Nidal Hasan in Military Lecture: “There’s a Lot of Virgins. That’s All I Can Say.” (VIDEO)

Unfortunately what FOX News did with their exclusive video was show about 2 seconds of it and then cut to a bunch of experts discussing it.

Still it’s a compelling reminder that there was every reason to think that Nidal Hasan was sympathetic to Islamic terrorism.

We hear Hasan talking about all the virgins in paradise while the audience laughs. But the joke ultimately goes the other way. Seeking those virgins, Nidal Hasan murdered 13 service members and severely wounded a number of others, leading to at least one suicide.

“I think the Department of Defense should allow Muslim soldiers the option of being released as conscientious objectors to increase the morale of non-Muslim soldiers in the military as well as decrease adverse events,” Hasan says in the video during a power point presentation.

“We always talk about God and country, but here we’re talking, we’re really talking about God versus country,” Hasan said.

“Hasan is basically waving red flags in this briefing,” Fox News Strategic Analyst and retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters told Fox after reviewing the tape.

“The Fort Hood tragedy did not have to happen. Major Hasan had a significant accomplice when he pulled out his weapons and started shooting down unarmed innocents — and that accomplice was political correctness in our military.”

While it’s unknown what the entire video contains, in the segments released to Fox Hasan is also asked about the number of virgins in paradise, provoking nervous laughter from the audience.

“It’s there. There’s a lot of virgins. It’s heaven. You know, It’s heaven…that’s all I can say,” he replies.

Like the previous documents, Nidal Hasan wanted the video released because he wants people to understand that contrary to what Obama and his political generals say, he is a Muslim terrorist whose motivation was Islamic.

  • herb benty

    How could the Military miss the warning signs, when even a military chaplin is urged not to speak of Christianity. If they can monitor this chaplin for his speech why not the fanatical muslim “Major”!!! And who allowed this terrorist to be a mind doctor for our soldiers!!!

    • laura rubin

      all done on purpose to destroy america. they know what they are doing.

      • herb benty

        You are correct Laura, they do know.

  • Gee

    Those virgins include sheep.

    Hasan was a commissioned officer and had the ability to resign his commission and leave the military at anytime. So why didn’t he – when he decided to become a turncoat?

    • Nabuquduriuzhur

      Hasan is a good idea of the danger of Muslims. Most will never follow the Q’uran strictly nor try to emulate Mohammed’s starting of wars.

      However, every year, there are muslims who decide to follow the Q’uran as written, and mohammed’s lifestyle, and then they go out and murder the “infidel”.

      The British model and Turkish models are the only ones that have worked to preserve the peace while maintaining some level of personal freedoms.

      The Turkish model was essentially that one had to get away from Islam in order to have freedoms of the public. The Turks adopted ideas from the west about civil virtue and rights and while they’d never admit it, those ideas came from Christianity.

      the British model was to take no garbage and ruthlessly suppress those who did violence. This allowed those muslims who wanted to live non-violent lives to do so. It’s a fascinating exercise in islamic psychology, but those muslims who just wanted to work their farms or businesses were free to do so, without having to feel guilty about not doing violence as ordered by the Q’uran or to feel guilty about not supporting violence like most muslims do today. If they weren’t allowed do violence, then it freed many of them to do good. In other words, since the Q’uran orders evil, and the British wouldn’t allow that evil, then it gave those muslims who didn’t want to do evil and excuse to not do the evil the Q’uran requires.

      • defcon 4

        Um, the Turkish model of Islam featured:
        1. the Istanbul pogrom of the 1950’s, a pogrom carried out w/the full connivance of the authorities
        2. the invasion, annexation and ethnic cleansing of some 40% of Cyprus in the 1970’s
        3. a form of “justice” in which the all muslime perpetrators responsible for simultaneously blowing up two synagogues and killing 26 people received from 3 to 6 years as their “punishment”.
        4. a country in which church bells may not be rung nor the shofar sounded, but the daily call to prayer bleats out uninterrupted, 5 times a day, EVERY day of the week.
        5. a country which not only denies its genocide/enslavement of some 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians but has outlawed even the discussion of the genocide

        Yeah Turkey is just a model for “moderate” islam.

  • JacksonPearson

    “There’s a Lot of Virgins”
    There isn’t one Muslim that has ever returned from Allah’s aka Mohammed’s heaven to verify the tale that Hasan claims…Zero, nada, none, zilch. Why?…Because it doesn’t exist!

    • defcon 4

      Your last sentence would constitute a crime in ANY islamic state and, if the lieberal scum, islam0nazis and traitorous islam0nazi collaborators of the USA have anything to say about it, in the future of the USA.

      • iluvisrael

        You got it – truth = hate speech. Truth is one of the many casualties of political correctness.

  • Steve Esposito

    For the love of a useful internet, can you stop using Shockwave Flash? Yes, I have the latest update and it crashes as often as any other update. Thank you.

  • J Bell

    This man was promoted from major to Lieutenant colonel and awarded the legion of merit for killig 13 and wounding 30. What next secretary Hagel?