New York Shootings Up 13% After Liberal Judge’s Stop and Frisk Ban


Judge Judy’s idiot liberal daughter has blood on her hands. But if Bill de Blasio becomes mayor, a Stop and Frisk ban will be the least of the things he will do to the NYPD.

New York City as it was in the 80s will be back, complete with Chicago size crime rates, subway trains covered in graffiti and more rapes than bad plays.

The recent ruling to reform the New York Police Department’s controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ tactic has already led to a sharp rise in shootings, new figures reveal.

In the month after the policy was ruled unconstitutional shootings spiked nearly 13 per cent while gun seizures fell almost a fifth, the figures show.

In the 28 days up to September 8 there were 140 shootings across the city, compared with 124 over the same period last year, according to NYPD statistics.

The shocking rise in gun crime has emerged days after the federal judge who ordered an overhaul of the stop-and-frisk strategy refused to delay it pending an appeal by the city.

U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin said such a delay would send ‘precisely the wrong signal.’

The signal being that she cares more about people than about her liberal agenda. Scheindlin is a Clinton appointee so you know which way that ball is going to come up.

Scheindlin, like most liberals, doesn’t care about the black people she claims to want to protect.

The murder of Antiq Henis, a 1 year old boy shot in his stroller in Brownsville, Brooklyn, by an assailant in a likely act of gang violence targeting his father is exactly the kind of crime that Stop and Frisk was meant to prevent.

In 2010, the New York Times described 52,000 police Stop and Frisk stops being made in Brownsville.

Antiq Hennis was shot at Livonia Avenue and Bristol Street in in the Marcus Garvey Village project. Unfortunately by then, Stop and Frisk had already been eliminated by Judge Shira Scheindlin, better known as Judge Judy’s daughter, a liberal judge appointed by Bill Clinton.

  • Guy Fromage

    Obviously, the availability of guns is to blame, because that’s the only thing that changed. (Said no sane person, ever.)

  • SoCalMike

    Too bad the judge won’t suffer the pain and mayhem she has inflicted on others.
    True justice demands she does.

    • nomoretraitors

      That’s the problem. These liberals never suffer the consequences of their stupidity, just as Obama and Holder won’t lose any of their family members in the next big Muslim attack

  • ytdontplay

    Eventually, the elitist liberal society will be surrounded by the rouges they supposedly support.

  • Veracious_one

    In 2010, the New York Times described 52,000 police Stop and Frisk stops being made in Brownsville.

    that’s because Brownsville drug and crime were very high…look for them to increase substantially now that the judge has ruled…


    Liberals hate the black culture and this is why they want to see blacks gun down in the streets like rabid animals…

  • Omar

    The crime rate is only going to get worse if De Blasio wins the mayoral election this November. I still can’t believe that NYC Democrats chose to nominate a radical Communist to be their party’s candidate for City Hall. In the Democratic primary two weeks ago, voters had an opportunity to choose between De Blasio and the moderate Bill Thompson. The other three candidates for the Democrats all had their own issues as well. I was hoping that Bill Thompson would win the nomination (or at least force a runoff election between him and De Blasio) so that at least, there wouldn’t be a radical Communist as the candidate for mayor of America’s largest city. Instead, De Blasio won with more than 40% of the electoral vote. Even worse, De Blasio remains unrepentant about his past activism over supporting the racist, fascist, near-genocidal Communist Sandinistas (who are still in power) in Nicaragua. In addition, if De Blasio wins, he will turn New York back to the cesspool that it was under his mentor, David Dinkins. Remember that Dinkins’ poor policing led to serious crimes and incidents like the Crown Heights pogrom. This should be a wake-up call for New Yorkers. I know that this November, I am going to vote for Joe Lhota. I know that the GOP candidate will keep the city safe from the crimes that De Blasio will not prevent. I’m asking every New Yorker, regardless of characteristics, to understand who De Blasio really is, and why they should vote for Joe Lhota instead.

  • trapper

    The lIberal judicial tyrants have been foisting their stupid ideas of law non-enforcement on us since the 1960’s and we have paid the price for it in increased murder and mayhem.

  • JCS

    What do rich liberals in their high security buildings in Manhattan care if more people are shot or robbed in high crime areas? The end of stop and frisk will make them feel better about themselves and how enlightened they are. They won’t suffer the consequences. Should the Upper West Side become a drug and gang infested
    war zone, they might stand up and take notice,

  • jakespoon

    Isn’t it weird that liberals don’t want the police to stop and frisk suspicious persons for illegal guns,but they have no compunction about coming into a law abiding citizens house to take theirs?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Bingo. It’s a war on us.

  • Dutch Renitent

    Judge Judy and Judge Shira are NOT related:

    Fortunately Judge Judy doesn’t have to live with that shame.

  • rbla

    To those sane New Yorkers. When some liberal urges you to support DumBlasio just say that you can’t vote for someone who opposes gun control.

  • andy

    I hope these politicians kids get lost in a neighborhood where the cops have stopped doing stop & frisks…