New York Muslim Day Parade Marchers Carry Al Qaeda Jihad Flags


Some are held by spectators and others by marchers in the parade meaning that the organizers of the parade had to approve marchers carrying Jihadist symbols. I can’t think of any other group that would be allowed parade around with blatant terrorist insignia in the city that those same terrorists attacked.


Muslims will claim that these were historically Mohammed’s flags, but today they are used by Jihadists and by Salafists as Caliphate flags. The black flag is the war flag and the white flag is the state flag of the Caliphate. (from Urban Infidel)

The Muslim Day marchers carrying the white flags are saying that they view themselves as part of the Islamic Caliphate and that they view New York as belonging to the Caliphate.

The Muslim Day marchers with black flags are waving an open declaration of war against New York.

These were the flags that were planted on American embassies on September 11 during the attacks. Now they are being carried openly in New York.


The Al-Liwaa, the Caliphate state flag, and the Al-Liwaa, the war flag, are making a statement that the marchers are with the army of Mohammed and are at war with the non-Muslim Dar Al-Harb. The House of War. America.

Muslim apocalyptic prophecies believe that armies from Afghanistan carrying the war flags will lead to their armageddon. These are the The Black Flags From Khorasan.

Muslim Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tasarnaev liked one of the black flag videos. Despite all this local politicians continue to participate in the Muslim Day hate fests and terrorist propaganda outings.


  • quousque

    Their garb is straight from the KKK handbook. What is DOJ and the yellow AG Eric Holder going to do about it?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Sue anyone who looks at them funny and then blame a YouTube video

    • wuffus

      Yeah really! You wear your hoodie, I’ll wear mine.

    • the1regina

      Eric Holder will do exactly what he did with the NBP, support them. Eric Holder is one of them……my opinion.

      • HawgRider

        So is O’Bozo…

    • le

      disgusting. This should not happen in America

      • R.Young

        Only in the New AMERIKA!

        • Dyer’s Eve

          You mean Amerikastan.

    • R.Young

      Most likely sent them people to march with them.

    • cole leblanc

      he is going to say they are well within thier rights to declare holy war on us in our country. i have news, if this is going to stop it will be because we get out of our little comfort zone and stop it, these are self proclaimed invaders of our country. our government has obviously abandoned us for beads and trinckets. the only hearts and minds american citizens should be worried about are our own

    • Jo Ann

      quousque: He is going to join them just like Obama is allowing it. COME ON BIKERS WHERE ARE YOU? YOU ARE THE BACK BONE OF AMERICA WE NEED TO SHOW THE WORLD WHO AMERICA BELONGS TO.the welcome mat needs to be shook

  • Mach1Duck

    I would say, “Fight Fire with Fire”, if the koran says, fight them where ever you find them, so be it…Fight them where ever. If the koran says slay the infidel, then turn the table.

    • Normal Man

      So you believe in the Koran?

      • tickletik

        No. Some of us believe in treating people as we are treated.

      • SoCalMike

        Of course not.
        We do believe in the Golden Rule.
        If Normal means sucking up, appeasong and rolling ovet, then I guess what you’re implying makes sense.

      • Mach1Duck

        What I believe is not important. What I know is you cannot defeat Muslim terrorism by not being as ruthless and inhuman as they are. History is my witness.

      • white liberty

        This claim of hypocrisy (“two wrongs don’t make a right”) violates the will to live, man’s natural moral compass.

        You can only beat a death cult with the will to live and sweep Muslims out of society and lock the door. Playing footsie with the religion of peace is suicidal. Christian fatalism, turning the other cheek in the name of “moral purity” is just disingenuous foolishness. How can it be taken seriously today?

        When a sword is running across your throat in the name of the Koran, that advice rings hollow.

        Why put the quest for moral purity over life itself? If the will to live is the fundamental, then hypocrisy disappears. Hypocrisy, here, would be to have a will to live and tolerate your demise.

        What violates the will to live is wrong. Koran is wrong. Muslim intentions are impure. Islamic immigration into the west is suicidal.

        Gluttonous immigration will cancel out the liberty vote.


        The Will to Live show:

    • Dyer’s Eve

      Respond by carrying the Cross. The antichrists (Muslims) hate the Cross. They fear it. That is why they want to destroy it.

      Mohammed used to break crosses all the time. He did so out of fear, anger and bigotry. The Cross will always triumph over the Crescent. Have a look at a Russian Orthodox Cross.

      • Jessica Mohamed

        PLEASE enlighten me where you heard or read that Muhammed ( peace and blessings be upon him) Used to break crosses so I can read it myself..

        • Ryland Esparza

          Dictionary of Islam, Page 63. Look under “Cross”.

        • Rose

          You say this with Muslim War Flags FLYING.
          That is evil.

          The One True God of Abraham knows the Rightful Heirs.

      • Mach1Duck

        I think Mo feared Christians and the Jews, because he stole his religion from both of them…also Zoaster. But if you look at the battles the Muslims fought, most of the areas Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Spain were at peace and had no standing armies. It was not until the Muslims came up against Charles Martell that they met a standing army and were defeated. Valid the Impaler stopped the Muslim progression through Romaina by being more inhuman then the Muslims. The Muslims used the same tactics against the Bazentine Empire that they are using now…Whittle away at the economy until they could no longer fight.

      • Larry

        And what are we doing as Christians for our Christians brothers and sisters executed like dogs inside churches in Africa and the Middle East? The Cross itself is not powerful enough if we are indifferent to what is done to christians. Muslims burnt hundred of churches in total indifference. Try to burn a mosque and you will start the 3rd world war. Wake up people.

    • gregkliebigsr


      Psalms 14:1. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Psalms 53:1. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.
      alah ain’t nothin’ but a little demon from hell, a reject sun god! NOW!!

  • peter3dogs

    Search for weapons???

  • peter3dogs

    I ‘d love to sell BBQ Pork Ribs!!!

    • Normal Man

      Which means you believe in the Muslim religion because you believe that works?

      • tickletik

        No. It means he thinks it’s good to stand up to your enemies and defy them.

        But you already knew that you little shill.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “Which means you believe in the Muslim religion because you believe that works?”

        It “works” alright. Just not as they believe.

    • The pope

      Chill out. Muslims are a greater threat to themselves than to the average christian /agnostic American. After a couple of generations these people will integrate completely. Get on with life and stop with the hatred and paranoia.

      • KingHasNoClothes

        No they will not integrate. Look to Europe and see what third generation muslims are doing (UK, France). Worse than the generations that went before them. Muslims do not want acceptance. They do not want equality. They do not want freedom or civil rights but will use these to achieve what they really want – domination over all. Be warned. Wake Up.

  • Mia Carla

    This is why there are no moderate muslims.. they just proved they are all the same. MURDERERS! Child Rapists! War Mongers. They don’t deserve to be part of humanity.

    • Veracious_one

      While the Muslims were slaughtering the people in the Kenyan mall you didn’t see any Muslim cleric, group, or organization rushing to the mall to tell the Muslim terrorists that they have misunderstood their peaceful religion of Islam…As I write this I hear a nearby mosque broadcasting the call to prayer….it reminds me that Muslim terror is just around the corner.

      • Nothing Norma in here

        It is not around the corner, it is already there.

        Mia Carla, I do agree with you completely.

      • Mach1Duck

        No, but you saw a four-year-old boy tell one of the terrorist, “You are a bad man.”

        • Mo86

          Wow! That child has more guts and wisdom than our entire government!

          • Mach1Duck

            Yes, and the gunman holding them replied, “We are not monsters.” then let them walk away.

          • Mo86

            So that makes them not monsters in your view?

    • Lenin-McCarthey

      They’re human garbage!

    • JoAnn

      Some of the American people have tries to believe there is some good in these people. This is what they counted on Now they have Millions in our Country , just waiting for the call to kill American’s. Muslim’s are warring people not some one you can reason with . They think they were sent here by their god to kill us, and that is what they intend to do , with Obamas blessings.

      • KingHasNoClothes

        Who is letting these people into the US?!

  • Debbie

    And So. What is the President of the USA going to do about this. They are Declaring War on USA Grounds. New York is a USA State?

    • Mo86

      Arm them.

      That’s what he’s doing in Syria, isn’t it?

  • CowboyUp

    Muslims gave New Yorkers a big FU, and New Yorkers were too dumb to even realize it.

    • BS77

      FDNY dead must be rolling in their graves……twelve years after 9/11 the vermin are marching in shrouds in New York with Al Queda flags….and our government permits this? UN BELIEVABLE. What the Freak is wrong with us…have we become that pathetic? FDNY…your sacrifices will NEVER be forgotten.

      • DesertRatPunkMetaller

        Who do you think invented al Queda? Oh yea it was the CIA aka al CIAduh.


          Nah. Al-KGBda.

          • DesertRatPunkMetaller

            I don’t think so.

    • Mo86

      Exactly right.

      How unspeakably evil.

    • defcon 4

      Nah, New Yorkers embraced the FU, because 9-11 was merely a man-made tragedy.

  • TRAV1S

    Is this like St Patrick’s Day or the 4th of July for Muslims?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      But with snakes

  • phenry

    This event should come as no surprise. The Islamists have done the same thing all over Europe with little resistance. There is even less resistance in America because people are busy with other things like the emmys, iphones and other toys. Our leaders are no help. Many of them are actually with the Islamists as they look the other way as long as they get a check from the Saudis. As the population and attacks grow, the Islamists begin to protest and make demands, such as closing schools for Islamic holidays. Why not, since the president has been celebrating Muslim holidays since his election. Madonna was not joking when she stated that there is a muslim in the white house.

    The militant arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-quaeda, is assaulting many foreign governments. Bin laden was simply a fall guy for Obama’s re-election campaign. Remember, they do not mind being killed if is for the cause. Now Obama is supplying arms for al-quaeda in Syria. It is only obvious what is happening right before our very eyes, but too many believe whatever the media and politicians say. Both Christians and Muslims have their prophecies. They complement each other. As soon as the Christians are taken away, America and every other country will be ripe for the Muslim takeover. Who is going to resist them? Who is resisting them now?

    • Erudite Mavin

      Muslims will continue their terrorism and wars not only because Obama
      is their enabler, but much of the general Christian American Public
      don’t have a clue or don’t want a clue about this war, they are too busy attempting to take apart Republicans.

    • ray-sol

      It all makes sense now! when you read about the THE MARK OF THE BEAST, the 666 and the beheading of those who choose Christ during the GREAT TRIBULATION. You see? somebody has to; physically, do this to those who choose CHRIST, who else if not those who reject HIM and the CROSS, who already have one goal, one mentality and who have infiltrated our society. They are all over the world! wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing. They live among us! They taunt us, try us, and take as many of us as they can while its tolerable. But the day will come when CHRISTANS are removed from earth and then they will rain their wrath on all who refuse to be like them.

  • Erudite Mavin

    and if Nazis with their flag would have marched down a street in NYC in 1943,
    that would have lasted 5 seconds before they would have been rightly rounded up.

    • surj

      Erudite Mavin . ” and if Nazis with their flag would have …. ” Do you know who the real Nazis were and are ? see You will learn some thing for the first time. Islam is evil

      • Erudite Mavin

        I have known that history for years and have attempted to educate others about that tie in.

  • Zagat Tragonach

    We put men on the Moon, why can’t we create an aerosol form of pig’s blood to use for little ‘parties’ like this demonstration?

    • HawgRider

      I think everyone should carry a big bag of bacon bits with them every where, just in case you run into any “wild salads”…

  • Omar

    This parade should be called “March of the Terrorists”, since many of the participants think it is okay to wave a flag that stands for imperialism, Sharia Law, misogyny, oppression, intolerance, bigotry and world domination. Never mind the fact that the same extremist flag used by some of the participants represents the same ideology that attacked innocent Americans on 9/11. Why don’t those people understand that extremists (and particularly radical Islamist extremists) are not allowed in our country?

  • tagfu222

    This says it all.

    • ziggy zoggy

      At least two of her kids are productive Americans.

  • Cassandra

    I can’t believe this…the world’s gone mad! Parent gets arrested for asking a question at a PTA meeting, a guy gets arrested for knocking down some pro-morsi,pro-muslim brotherhood signs that were leaning against a fence, yet muslim terrorists can openly declare war and support for terrorism and not only are they not arrested by they are PROTECTED! This has to stop!

    • tickletik

      So put a stop to it.

    • Rose

      It has to BE STOPPED.

      Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. O sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only sufficient to assemble the people! – Patrick Henry

  • quousque

    Is there anyone who can verbatim translate the content on these banners and flags?

    • BS77

      . I cannot believe this parade of Evil was permitted in NYC. Un freakin believable. Just 12 years after 9/11 the shrouded vermin are marching with Al Queda flags in New York. . FDNY your brothers must be rolling in their graves. FDNY, your sacrifices will not be forgotten ………….Americans…wake up and wake up fast.

  • Dave

    I like Americans. They’ve always been polite and helpful to me. But I’m glad I dont live there-a war is coming.

  • Isaac Pentlin

    The muzzies are coming here thru a United Nations refugee assistance program; They are settled here by Church groups who get them on section 8 housing and welfare. the state dept pays the churches. the president dicides how many come.

  • Glenn Mason

    send all to Egypt as they know how to deal with terrorists and their Sponsors

  • Ron Torrisi

    Fuckem all.

  • Jakareh

    If those Muhammad’s flags, that’s all the more reason to ban them since he was himself a terrorist.

  • ziggy zoggy

    And these scumbags walk right down the middle of a street and nobody does anything about it? No wonder everybody hates New Yorkers.

    • hiernonymous

      So you’re one of those folks who thinks the First Amendment exists to protect people’s right to agree with you?

      • BradenLynch

        Their right of free speech and the practice of their satanic religion ends with any incitement to violence and their calls to murder me.

        Treat them like the Nazis in Illinois and counter protest/march with signs depicting their atrocities and evil intentions. How about their verse of the sword with a big X through it? No more PC stupidity and blind tolerance of these vipers.

        • hiernonymous

          Did one of them call for your murder? I missed that part fo the story.

          We have some yokels near here who fly the Confederate battle flag – are they inciting people to re-enslave our local black population?

  • Linda

    I thought no one showed up for this? Because of the bikers?

    • defcon 4

      That was the million man muslime march to Washington, D.C. you’re thinking of.

      • Linda

        You are so right… my bad! I did not see this on the news.. which does not surprise me at all. Thanks for the correction on this.. much appreciated.

      • HawgRider

        A couple of million bikers should have showed up here in NY, and kicked some “cult” butt….

  • denialator

    Where is the outrage? Where is New York’s Rep. Pete King (R-2)?

  • justme

    although the 2 million biker run to DC didn’t quite hit 2 million, it did have 1.8 million bikers from all over this country ride on DC, none of the media showed any coverage of this, a peaceful show of tremendous respect for the victims of 9/11 and a show of support for our troops, many of those riders are vets. supporting their brothers in arms. The subtle message was to our administration, that we may be a small portion of the census poll but we are strong, we love our country, and we are patriotic citizens that believe in our constitution and bill of rights. I’ve seen videos of this ride, people all along the routes in every small and large town lined the roads waving flags and supporting this group of patriots. Multiply the number of actual riders last week by the amount of supporters, this country is still strong with many millions of people that for several years have felt helpless, just watching our country being destroyed. On October 11th there is another planned ride into DC this time from truckers, the government has wiped out their facebook page so not many know of this…but ride on truckers ride!

  • Lou Cifer

    There’s your just reward for voting for Obama, New Yorkers.

  • petsnpeopletoo

    I cannot believe New Yorker’s let this get to the extreme it’s at after what these people did right in NY……Must be an aweful lot of pussy cat men in that state to let this go on in America!
    What is the matter NY…Do you need the biker’s of America to Stand For YOUR Rights & to Fight for your Country for your pansy butts…..Put your man pants on and take care of the Bad Matter in you State before it spreads & before they kill off all the American’s living there…..

  • Ralphski Cerminara

    Time for the next crusades

  • Brakechute

    I wholly disagree with the entire demonstration, however I have to support their First Amendment right to have it. Ditto on the Nazis, KKK, “Mothers against” whatever they’re against this month, pro-lifers, pro-choicers, etc, As soon as we outlaw unpopular speech and/or assembly we have lost as Americans. Take it as an opportunity to identify the enemy, and make notes.

  • Robin Leclerc

    i bet if someone bottled pigs blood , it would be a big seller right now…hell i’ll order some just in case…:)

    • Robin Leclerc

      well the govt did say they want us to pursue our passions in our free time

  • bob e

    gonna be great with the new socialist mayor…eh ??

  • guardian angel

    what happened to the good old days when the American people handled crap like this? I mean, one good ride through by the local chapter of the hells angels or perhaps a group of good intentioned marines having a bad day would go a long way in reminding these spineless little worms of where they are. AMERICA

  • Deerknocker

    Enough already with Muslim immigration.

  • texjoy

    There is a time for intolerance! We should never tolerant this wickedness in our country! PERIOD!

  • Tony Afara

    Mean while they deny permits for American Bikers and truckers. Anything wrong with this picture? This is Obama’s goal it’s what he became president for, to strengthen the terrorist’s hold in the U.S. this is infuriating; Am I the only angry one here?

  • Tony Afara

    Make no mistake about it, this has nothing to do with freedom of religion or speech, this is radical Islam sticking its finger in the eye of America. And we’re just gonna stand by and watch them walk all over us. When did America become the land of cowards?

  • jcd0101

    If we roll over – our nation will be just like Europe in 1939
    To all those who say – live and let live – appeasement
    APPEASEMENT will never work.
    Muslims – arent bad people by themselves – for i still hold that God made all mankind.. But when you couple Islam – with weapons and their fanatical teachings well – you get this mess we currently have..

    America isnt perfect – by no means are we perfect – but we do believe in 2 things – the God of the bible and that God gave us certain Rights
    like the right to freedom, peace and happiness..
    But that freedom is under constant threat and it COSTS SO MUCH
    The COST of freedom is always paid for in human life
    But the COSTS of surrender is always MUCH WORSE !!!
    Just my thoughts – i know where i stand now and i am prepared as well
    All americans need to be prepared either to fight or surrender
    Forget what the liberals say – they will always surrender – what will you do if (and i pray it never happens) if an attack like this happens in the usa..
    I know i always need to be prepared now..

  • Mo86

    I didn’t even know about this event!

    HOW can this be allowed?! How?!

  • Brodie Elkins

    turn your cheek for your brothers of like faiths. They are not our brothers. They are chaos manifesto, only organized to inflict bondage and intolerance. A religion of damnation and no quest for peace, but instead for blood. Is our gov’t afraid to lose its financial ties to Arab nations and oil princes if we wash our country of these like Australia is doing. Do the Oil princes and opec care if we do this, and does it matter either way? Why Allow this, why except this. We need to be biased and never allow this to worm its way any further.

  • Anonymous

    FALSE, the Al Qaeda flag has a sword on the bottom of the text and the flags in the video do not. NOT the same flag, you should really not post silly, untrue stuff like this… smh

    • defcon 4

      I’m glad you’re so cognizant of that fact. It’s still the blag flag of jihad.


      The flag was upside down

      because the wanna be jihadis don’t know their azz from their elbows.

  • Timothy Cullen

    what makes this any different then a bunch of rednecks in white hoods and robes marching around yelling hate propaganda?

    • laura rubin

      the difference is that it is allowed.

  • Jo Ann


    • DesertRatPunkMetaller

      Sleeper cells? bwhahahahahha Jebus Christ put down the kosher scare aid.

  • Jo Ann

    They are teaching Islam in our American Schools, but our Children are denied their prayers and the pledge of allegiance to their flag. . all the while Muslim’s are flying their flags in our Country AND DEFING US TO STOP THEM.

  • Keith Richards

    Looks like a ninja parade. I like ninja parades.

  • stevor

    was o’bama there, hiding behind one of the flags? How about Hitlery marching with her lover, uma abedeen (weiner)?

  • copykon

    This is not immigrant assimilation, this is a breeding ground of hate.

  • zach shaw

    Now reverse the scenario. Put christians waiving american flags in places where americans battled in iraq or iran. Those people would have been shot, dismembered, beheaded, and probably burned. It is because of this lack of action that these terrorists are gradually taking over. Thanks to all the law abiding citizens who are made to fear violence as the answer to destroy a cause raised and bred to kill you, if you dont revert to Islam.

  • DesertRatPunkMetaller

    It’s funny watching all the brainwashed morons under the spell of the Abrahamic Trinity of Evil argue which one is the evil one when it’s all 3 of them.

  • K Solomon

    This is a typical “divide and rule” tactic used by the ‘hidden hand’, the real terror is not a bunch of angry fools waving flags, the real terror resides on Wall Street. Do the first peoples of the USA commit acts of terror against the settlers? no!
    This strife and division among middle class men and women only benefits the puppet-masters. The leaders do not look for an end to war, they engineer a permanent state of war. The majority of moderate citizens want to live and raise healthy families, this is true for all faiths and religions. Reject the emotive journalism, it is not the whole truth, most people want to get along and live. Only the elites and there puppets want war to profit from.

  • HawgRider

    I agree, my opinion of New Yorker’s has hit the bottom of the barrel when they permit things like this to happen there…

  • mikesbuffalo

    and this is what bloombug and his buddie not only want support. its time to take back america.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well they’re about to pick just the right mayor. Sharia courts for NYC!

  • tece

    Why we don’t see this in all TV stations?

  • Magdi

    I wonder why is this allowed? Can anyone fly the nazi flag? We should make it a crime to promote al quaeda. This is pure taunting.

  • Rose

    When will America wake up!

  • Lawrence Jahn

    This is great, we can take video and photographs of all the crackpots in NYC we need to start watching and had I known about this, Id have been throwing raw bacon strips at them as they marched by.

  • faith63

    Everybody is talking about the muslim brotherhood goal, establishing a world wide muslim empire, a caliphate and destroying the western culture within and we are witnessing the amount of mosques poping up like mushrooms all over North America and Europe, however no government is implementing any laws or regulations about preventing this from happening.When will somebody do anything about it except talking?
    We need an action to limit this delinquent inbreed from taking over the world.
    That’s all they are, delinquent because they marry first someone from within the family to keep the wealth and the family name prospering, however their offspring comes out mentally unstable.haven’t you notice all fanatic one are extremely paranoid, hateful and very revengeful, all negative signs of mental condition.

  • Beaufort

    And still they do nothing.

  • gregkliebigsr

    Isaiah 59: 19. So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in; like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

  • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

    This makes me sick. 12 years later, the same kind of scum walk our streets. Where was everyone, to stop this jihadi terrorist apology? Our war is still not finished. We still have a lot to do.
    This is just crazy!

  • union flag supporter

    double standards !!! seems its ok for irish terrorists to walk around british streets where they murdered 1000,s but not acceptable to americans !!!

  • drof2th

    This country will be gone in the future unless you mo rons wake up and see what is happening!!!