Nancy Pelosi Abandoning Obama on Syria Vote


When you’ve lost Nancy Pelosi, there’s no one else left to lose.

The Syria deliberations will not fall along the normal ideological fault lines. Obama cannot count on the near-universal support he usually has among the 201 House Democrats, a caucus in which doubts are plentiful.

Aware of the growing bloc of Republican isolationists, senior GOP aides warned Sunday that a large number of Democrats will have to support the use-of-force resolution for it to have any chance. Advisers in both parties described the measure as a “vote of conscience” that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will not be lobbying lawmakers to support.

It’s not entirely surprising that Boehner will sit this one out. Slightly more surprising is that Nancy Pelosi will be sitting it out too. Granted the strikes are unpopular in general and especially unpopular on her home turf.

Still Pelosi has issued a statement in support of military action. The Democrats in Congress need support from the left in 2014 and a lot of the wealthier left-wing donors also lean really left. But it’s still hard to believe that Pelosi wouldn’t be reporting for duty unless Obama is not really interested in winning the vote in Congress.

And as I discussed in my article, Obama’s Plan to Blame Syria on Congress, that’s entirely possible.  Obama may want to use Congress as an excuse and be deliberately throwing the vote.


  • Texas Patriot

    “Aware of the growing bloc of Republican isolationists, senior GOP aides warned Sunday that a large number of Democrats will have to support the use-of-force resolution for it to have any chance. Advisers in both parties described the measure as a “vote of conscience” that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will not be lobbying lawmakers to support.”

    Hopefully the responsible conservatives of the Republican Party are not falling for the latest irrational rhetoric of the wild-eyed Neo-Conservatives led by John McCain. The choice is not between being a champion of freedom and an isolationist. The choice is between being a wise interventionist and a foolish interventionist. Only a blind global cop would intervene in a conflict to protect Al Qaida affiliated rebels.

    • Boots

      What is scary is that I actually agree with Dennis Kucinich who said paraphrased “Why are getting in to a civil war to provide Al Quaida an air force?” McCain is farther gone than even I had imagined… saying that saving Obama’s face is worth going to war. McCain is even delusional to the point he thinks he “knows” who the “good rebels” are from visiting Syria rebel camps. Of course after we aid the “good rebels”, if they win, the other rebels will murder the good ones. Add to that our intel isn’t completely reliable and we’ve got a real disaster in the making. Opposing Obama on this isn’t isolationism… it’s risk management.

      • EarlyBird

        You’re exactly correct. Obama has bundled into this proposed missile strike, and clearly his heart is not in it. He’s trying to ensure that the US doesn’t lose credibility. But we’ve already lost plenty with his “red line” declaration and making threats he clearly has no desire to enforce. As Time magazine calls him this week, he the “unhappy warrior.”

        Better to accept whatever this bungling effort in Syria has already cost us, rather than Obama attempting to dig himself out of his own political hole he has dug.

        I congratulate everyone on this board for suddenly being sober and thoughtful about wars in the Middle East, though. I have to imagine if Obama was adamantly againt any fighting in Syria, FPM would be ablaze with Syria’s “surrender” in the Middle East, isolationism and so on.

        • Boots

          2002 I trusted our intel but was still against intervention. You can accuse me of being a whack job for the following opinion… but… we have no business going to war without clear objectives and with rules of engagement that place our troops at more risk than necessary. You only win wars when you’ve killed more of the other side and break more of their things than they’re willing to lose. If someone is willing to go to that level they sure as heck better be able to justify that amount of mayhem and loss of both side’s lives. I’m as conservative as they get but I’m against spending our youths lives unless the return is worth the cost… and our youth is worth a lot.

          There are differences between 2002 and now but I think we have enough history to be able to evaluate whether the commitment is worth the risk and potential return. I didn’t think it was then and don’t believe it is now. However, if the use of chemical weapons against one’s own citizens and citizen’s of other countries is the standard, then Saddam was fair game based on his use against the Kurds (and against Iran in that war).

  • Mike Cornelison

    If the GOP was smart, they’d simply abstain from voting.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Normally I think that’s gutless but in this case there might be cause. Especially if a large block abstains with an explanation that they see this as a trap to cover 0’Bama’s butt. If they vote, it will hardly mean anything or worse it will be spun. They’ve already been disenfranchised by 0’Bama, so just let the people hear your side and vote “present.”

  • JDL Toronto

    He is doing a Cameron

  • JDL Toronto

    Why get involved in a civil war. Is the American air force going to bomb Syria on behalf of Al Quaida or the navy fire missiles. Let them sort it out themselves Its Sunni against Shia and Alawhite Sectarian violence has been going on for thousands of years Its there problem not ours. Support the civilized man and not the savage

  • NJK

    Egyptian Media
    Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood Member
    Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Monday, September 2, 2013, 1:46 PM

  • redwood05090

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  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Perhaps Obama thinks he has it in the bag since there really have been WMD’s used. Bush was essentially left with egg on his face in Iraq because of this very issue. Nevermind the likelihood that these same sarin canisters were part of Saddam’s going out of business fire sale. It’s all about posture and bowing to Obama’s MB lords. Americans are disposable.

  • Obaid Karki

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    • Jakareh

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      • Obaid Karki

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  • kafir4life

    “Beads” Pelosi is just a racist who hates the idea of a (half) African-American in the White House.

  • Stink Eye

    a dictator’s military forces and islamic radicals slaughtering each other is not a problem, it is the solution to a problem.

  • tokoloshiman

    good for her

  • EdmundB

    You guys are so funny.

    Boehner, Cantor and Pelosi all back the Pres, and explicity hope and believe their colleagues will too.

    Greenfield, go back to “completing” your book! See how it sells.