Non-Indian Sports Columnist Thinks American Indians Who Aren’t Offended by Redskins are “Uncle Toms”


Mike Freeman had two qualifications as a sports writer. A college degree and a willingness to casually throw around accusations of racism. But then it turned out that he didn’t actually have a college degree and had to resign from the Indianapolis Star for lying about that.

But CBS apparently has lower standards than the Indianapolis Star and Mike Freeman is there now, still doing what he built his career on doing, accusing people in sports of being racist. If this resume sounds at all odd, remember that Freeman came out of the New York Times. So it’s no wonder that’s all he knows how to do.

Here’s just a sample in Mike Freeman’s storied career of reporting on sports racism. In 2007, he dedicated an entire column to complaining about being victimized by racist hate mail. In 2011, he claimed that Cam Newton is being criticized because of racism. He drops racial bias accusations at the drop of a hat. He wrote a demented column accusing Rush Limbaugh of racism and warning that if his bid for the Rams succeeded, it would all but destroy the NFL.

If Mike Freeman wasn’t able to talk about racism, his columns would be white space. But usually Freeman’s racism accusations fall into a more conventional “You white people” line. But with the Redskins, Freeman, who is black, decided to declare that any American Indian who isn’t offended by the name Redskins is an “Uncle Tom.

“There is no outrage from American Indians in Washington because there are no damn American Indians in Washington,” Freeman declared, apparently forgetting about the existence of Senator Warren. Freeman, like Warren, claims some unspecified American Indian blood, which is convenient for making racist comments about them.

Claiming the right to be offended by Redskins, Freeman also declared, “Sure, there will be some Uncle Tom American Indians who will say Redskins honors them, just like there were some Uncle Tom blacks who once didn’t mind being called colored.”

Having claimed the Warren share, Freeman now also claims the right to declare which American Indians are legitimate and which are traitors to the race.

The rest of Freeman’s column reads like he wrote it while getting into a traumatic car accident. “The city of Washington, D.C., my birthplace, is approximately 50 percent black, according to the U.S.Census Bureau. We used to call it Chocolate City. The team shouldn’t be called the racist name Redskins. There is no significant population of American Indians. The percentage of American Indians in D.C., the Census states, is 0.6 percent. Thus the more correct correlation for a team name is the Washington N-Words.”

Unrelated, but possibly related, the opening of a 2008 Mike Freeman column. “When Dick Vitale basically declared during this weekend’s Duke-North Carolina broadcast that Tyler Hansbrough displayed the most desire of any player he has seen in all the years he has been covering college basketball, for a moment — a fleeting one — I thought I was smoking crack again.”

  • AdinaK

    Leftists, regardless of their personal background, are wedded to their multicultural psychosis. As such, they take umbrage at any minority who is not duly "offended" by this or that. After all, they have to prove their street cred, even if they are actually blue bloods and limousine liberals.
    Leftist dogma never wavers, regardless of locale

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Edward Cline

    Again, here is a grievance-monger looking to stir up trouble when there isn't any, not even under the most powerful microscope. If leftists didn’t have something to gripe about, they'd have nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and watch the world go by. I'm surprised Freeman didn't criticize teams that "stereotyped" Pirates and Penguins, and Dolphins, and Muslim Raiders, and oversized humans (Giants), and Seahawks, and so on. And don't forget the Cowboys and their sexist cheerleaders. It's either human stereotyping, or animal stereotyping. There's a lot Freeman could grouse about in this unfair world. I wonder if he was offered a spot on The Huffington Post.

  • Harlan Pruden

    As a Indigenous person of this land (member of the Cree Nation – registered member of the Saddle Lake Reservation), I find this entire debate on one hand kind of relevant – who wants to hear "redskins," braves," "blackhawks,"….. ?? On the other hand, this debate is a bit of red herring…. there are so many other more pressing issues impacting this community – highest teen suicide rate of any ethnicity; more likely than all other racial / ethnic groups to have a past year alcohol use disorder (10.7 vs. 7.6 percent), more likely than blacks or Asians to have engaged in binge or heavy drinking; Age-adjusted alcoholism death rates, the rate per thousand for American Indians was 45.5, compared with the U.S. All Races rate of 6.7 (Welty, 2002). more likely to engage in behaviors that place them at risk for contracting HIV like increased rate of IV drug use and injection drug-related risk behaviors, including needle sharing, Increase in risky sexual behavior; highest rates of methamphetamine abuse; meth Causes Dramatic Increases in Violent Crime, Suicide, and Child Neglect; 74% of Tribal Police Forces rank Meth as greatest drug threat to their community….. just to list a few…….. if non-Native people think they are really doing the Native community a GREAT thing by changing the name of sport WITHOUT addressing the underlining and more pressing issues …. they are soooo wrong!!!!

    • Halfaleague

      I grew up next door (literally across the highway from our farm in Nebraska) to two native American reservations. I knew, worked with and played football and sports with "native Americans", my sister, niece, friends, enemies all lived/worked together in one way or another with the tribes. If you want the tribal nations to become a footnote in history then I suggest wiping out their last vestiges of existence and quit using their names and heritage. That should work.

    • Mary Sue

      did you guys have Residential Schools?

    • Brujo Blanco

      Perhaps white people of.Scandinavian descent should about the Vikings. What about all the areas named after Indians? Perhaps the liberals can establish a government agency to protect such people from being offended.

  • Max

    So change the name. Traditionally we name teams after something we admire: how about Grizzlies? Or Seals (navy types)?

  • RUI

    You would think that – being a minority – the name would have a veneer of divinity for this demented leftard. But no. They complain if the name somehow recollects White Judeo-Christian males of any description and now also if it refers to some minority group. Just call them "Washington Football Team".

    On second thought, forget that. "Washington" ALSO has a racist overtone. If leftists had their way, they'd reduce the language to humming. That way, no one could be"offended".

    • Toni_Pereira

      Maybe if they rename it to Freeman's A-Holes he will identify himself with the team…

  • Bill Cervetti

    You can always count on it to be a WHITE guy who Jesus-like, takes it upon himself to act as the "shock-absorber" for the sins he imagines the culture-at-large is guilty of. Fact is, most "redskins" don't care about the sports-team names—it would be a pyrrhic victory at best to get the teams to change their names when the American Indian has way more legitimate problems to worry about. Yeah, it takes a WHITE guy who is also a LIBERAL to also be stupid enough not to see that Redskins, Blackhawks, etc. are IN FACT ALREADY politically-correct-enough names as not to warrant any tampering with. That's the reason they were chosen, you idiot! to BE POLITICALLY CORRECT. Even though it's apparently a decades-old standard of PC. By the way, has anyone noticed the slow evaporation of the term "African-American, and the ensuing tentative embrace of that 70's anachronism , "Black"? Frankly i could never see what was wrong with the term "Negro" which sounds to my ear dignified and elegant, and probably for that reason, had to be shunted aside.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Call me anything but late for dinner……….silly thing changing the name of sports teams from
    native indiginous tribes like the "Indians" considering the names conveyed strength and
    ability and is a form of high praise. It takes a liberal to want to destroy something in a
    culture that took centuries to form. Surely the debate of human rights and respect are
    important but erasing culture is not done for kindness, rightness or inrichment but for
    devaluation. Not to whine but two Aunts when thy left this world had left me some fond
    memories but twenty six million dollars to and orphanage in Nevada for indiginous
    children. ….Oh the mysteries of life, God Bless those children and the late
    Madaline and Agnes Kavey………………………………………….William

  • Bill Cervetti

    OOPS! My mistake—I wrongly assumed Mike Freeman was a WHITE GUY.! Maybe that's because he sounded so much LIKE the classic guilty white Lib type. Now I see how I was wrong, and at least it explains how he, as a black, could use the phrase "Uncle Tom" with impunity.
    HOWEVER—I won't change anything I wrote—I'll just rewrite the 1st sentence to read: "Previously, you used to be able to count on it to be a WHITE guy…….."


    JINO's who aren't offended by Pal-e-SWINE are Uncle Toms.

  • Pulsar182

    Being a black guy, Freeman is not offended by the 'Panthers'?……

  • Flowerknife_us

    Sure, remove all the Indian references in society. This way nobody will ever hear of the Indians again. Liberals- always ready to defend a Minority by getting rid of it, Or to prey upon them. In this case using the latter to accomplish the former.