The 2 FBI Agents Who Arrested Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Did Not Die Mysteriously


This story is going around the usual circles, but there are a few things wrong with it. First of all Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was actually arrested by an MBTA SWAT Team.

The FBI tried to negotiate his surrender and he was eventually taken into federal custody. Considering how many people were involved in the actual arrest and how many agencies got involved, we’re talking about a lot of personnel that were in some way around.

Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw were members of a hostage rescue team. I’m having trouble finding any legitimate news sites, not counting the usual Pravda-Ron Paul-Infowars conspiracy network sites, that even say that they specifically were in the area.

The Hostage Rescue Team was there and tossed in a stun grenade that forced his surrender, but the HRT consists of 90 operators. It’s unclear if Lorek and Shaw were the ones who were there and their obituaries fail to mention any such thing. Or that HRT had any further contact with him afterward.

Their deaths are not particularly mysterious. It’s dangerous work and the training is even more dangerous.

Lorek and another special agent, Stephen Shaw, were fast-roping from the aircraft onto a ship when the helicopter “encountered difficulties,” according to information released by the FBI. “The agents tragically fell a significant distance and suffered fatal injuries.”

Tran attended the memorial. Afterward he recalled a conversation when Lorek described his rehabilitation for eight broken ribs and a punctured lung he suffered during a training accident.

“It was just incredible to understand the work he did,” said Tran, of Chicago. “They put their lives on the line for us.”

Sure it could all be a giant cover up, but there were more than two people on the scene and more than two people involved in the arrest. Try hundreds.

  • Edward Cline

    I was sent a query about these deaths, with a string of question marks. I wasn't sure what to make of it, because the story was connected with another about the Tsaraev brother's friend in Florida who was shot by an FBI agent during an interrogation when the guy attacked the agent. Daniel puts some rational clarity on the rumor.

  • douglasjbender

    Still, even if there were dozens or more than a hundred involved, it is unlikely that that many were privy to certain things upon taking Tsarnaev captive. Perhaps these two saw, or heard, some things that certain people in high places did not want known. Or maybe not. But given what happened with Seal Team Six, and given the Clintons' and Obama's comfort-level with intimidation, abuse of power, and even murder, it should at least give one pause.

    • Rifleman

      There's not much I'd put beyond the dp, I just don't think they had anything to do with this.

  • Asher

    Isn't it odd how the Seal team six ended up dead, and these guys too, anyone who has anything to do with rescue or comprehension of these characters.

    • Rifleman

      I wouldn't put feeding our Tier 1's (who they have always regarded as 'the enemy') to the enemy beyond this administration, but getting our military to off loyal Americans highly unlikely.

  • Dsauliers

    CNN exclusive: FBI misconduct reveals sex, lies and videotape

    By Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips, CNN Special Investigations Unit
    January 27, 2011

    Washington (CNN) — An FBI employee shared confidential information with his girlfriend, who was a news reporter, then later threatened to release a sex tape the two had made.

    A supervisor watched pornographic videos in his office during work hours while "satisfying himself."

    And an employee in a "leadership position" misused a government database to check on two friends who were exotic dancers and allowed them into an FBI office after hours.

    These are among confidential summaries of FBI disciplinary reports obtained by CNN, which describe misconduct by agency supervisors, agents and other employees over the last three years

    • Viet Vet


  • Rifleman

    Fast roping is dangerous, and holding the helicopter steady while a squad fast-ropes down is tricky and takes training and practice. As each equipment laden man hits the rope the helicopter immediately becomes lighter by 200-300lbs and it wants to rise. If the pilot isn't very careful, by the time the last men hit the rope the aircraft can be an extra 50-100ft off the deck, and that's in perfect weather.

    To the point of the article, it's much easier for some self-hating Americans to believe the most far fetched conspiracy theory implicating Americans, than it is to believe there are bad people out there (other than Americans) who are trying to kill us,.

    • Guest

      The rope is attached to the helio.
      The lose of weight won't occur until the soldier lets go of the rope.

      • Rifleman

        If they were just hanging on to the ropes, but once they step off they are falling, which is why it's called "fast roping." The only weight on the helo is from the friction of their hands, and that's nowhere near their weight (plus their gear). I've heard it from fast ropers and helo pilots long before this incident, and this wouldn't be the first time people have been seriously injured or killed that way.

  • Flowerknife_us

    It has become very difficult to accept any statement by any Government official as being truthful. From the top on down.

    Meanwhile, we the people need to re-filter the news that has already been filtered Then scrub the political bias based upon the .source.

    The President stated that he did not want the American People to have the" perception" that the IRS was Biased by Ideology. He didn't say he was AGAINST the IRS being that way.

    Why did so many Media types let that statement pass without comment???

  • Gerald Costello

    Your title is even more false than "2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die". At least The Daily Paul's title is FACT. Your title is an assumption.

    Do you have proof your title is true?

    • Rifleman

      Well, if it's on the daily paul it must be FACT, lol.

  • thomaswfontaine
    • Rifleman

      Lol, those clever jooossss tricked those innocent brothers into thinking they were bombing the race, when it was actually those jooossss doing it. Just like those peaceful muslims thought they were the ones who brought down the WTC.

  • Mark Tokarski

    Greenfield demonstrates those necessary qualities, incuriosity, fear, and a search for reasons not to investigate further. He's am American journalist. His job is not to know things. He's very good at his job, perhaps among the best.

    • Rifleman

      You demonstrate those necessary qualities, ignorance, paranoia, complete lack of faith in the professionalism and morals of the US military, to be a st. ronpaul nutcase. Is this the first Greenfield article you've read, or are you really dumb enough to believe what you posted?

      • Mark Tokarski

        I am a critic of American journalism, long experienced in how housebroken they are, how they shy away from confronting power, and pat themselves on the back for these qualities. They also hand out many awards to one another. Greenfield may be up for another award for this piece.

  • Rifleman

    St. ronpaulers are so amusing, please tweak them more often Mr. Greenfield.

  • skeptical

    I never cease to be amazed at how so few articles confirm or deny what is published everyone just dances around solid facts and noone seems to even know the truth any more where is this all leading anyway I refuse to be the blind being led by the blind. my deepest condolences to the families of these men.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    can’t put the cat back in the bag
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