Nelson Mandela’s Iraq Oil Holocaust Flashback

mandela aziz

Mandela speaks with Tariq Aziz, Saddam’s Foreign Minister who was sentenced to death by hanging after previously being sentenced to 15 years in prison. And Mandela was even planning a visit to Iraq right before the war started.

In the process, Mandela used some of the most vicious and dishonest rhetoric imaginable against the United States accusing it of racism and of perpetrating another Holocaust on behalf of Israel and oil.

Before meeting with Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz on the sidelines of the World Summit in Johannesburg earlier this month, Mandela told reporters he was “appalled” by US threats against Baghdad.

Mandela, a frequent critic of US policy on Iraq, also said that countries were only challenging the mandate of the United Nations now because Secretary-General Kofi Annan is black.

A threat to world peace “I have also said when the secretary-generals were white, we never had the question of any country ignoring the United Nations,” he said.

“But now that we have got the black secretary-generals like Boutros Boutros Ghali and now Kofi Annan, certain countries that believe in white supremacy, are ignoring the United Nations,” he said.

Right. White supremacy. Also another Holocaust.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela has criticised US President George W Bush over Iraq, saying the sole reason for a possible US-led attack would be to gain control of Iraqi oil.

The US stance on Iraq is “arrogant” and would cause “a holocaust”, Mr Mandela, a Nobel Peace laureate and one of the world’s most respected figures, told a forum in Johannesburg.

“Why does the United States behave so arrogantly?” Mr Mandela asked.

“Their friend Israel has got weapons of mass destruction but because it’s their ally they won’t ask the United Nations to get rid of them.

“They just want the oil,” Mr Mandela went on. “We must expose this as much as possible.”

Ah yes the sweet, sweet oil.

Speaking at the International Women’s Forum, Mandela said “if there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.”

Mandela said U.S. President George W. Bush covets the oil in Iraq “because Iraq produces 64 percent of the oil in the world. What Bush wants is to get hold of that oil.” In fact Iraq contributes to only 5 percent of world oil exports.

5 percent. 64 percent. What difference does it make.

He said Mr. Bush was “trying to bring about carnage” and appealed to the American people to vote him out of office and demonstrate against his policies.

He also condemned Blair for his strong support of the United States. “He is the foreign minister of the United States. He is no longer prime minister of Britain,”

So conciliatory. Bonus photo.


Here’s Mandela with Assad Sr’s fellow Baath Party regime.

  • O’Paque

    Mandela was a black racist.

  • JoseMLopezSierra

    Greeting Partners,

    President Obama should also reflect on Puerto Rican
    political prisoner Oscar López Rivera who has spent 32 years in US prisons for
    doing what Nelson Mandela did for South Africa.


    • A Z

      He was among the 16 Puerto Rican nationalists offered conditional clemency by U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1999, but he rejected the offer.

    • A Z

      There was a vote. You just don’t want to accept it.

      -71% of Puerto Ricans want statehood

      – Under 6 % want independence

      • Drakken

        I do not want that money sucking island anywhere near statehood, for all it does is drain us taxpayer money, effem. Letem sink or swim on their own.

        • A Z

          The saying cut bait or fish is apt. If one or the other was done, we might cease to hear the whining of Jose.

          I am more apt to want them to be their own country, because of the welfare.

          They should not be allowed to emigrate to the U.S. any easier than people of other countries. That way, when Jose has to run after attempting a glorious socialist revolution, he can run to Putin.

    • Drakken

      Send that terrorist POS to Cuba!

  • A Z

    “According to investigative journalist Linda Melvern, Boutros-Ghali approved a secret $26 million arms sale to the government of Rwanda in 1990 when he was Egyptian Foreign Minister, the weapons stockpiled by the Hutu regime as part of the fairly public, long-term preparations for the subsequent genocide. He was serving as UN Secretary-General when the killings occurred 4 years later” – wiki

    My name for him was “Butcher Butcher by Golly”.

    It seems I was more right than I knew.

    He is Coptic Christian. I never knew it. He is Christian like Tariq Aziz was Christian.