo out, and condemned him, AND the NAACP has sharply criticized his comments. Oh, even more, Mayo hasn't been president of the local NAACP chapter since 2010.

      So Greenfield's entire thesis collapses, and he just saunters on to the next Outrage, because he has a serious character problem as all propagandists do. Like post-modern leftists he condemns, the truth is purely what one wants to believe.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "So Greenfield's entire thesis collapses…"

        On the basis of your lack of reading comprehension? Not.

        • EarlyBird

          "Lack of reading comprehension?"

          Try again. You are either A.) genuinely stupid, or B.) so pathetic and intellectually dishonest that you can not even grapple with the fact that Greenfield's race baiting is uttlerly baseless.

          You have two choices here. Consider them and get back to me.

      • Drakken

        You make more excuses for the bad guys than Heinz got pickles, truly mind bogling.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Uh huh."

    It was clear in the text but not in the minds of many talking birds.

  • Ghostwriter

    This Royal Mayo guy is an idiot! WHY was this guy EVER made President of the NAACP in the first place? The people who originally founded this organization must be spinning in their graves that this neanderthal EVER held such a position in the first place.

  • defcon 4

    Shouldn't Mr. Mayo be changing his last name?

    • Mary Sue

      yeah, to Miracle Whip! XD

  • Glennd1

    I know I'll get blasted here, but I'm going to say what I think. This whole Steubenville case never added up to me. I watched some of the videos and what struck me most is how nobody was alarmed by what was happening. I think this comports with the stereotype that people have of "jocks" or "entitled white teenagers" or whatever, but in the real world of whitelandia this is not common. Having raised children and lived in places like Steubenville, I never witnessed nor heard of gang rape behavior being a-okay at parties – because it isn't.

    So, I asked myself why could that be? What was the context? What did this girl consent to? Did she know that she would be having sex with multiple partners? Did she get herself that drunk? While I am a man who always thinks "No means no" – whether drunk or however far things have progressed, that's not actually how the law works. Just imagine this for a thought experiment. What if, off camera she had already had consensual sex with these guys? What if she was there willing sex toy? Fyi, young women have a very different sexual view of the world than guys my age – 50 – I know, I have a 25 yr old daughter. The things her friends would do in high school, forget college, curled my hair.

    The hook-up culture includes very willing young women. There was something else that freaked me out about this. It was the local communities reaction, with lots of vicious tweets and many locals not agreeing with the outcome of this case. So, I did some research and voila, found this account 20/20 did of the Steubenville "rape" case.… They are not a conservative news outlet. Read it and tell me anything this guy said isn't true.

    A few facts to just sort this out:

    1. She consented to go with the boys against her friends wishes.

    2. She was not raped at a party or urinated on. She was penetrated twice with a finger.

    3. The pic was a setup, joke pic – all who were around when that pic was taken stated that.

    4. The girl claims to remember nothing after leaving the party.

    5. The next morning she was found cuddling on the couch with Trent.

    6. There was no coverup. Her parents made her report it, 24 hours later. There was no physical evidence of rape or any kind of assault. None.

    After reading it all, here's what I think. This girl is a crazy, black out drunk who likes to go wild. Apparently this is a patter for her, but the friends who could testify to that and her intentions that night (her friends begged her not to go with Trent, knowing what she would end up doing) are being prevented from doing so by a stupid judge in West Virginia. It seems certain the boys went too far and exercised very questionable judgment and engaged in what can be described as a sexual assault, maybe. And the maybe is because consent is a weird thing. If she had already consciously consented and gets a little woozier, do you have to gain consent the next time you touch her?

    I'm not saying these boys didn't act wrongly, but the entire line I've been hearing about carrying this girl around from party to party like a sex toy is garbage. The lie that she was gang raped in a public setting is a complete lie. The prosecution only charged them with conduct that happened in the car and back at the boys house where there was no party going on. What they did – possibly – was finger a drunk girl who likely consented to have sex with one or both of them already. It could be technically considered sexual assault, but I can tell you right now that if this set of facts was presented for an adult rape case, it never would have been prosecuted.

    You rightwingers ought to not just reflexively criticize someone from the left – this guy is right about this case. It's total BS. The only reason this became a 'cause celebre' on the left is because Anonymous broke the story. You realize that this campaign has been celebrated by the left, nonstop? They are so eager to validate Anonymous and the "rape culture" and a town where "football is religion" that they just ended up lying to make it all true.

    Some conservatives you guys are.

    • trim

      Glennd1, you make some good points. The problem I have with Mayo is he tried (unsuccessfully) to make this about RACE. Like the Trayvon case, race wasn't the issue. I think we can agree tha the story, "drunk teen passed out and two boys raped her" is different than what is being presented in the press. The view you put forth brings out some legitimate questions.

    • RebeccaJean

      1. No question. She went willingly. She was highly intoxicated apparently according to all that were present, but she went willingly.
      2. There was a lot of video and pictures taken of the event which the jurors got to see. And apparently, they beg to differ with you on the rape issue. One video in particular posted on youtube is particularly damaging to your contention that she was not raped since boys are clearly seen laughing and commenting on her being raped.
      3. The picture was a joke. Certainly didn't look like a joke to me. She looked passed out and personally, I think the contention by the boys in attendance that it was a joke is something I would expect them to say after all of this stuff hit the fan.
      4. The fact that someone is so intoxicated that they cannot even remember what they did the night before should tell you something about her condition the night before. Clearly not in any sort of shape to give consent to anything.
      5. She woke up after a drunken stupor next to him, naked and with no recollection of anything. Not what I would call "cuddling"

      • RebeccaJean

        I forgot 6. Of course there was no evidence of rape. Time had passed. She had showered and the clothes she had been wearing had been laundered.

      • Glennd1

        Half of what you say is factually wrong. She was never raped as in sexual intercourse, and the prosecutor never claimed they did. So, first things first, do you realize you don't even understand the basic facts of the case? And in fact, the victim's friend did find her lying on the couch, cuddling up with Trent.

        And I never said something wrong didn't occur, and it may have even been a crime. But it's nothing like what it looks like on a few random pix. that's for sure.

        • RebeccaJean

          I did not pull what I said out of thin air. I had not paid any attention to this case at all until I saw your post. Than I went and gathered information from videos as well as articles that are posted all over the place on the internet. There is nothing that I said that is factually wrong. It just doesn't comport with what you wrote. And the "cuddling" did not occur the next morning, but in the car the night before according to a witness who was under oath at the trial. You and I and the media at large are not privvy to all of the material that the jurors saw.
          And according to Ohio State law rape consists of "unlawful conduct between persons where any of the following activities take place: vaginal intercourse between a male and female, anal intercourse, fellatio and cunnilingus between persons regardless of sex, and without privilege to do so, THE INSERTION, HOWEVER SLIGHT OF ANY PART OF THE BODY OR ANY INSTRUMENT, APPARATUS OR OTHER OBJECT INTO THE VAGINAL OR ANAL OPENING OF ANOTHER.

  • Glennd1

    Thanks for being open to facts – that's all I'm doing here. And let me repeat myself – don't get me wrong, even the conduct that these boys did engage in that we are sure of is pretty questionable. But you have to put it in the context of today's world. These kids are wild. The girls are wild. They do lots of crazy sexual stuff that I hadn't even heard of when I was 16 ('78). But I do have an advantage. I'm a musician, and connect with young musicians as regularly as I can, and I see how they live. I'm in a college town – and single, I'll leave it at that, but let me just say that this younger generation of women is simply nothing like the young women of my generation when it comes to sex.

    Of course they aren't all like that, but what is acceptable, the whole "hookup" culture – it's just different. I think internet porn has made everything you could imagine available live a matter of seconds. I actually don't think it's so bad in many ways, as I wouldn't recommend the Irish Catholic sexual values I was raised with. So when I read that this girl insisted on leaving with Trent, when her friends were trying to get her to stop, and that they were worried about her, that she had done that 'kind of thing before' and that her friend came and picked her up the next morning, and she was cuddling on the couch with him – well I just resent that as being cited as evidence of "America's rape culture".

    And I don't expect conservatives to jump on anyone who dares to question the status quo the media is dishing out. The lefists lie about everything else, why would thy not lie about this.?