No Money for Benghazi Security, but State Dept Spent $1 Mil for Artistic Pile of Rocks


It could have been worse. It could have been an artistic pile of sugar packets. Or a dismembered horse. Or this $20,000 portrait of Obama. But that would have been cheaper than this $1 million pile of rocks.

That’s Wall of Light Cubed 2. You can tell because it has no light and it doesn’t really function as much of a wall. It should not be confused with Wall of Light Cubed 1, seen here, now in a private collection.


Or Tower.


And if you really want to blow your mind, check out the artist’s The Art of the Stripe.

He then moved to America, where, after five years of struggle, he found his painterly voice in the stripe. Scully has relentlessly pursued the possibilities offered by his exploration of colored stripes, always remaining true to his assertion that “the stripe is a signifier of modernism.”

In a review of Scully’s Wall of Light show, the New York Times quotes him as saying;

“I’m trying to turn stone into light,” Mr. Scully has said.

I’m going to go ahead and say that he has failed. If he wanted to turn stone into light, he needed heavy explosives. He has however managed to turn stone into money.

At first glance there seems to be a certain sameness to these totally abstract canvases, with their allover arrangements of bars that superficially vary only in color, size and juxtaposition. But Mr. Scully’s frame of reference is wide, and the canvases convincingly refer to many inspirations: from architectural structures like Stonehenge and paintings by other artist

So art is dead. As are four Americans at the Benghazi mission, which never got the security funding it needed, while Hillary Clinton was blowing millions on embassy art.

Here’s a more simplistic piece of art from 1989. It does feature some stripes, though it lacks the subtlety and depth of Sean Scully’s stripes.


It dates back to the time when the US Embassy in London helped dedicate this statue instead of dropping a fortune on a pile of striped rocks.

  • tickletik

    Anybody else thinking of the Flintstones while looking at this?

    • CowboyUp

      Bite your tongue, lol. The Flintstones, had those cool deco shapes for a lot of their stuff

  • unionville

    I think my 2 year old nephew could make something equally significant with his crayolas and a piece of paper.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He could do better

  • The March Hare

    After many, many years of working as a design engineer, it turns out that all I needed to do was spend a few hours piling up some rocks.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      But you needed a theme. something unique. Something no one had ever done before.

      Like stripes

      • The March Hare


      • objectivefactsmatter

        And the gift of gab it seems.

  • Gee

    Congress gave permission for the US State Department to use over $50 million that it had for art program in security instead six months prior to Benghazi. The State Department used exactly ZERO dollars for extra security

    • A Z

      Congress gave the officials at the US State Department to reprogram money.

      If anyone lower that congress reprogram’s money they can go to jail even if they do do steal it or use it for other nefarious purposes.

      Interesting news, do you have a link?

    • A Z

      I went looking for what you cited. Have not found it yet.

      But I did find this. Absolutely devastating:

      “It had $79,000 to spend on Obama’s books and $20,000 on a portrait of Obama. The US Embassy had $150,000 to spend on a book about the ambassador’s residence. The US Embassy in Austria had $150,000+ for a Chevy Volt and its charging station.

      And here is what else Hillary’s State Department did have money for…

      7.9 billion dollars for Obama’s Global Health Initiative.

      1 billion for global climate change.

      2.2 billion to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan.

      And of course … Mosque renovations.

      In 2011 the State Department provided funds to restore the 15th century Gobarau Minaret in Katsina State in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north, an area which has become a virtual killing field for Christians at the hands of Muslim militants, led by the al-Qaeda-linked terror group Boko Haram.

      And $4.5 million for Art in Embassies

      The New York Times reported in 2009 that Art in Embassies spends about $4.5 million a year for permanent art acquisitions; chief curator Virginia Shore said at the time that artists and dealers support the program via favorable pricing; for the embassy in Beijing, an outlay of $800,000 yielded works with an appraised value of $30 million.”

    • A Z

      $ for art, $ for security?

      “What difference does it make?” – Hillary

      “It is a Big F__king Deal!” – Biden 2016

  • A Z

    A sculptor like Robert Lee Dean has a skill that is apparent without interpretation. 500 years into the future ior 500 years into the past you could query a person and they would be able to tell you that Mr Dean has talent.

    Mr Scully might have talent. But what we do know is that he has a line of patter, which is designed to ingratiate himself with the modern art world. This he can monetize. Without the the line of patter and without the cultural perception of the modern art world he could do neither.

  • A Z

    Wall of Light Cubed 1 is destined to be scavenged by people of the future living at a subsistence level, because the Left has impoverished us and destroyed civilization.

  • ForMotionCreatv

    Interesting. Similar faded color palette in the Olympic Team USA snowboarders’ uniforms:

  • ForMotionCreatv

    I’ve been wondering how much all the State Department’s gay pride days has cost as well… “State Department played an instrumental role in “sealing the deal” for pop-rock star Lady Gaga to perform at a gay pride rally in Rome, Italy. – See more at:

    and Pakistan:

    Just two of many Pride parties hosted by U.S. Embassies around Obama/Hillary’s global socialist land from Kenya to Ukrania to Tel Aviv and Honduras.

  • Bill Cervetti

    Divide this decorative assemblage of art rocks in. quarters and see it as what it is—–a collective would-be tombstone for 4 dead Americans—would that it were designed and appointed that way —it might almost be worth it.

    • A Z

      I think I can almost draw that up: tombstones with the names of the 4 fallen done in Scully’s stripes theme.

      Maybe used dashes or spell out the words to keep the stripe them somehow.

      Or write the names in letter between the darker stripes.

      Maybe we could have a walk of 4 piles of striped rocks touring the country like the

      Vietnam Wall

      during 2016.

      • Gunny2862

        Or re-visit the theme of the blood stained fingers leaving marks on a column as the victim was dragged away from the Benghazi Embassy.

    • A Z

      Like you said 4 striped stone piles touring the country in 2016 not matter which Democrat runs.

  • BS77

    how about a pile of garbage for one million? Going once, going twice…SOLD!!!

  • Deborah Sampson

    I so want that! PGHTTT!!!!!