New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick Complains the Muslim Brotherhood’s Good Faith Was Never Tested

Hamas militants hold a poster depicting Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood as they celebrate in Gaza City after he was declared Egypt's president

If you see a “big picture” article on Egypt in the New York Times, chances are that it’s from the very slimy David Kirkpatrick whose latest magnum opus insisted that the violence could have been averted if Muslim Brotherhood leaders had been freed. The Point has taken apart some of his pieces before. But Twitter feeds are less edited than articles.

To which the reply was

But David Kirkpatrick is acting as if the Morsi days never happened. Freeing Muslim Brotherhood leaders is not a confidence building measure. There’s no confidence to build. Just a straight conflict.

The Muslim Brotherhood repeatedly showed that it could not be trusted. There is nothing in its past, its ideology or its actions to suggest otherwise.

David Kirkpatrick knows that quite well. But like the rest of the media, he is earnestly pretending otherwise, while slanting stories in a direction favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Gee

    Good faith? From an Arab? Are you serious?

    The Muslim Brotherhood stated their goal was to return Egypt to the 8th Century. They made a heck of a start

  • SoCalMike

    I’m so sick of NY Slimes false prophets like Kilpatrick treating the information well spring like their own personal toilet.