North Korea, Cuba and Iran Criticize Canada’s Lack of Human Rights at UN

Here's your UN Human Rights Council. Enjoy

Here’s your UN Human Rights Council. Enjoy

The moral authority of the United Nations and its supporters and defenders has as much value as the moral authority of the North Korean, Chinese, Cuban, Russian, Saudi and other totalitarian regimes that actually dominate it.

Until the United States does the right thing and waves farewell to this union of tyrants, terrorists and thugs, we will all be forced to subsidize obscene scenes like these.

Obama brought the United States back into the United Nations Human Rights Council lending it whatever shoddy moral authority a Nobel Peace Prize winner who upholds Islamist tyrannies that oppress women and Christians has on tap.

Today’s UN quadrennial review of Canada’s human rights record quickly turned into a spectacle of hypocrisy and farce when the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un took the floor to accuse the country of “torture and other ill-treatment,” China, Cuba and Pakistan bewailed Canada’s “racism,” and Russia deplored “torture and cruelty against peaceful protestors.


Iran: We are “concerned on violations of human rights by Canadian government… particularly with regard to child sexual exploitation and trafficking, the right to food, discriminatory law and regulation against indigenous people and minority groups including Muslim and African communities.”

China: “We are concerned by the wide-spread racial discrimination in Canada.”

Cuba: There is “racism and xenophobia” in Canada.

North Korea: “We have serious concerns about continued violation of the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, torture and other ill-treatment, racism and xenophobia.”

Egypt: “We are alarmed by several instances of racial profiling in law-enforcement action and racial discrimination in employment.”

Pakistan: “The increased poverty and unemployment rate among immigrant communities is a manifestation of racial discrimination.”

Russia: “Human rights defenders are alarmed by police actions of torture and cruelty against peaceful demonstrators.”

There isn’t even any point in commenting on this. The United Nations is a sick sad joke. It’s time to turn off the lights, raise the curtain and go home.

  • Michael Copeland

    Hear hear. Turn off the lights.

    • Malcol

      turn off the cash spigot

  • Toni_Pereira

    Delayed April's Fool Day, right Daniel?

    • Toni_Pereira

      April Fool's Day (sorry)

  • Mary Sue

    What a bunch of hypocrites this UN thing is! North Korea has the chutzpah to criticize us about FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION? Orwell would be spinning in his grave.

    Indian chiefs went to IRAN to get advice about how to deal with the Canadian Goverment! Then we get the Idle No More BS…

    • John Spielman

      I think those native chiefs should get Iran to fund their reserves if they don't think the taxpayers are giving enough.

    • Larry S

      Mary Sue, I don't think Ole George would be spinning in his grave. I think he'd shake his head sadly, and say, "I tried to warn you knuckleheads!".

    • Disney

      But we have no right to infringe on their government and the land they rule. Just cause we do not agree with the way certain people rule a country this doesn't mean that we need to change the regiem. The only reason we hear about North Korea because they are on china's side. No one talks about how bad it is in africa. Why don't we have troops there? Because the United states wants to keep an eye on china and russia the only two superpowers that pose a threat to america. The US wants to rule the world duh? But don't be surprised i think all counrties want to rule the world lol. The US can do it with diplomacy and thier over powering military. The US is not evil by any means. They just want to move to the next phase of civilization… Space coloinization. Imgaine it like a game of civilization, or spore at some point one country over powers all others and there is nothing left to do but to conquer all territories.

  • sablegsd

    Drive them out in a barrage of bullets. Whoever makes it to the airport alive can leave.

  • frances

    please!!!! why even give them page space, or even mention the UN, , such hippocrasy is ruining the whole world,

  • RUI

    Turn the light off? No, pull off the entire life support and arrest and try for sedition and complicity to crime all of those associates in this over budgeted club of thugs. But of course, "sedition is the highest form of patriotism" I hear the 0bama junta say.

  • Silver Gonzales

    I am from Canada and I have nothing against the people of Canada and I do not agree that Canada is a hotbed of racism.

    But Quebec is a bit of a different story. Bill 101, Bill 14 >> Open a business in a commercial place and post banner signs only in English or English and French the same size and see what happens and who comes to see you and give you fines. Quebecois are in general a bit wacked out regarding their language which nobody in the rest of the country really wants. It would be a terminal economic basket case without English Canada.

    • Mary Sue

      well depending on where you are, some people can be pretty racist against Natives, but that's about it. British Columbia has a history of being pretty racist against the Chinese and East Indians (Sikhs), but I don't see that much of it anymore. Most Canadians haven't had enough exposure to black people In Real Life to really develop any sort of racism against them. But by and large, nope, Canada's not really that racist, as a whole.

      And Quebec, holy crap. The Xenophobia there is strong. Anglophobia, mostly.

  • Brian

    This was a united discussion between these countries due to the fact that Canada was able to stop a terrorist bombing before it happens. Kudos to Canada. I laugh when they try to dispel Canada's lack of human rights. Who are they to talk? Canada allows other religions pray the way they wish. Can anyone tell me if any muslims live in Norht Koreah? If not, why not? The USA, Canada, and any othe rdemocratic country should get out of the UN. Start another UN. The democratic countries have to stand up against these terrorist countries. Maybe then we can all live in peace.

  • Edwin Jeffcoat

    It is absolutely ludicrous. It would be funny if it were not so serious. We have a president who cares more about other countries (socialist/Muslim) than the USA.

  • owmyballs

    You do know that none of those countries are serious about what they said, right? Their reps are just using our politically correct stupidity against us. We deserve their scorn.

  • Anonymous

    I believe this is a typical distraction tactic by the UN. By concentrating their pathetic efforts at "human rights" and focusing on Canada, they can ignore Syria's use of sarin gas on its civilian population. Anything for a distraction! But this farce of the UN should have been dissolved years ago — it has gone from a pathetic joke to an obscenity.

  • nickly999

    I feel like I'm existing in the Matrix when I read things like this. How did we end up with leaders like these? Can you imagine a true conservative like Winston Churchill or a true democrat like Roosevelt entertaining this mob at the UN?

  • Hamid
  • Iniciativa Cubaverdad

    Just to show how hypocrite the Castro regime of Cuba is: racism and child prostitution are rife.

    Recently a Cuban intellectual (Roberto Zurbano) lost his job (demotion) for speaking out against racism in Cuba.


    On the matter of child prostitution in Cuba see:

  • cxt

    The time to act SHOULD have been decades ago.

    Decades of failing to act forcefully in the face of such dreck simply encouraged such bad actors to become more and more bold. Decades of inaction allowed the UN to become comfortable with such talk and STILL get the money they crave.

    Now we need to act–we can no longer allow ourselves to be the victim of such abuse. To just sit around and allow yourself to be trashed is not an act of strength–but one of weakness.

  • Sae

    This is surreal. Canada is not a perfect country, but I lived in Cuba 40 years and I have been living in Canada for 10 years. I can attest to the difference of respect for human rights in both countries. There's nothing else to say after knowing that my family and I emigrated from Cuba, a tropical Island, to Canada, and we are very happy here.

  • Gee59

    And here I thought that all they did was attack Israel. Guess they had to find a new target when Israel decided not to play along anymore.

    It tells me that Canada must be vibrant and open liberal democracy to have so many fascist nations attacking it.

  • theccur

    "The United Nations is a sick sad joke." SUPPORTED primarily by the U.S., a nation that the members of the U.N.mostly DESPISE. It is an EXCELLENT example of the quilt ridden incompetence of our nation, that the U.S. not only REMAINS a member, but pays the bills.

  • francisco

    sae, I absolutelly support your words
    I also lived in Cuba for almost 40 years, now in Canada after 9 years
    Yes, it is not a perfect country, like nothing is perfect in this world, but it definitively is – at least to me – the best country in the world, and it does is tolerant and welcoming to people from everywhere. I am grateful for being here, and will never forget when I landed here and they said to me: Welcome to Canada

  • Omar

    Wow. That just shows how corrupt the UN is that so many racist, sexist, xenophobic totalitarian regimes are trying to bully a Western democracy and close ally of the U.S. and the UK. The despotic regimes bullying Canada need to mind their own business and democratize. Russia needs to have the return of a Yeltsin- like, pro-Western leader (as well as dismantle the United Russia Party [a.k.a. the modern-day Communist Party of the Soviet Union]). Iran needs to overthrow the Islamist mullahs and democratize completely (as well as outlaw Islamism and religious extremism in general). In North Korea, Kim Jong-Un needs to abdicate all power and the politburo in Pyongyang needs to dissolve completely. The government of South Korea needs to assert control over North Korea and unify the Koreas into one country governed by a democratic government in Seoul, China needs to democratize completely, dissolve the Communist Party and recognize Taiwan as a separate state, as well as grant independence to Tibet. Syria and all other countries in the Middle East need to stop their hatred and intolerance and completely democratize, as well as recognize Israel's right to exist. And Cuba needs to quit meddling in other countries' affairs, quit installing puppet regimes like Chavez/Maduro in Venezuela and democratize completely. The West and the free world must lead the fight for true freedom and democracy in the world.

  • AlexCristo

    You can’t make this stuff up anymore. Satire is no longer art but reality.