New York Times Slimes Hurricane Sandy Victim Neighborhood as “Apartheid” for Being Too White

The New York Times has hit a lot of lows in its history, but this ugly attack on a New York City neighborhood damaged by Hurricane Sandy and the international volunteers who came to help takes it to an absolutely new low.

Breezy Point, Queens is a heavily Irish neighborhood in New York City. It took a lot of damage in the storm and it brought volunteers from Ireland over to help it rebuild.

The population of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland combined is just over six million. In America over 34 million people boast Irish ancestry. And while the nucleus of American Irishness is a tossup between Boston and New York, the towns of the Rockaway Peninsula have long been seen as jewels in the crown of the Irish abroad. There were even songs written about the Irish experience of “Old Rockaway.”

Over 63 percent of the 4,381 people in Breezy Point and nearby Roxbury are of Irish descent, including a large number of police officers and firefighters who live in bungalows and one-bedroom homes. That connection became well known in Ireland after Sept. 11, 2001, when the community lost dozens of residents in the attack.

“After 9/11, we became very aware of where the Irish were living,” said Anthony Kearns, a member of the Irish Tenors who sang at the Christmas luncheon. “After Hurricane Sandy it became highlighted even more.”

For a few paragraphs, Sarah Maslin Nir pens a conventional enough piece of the kind that newspapers routinely turn out about the many ethnic neighborhoods of New York. But unlike the Haitian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Chinese neighborhoods in New York City… there is something very wrong about having an Irish neighborhood.

Or at least that is what Sarah Maslin Nir and the New York Times have concluded. And so a piece about the Irish relief effort to an Irish neighborhood in New York City becomes a hateful bigoted smear full of concern trolling about race.

But complicating the current embrace from abroad is the gated community’s extreme insularity. Breezy Point is the whitest neighborhood in the city, a demographic makeup that critics say illustrates the enclave’s entrenched xenophobia, a dark flip side, perhaps, to all that ethnic pride.

There is no such “dark side” or “xenophobia” to other neighborhoods in the city. It’s okay for every other group to live together and have a common history. A Dominican neighborhood is something to be celebrated. But an Irish neighborhood has a dark side.

Its ethnic and racial makeup has also been a source of controversy. It was once called an “an apartheid village” by the Rev. Al Sharpton during a protest.

The New York Times and Sarah Maslin Nir actually use a quote from the leader of a hate group whose followers carried out hate crimes against Jews and Asians as proof of Breezy Point’s racism.


Even in the days after the storm, volunteer firefighters in the community repeatedly told a visitor as she left to beware of the residents of Far Rockaway, the predominantly black neighborhood at the other end of the peninsula.

Did they tell her to beware of them because they’re black or because they’re violent? Far Rockaway incidentally has a fairly sizable Jewish community as well. And chunks of it are more Puerto Rican.

But parts of Far Rockaway did become violent and dangerous after Hurricane Sandy. News accounts covered that in some detail. It’s hard to believe that Sarah Maslin Nir would be unfamiliar with those accounts. Instead she is choosing to take away the context and smear Breezy Point’s volunteer firemen as racist because false claims of racism from a former nightlife writer are the way to get ahead in a propaganda press.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the Irish need to apologize for being Irish and helping their own. It is ridiculous that they have to constantly mention diversity non-stop. The Chinese and Koreans would not be subject to similar questions if they did the entirely natural thing and came to the aid of their own brothers and sisters.

At Irish Central, Niall O’Dowd has a response to the New York Times smear by Sarah Maslin Nir.

Some weeks back I had calls from several concerned Irish working to restore Breezy Point and other areas in the Rockaways about the attitude of the  New York Times reporter Sarah Maslin Nir who was covering the story.

She seemed intent, according to them, on pointing out to everyone that Breezy Point was a whites only community and that the community there had been accused of racism in the past.

The calls were from people who had flown in from Ireland to help with the restoration of Rockaway and some Irish based here were perplexed at the attitude of the reporter who was making her concerns known loudly.

No evidence is given of any xenophobia. Have foreigners been beaten up there? Blacks shot? Has there been massive racist reports from Breezy? Not that I have noticed.

But prejudice isn’t always about color of the skin, it can be about attitude and a deep mindset which sees communities in cliches and stereotypes whatever the color of the skin.

O’Dowd also points out that those maligned volunteer firemen were “from the same community which sacrificed so many dead and injured on September 11th 2001.”

How many New York Times writers climbed 100 floors on September 11?

  • susanne

    The Times actually covered the story of looting in Far Rockaway post Sandy themselves.

    So warning someone about this apparently makes you a racist, even though the times thought enough of it to cover the story themselves. Nice selective memory.

  • JacksonPearson

    The New York Slimes is exactly that, a Slimy News Rag, written by a bunch of Green Slimy writers.

    • AdinaK

      Not only are they an anti-American non-paper of record, but they are bent on agitating race and class warfare. This is precisely what propaganda outlets do, they serve as mouthpieces, as opposed to news sources. They are emblematic of everything which is wrong with radical leftism and its morally bankrupt ideology.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

      • JacksonPearson

        I believe in all of our Bill of Rights, but in my opine, that paper lost those rights in years past, for their treasonous activities against America. Their doors should have been padlocked, and the whole slimy bunch cast into a deep pit..

    • Paul

      God Bless the Irish….skru-u Sarah Maslin Nir

    • fitz

      Not green – PINKO …!

  • Michael Copeland

    Does Far Rockaway have "Irish-only" swimming sessions at the local pool?

  • Mary Sue

    Typical New York Times claptrap. The Identity Politics is strong with that reporter, and that's not a good thing.

    • kasandra

      But you have to recognize, the NYT is just the mouthpiece for the left. The left's mantra for decades has been that the U.S. is to rich, too powerful, too influential in the world and, tah-dah, too white. If you view the left's open borders policy in this light it explains all. It's in Obama's immigration policies (which couldn't wait for actual legislation). It can be seen in Minnesota and New Hampshire where the Department of State in conjunction with religious groups, is importing Somalian and Sudanese refugees. Indeed, the whole Obama administration is designed to make the U.S. weaker, poorer, less influential and less white. It ain't just the NYT's claptrap. It's now government policy.

  • tagalog

    If a bunch of black people or Puerto Ricans decided to live in the same community in NYC and they made it a gated community, would they be xenophobic?

    Are black-only charter schools xenophobic? How about black colleges like Howard U., Grambling, or Temple? Are they xenophobic? I bet there's a lot of xenophobia at those places. I just bet.

    Is it xenophobic for black students to self-segregate themselves from the larger student body on college campuses?

  • bob e

    mebbe it's a backlash from the irish owning african slaves during the potatoe famine..when they didn'
    even own potatoes…i gotta' check with pbs & their 365 day coverage of black history month..

    • tagalog

      Some folks find it difficullt to accept that for 2 or 3 generations the Irish were discriminated against worse than the blacks (The "No Dogs or Irish Allowed on Premises" wasn't something you saw specifying black people). The blacks are supposed to have pride of place for worst-treated group in America.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually indentured Irish servitude in American preceded black slavery.

      • tagalog

        Daniel, that would mean that indentured Irish servitude existed in the U.S. by 1619, when the first black slaves arrived in Virginia; are you sure?

        That's not taking into account the Spanish colonization before Jamestown.

  • sick and tired

    how about the xenophobia with in the educated… try out
    National Society of Black Engineers: NSBE
    A source of information about the national organization for black engineers and engineering students. what makes a black engineer different from a white/asian/(oh fill in the blank ethnic group.). I am getting a bit tired of all this crap!
    and just yesterday NASA announces the black engineer for 2013….
    I don't see anyone elected as the Porto-Rican engineer of the year… at what point do we say enough is enough…

    • fitz

      … The Royal Institute of Oriental Engineers …

  • Anglophilic

    These people who critique and whine against anything that is the founding stock as "racist" has to end. The other ethnicities in america have their own magazines and award shows etc. They even go so far as scholarships just for being black or hispanic <skin color>. But when we do something for just being white it is shunned as a bad thing ?? Why ? We are the founding fathers of this nation! Take a look at who is on the money! This anti-white atitude must be fought . Dont buy the "new york times" ever again if you are white.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    So I guess any group of whites on an island, anywhere, are fair game for the "apartheid" smear. Are there any white neighborhoods in Honolulu? If one of those volcanoes erupts…they should refuse all assistance.

  • YetWave

    To accuse the NYT of dealing a low blow in the reporting of a neighborhood's effort to rebuild itself by itself is in keeping with an institution that is an advocate of increased government oversight. To those who perpetuate their own subservience, the Times is kind. Of those who would assist themselves out of their own pockets, the Times is suspicious if not outright hateful. A significant percentage of those who reside in Breezy Point are NYC civil servants: police and fire. There is long and established prejudice in the US toward the Irish. By singling out these self reliant, proud people of northern European origin for their calumny, the Times perpetuates the prejudice toward those who are white and determined to chart their own course with minimal oversight.

  • cxt

    Does not really surprise me………but I it's clearly a real surprise to the Left and their overwhelming focus on race.

    Another…should one really need ANOTHER example of Lefty screw-ups. They overwhelmingly focus on race as if ONLY certain shades of skin-color can have a distinct ethnicty and culture–forgetting that "white" also comes in a vast number of distinct cultures and lanugeues etc.

    Then after trying like mad to group everyone into specific "communities" that are "supposed" to act as one they act surprised when people look around and say "Hmmm, everybody else is voting and acting as a cohesive unit…..and it seems to be working….maybe we should do the SAME."


    It also points out a rather disturbing pattern on the Left. Eveyone else is supposed to be proud of their "community" but its clear from Ms. Nir's work that she feels "white" folks should be what? Ashamed?

    • Mary Sue

      There's Identity Politics Liberal White Bingo, believe it or not. Where Other WHite Liberals (and Persons of Color who have bought into Identity Politics lock stock and barrel) make fun of typical "I'm not a racist" White Liberals, ironically trying to push that said White Liberals are racist BECAUSE the white liberals say they're not color-conscious (that they're color-blind) and the Identity Politics crowd of all colors construe that (either maliciously or just by rote) as "they don't want to SEE our color, as if the blackness/brown-ness is something bad, like it doesn't exist. Now I don't doubt for a minute that White Libs ARE racist, though the knots the Identity POlitics crowd tie themselves into (ill-)logically is something to behold.

  • will

    Perhaps you all are expecting more intellectually from blacks than they are able to provide.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This woman isn't black. She's a white liberal obsessed with race.

      • Edward Cline

        ….Obsessed with race because it's her ticket to redemption for, well, being white. Her never-ending mea culpa. I've noticed that about so many liberals.

        • Lisa

          Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus- founders nightmare

        • Lisa

          David Horowitz writes extensively about the hate-whitey whites.

      • Mary Sue

        I've noticed how the hate-whitey whites (Identity Politics true believers) tie themselves in knots to prove that "good Liberal Whites" are actually racist, though what they do to "prove" it is actually pretty illogical.

  • kate5778b

    I think Sarah Maslin Nir is too white and blond…….yes, it sounds as supid as her 'journalism'.

  • chimoi

    same thing in riots passim london uk,the asian people were out armed with sticks and in some cases swords
    "guarding their community",
    whites in a predominantly white area doing the same thing were reported in the mainstream press as" right wing gangs that had to be contained by the police in the interests of social co-hesion…….

  • Petunia

    So…the firemen tried to protect her, and she smeared them in return. Nice.

  • georg

    If you have not read Mr. O’Dowd’s story of an Irish family’s experience in NY on 9-11, please do so. It is probably the most ridiculous, unbelievable piece of propaganda on the internet. An absolute fabrication from start to finish. Be prepared to laugh out loud.

    • Frank

      Beat it troll