Nidal Hasan Killed American Soldiers Because They Were Going Against the “Islamic Empire”

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It’s workplace violence, don’t you know?

1. Nidal Hasan was closely associated with an Al Qaeda leader

2. He claimed to have acted in support of the Taliban

3. He wanted to be a martyr

4. He describes himself as a Soldier of Allah, while explicitly repudiating his military service and the Constitution as forms of human idolatry.

5. He talks about killing American soldiers because they were going against the Islamic Empire… a reference to the rising emirates of Al Qaeda

I’m not sure what else Nidal Hasan could do to convince the authorities that he is a Muslim terrorist and that the men he killed and wounded were hurt in a terrorist attack and should be awarded and compensated accordingly.

One year after he waged a deadly shooting rampage at the Fort Hood Army base here in November 2009, Major Nidal Malik Hasan told a panel of military mental health experts that he wished he had been killed during the attack because it would have meant Allah had chosen him for martyrdom.

“I’m paraplegic and could be in jail for the rest of my life,” Major Hasan told the panel. “However, if I died by lethal injection I would still be a martyr.”

“I don’t think what I did was wrong because it was for the greater cause of helping my Muslim brothers,” he told the military panel.

He denied having remorse and justified his actions by saying that the soldiers he killed were “going against the Islamic Empire.”

Even liberals should be able to figure out that the imperial side is the evil one.

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  • truebearing

    “Even liberals should be able to figure out that the imperial side is the evil one.”

    One would hope, but there seems to be something in the liberal mind that prevents them from grasping even the simplest and most obvious truth. A kind of mental sphincter lock, if you will.
    Conversely, they can detect whiffs of racism that don’t exist. I once read that the human mind is not wired to handle direct truth. Perhaps that is why Jesus spoke in parables. Liberals appear to be immune to parables, too. Maybe truth at the edge of a descending scimitar will wake them up….briefly.

    • truebearing

      One other thought….Hasan is essentially saying that he committed evil for the good of evil. That is the same warped rationalization of every adherent to the great anti-ethic: the end justifies the means. Islam encourages that kind of sociopathic thinking, therefore is automatically an evil religion.

    • 8ball

      Frame this: The only way to convince liberals that Islam is evil is for conservatives to embrace Islam.

      • truebearing

        That would do it, but it is also impossible….just like reasoning with liberals.

        • kafir4life

          Reasoning with liberals is like explaining a train schedule to a dog. Sure…..They may sit there and listen, wag their tail and lick their balls, but at the end of the day the capacity for understanding just isn’t there.

  • popseal

    It’s not to put Muslims at ease, the PC and multiculturalist need to deceive Americans. From “W’s” first apologies to Obama’s bold face lies and Bloomberg’s support of the Cordoba “victory mosque”, the American public must not know the truth.

  • Fred

    I have been wondering how the government is going to maintain that the Fort Hood murders are not terrorism, given these kinds of admissions by Nidal Hasan. Maybe they will change their stance after the verdict is handed down. There is something comic about their continuing denial of Hasan’s terrorist connections and self-identification. I hope Hasan takes the stand and testifies at length. The American public needs to be confronted with this man’s true views. He is entirely unrepentant and seems to be entirely willing to spell it all out for us, and if he does so it will be hard to deny. But he should not be executed for a good long time, say, 20 years. He must not be allowed to achieve his goal of martyr status. The more he reveals himself the more we may come to accept the truth which is denied in the government’s case : that the Maj. is an enemy of the United States and a “soldier of Allah”. This case could wipe away some of the obscurantism of the Obama administration on the real nature of Islamic terrorism, at least as it exists within the US. Such revelation is the only good thing that can come out of this horrible case. Hasan is a horrible person. He has horrible goals and a horrible world view but we will know less about it all if he is silenced by the martyrdom he so dearly desires. Let him live and speak to us. Every word of his will confirm the horrible reality of just who and what he really is. And we the people need to hear it.

  • nomoretraitors

    What’s he still doing alive?