New York Times Publishes Whiny Op-Ed From Osama Bin Laden’s Bodyguard

It’s no secret that the New York Times loves terrorists. It’s also no secret that they eagerly tell every possible lie to whitewash those terrorists.

This time around the Old Grey Nag chose to run a whiny op-ed from Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, a Yemeni Al Qaeda terrorist who was believed to have served as one of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguards.

The op-ed makes a great deal out of Moqbel’s voluntary hunger strike as he whines about how much weight he lost and how painful it is to be force fed. (Pick one or the other, but you can’t complain about both.) No one at the Times has any idea if Moqbel’s whiny antics are even true because they haven’t seen him. The op-ed was dictated to a sympathetic NGO over the phone.

But when the left and the Paultards through demonizing America and declaring that we’re just as bad as Nazi Germany, here is the real information about Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel straight from the Times’ own site.

Detainee is a member of al-Qaida who served on Usama Bin Laden’s (UBL) security detail. Detainee admitted fighting on the front lines, is assessed to be a fighter in UBL’s 55th Arab Brigade and is assessed to have participated in hostilities
The 55th Arab Brigade served as UBL’s primary battle formation supporting Taliban objectives, with UBL participating closely in the command and control of the brigade.

Detainee was captured with a group referred to as the Dirty 30, which included UBL bodyguards and a 20th 11 September 2001 hijacker while, escaping hostilities during Operation Enduring Freedom. Detainee received basic and advanced militant training at the al-Qaida al-Faruq Training Camp, and was identified as an al-Qaida guesthouse staff member. Detainee’s name and aliases were found on al-Qaida affiliated documents and he acknowledged he was recruited by known al-Qaida member, Marwan Jawan, who also facilitated his travel to Afghanistan.

JTF-GTMO determined this detainee to be HIGH risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests, and allies.

Detainee remains deceptive during interrogations. He admitted lying to his interrogators in previous sessions in which he originally claimed to have traveled to Afghanistan for humanitarian purposes, yet continues to provide vague details regarding his timeline in Afghanistan.

Reasons for Continued Detention: Detainee is a member of al-Qaida. Detainee served as a security guard for UBL and is listed on al-Qaida affiliated documents. Detainee is assessed to have participated in hostilities against US and Coalition forces in Tora Bora and was a fighter in UBL’s 55th Arab Brigade.

Senior al-Qaida facilitator Sharqawi Abdu Ali al-Hajj, aka (“Riyadh the Facilitator”), ISN PK9YM-001457DP (YM-1457), identified detainee as an individual who became a security guard for UBL in approximately August 2001. YM-1457 stated, “I know all of the security staff members because I assisted them.”

Detainee’s name and alias are included on lists of al-Qaida members and their trust accounts found during raids against al-Qaida associated safe houses in Pakistan. The documents identified the contents of detainee’s trust account as a Yemeni passport and ID card.


All that Moqbal has to say in response to this is, “Years ago the military said I was a “guard” for Osama bin Laden, but this was nonsense, like something out of the American movies I used to watch.”

Good enough for the New York Times.


  • Softly Bob

    I really don't know why there is such a fuss made over hunger strikes. If these murderous savages wish to starve themselves then let them, and if being force-fed is so painful then in the interest of 'human rights' then let's not force feed them.
    Hunger strikes are not a problem but a solution to a problem. Jail time costs money and one of these costs is the cost of food. The more terrorists spend time on hunger strike the quicker they die, so let them do it. They get what they want and we get what we want. Everyone is satisfied!

  • BLJ

    The New York Times blows.

    I say give all terrorists dirt naps. Cheaper and quicker.

  • Ar'nun

    Like the Left really gives a crap.

  • Wayne

    We treat the terrorists better than we treat our vets. Wo cares if they want to starve themselves to death "wonderful". Those savages made us suffer and if you believe in an eye for an eye, then let them suffer.

  • Infovoyeur

    "As situations change, so may one's responses also have to change." Within that lies a tactical response. Some call it "mirroring" the enemy. What will it take to achieve a national Tipping-Point realization? E.g., the just-breaking-news Boston Marathon explosion. Hmmmmmm….(Can't blame me for speculating…)

  • Glennd1

    I could step on his neck, put my pistol to his temple and pull the trigger with a cheeseburger in my other hand – if I was carrying out a lawful death sentence, of course. I wonder why we can't try these guys under a military tribunal. I mean, they are terrorists, right? Not the regular army of a nation – why do they get the protections we are offering? These kind of marauders need to be stamped out. We've evolved past the time when we should tolerate such people. We found him, we know who he is, he should take a freakin' dirtnap. 'Nuf said.

    Locking them up forever seems just too nice. Line 'em up, and cut 'em down like cordwood – I'd sleep like a baby.

  • goldy

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  • AdinaK

    It is hard to imagine any "paper of record" being as anti-American as the NY Times. They are cheerleaders of Islamic Nazis, in the same manner they kid-gloved the German Nazis.
    For the most part, American media has gone over to the dark side. And since the ascent of "The One" it has become glaringly obvious –… …except to the willfully blind.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Ghostwriter

    People like this are animals. They deserve to be treated as such.

  • F.K. Juliano

    This individual is not entitled to either Constitutional or Geneva Protections and should be executed as an unlawful combatant.