New York Democrat Blames Knock-Out Game on “Jews With Bags of Money”


Don’t worry. Laurie Cumbo isn’t saying that Jews with bags of money are responsible. She’s just “passing along” what she’s been hearing.

The blacks of Crown Heights have “grievances,” that most haunted of urban words.

Laurie Cumbo, 38, who is black and newly elected to the City Council representing part of Crown Heights, told us that when she was campaigning she heard many in the African-American and Caribbean community complaining that “Many of the buildings are owned by the Jewish community and [black tenants felt] there was a deliberate movement to push them out of their homes. What they would say to me is [the Jews are] doing this, not fixing that, making noise, they’re trying to push me out.’

“They tell me, ‘You better do something about this.’ They fear an ultimate takeover,” Cumbo continues. “Many [blacks living in private homes] talk about how proud they are, that no matter how many ‘bags of money’ were brought to their doors [by Jews] to buy their homes, they’re not selling.”

Young blacks might be picking up on the resentment. “It may be one of those things,” says Cumbo, “that when they come home their parents are talking, ‘those damn Jews,’ not that they’re talking to the kids but kids hear.”

And council members repeat. And imply that if the Jews stopped expanding, maybe this would go away.

“Many African American/Caribbean residents expressed a genuine concern that as the Jewish community continues to grow, they would be pushed out by their Jewish landlords or by Jewish families looking to purchase homes,” Cumbo wrote. ”I respect and appreciate the Jewish community’s family values and unity that has led to strong political, economic and cultural gains… While I personally regard this level of tenacity, I also recognize that for others, the accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success.”

And also no one is paying attention to black people being shot… not by Jews with bags of money.

I am challenged with the reality that a 66 year old grandfather was shot and killed earlier this week while dropping off money in Fort Greene’s Walt Whitman Houses to help a family pay for Thanksgiving dinner. There was no public outcry or calls for swift legal action for this loss of life or for the dozens of others that were killed in the public housing developments this year in the District.

Probably because it can’t be blamed on the Jews. Anyway knocking out Jews is really bad. But it shouldn’t ruin the lives of those youths doing the knocking out.

Cumbo said violent behavior “is not to be tolerated… At the same time, we don’t want to ruin the lives of young people who are too young to understand. We want to do this in such a way that this kind of immature and dangerous behavior does not condemn individuals for the rest of their lives.” She called for black-Jewish dialogue. “Perhaps a basketball tournament, perhaps a youth panel discussion, where young people can talk about each other’s culture.”

After the breakfast, one Jewish participant, who asked not to be identified, was incredulous: “Basketball? A youth conversation? If women were being raped here, would we tell the women to dialogue with young men before we caught the rapists? If there was a Ku Klux Klan rally, we would tell young blacks to play sports with whites, until we knew which of the white kids was at such a rally?”

Multicultural Jewish-Black-KKK basketball… is there anything it can’t solve?

As an African American woman, this is challenging, because I recognize that it is Black children and not Jewish children that are playing the “Knock Out Game.” Why is this? In many ways governmental neglect, outside uncontrolled influences and failed leadership have led to the breakdown that so many young people of color are currently facing. I feel torn because I feel apart of the very system that has caused the destructive path that so many young people have decided to take while I am simultaneously demanding that they be arrested by that same system.

I am concerned that the media attention around the “Knock Out Game” is divisive and will erode the real progress that has been made over decades. The recent November 26th article published in The Jewish Week, paints African American teens in a dangerous light, and could cause the vast majority of innocent young people of color to be seen as criminals in the Crown Heights community as a result of the actions of a dangerous small minority. At the same time, there are some people in the African-American/Caribbean community who foster stereotypical views of Jewish people, which is why it is important that we create a more open dialogue.

Government neglect.


  • antioli

    During the 1950s when there was %97 of Whites employed %94 of Blacks were employed (maybe not such high paying jobs). The liberals now say the Unemployment rate back then was twice the White unemployment rate. Deceitful eh wot.
    The the Puerto Ricans moved in to the US and things started getting worse for the Blacks as per unemployment. Now it is immigrants legal and illegal who have displaced even more Blacks.
    A vicious circle is in progress : As things get worse Blacks become more violent which makes Whites afraid of them,Whites move out and the tax base falls and unemployment rises even more.
    The racial obsessed left fans the flames and tries to lynch Zimmerman because he was white. The Left blames Whites for every thing which encourages the sucker punchers to feel no Guilt.

    • James Williams

      Zimmerman was white? He looks like a fat brown guy to me, complete with very central american facial features.

      • Carlos_Perera

        Actually, Zimmerman is of Peruvian–with a strong Quechua component–extraction on his mother’s side, German-American on his father’s. But your broader point is correct; he would not be considered white, even in Latin America (where the phenotypical criteria for assigning white identity are more . . . relaxed than in the U. S.).

      • mikeh420

        Anything lighter than black is White. Except for 0bama.

      • Sabido Robles

        Zimmerman was half Jew, too! All Jews deserve to be exterminated once and for all!

        • BenJabo1Machal

          All of the mentally, such as you, deserve to be exterminated first, head to the front of the line

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Don’t you mean exterminate half of him? Also he’s pretty well armed so you should go and try your best.

    • Omar

      Antioli, Puerto Rico is not a separate country. Puerto Rico is part of the United States. It is a U.S. Territory and thus its residents are American citizens (no passport is necessary for people traveling between the island territory and the 50 states, as flights between PR and the 50 states are domestic). Don’t repeat what the separatists and what many supporters of the current territory status tell you (I, like more than half of residents of Puerto Rico, favor statehood for the island territory).

      • Drakken

        I don’t favor statehood for a 3rd world backwards failed state that sucks US taxpayers money to keep it afloat, cut it loose and keep it’s dregs out of here.

        • Omar

          Drakken, on most issues, you are right on point. However, on the issue regarding Puerto Rico and its political status, you seemed to be misinformed. The main reason why PR is currently in an economic mess is because of its political status as a territory. The island is more economically advanced than every country and territory in the Caribbean region, but it is lagging behind the states of the United States of America. As long as Puerto Rico is a territory, it is only able to manage those economic problems, rather than to solve those problems. Because of the problems resulting from territory status, residents of Puerto Rico are moving out of the island in large numbers. Those people are moving to the mainland states, states like Florida, Ohio and Texas. The only way that PR is able to solve its economic problems is for the island to become a state of the Union. If Puerto Rico secedes from the U.S., the island will be taken over by Communist Cuba, and it would become another Communist totalitarian country.

          • knowshistory

            if an independent PR was stupid enough to allow cuba to enslave them, they would richly deserve it. if cuban communism is what they want, who are we to deny them their chosen destiny?

      • knowshistory

        in the 50’s a gang of puerto rican separatists shot up congress, proclaiming that puerto rico should be independent. it is unfortunate that the people of the 50’s were not as easily persuaded by terrorists as the americans of today. we would have done well to double down on the terrorists, and not only free puerto rico, but send back its people as well. but, in the 50’s, we were not as easily influenced by terrorism as we are now. the execrable coward george w bush responded to the worst ever act of war against our country by proclaiming the aggressors a “great religion of peace”. then we elected one of the aggressors to be the coward’s successor. is there a nation with a population as stupid and suicidal as ours?

        • Omar

          The separatists in Puerto Rico only have about a maximum of around 5% of support in every election and in status plebiscites (in last year’s plebiscite, independence only received about 5.5% of the vote). The separatists are virtually a pariah. Even the separatist movement in Alaska has more support than the separatist movement in Puerto Rico among respective voters. The difference between the two separatist movements is that the one in Alaska doesn’t really have any particular allegiance to any political ideology, while the one in Puerto Rico is predominantly Communist. The vast majority of residents of Puerto Rico are proud American citizens and wish for their homeland to remain a part of the United States. In fact, more residents of Puerto Rico want the island to become a state of the Union than to remain as a territory (in that same plebiscite last year, 54% of island voters said no to continuing the current territory status and 61% of voters picked statehood as the right way to go for Puerto Rico). There is already freedom in PR. Resident of Puerto Rico already enjoy most aspects of American citizenship. However, the problem with it’s territory status is that there is inequality due to Puerto Rico’s status as a territory. Although island residents can vote for their local leaders, they can’t vote for President and Vice President of the United States, nor can they vote for Senators nor any voting House members (residents of Puerto Rico vote for a Resident Commissioner, who is a non-voting delegate representing the island territory in the House of Representatives. The Resident Commissioner can vote in House Committees, but not in the House Floor). In addition, because of it’s territory status, Puerto Rico gets less federal funding than the states. Because of the current territory status, many residents of PR are leaving their island home in large numbers. Where are they going? They are not moving to foreign countries (especially not countries with despotic regimes like Castrogonia [a.k.a. Communist Cuba] and its puppet states like the Cuban Raj [a.k.a. Chavista Venezuela] and modern Sandinista Nicaragua). Resident of Puerto Rico are instead moving to the mainland states like Florida, Ohio Texas and other states. In fact, today, there are more Puerto Ricans who live in the U.S. mainland than in the island of Puerto Rico. If Puerto Ricans really hate the United States, why do they come and live here? And why is the statehood movement the predominant movement in Puerto Rico? In Puerto Rico, statehood supporters are overwhelmingly pro-American, predominantly conservative and wish to perfect this Union. I know this because I read information on the statehood movement in Puerto Rico as well as on the New Progressive Party (by the way, the term “progressive” in the name of that political party does NOT have the same connotation and meaning as the so-called “progressive” left in the West views itself. The New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico is named after Theodore Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose” Party and has absolutely nothing to do with Henry Wallace’s isolationist party), which is the main political party in Puerto Rico supporting statehood for the island territory. We shouldn’t judge an entire people for the actions of a few extremists. In the case of Puerto Rico, we shouldn’t judge every person with family ties to the island based on the actions of the far-left separatist extremists (I already mentioned that the separatist movement is small in number). The bottom line is that resident of Puerto Rico want the island territory to become a permanent state of the United States of America, so that island residents can vote for their national leaders and active their dreams without having to move to a mainland state. Residents of Puerto Rico want to become permanent American citizens in their island home, not residents of another Communist Cuba. The actions of a few violent extremists will never defeat the general population.

          • knowshistory

            a minority, you say. enforcing the will of a minority on a majority is what terrorism is all about. regarding statehood versus continued commonwealthism vs independence: no surprise that the majority of PR citizens prefer to continue the welfare checks. it should not be their choice. i see no advantage to the non-PR citizens of the USA in continuing the “oppression” of PR. i say, let their people go. whether they like it or not, and discontinue their privileged immigration status.

          • Omar

            You are right that there is no real oppression in Puerto Rico. However, you seen to be misinformed on a few things. First of all, Puerto Ricans are NOT immigrants to this country. They are American citizens just like everyone who is born anywhere in the United States (except maybe for American Samoa, a Pacific overseas territory). In fact, residents of Puerto Rico have been American citizens since the Jones-Shafroth Act was passed by the federal government in 1917. Anyone who was born in Puerto Rico on or after January 13, 1941 (the majority of the island population today was born after that date) is a natural-born citizen of the United States of America. The main reason why residents of Puerto Rico are on welfare in large numbers is because of the island’s status as a territory. I already mentioned that island residents are moving to the mainland states in large numbers in order to vote in national elections and to seek a better quality of life. The separatists are a small group of far-left totalitarian extremists who have very little support in island elections and plebiscites. The majority of Puerto Ricans want their island home to remain a part of the United States and a majority want Puerto Rico to become a state of the Union. Did I mention that residents of PR have served in the U.S. military in greater proportional numbers than almost every state of the Union? The fact of the matter is that Puerto Rico wants to become a state, not another country. Statehood for Puerto Rico would benefit both the island and the United States as a while. Not only would statehood grant over 3.6 million American citizens full residential voting rights at the national level (as well as improve the local economy and quality of life in PR), but statehood will also improve national security and deny America’s enemies the opportunity to cause horror in PR. In addition, as part of the United States, flights between Puerto Rico and the states are domestic flights. As American citizens, we don’t need a passport to travel to PR. If the island severed, we would be required to bring a passport when visiting. Why would you want that?

  • Jakareh

    So let me get this straight: When blacks ruined not only neighborhoods but whole cities by moving in en masse and making mini-Kinshasas out of them, anyone who was slightly displeased was deemed a racist. But if Jews or other non-blacks make an above-the-market offer for a piece of real estate owned by blacks, their “grievance” justifies violent, often deadly, attacks. Do I understand this correctly?

    • jakespoon

      You do.

  • tickletik

    The wicked always criticize others for the flaws they themselves posses. This woman belongs to a community that itself drove out the old residents of Crown Heights, what she and her constituents are really complaining about is that they haven’t managed to drove the Chabadniks out!

    These people are behaving very wickedly. Beating and murdering and robbing has a lot less to do with race, and a lot more to do with corruption and evil.

    Fortunately, problems like this can be solved. It’s simple. Don’t tolerate evil. Call the black community out on this, hold liberals accountable for this as well. Light a fire under peoples fert

    • mikeh420

      Sorry, but it DOES have everything to do with race. No one hears of white youths playing the knockout game. It’s exclusively black youths. When more people open their eyes and realize this, the better off we will all be.

      • defcon 4

        Nurture or nature? I knew a Christian man from Eritrea, he once told me something to the effect of “Don’t confuse their culture with mine.” In reference to African-Americans.

    • BagLady

      but what if she is right? What if ‘Rachman’ is alive and kicking in her town? (See London circa 1950/60s)

  • cheechakos

    Crown Heights has had a Jewish community for as long as most people can remember.
    What right do African American/Caribbean residents have to complain or dictate the size of the Jewish community?

    If a white community complained they would be pushed out by their black landlords or by black families looking to purchase homes, this woman would be screaming bloody murder all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Her naked antisemitism and stereotyping of Jews with bags of money are horrifying in this day and age.

    The problem in the black community isn’t poverty,government or lack of housing.
    It’s the lack of parents, ignorance , institutionalized antisemitism,racism ,greed,jealousy and hatred.

    • Ariadnea

      Socialism/liberalism/Communism is built on division, envy, and victimization as its foundation. For Liberal Jews supporting an ideology, which use and promote these tools/strategies for which Hitler used against them and their people, is just moronic.

      • saris1

        Jews invented Communism, lol Marx was a Jew. Engels was a Jew and so was Lenin and Trotsky.

    • Drakken

      So what are you going to do about it really? You know darn well that dialogue, inner faith healing and other liberal stupidity isn’t going to change anything other than still blame the Jews, so you and yours had better arm up and protect yourselves, otherwise your nothing more than bait for more abuse. Oh yes I almost forgot, if you protect yourself, always police up your brass and continue walking and plead the 3 monkys, hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil. After a few thousand of the feral youts are culled, they might learn.

      • cheechakos

        But that does nothing about this public official and her blatant hatred. People need to start calling out this blatant antisemitism.
        We’ve had white privilege theories ,gay rights ,illegals rights and black rights rammed down our throats for 4 years.
        It’s time a real minority ,Jews, receive the same attention.

        I’m armed, know the drill and I’m not Jewish btw.

        I just hate religious intolerance and persecution of innocent people.
        And islam is not a religion

        • Drakken

          You want to get that dumb ignorant ghetto politician? Speak softly and lob lots of rocks at her. Tell her plainly that there will be no more talking about it, that you and yours will be doing something about it.

  • Hank Rearden

    Oh. So its the Joooooos. No problemo. What a relief.

    • BS77

      Many of the Jews in that neighborhood do not have “bags of money” at all, but are barely getting by like other poor working people.

      • defcon 4

        Are you saying that the good Democraptic council member might be exhibiting cheap Jewish prejudices? Say it ain’t so!

  • edlancey

    “Cumbo wrote. ”I respect and appreciate the Jewish community’s family values and unity that has led to strong political, economic and cultural gains… While I personally regard this level of tenacity,”

    You missed out the money shot immediately before your quote:

    “I am particularly inspired by the fact that the Jewish
    community has not assimilated to the dominant American culture”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Whatever the dominant culture in New York City even is.

  • Carlos_Perera

    New York City’s Orthodox and Hasidic communities–along with the entire population of Staten Island–will play the part of Soviet kulaks under the de Blasio regime.

  • Danny

    If I see a group of Black kids walking towards me, I’m going to make sure I don’t get within 5 yards of them. Now, you can blame me for being a racist, or you can choose to be logical and recognize that if Black youths behaved like civilized people and not deranged thugs, I and many others wouldn’t be afraid to go near them. If these kids’ grandparents and great-grandparents could see how their descendants behave (after they tried so hard to be accepted into American life), it would break their hearts. That generation understood that to overcome Whites’ negative opinions of them, they would have to act BETTER than Whites, and for a while they did. Blacks at one time had a higher marriage rate and fewer single parent homes than Whites. For a time, they achieved more. You knew if you were being treated by a Black doctor, he would have had to work much harder than Whites to get where he is. No longer. Thanks to the Left’s narrative of Black victimhood, the behaviour of young Blacks is simply beyond the pale. It’s a tragedy.

    • motherofbeaver

      You are not a racist, you are a realist.

    • BagLady

      “Now, you can blame me for being a racist, or you can choose to be
      logical and recognize that if Black youths behaved like civilized people
      and not deranged thugs, I and many others wouldn’t be afraid to go near

      It’s called xenophobia. Most people suffer from it. Not on a one-to-one basis of course, but an African will tremble with discomfort if he finds himself in a room full of white people. An Indian woman climbed aboard a tourist bus by mistake. Once she realized where she was, she panicked, screamed and ran off the bus. She had heard about the goings on in the West.

      • Jakareh

        pho·bi·a [foh-bee-uh]
        a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

        The examples you gave of the African and the Indian are indeed xenophobia rooted in ignorance. By contrast, being wary of a group composed of individuals who far more prone to unprovoked violence than other members of the society—be they black teenagers, outlaw bikers, or what have you—is an entirely rational fear and therefore not a phobia. It is, rather, the normal and healthy human instinct for self-preservation.

        You’re welcome for the lesson.

        • BagLady

          You are right.. up to a point. The ‘health’ goes out of the ‘instinct’ when racial hatred of the likes of the KKK turn a rational man into a thug.

          It is in our genes to be afraid of the alien. Right now we are being forced into multiculturalism and so-called integration at an astounding pace and within ever decreasing borders. It will all end in tears as we cram into our various ghettos.

  • nobody

    The unfortunate thing in all of this is how many Jews consistently vote for the fascist left over and over again, and never seem to learn a thing. I am so glad to have removed myself from that decrepit city. And de Blasio, for example, is a prime example of how awful most Jews are in their decision making process when it comes to elections. Absolutely baffles me. Honestly, I cannot imagine the Jews of Crown Heights voting for this guy and I am sure they did not do so. They are really totally innocent victims of fascist BLACK thugs roaming the city. Where I am now this would not be tolerated. This is a Second Amendment town.

  • jakespoon

    “Blah,blah,blah,yada,Jews-blah,blah blah,white people, yada,blah-basketball…”

  • motherofbeaver

    Her reasoning is so incoherent and irrational it’s a wonder she can cross the street by herself and get out of the way of traffic. With leaders like her is it surprising that her society is “fakakt”? Pardon my French.

    • BS77

      In the past, as Michael Savage said on the radio last night, people like this twit Cumbo, would have been asked to step down….she never condemns the crime, but seeks “rationalizations ” teen thugs punching old defenseless people……what a pile of garbage.

    • mikeh420

      The Yiddish word is “Ferkakte”, or becrapped, which is most appropriate.

      • motherofbeaver

        Thank you for the correction. I wrote it out phonetically. But whatever the spelling the meaning fits.

  • Shane

    More anti-Semitism from the Left and blacks. It is no coincidence that most of the victims of the knockout game in NYC are Jewish.

    • BS77

      The liberal left has a way of blaming the victim …it;s never the horrible culture of inner city gangs, drug addicts and lazy welfare parasites…no, it’s some 76 old woman walking down the street….She’s causes the coward garbage people to attack her by minding her own business and living her personal life. Now I get it. They resent her dignity and must attack her….see, decent people offend the vermin.

    • Sabido Robles

      No, yet another Jew lie. There have been over 500 of those kinds of attacks on whites, the Jew controlled media ignored it. Now that a couple Jews have been attacked, it’s another Holocaust. I hope the blacks kill some Jews!

    • BagLady

      Is that accidental or on purpose? I have never read anywhere that black people have any particular animosity towards Jewish people. I was of the impression that crime stats showed the usual genres: drugs, drink, theft, sex and anger.

  • nomoretraitors

    “the accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success”

    That’s because it is NOT their success, nor should it be. You are not entitled to someone else’s success. You have to EARN your own.

    “could cause the vast majority of innocent young people of color to be seen as criminals in the Crown Heights community as a result of the actions of a dangerous small minority”
    The problem is the small minority are protected by the vast majority

  • mackykam

    The ‘grievance” is daring to hold blacks to basic civilization standards.
    Welcome to the second Dinkins administration. Time for the Jews to arm themselves, screw the NY state laws.

    • Sabido Robles

      Hopefully, the blacks will kill LOTS of you Satanic Jew parasites. Jews are behind the mass illegal immigration of Mexicans. The USA wanted to put up a fence, Jews were against it. But Israel has one. The USA wants to mass deport them, Jews are against it. But Israel does it.

      It goes on and on, Jews are helping to destroy the USA. Jews need to be destroyed. The USA needs a REAL Holocaust, not the fairy tale the Jews push and get guilt money from. Israel needs a Holocaust, too!

      • BenJabo1Machal

        I know why you are so bitter, your mommy still doesn’t know who your father was

      • Daniel Greenfield

        I didn’t realize Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were all Jews.

        But let’s be honest. If you got your real holocaust, three years later you would be claiming it was a made up holocaust.

        • Sabido Robles

          They are kikes, or paid puppet of you evil, Satanic kikes! There’s a reason you Jew bastards are the most hated people in the history of the planet!

          • Daniel Greenfield

            I can believe that Harry Reid is a puppet. He looks like a puppet. It might just be that he’s half-dead.

            But do you really think you’re making friends and influencing people?

      • knowshistory

        redirect your anger, sabi. individual jooz are nice people, and there is nothing about their religion that is intrinsically dangerous to gentiles. it seems to me that jooz are way overconcerned about past wrongs committed against them, and are overlooking real enemies who they are aiding and abetting as if they were friends. it is people like cuomo and the players of the knockout game who are most likely to wake up the jooish voter who has been consistently voting for his enemies for decades. nothing wrong with a little education, even if it is painful. as the jooish population gets educated in the school of hard knocks, there is another group, our wonderful muslim immigrants, who would like to reeducate you. they have a book that, unlike the jooish scriptures, DOES instruct the faithful to rob, rape, enslave, then genocide all others. you, like the jooz would do well to drop your antipathy to those who do not threaten you, and start working to prevent your own genocide at the hands of your real enemies.

  • BenJabo1Machal

    Jews maintain their dwellings, the bellyachers don’t!
    Look at the NY Public Housing, destroyed by it occupants, selling drugs in the hallways, poisoning their own people

  • Habbgun

    This woman is a hack and should be hounded. This dialogue crap is only meant to give an audience to the ones who are somehow “chosen” to conduct it. You can be sure by dialogue she means a forum which will give her a 3 hour stage and if they play it right national exposure. That is what she wants and that is what she should get. Where does her money come from? Who supports her? Who does she support? How can she morally support the suppression of gun rights? How can she support the confiscation of citizen funds to pay for CUNY which is a great part of what consistently puts NYC in debt and creates the high tax environment that drives out jobs? Has she ever been accused of corruption? How does she tolerate the high degree of corruption in Democratic politcs? We have questions for which she must answer and which an entire nation deserves the answers.

  • defcon 4

    I wonder what she thinks about Ethiopian Jews?

  • glpage

    Cumbo: “At the same time, we don’t want to ruin the lives of young people who are too young to understand.”

    I’m going to guess that the vast majority of young black males participating in the knockout game are usually 14 and older. At what point are young blacks supposed to be socialized enough to understand unprovoked attacks on other people is wrong? Is black culture such that violence by teen age and early 20s black males is acceptable?

    I guess Ms. Cumbo feels like young black males should not be held responsible for any anti-social actions in which they engage. Attitudes like that could explain some of the problem.

  • defcon 4

    Jessie Jackson must be smiling and nodding his head in approval — or maybe abject senility.

  • v

    Here is what we need to blame for those thugs’ behavior. Fatherless homes, motherless homes, siblingless homes, poverty, lack of food, envy of the rich and those who have, society, white men, white women, men who are not too black, not enough food stamps, not enough welfare money, no free housing or not enough subsidies for housing, no healthcare, educated and well-off jews, hard working middle class, not enough government hand outs, too many smart asians, rich people with too much money, Jews with bags of money. Only in this country that this crap goes on. Ironically, this sort of thing does not exist or exists rarely in the true African community, I am talking about people from Africa, born and raised there and migrated to this country, real African-American, compared to blacks who were born and raised in this country and have never even been to Africa and most likely cannot pinpoint it on the map. And I have no idea why we are still calling them African American, it is a true insult to true Africans.

  • Santos2

    Who is the man in the photograph with her? Is he a Jew with bags of money? Are his bags of money just out of the shot?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That’s Bill de Blasio. He does have bags of money, but he’s also the new class warrior mayor of New York

  • Tanks-a-lot

    “The Jewish Week, paints African American teens in a dangerous light, and could cause the vast majority of innocent young people of color to be seen as criminals in the Crown Heights community as a result of the actions of a dangerous small minority. At the same time, there are some people in the African-American/Caribbean community who foster stereotypical views of Jewish people, which is why it is important that we create a more open dialogue.”

    She’s not a bad person. She’s just been raised to be a good Dumbocrat.

  • Jacob Obadiah

    Here’s the irony of this whole situation..
    These people are converts to the faith

    of Jacob, not his descendants by bloodline,

    yet the very blacks whom they are always

    at odds many of them are the true descendants

    of Jacob..

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That’s not proper Nation of Islam doctrine.

  • RoxanneRoxanadana

    Ms. Cumbo is crackers. The total number of thugs involved in the “knockout” game nationwide cannot be more than about 2,000 in anyone’s wildest imagination. These things are, by & large, simple assaults in Texas (exclusive of gang law considerations) & non-felony battery in NY. There are 30M+ Black people in the US. There’s no way to blame this on Black people at large, if only because the number of aggravated assaults in the US (e.g., assault with a deadly weapon) was 760,739 in 2012, & no one blames the Black community in general for that. The trouble is what people do to defend this horrific garbage. These thugs punched a 72 year old woman about noon. Who can possibly defend anyone who whacks a little old lady in broad daylight? Instead of trying to explain this garbage by some general notion (which is impossible to do), Ms. Cumbo should be emphasizing that her community can work with the police to stomp this stuff out. Why she is in effect encouraging violence is beyond me. Remember this, the thug who would punch a little old lady in broad daylight would have no problem whatsoever raping Ms. Cumbo.

  • RevnantDream

    Another race card played in a stacked deck, by a would be self congratulating “progressive”. Who thinks because she’s socialist. All they say is golden.Free in the certain knowledge the Media will hide her sins.

    The culture of these political creatures, lauds degeneracy. First the put down, than the BUT to ameliorate her bigotry.
    The real fear is many of her black constituents are scared of work.
    Want to be perpetual victims, on other peoples labour desperately keeping this crowd laundered, as the money dries up from over taxing .
    To make criminal acts sanitized by phoney racism.

    A real councillor would be encouraging self esteem by work. Trouncing bad behaviour as immoral. Not being an apologist for assault. Reminding people irrespective of ethnicity. The rule of Law over self interest, including anti social actions is paramount for civility .
    This mindset of excuses for crooks leads straight to Detroit.
    I guess if your the right minority , you can be a full time bigot without recrimination.

  • Lanna

    Watch as New York falls, it is going to go down at some point in history…the city that sits on the waters…Babylonian culture!

  • catherine maneker

    Sooooooo……….the knock out “game” is because Jews are sucessful, have strong family values? Who knew? Here I thought it was just a fun game of attacking people for something to do instead of being sucessful and having strong family values. Wow………it’s good to know who to blame.

  • carpe diem 36

    “Anyway knocking out Jews is really bad. But it shouldn’t ruin the lives of those youths doing the knocking out.” this is what a newly elected council woman says?? oh, I get it, they should be rewarded for killing jews, especially those who are generous to a black family. who voted for this POS???