New York Times’ “Tragic” Homeless Family Gets $30K a Year

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The New York Post takes another whack at the New York Times‘ cynically dishonest “Dasani” story about the black homeless family suffering because of the evil rich.

So Elliott writes that as Dasani has suffered, some New Yorkers are gulping down “$740 bottle[s] of chardonnay” after buying $845 “calfskin boots.”

That’s just horrible. The only way it could be any worse was if New Yorkers were gulping down $845 calfskin boots. But what of Dasani’s family who live in a homeless shelter.

Nor does Elliot ever adequately explain how Dasani’s family spends $13,464 a year the family gets in cash-benefits income — plus a $49,000 inheritance from 2008. It doesn’t go to housing, food or clothes: The city, the feds (via another $15,000 a year in food-stamp benefits) and private charities pay for that stuff.

Yes, but how are they supposed to live on $30k a year… plus another $50k while supporting their children and their drug addiction.

The reason the mother and stepfather can’t house their family isn’t poverty, it’s drug addiction. Police arrest Dasani’s mother for possession outside the shelter, and she pleads guilty. Both parents fail drug tests. Neither has held a job in “years.”

But the New York Times keeps taking cheap class warfare shots.

And Bloomberg spent $7 million renovating Gracie Mansion, complete “with exquisite touches like an 1820s chandelier.”

Heartless — except the city spends $981 million a year on the homeless, nearly twice the $497 million before Bloomberg took office.

So Bloomberg wastes a lot of money across the board.

We’re talking nearly a billion dollars being spent on the homeless by an overtaxed city already deep in debt. And the New York Times runs a series of articles to claim that we’re not doing enough because we can’t somehow make a broken family of drug addicts function even after spending nearly a million dollars on them.

  • pupsncats

    The left never, ever addresses the root of the problem because they have absolutely no skin in the game if policies were implemented based on eradicating the problem rather than their emphasis on the symptoms of the problem.

    In fact, it is the policies of the left that have created most of the social ills in this country (and others controlled by them) because they promote, condone and reward vice and punish virtue, work to destroy the societal foundations necessary for a functioning and ordered society, and create division, hatred, envy, and warfare among the races and classes.