National Park Service Malfeasance Exposed in Battle Over California’s Last Cannery


The Drakes Bay Oyster Company is the last cannery in California and produces a third of the oysters in the state. Even though it’s surrounded by cattle ranches, the National Park Service has engaged in a prolonged campaign to drive it out in order to “restore” the area to wilderness. The area clearly is not wilderness with tens of thousands of tourists and cattle ranches, but the NPS has made dishonest claims like that to get its way.

Since ecoscammers love to hide their anti-human agenda behind cute animals, the latest excuse was that the oyster farming was interfering with the harbor seals. Except of course that it actually wasn’t.

The expert that the government consulted on the status of the harbor seals told them that there was no problem. But that didn’t stop the US Geological Survey and the National Park Service from claiming the opposite.

First, the FEIS claimed evidence that the oyster farm occasionally disturbed harbor seals. This finding was inconsistent with the physical landscape: the oyster boats typically stay over 700 yards away from the harbor seals, and with an intervening sandbar blocking their view and buffering their sound (a fact not disclosed in the FEIS).

Second, the FEIS claimed that these disturbances were, in fact, ‘chronic’ (with no evidence) and led to a spatial displacement of harbor seals out of Drakes Estero. This claim was equally inconsistent with the lack of any evidence for the claim of ‘chronic’ disturbance, and the fact that NOAA, the agency charged with overseeing the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, claims the harbor seal population in and around Drakes Estero is at or near its carrying capacity.

The Stewart Report did not conclude what the USGS claimed. Rather, Dr. Stewart found “no evidence of disturbance” of harbor seals by oyster boats. He was very clear. A review of his spreadsheet, submitted to both NPS and USGS, confirms his clarity. The USGS Report misrepresented the Stewart Report, claiming a correlation where Dr. Stewart found none…

But this isn’t really about the real world impact on the harbor seals. In environmentalist theology, animals are always victimized by human presence. Civilization destroys the wilderness and must be destroyed in turn for the wilderness to thrive.

This isn’t about science. Science is at worst the enemy and at best a tool for prying humans off the land so that it can revert to wilderness.

  • Randy CA

    Go to Monterey's Coast Guard pier and at it's end you will see a breakwater that is always covered with harbor seals, obviously thriving in spite being in a bay over run with human activity.

    Next go to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco where you will see a platform covered with harbor seals, obviously thriving in spite being in a bay over run with human activity.

    • Ed A

      You might brush up on your marine biology buddy –

  • onecornpone

    Tyranny presents many faces, but Clown Prince Alinsky's goals are undeniable. Private industry is to be marginalized out of existence, in favor of the expanding the collective, for they truly believe bigger government is always a better answer than individual entrepreneurship.

    The "wilderness" angle is revealing. Don't believe they are serious? Google 'Buffalo Commons' and read the ideas Leftist ideologues and their uber-wealthy financial backers (heirs to the Mars candy fortune, & Ted Turner) have about returning the entire Great Plains back into a wilderness for free roaming American Bison, and various other wild animals (black panther, mountain lion, et.c.) Who knows what the rabid zealots have in mind for those of us humans who are inconveniently in their way, as we currently use OUR property to produce OUR living, while feeding the nation.

    Dr Gary Baise blogs at <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”> about the fight. His latest is about a WV poultry producer targeted by EPA, using the Clean Water Act. Producer Lois Alt not only beat EPA (April 22, 2013), she has turned the tables to follow up, suing to ensure EPA's bully tactics used against her are stopped forever.

    If you read Dr Baise previous blogs (which are brief) you get the picture that EPA has been out of control for years, much the same as revealed in the recent IRS scandal.

  • Roger

    Michelle must not care for oysters. If this company provided her favorite kind of lobster it wouldn't be facing this.

  • Brigid

    You can bet money on this being related to the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development’. You know, that thick document that tells us paved roads and single family homes are unsustainable. The UN has also laid out areas for wilderness that are off limits to humans. The surrounding ranchers should be wary and none of us should allow this to happen.