New York City Council Speaker Frontrunner Refused to Say Pledge of Allegiance


Between Bill de Blasio and Melissa Mark-Viverito, New York City seems headed for a term under radical left-wing extremists who hate this country.

A top contender for New York City Council speaker declined to say the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of meetings until she began getting serious about her candidacy this fall, according to a colleague.

Melissa Mark-Viverito stood but stayed silent during the Pledge because of her opposition to U.S. control of Puerto Rico, Queens Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz said.

“When I met with her months ago, I asked her why she didn’t pledge to the flag,” Koslowitz said. “She told me she wanted Puerto Rico to be independent.”

So shouldn’t Melissa Mark-Viverito be running for office in Puerto Rico? She can’t have it both ways. If she wants Puerto Rico to be independent, she should move back there and campaign for it. But instead she’s holding down political office in a country she rejects.

Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, a leader of the ascendant progressive wing, missed that basic section of the instruction manual. It turns out that during her eight years representing parts of East Harlem and the Bronx, she stood in silence when Council members recited the Pledge at the start of each session.

Now vying to succeed Christine Quinn as speaker, Mark-Viverito has given varying explanations for why a woman who was raised in a wealthy family in Puerto Rico, and who reports a personal net worth of between $1 million and $2 million, appeared to have such a chip on her shoulder about the good old U.S.A.

She first said that having grown up in Puerto Rico, she was unfamiliar with the rite. Hmm. She also graduated from Columbia University, got a master’s in public administration at Baruch and must have wondered, “What on Earth are these people chanting about?” when her Council colleagues performed the ritual.

“When I met with her months ago, I asked her why she didn’t pledge to the flag, she told me she wanted Puerto Rico to be independent,” Queens Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz told the Daily News.

Bill de Blasio is an ally of hers and is pushing her for the job. Naturally. She‘s also backed by SEIU.

Bill de Blasio is aggressively pushing East Harlem Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito as the council’s next speaker, two Democratic insiders revealed.

“Through back channels, his staff meets with council members,” one operative said. “They just lay out the situation: He’d like her to be the speaker. He thinks she’d be best.”

De Blasio is lobbying council members through Working Families Party surrogates, another insider told The Post.

WFP is ACORN. And Melissa Mark-Viverito has some ugly regional links.

Liberal East Harlem Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, a contender for City Council Speaker, is pals with Bolivia’s socialist, anti-American president, The Post has learned.

The pol even traveled to support Evo Morales — whose buddies include Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — during an ultimately unsuccessful recall election in 2008.

That same year, Mark-Viverito, Comptroller John Liu and Councilman Robert Jackson praised Morales after he spoke at the American Indian Community House in Lower Manhattan.

During the speech, Morales denounced an American “conspiracy” to interfere with his socialists agenda, because the US had sought to reduce cocoa farming because it can be processed into cocaine.

The Bolivian trip didn’t break Mark-Viverito’s bank. The city’s powerful healthcare workers’ union, where Mark-Viverito worked before her 2005 election to the Council, shelled out up to $5,000 for her airfare and hotel, records show.

Last week, the union — which also backed Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio — threw her a party in Puerto Rico to kickstart her campaign for speaker.

That union would be SEIU.

  • Omar

    This woman is nuts. Viverito is not going to get hew wish for a separate, Communist totalitarian Puerto Rico. The majority of residents of PR are proud American citizens and wish to see their island become the 51st state of the Union. If Viverito travels to the island and tries running for political office there, she wouldn’t get even 5% of the vote. I believe that Viverito is a Communist agent of Castrogonia (a.k.a. Communist Cuba). The left-wing extremism that she and her cronies believe in is yet another reason why the Freedom Center and other conservative organizations should support statehood for Puerto Rico. Not only would statehood bring full voting rights for residents of PR, but statehood will also deny the Communist totalitarian movement another place to control and oppress the people. One of the largest hypocrisies of the separatist movement in Puerto Rico and other Communists is that while they are advocating for over 3.6 million American citizens to become foreign immigrants to this country and citizens of what would become another Castrogonia (if in the very unlikely event that the Communist separatists in PR have everything they want), at the same time, those same Communist activists also advocate for the complete amnesty and granting of American citizenship to all illegal immigrants. In other words, the radical left wants to turn American citizens into foreign immigrants and turn illegal immigrants into American citizens. We need to tell these people that the island of Puerto Rico is American soil, that the island wants to become the next state of the Union and that the Communists are not going to be victorious. If Viverito wants to support true independence for a actual country that truly deserves independence, she should support Tibet’s struggle for independence. Tibet was a historically independent country that was forcefully invaded and occupied by Communist China (with support from the Soviet Union) in 1950. The Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader has been forced into exile in India (where he has been living since 1959) after Mao’s Communist forces crushed a popular uprising in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital shortly before the Dalai Lama fled Tibet for India. But, of course, Viverito won’t condemn Communist China’s illegal military occupation of Tibet because she is a Communist and she supports Communist China (as well as hates the Dalai Lama). Nor will Viverito condemn Castrogonia and its puppet state in Venezuela, the Cuban Raj, because she supports those despotic regimes. Hopefully, by 2017, New Yorkers will vote out Viverito and her friend and boss, Warren Wilhelm, Jr. New Yorkers need to engage in non-cooperation with the incoming Communist government until it is time to vote them out of office.

  • Veracious_one

    He’d like her to be the speaker. He thinks she’d be best.”
    meaning that just being a little less than a full fledged Muslim terrorist, she’s the worst he could find…

  • Drakken

    Ok am I the only one who thinks that this traitor is anti-American to the core and should be dealt with in an a manner fitting a traitor?

  • USARetired

    Both should be summarily excommunicated!

    • Drakken

      Don’t you mean executed?

  • A Z

    “She told me she wanted Puerto Rico to be independent.”

    “Republican Senator Henry M. Teller of Colorado proposed the Teller Amendment to ensure that the U.S. would not establish permanent control over Cuba after the war” – wiki

    It was a mistake not do this in regards to the Philipines and Puerto Rico.

    Nonetheless Puerto Ricans have voted to maintain the status of commonwealth, so who gives a ____ what Melissa Mark-Viverito wants. She is a leftist wringing her hands. She was more than happy to to use her status with the common wealth to enjoy the benefits of the U.S. and advance herself.

    I would just as soon as Puerto Ricans cut bait or fish.

    That is they should vote to become independent or become the 51st state. As it is they have been infantilized and are a welfare drain.

    Apparently Melissa cannot make a convincing argument to Puerto Ricans to stand on their own 2 feet. But it would be inherently hard for a lefty to do so.

    “. At the November 6, 2012, non-binding referendum on the status question, 54% of respondents voted to reject the current status under the territorial clause of the U.S. Constitution, while in a second question 61% favored statehood as the preferred alternative”

    • A Z

      My above comment is wrong and has been colored by the incessant braying by the left on the status of Puerto Rico.

      Apparently Puerto Ricans who are not leftists want statehood.

      1967, 1993, 1998, & 2012

      The trend is not her friend. Soon she will not have the status of Puerto Rico to B____ about..

      What will she do then?

      • Omar

        Another thing to remember is that the statehooders in Puerto Rico are closely aligned with the Cuban democracy movement, while the separatists are aligned with the Castro family dictatorship in Communist Cuba. The local pro-statehood party, the New Progressive Party (which is named after Theodore Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose” Party and does not have the same connotation as the so-called “progressives” of the left), has members that are affiliated with the stateside GOP. Statehood supporters in Puerto Rico are predominantly conservative, while their opponents are mainly on the left. That is undeniable.

      • Drakken

        I don’t want that black hole anywhere near the US as in state hood. It is a drain on the US.

    • Omar

      At least Guam, which is another U.S. territory, is stable and democratic, for the most part. While the Philippines has some flaws, it is generally a stable, democratic country. Cuba, on the other hand, is a Communist totalitarian dictatorship. In fact, Communist Cuba should be called Castrogonia (a term created by Cuban American blogger and activist Carlos Eire) because it is ruled by the corrupt Castro mafia family. Last November, residents of Puerto Rico rejected the current territory status (often called commonwealth) with 54% of the vote and 61% of island voters chose statehood. Just remember that in the island of Puerto Rico, the statehooders are our allies since they are predominantly conservative and pro-American, while the separatists are our foes because they are Communists and anti-American. The Popular Democratic Party (which supports either the current territory status or an impossible status proposal known as “enhanced commonwealth”) are also our foes, because they want to undermine the statehood movement, conservatism and American democracy. That is undeniable.

      • A Z

        Enhanced Commonwealth is all the bennies but none of the work.

    • Drakken

      Cut Puerto Rico loose, it is nothing but a drain on the US taxpayers. It contributes nothing to the US.

  • Clare Spark

    Nothing new here: See “The New/Old Anti-Americanism.”

  • Hass

    What a deluded twat. This ungrateful parasitic scum is a hypocrite. The imbecility of accusing one host’s is fashionable amongst the Lefties.

  • worldwatchman

    You would think of all places that New York wouldn’t stand for this. But, then again, it’s New York where they’ve traded rape, robbery, gangs for Communism. Pathetic. Where has our America gone? She’s not here anymore.

  • herb benty

    Arrogant intellectual, wealthy commie. These twits are like coakroaches, they just keep coming..Oh!, “she studied at Columbia, that explains a lot;

  • mackykam

    Hope she becomes speaker. That is what New Yorker deserve. Along with a Marxist mayor and black lesbian first lady (my ass).