Nelson Mandela in 4 Photos





Any questions?

Bonus photos


  • Pedro Fanning

    pictures speak a thousand words

    • MukeNecca

      Three would suffice :


    • BS77

      Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the flag is being lowered to half staff for Mandela, for TEN days. The flag was not lowered for Margaret Thatcher for even one day. Let the brainwashing continue!!!! Welcome to 1984.

  • ModdKenwood

    any white south afrikan farmers slaughtered today?

    • Apostle Gideon Prinsloo

      Yep, since 1994 over 6000 white farmers were slaughtered and over 60000 Afrikaners were slaughtered since 1994 till today. Then add also the numbers of many who were tortured and survived, including myself who survived it because of God who did not allow them to take my live, which doubles up the number. Also since 1994 there is not one South African that are not victims of criminals and also Nelson Mandela came to power due to voters fraud and mass intimidation and threats against the blacks who were not willing to vote for the ANC. your question now answered or will you rather believe the liberal Media in what they tell you?

  • Brad_Brzezinski

    Of course similar pictures can be found of past and present American presidents, and others.

    I’m under no illusions about Mandela but I do think his signature achievements of promoting a relatively peaceful transition and allowing South Africa to continue functioning economically, are the most important things to remember about him.

    For all the negative press he is getting in this kind of forum, he did not seem to act on his “dark side” once in power. Most important, I do not see the point of demonizing him now. Mandela as an icon of moderation could be useful in the future when facing the various hordes that are confronting western civilization from within.

    • pablo consuelo

      You’d better read about what’s happened to the white South African farm owners before you decide on the Mandela government’s brand of ‘moderation’.

      • DogmaelJones1

        You mean the same thing that happened to the white Rhodesian farmers? Confiscation. Rape. Murder. Destruction of the economy? Black racism, with Marxism mixed in? Obama-like wealth distribution to the incompetent cronies of Mugabe? The flight of surviving whites to neighboring countries?

    • Daniel Greenfield


      Is there one of Reagan doing victory pumps with Castro and Gaddafi and kissing Arafat?

      • Brad_Brzezinski

        Not specifically but there was Hillary and Suha and Bill Clinton had Yassir over for tea and crumpets an awful lot. I forget all the US mucky-mucks who chummed with Qaddafi.

        What I’m trying to get across is that Mandela was not evil the way Che was e.g. and that dissing him does not achieve anything. I love your work Daniel, but I think on this one there’s more to be gained by going with the flow.

        • Brad_Brzezinski

          Some links to pics below. There were reasons these interactions happened – and indeed, most or all of them should not have, but that they did does not necessarily make the western individuals guilty of evil incarnate. (OK Hillary ….)

          • gg

            Nice try with the Rumsfeld/Saddam pic. If you can’t tell that’s a photoshop of Hussein, then you are a true dupe.

          • truebearing

            Or perhaps an intentional liar.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Bill and Hillary were pretty awful people. That’s the point.

          • Brad_Brzezinski

            And my point is that B&H are widely accepted as mainstream leaders within America. Any argument that starts out with how awful they are, loses you at least half of an American audience. In your case, that’s OK because you are already self-defined to be outside that demographic. With Mandela it’s different and you risk alienating to some extent, your target audience.

            In addition, accepting Mandela at face value, can buy things down the road, particularly when it comes to Israel.

          • truebearing

            Hitler was accepted as Germany’s mainstream leader. What does that have to do with his moral status?

            So, you are suggesting that it is better to shape the “truth” according to what is poll tested as popular. But what about the truth?
            Truth is frequently unpopular. Just look at how averse to truth you are. You are advocating lying for some vague, theoretical benefit in the future. That is both dishonest and cowardly. I prefer Greenfield’s clear and honest approach.

          • Great Bear

            You are a fool. You assume that all Americans are ignorant of world affairs. And of course like the knock-out game, the MSM would never report on it. Obviously you aren’t concerned about what happened to white families in SA and why so many fled the country to save their lives. Oh that’s right, they deserved it.

        • Blomsoy

          Bill and Hillary belong to the same type of people. No
          suprise there.

    • truebearing

      How is showing a series of photos “demonizing” Mandela? How are facts demonizing him?

      If somehow using Mandela as a talisman of moderation was possible, why did murders of whites start under Mandela and get worse under the leaders who followed him?

      Your comment makes no sense.

    • KStacey

      South Africa… “functioning”? In what way is it functioning? Leading the world in child rapes per capita? When Nigeria is about to outpace you economically, the sh*t has hit the fan. South Africa is a sinking ship, fast going the way of Zimbabwe.

    • Apostle Gideon Prinsloo

      This is what the Liberal Media and Liberals want you to believe, yet during the 1994 election there were violence and intimidation as instigated by Nelson Mandela against the black majority to force them to vote ANC or destruction to them and also voters fraud, where many Mozambicans were transported in to vote ANC and even today they are still in South Africa. Then the destruction in the health system of South Africa, getting rid of South African doctors who were one of the tops in the world, replacing them with Cuban doctors who were of complete low standards where the health system of South Africa failed and also many of the Cubans couldn’t speak English and their wages were not paid them but to Castro of Cuba directly. Mandela also sang the Kill the Boer and shoot the Boer and since 1994 Mandela staged the Genocide against the whites, till now over 60’000 white Afrikaners and 0ver 6’000 white farmers brutally murdered and still counting and also the blacks who were not ANC and the escalation of unemployment and destruction of the economy of South Africa from the First World Economy to now the Third World Economy. Also South Africa is the Crime Capital of the world and the most violent nation in the world, every day 120 people murdered in South Africa since 1994.

    • Jakareh

      “Mandela as an icon of moderation could be useful in the future when
      facing the various hordes that are confronting western civilization from

      I could not disagree more strongly with this statement. The reason why liberals love Mandela so much is that he’s the prototype of the (supposedly) moderate figure to whom we should all surrender. In their mind, the time will come for (white) Americans to put ourselves at the mercy of a Muslim/Communist/Chicano/Asian Mandela, who will hopefully be as magnanimous as Madiba, but who will like him pass his power to less moderate comrades.

      In short, Mandela is not an icon of resistance to the hordes. He’s an icon of surrender to them.

  • fush

    I see khaddafi and Arafat, but who are the other two?

    • BenInNY

      Castro and Mugabe

  • Jakareh

    A pat on the back to Daniel Greenfield for providing a tiny bit of balance regarding Nelson Mandela. Unlike many other African leaders, he was neither a monster nor a tyrant. But neither was he the saint the MSM media is making him out to be.

  • UCSPanther

    Two quotes that fit here:

    “Lay down with dogs,you get fleas”

    “You are judged by the company you keep”

    If I were a “dictator” or “leader” who was trying to keep up the image of being for freedom and human rights, I would not allow myself to be photographed with other tyrants.

    • Blomsoy

      UCSPanther, regarding dogs – that was long ago before Topspot.

  • Iman Infidel

    too many facebook pages, even patriotic ones, are giving him their “R.I.P.’s”…what a bunch of misinformed sheeple

  • cjkcjk

    Couldn’t find him with the guy who has done the most harm to America of all?


      You must be looking for pictures of Mandela with Obama.

      • cjkcjk


  • worldwatchman

    Apparently the news media chose to ignore his true past.

  • KStacey

    Bob Dylan, Earnest Hemingway, Ringo Starr and a grown-up Steve Urkel. What a great guy he was!

  • RazzBarry1

    What Schwarzenegger said about South African black rule back in the 1970’s. “If you give these blacks a country to run, they will run it down the tubes.” True of Africa. True of America.

  • mrsoriordan

    I don’t know what this would mean to you guys but Mandela had no business advising the IRA/Sin Fein here in Ireland. A man of peace??? –

  • Mike Miller

    It’s not going to take long for the ANC to blame Israel for Mandela’s death.

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