No One Supports Amnesty, But Everyone Supports Amnesty

Amnesty is bad. Everyone agrees on that. Even the senators who support amnesty claim not to support it. Instead they support “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” with “A Path to Citizenship”. They support a comprehensive solution that will be compassionate and work as an immigration policy for the 21st century.

But they don’t support amnesty. Except that they do.

No one uses the term “amnesty” anymore except opponents of amnesty for illegal aliens and their more vociferous advocates. This makes for some confusing speeches and press conferences.

That’s what happened today with Rand Paul, who is absolutely against amnesty. His Senate campaign website says so. But he is for a path to citizenship.

Rubio is also against amnesty. He repeatedly emphasizes that his plan is not amnesty. Except it is. It’s just amnesty renamed as a path to citizenship and with a lot of talk about border security. That’s the same old amnesty.

Rand Paul’s amnesty plan has more of a border verification mechanism than Rubio’s, but no employment verification. Rubio’s amnesty plan has employment verification but weak border security verification. It’s two flavors of amnesty, both bad.

The sales pitches all depend on assuming that conservatives are dumb. Rubio and Paul both repeat that there is a de facto state of amnesty. Somewhere some Republican consultant came up for that and he no doubt de facto earned his de facto money. For about a week, some conservative figures appeared to be impressed by the irrational de facto argument which is akin to arguing that if we don’t arrest a criminal, then we have de facto found him not guilty of the charges and set him free.

There’s a lot of talk about back of the line and front of the line and none of it really matters. If the Senate is stupid enough to give Obama a law, then he will implement it however he pleases. Considering that Obama has unilaterally passed his own DREAM Act, you can only imagine how quickly those 12 million illegals will be citizens or the state of the border.

Even if there is a political argument to be made for amnesty, doing it under Obama nullifies those arguments because Obama will win most of the political Latino benefits from amnesty while the Republicans will get the crumbs. But the Republicans getting out in front of the amnesty bids, like Rubio and Rand Paul are prospective presidential candidates. They’re not doing this for Republicans, they’re doing this for themselves.

The big sales pitch for 2012 was overall electability. The sales pitch for 2016 is Latino electability. The GOP only wants someone who has a shot with the Latino vote. And Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are busy polishing their Latino vote credentials. It’s a stupid way to run a political movement, but a great way to get ahead.

Even if amnesty is good for Rubio or Paul, it’s not good for the Republican Party, for America or for Latino immigrants for that matter, who are entitled to a legal system of entry, rather than being told that their best route into the country is by bribing a coyote and trying to make it across the border.

And during an economic downturn, championing mass immigration is insensitive to the majority of American workers. The GOP failed to properly make its case to them in two elections. Now it’s giving them a big middle finger while chasing after the Mexican-American vote, even though far from all Mexican-Americans support amnesty.

And worst of all they’re doing it dishonestly.

Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are pushing amnesty. They should admit it. We shouldn’t have to get the information that Rand Paul supports a path to citizenship from one of his flunkies or from follow-up interviews. He should have openly put it in his speech. Did he really think that no one would ask?

Similarly the back of the line nonsense has to stop. No one is buying it and it’s destroying the credibility of supposed conservatives who use it.

If McCain, Rubio, Paul etc want to sell us on amnesty, then they should be honest about it. Honesty will win them more points than all the euphemisms and word games.

  • Ar'nun

    It dawned on me early today on another site in a debate about Israel. The Left claims the Jews kicked Arabs out of Palestine by an effort of mass immigration and then became the majority. So they think most Jews in Israel are European immigrants that immigrated and occupied Palestine.

    In the immigration debate, they are ok with Mexicans and other South and Central Americans immigrating here and becoming the majority via immigration.

    So what would they think if Jews from all over the world came to America as illegal immigrants and became the majority? Would it be ok then? I Would they pushing for amnesty then? It is amazing how the bipolar Left can take both sides in different issues. When Mexicans come here illegally, that is good. When Jews make Aliyah legally, that is supposed to be why they are bad. It really is an example ofthe Left's bi-polar personality disorder.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      So long as they never got a job but stayed on welfare, and always needed liberals to fight for equality, they might be okay with it.

  • EarlyBird

    Few people "want" amnesty, but everyone who wants a solution to immigration knows that some form of amnesty is going to have to happen.

    We've been through this plenty of times, Danny: we can't get everything we want. We can't live on pizza and Ding Dongs and be healthy. We can't physically deport 11 million illegals, either.

    It's what adults call "dealing with reality." We can deny that reality, and therefore not fix illegal immigration at all. Surely you'll call this sticking to "conservative" principle.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If you want to deal with reality and amnesty, then why not deal with reality by getting rid of borders entirely>

    • beez

      We were hoping they'd deport themselves, after we started enforcing the laws against their employers here. Of course, that will never happen under Obama or a Republican President either. Do you mind if I just admit that we're going to open the door to millions of more immigrants, if I can just say I don't like it? I never voted for this, and I never will like it. Would that be asking to much of you who can't wait to cave to the 3rd worlders and THEIR President Sugar Daddy?.

    • joe

      A majority of them can be deported. They are not hard to find. Just look in schools,welfare offices,hospital emergency rooms,Mexican restaurants ,ghettos,Walmart ……………..

      Obama turned loose 50,000 illegals from 2009-2011 that could have easily been deported .

      It does not cost $10,000 to get to the border. Considering how much they cost us in the long run, it is cheaper to deport them.

      Amnesty has nothing to do with kindness,fairness or the rights of Americans. It is a destructive political game.

    • Drakken

      If you want to import the damn 3rd world so we can become like them, so so can get that nice warm fuzzy feeling, I say screw you! No amnesty period, not now, not ever, period. We can no longer afford these rinos compassion at the expense of ours.

    • notoamnesty

      Giving yet ANOTHER amnesty, which seems to be the solution EVERY time this issue comes up, doesn't fix illegal immigration. On the contrary, it encourages more of it, and it will be no different this time.

      No, some form of amnesty does not have to happen. The only reason it is being demanded is because politicians want it, not because it is necessary. But you keep throwing those amnesty canards around, because I understand that's all you amnesty shills have. Just know we aren't buying it.

    • Tom Smith

      We are already deporting 400,000 per year.
      If we doubled that to 800,000, via workplace enforcement,
      then in 10 years, the problem would about be solved.
      And how would Amnesty be a "soultion to immigration"?
      What, exactly, would it solve?

  • johhn t

    all you idiots out there ive lived in ca my whole life and it is now basically part of mexico. they said stop all monies going to illegals would close the debt. we dont even hear that anymore. the gov has claimed its 11 million illegals for the past 30 years. its probably about 30 million, the big question to ask your congressman is WHAT IF YOUR wrong and there are 30 million plus family reunification and your talking about 50-75 million people

  • g_jochnowitz

    Rand Paul comes close to being a leftist, as rightists often do. Libertarianism and anarchism are similar philosophies.
    Leftists and rightists agree that guns are the way to overthrow the government of the United States.
    "Guns and grass are united in the youth underground," said Bernardine Dohrn.
    Retired Representative Jay Dickey, Republican of Arkansas, has said, “We have the right to bear arms because of the threat of government taking over the freedoms that we have.”
    And of course, the far left and the far right oppose Israel.

    • Drakken

      Your wrong on one point, the right support Israel, because they recognize that letting 3rd world savages ruin your day is not a good thing.

  • spartacus !!!!!!!

    it truly does not matter at this point ! when the "SHTF " not if, but when ! , what then ? , there will not be a country left to " illegally invade !!!!!!!

  • cynthia curran

    Well, the Orange County Register shown that illegal Mexican once legalized are less likely to vote than the general population. Orange County removed 17 percent of the voters and they were mainly in the heavily Hispanic cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, Stanton. The least removed were wealthy white areas like Villa Park, Newport Beach and upper middle class irvine which is white/asian. So, legalizing illegal immirgants doesn't really help with voting for either party as much as either party thinks. In fact removing the voters that have not voted from 2010 helped the Repubicans gain a percent point up form 41 to 42 percent of the voters since it shifted voters from Hispanic to White.

  • Loyal Achates

    No Irish Need Apply! They'll ruin American culture, with their potato-eating and Papist ways.

  • loulou

    Attrition enforcement. join, F.A.I.R., and in California CAPS

  • loulou

    All new immigrants will be on Obamcare, I don't know about you folks but I don't want to pay for it, Illegals are claiming child tax credits and receiving billions for kids that have never lived here and don't even exist. Emergency rooms and schools are going broke. How is legalizing these people going to make anything better? There is some master plan that there not letting us in on. I don't want to compete with even more people for a ft job. Amnesty only creates more amnesties. Enforce the laws, take away all the magnets and hopefully they will self deport. Politicians lie about everything-you think they are not going to lie like they did in the 86 amnesty. They wont secure the borders we will just be working on granting a billion people amnesty next time. No thank you!!!

  • TVOR

    Here is the only immigration program that everyone supports…I call it the A/B/C program

    ALL illegal immigrants are to be rounded up can can either immediately deported and all assets seized..with the addendum that an exploding tracking microchip be implanted in their carotid artery that will trigger if they attempt to cross the border again, yes this includes children women and everyone. If they enroll in a current legal immigration program the chip will be removed upon completion.

    B. They can remain after a 5 year internment in a work camp rebuilding the infrastructure for which they will be not be compensated other than room and board followed by a 4 year mandatory military enlistment. After which they will be granted citizenship

    C. They can choose to be immediately executed as foreign invaders (yes this is completely legal and is already the law)