Nation’s Largest Teachers’ Union Funds Ads Accusing 2nd Amendment Supporters of Being Pedophiles

The NEA, the nation’s largest teachers’ union, is really staying classy in the Colorado recall battles pitting supporters of the Second Amendment against their elected officials.

In a desperate effort to convince Coloradans not to sign any more recall petitions, the Democracy Defense Fund distributed these door hangers accusing the petition collectors of being criminals and pedophiles.


Though Colorado Democrats have denied any connection to the door hangers, the Democracy Defense Fund lists Kathryn Wallace as its registered agent. Wallace has run for office several times and appears to be affiliated with the Jefferson County Democratic Party.

More significantly, the Democracy Defense Fund is drawing its money from reliable liberal donors. Mainly unions who play power games with the forced contributions of workers.

Finance reports filed late Monday night reveal the Democracy Defense Fund, which is backing Hudak, received about $120,000 in the reporting period from Oct. 21 until Nov. 19.

A snapshot of the reports reveals the NEA Fund for Children and Education, a Washington, D.C. – based political action committee, bankrolled the group with $25,000 and the union AFSCME doled out $20,000. Colorado’s AFL-CIO contributed $15,000, while the International Association of Firefighters contributed $10,000.

Last week, Recall Hudak Too, the group looking to oust Hudak, reported raising $64,600 in the same time frame, with most of the money coming from hundreds of small dollar contributors.

So the NEA Fund for Children and Education is intervening in a Colorado local election to help fund accusations that citizens who favor recalling anti-Second Amendment politicians are pedophiles.

  • Softly Bob

    How low can they stoop?

    • A Z

      They will do anything to retain power.

    • engineman55

      They can walk under whale $ h 1 t wearing a high hat, and not have to bend over!

  • Fritz

    This smacks of hypocrisy considering that the teachers unions have bent over backwards to protect and defend pedophiles, amongst their ranks, from prosecution and dismissal in Washington State and Wisconsin. About a week or two ago there was a press conference held by the Toronto Police department regarding a huge bust of an international child porn ring involving hundreds of individuals, at least 40 of which were related to the teaching profession. Any occupation or activity connected with children attracts the perverts, yet the teachers unions go out of their way not to purge these people from their ranks but to cover it up. In some cases advocating policies that could only be described as “grooming”.

    This is also going to backfire on them in a huge way considering that there are teachers out there who do hunt and do support the second amendment. More big union activism from the top down, and who cares what the membership thinks.

  • Tim Smith

    It’s how Obama Rolls. They got one that was going to be recalled to resign so they could keep a democrat in her seat. they knew that a republican would most likely win thru a recall.

  • roccolore

    It’s the teachers unions who support pedophiles.

  • A Z

    Hudak resigned, which is not graceful of her. She was just playing her appointed part for the Democrat Machine. Nor a democrat governor can appoint a Democrat replacement for her and retain control of the state Senate for the Democrats.

    Time to Tee-up another Democrat to recall.

  • Bob

    That’s ironic that Democrats and other Left-wingers would accuse others of fraud and lying. Those are the stock-in-trade for the Donkeys and the Left (redundant, I know).

    • Robert Lande

      Its called “projection” in psychology. It is one reason Democrats oppose voter registration (besides wanting non-citizens to vote for Democrats). In the past, Democrats used the voter registration of literacy laws to keep blacks from voting so they accuse Republicans of having the same evil motives as they had.

  • Tec Sg Beatty

    So let me get this straight: the party of Godless rump-humping, gun-grabbing, baby-killing traitors is accusing defenders of Constitutionally-affirmed RIGHTS of being perverts and child molesters? Under William “B.J.” Clinton’s age criteria for “gun control” Monica Lewinsky was a “child”. Need I say more?
    This would be funny, if it weren’t so disgusting. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the Democrats must not and cannot be allowed to control this nation, and they cannot be trusted with our safety and security. Period.

    • Sgt Snuffy

      Nailed it Tec. Sgt. And also in recent years how many of these so called teachers have been arrested for child molestation, and even running prostitution rings out of high schools. And lets not get into the collages where the administrations across the country and even in Colorado discourage female students from reporting rape and sexual assaults. Hell quite a few teacher union members could be considered pedophiles and members in good standing of NAMBLA. Oh and lets not forget that the in the State House in Denver, every time Jessica’s law or similiar laws protecting children from sexual predators was brought forward for legislation the Demoncrap Party was first and foremost in opposing it. Hell in the Springs it’s almost every day of the week that we find out that some violent sexual perv has been released from prison and moved in to our neighborhoods. Just Sayin.

  • LDMack

    Desperate measures from an increasingly desperate party.

  • Gee

    These are the same people that support CAIR – whom worship and declare their ‘perfect man’ was a pedophile.

  • unclezip

    I had a friend who, when he could not sober up enough to properly argue, would call the other side pedophiles, lovers of fat – no – skinny – whatever – little boys. That’s all he can come up with, because it’s the most horrific thing in the world to him. Revisionist history and ad hominem attacks are the mainstay of the collectivists.

  • Harold4321

    The NEA accuses 2nd amendment supporters of being chomos??? Bwwwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha. The NEA is the largest group of chomos to ever of walked the earth.

  • Rogoraeck

    Well, as to my humble opinion the MAJORITY of HOMO-PAEDOPHILES are from the teaching profession, the political profession, the judicial profession, then the religious profession. Not forgetting the MSM (Men having Sex with Men)
    Does anyone contradict this?

  • muchiboy

    Probably because the other side didn’t make the same accusation against them first.

  • John Q Citizen

    They better be careful in Colorado. People don’t take crap from leftist there. The problem with America today is the democrat. They have grown into an infection. If not healed, America will die.

  • ExNuke

    The image of the door hanger is hard to read but unless the people paying for it can prove their accusations I would think there is grounds for a libel/slander law suit.

  • Kevin Mathson

    LOL, just shows how pathetic all Democrats/Liberals and Union are.
    Epic Liberal Fail.

  • Kevin Mathson

    Most NEA members are probably Pedophiles.