No Human Being on Earth Will Buy Biden’s Book

biden creep

The inside word is that Joe Biden would like to run for president. That makes him the only one. And while book sales are no clear barometer of presidential popularity, it doesn’t help when people would rather stick a pile of old leaves between a book cover and buy that, than buy your book.

Browsing through President Obama’s and Vice President Biden’s financial disclosure forms, we noticed that Biden checked the “less than $201” box on his income from Random House for his 2007 memoir, ”Promises to Keep.”

Promises to Keep is a bit dated by now and, like most memoirs ghostwritten for politicians, it’s a boring string of lies from a boring liar, but Obama’s phony mix of self-help and exoticism sells like hot cakes on campuses, while no one can be paid to buy the memoir of the VP.

Four years ago, Random House dumped 100,000 paperback copies of Promises to Keep on the marketplace. How many were bought and how many ended up “stripped” of their covers?

Back when Biden was aspiring presidential timber, instead of vice presidential wood shavings, Random House gave him a $112,500 advance on Promises to Keep. Currently you can pick up a used copy for 99 cents.

That’s a lot of dead trees for one man’s ego.

  • Roger

    I will avoid any random house product so my money won't fund this flop for them.

  • Steve A

    Is that "Uncle Joe" with Joe B in the photo?


    You can buy uncle Joe for one cent on amazon.

  • benjabo

    I wouldn't pay 2 Cents for Biden himself

  • RickZ77

    No Human Being on Earth Will Buy Biden’s Book

    Is that why we are funding the Space Program ?

  • Toni_Pereira

    "No Human Being on Earth Will Buy Biden’s Book "

    Don't dehumanize morons, Daniel.

  • benjabo

    Biden's paws belong on his wife