New German Law Recognizes a Third Gender


You probably thought it was going to end with Gay Marriage. Ha.

You thought that it would end with Tranny rights. Double Ha.

You thought that maybe the Bisexual Forum at the White House would be it.

It never ends. That’s the point of any grievance industry. It just manufactures more crazy. And there’s a big heap of crazy out there.

As a sample, the US gay rights movement is generally using LGBT for Lesbian Gay Bisexual (Transgender) Transvestite. But the new one is LGBTQIA, which adds Asexual, Intersex and Queer for “who do not adhere to sexual and/or gender norms” more so than gays, trannies, the asexual and the non-gendered already don’t.

So get ready for the Third Gender.

There are men and women. And there are men who want to marry men for a few days. And there are men who think they’re women. And there are men who want everyone to recognize that they are an entirely new gender.

Germany is set to become the first country in Europe to introduce a third, “indeterminate” gender designation on birth certificates. The European Union, which is attempting to coordinate anti-discrimination efforts across member states, is lagging behind on the issue.

The option of selecting “blank,” in addition to the standard choices of “male” or female” on birth certificates will become available in Germany from November 1.

Under the new law, individuals can also opt to remain outside the gender binary altogether.

By the time the barbarians overrun us, history will record that we made Nero and Caligula look like the height of good reason and judgement.

Intersex people, that is, those who are born neither exclusively male nor exclusively female, form one of the most invisible groups in our society. Contrary to popular belief, this has little to do with their supposed rarity and more to do with the violence our society inflicts upon those who don’t conform to binary and mutually exclusive “male” and “female” categories.

Conformity! Who needs gender anyway. Or even bodies. Or names. Or words. Let’s escape all these categories by going off to live in caves.

This year, Australia has made great strides through the adoption of an anti-discrimination law that protects “intersex status” alongside established grounds such as “sex” and “race.”

Also level of insanity.

According to Silvan Agius, policy director at human rights organisation ILGA Europe — the European chapter of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association — the European Union is lagging behind on the issue. Though Brussels commissioned a report on trans and intersex minorities in 2010, and has since attempted to coordinate efforts to prohibit gender discrimination, progress has been halting.

“Things are moving slower than they should at the European level,” says Agius. “Though Brussels has ramped up efforts to promote awareness of trans and intersex discrimination, I would like to see things speed up.”

Can’t it wait till the whole thing collapses and the Intersexed are too busy rooting through garbage cans for food to worry about gendered pronouns?

  • A_Perspective

    PC this:
    So the real question is, is that the Odd Man Out, the Odd Woman Out or the Odd It Out? Or is “It” the new PC norm, not exactly a challenge is it?

  • chan chan

    Yes, but where does the rest of the world outside of the insane EU stand on the matter?
    I’m sure they must be queueing up to replicate this legislation…

    • Toni_Pereira

      Most of them already realized that the West is a nuthouse and they just stay away.I can’t blame them…

  • Veracious_one

    All this must be confusing to God…

  • tagalog

    Abraham Lincoln used to ask the question, “If we say that a dog’s tail is a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” People would answer, “Five.” Lincoln would say “Wrong, dogs still have four legs. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”
    The most recent concern with categorization of the indeterminate smacks of that dialogue.

  • Patsfriend

    Keep it simple. Just eliminate “gender”. Of what use is the word?

  • Ghost Writer

    It is amazing how crazy people can become. I would have thought Germany would be unlikely to go along with this ridiculous notion. But this craziness is also here in America. Consider California’s Gender Perception law: a student can pick the gender heshe wants to be. Barnum was mostly right when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute”. There’s a sucker born every second is more like it.

  • Veracious_one

    I foresee the need for three restrooms in public places….men, women, and not sure…

  • PAthena

    Since we are talking about the birds and the bees, what are we going to say about roosters and hens, and queen bees, workers, and drones?

  • Toni_Pereira

    Hopefully, as genetic science evolves we will be able to add a fourth gender, the one that people who came up with these ideas belong…THE IDIOT!!!

  • Biff Henderson

    The Dunderheads are proud to announce the arrival of a human life form of indeterminate sexual orientation. We have decided to clothe it in bubble wrap (to avoid color and species bias) until it reaches the age of reason. Our family is working with educators, linguists and dieticians to develop a plan to lessen the negative impact of learning, food and language bias.

  • Joseph X.

    I was watching a toddler girl play at the playscape in some ultra modern mall while I was in Japan. Then mom removed her diaper to change it, but the little girl didn’t have girl parts. I suppose this is what this article is referring to. Seeing as I don’t spend a lot of time watching toddlers play, I suspect this kind of thing is not that rare.

  • snapfie

    As for myself, i am a post-op( male to female ), i totally want to be female. To me, ladyboys in thailand can be called third gender because they have feminine face and breast but they have penis.