No Money for Vets or Kids with Cancer, but Obama has $445 Mil for PBS


Priorities, priorities. The vets and the kids can’t promote Obama as well as PBS. Besides if PBS shuts down, what will Obama donors have left to watch besides the Colbert Report and Anthony Bourdain?

On the first day of the “shutdown” of the federal government, when members of the U.S. Senate were going to the well of their house to point out that the shutdown would prevent the National Institutes of Health from starting clinical trials for cancer patients and others facing possibly terminal illnesses, the administration was giving $445,000,000 to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, according to the Daily Treasury Statement.

That means PBS NewsHour, National Public Radio and Sesame Street got a taxpayer subsidy during the shutdown, but not would-be cancer patients at the NIH.

The $445 million the Treasury handed over to CPB was more than the $119 million the Treasury paid on the first day of the shutdown in interest on U.S. government debt that is held by the public. It was also more than $171 million in Social Security benefits the Treasury paid that day. But it was less than the $592 million the Treasury paid for Veterans Affairs programs on the first day of the shutdown.

PBS should run a WW2 program. And then in no time flat, park cops would arrive to shut it down.

  • Deerknocker

    In this day of cable, internet, smart phones and pads, will someone tell me again why we need taxpayer funding of PBS.

    • Brian O’Connor

      Isn’t it obvious? So we can learn to think correctly . . .

  • Cathy1000

    For all the shenanigans that he has pulled, only someone who has lived in isolation would even dare think that it is the Repubs that are causing this havoc. I only hope that the low information voters are waking up to the fact it is BHO and his thug administration that want to make it hurt and hurt bad.

    • allenhill2002

      If this is all the Democrats fault, then why won’t the John Boehner even allow a vote for a clean budget bill?