Norway Loses $713,000 on Every Muslim Immigrant

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What is the price of diversity? Aside from all the violence,it’s $713,740.30 per immigrant

The newspaper has previously revealed that Norway loses 4.1 million kroner ($713,740.30) for each non-western immigrant coming into the country and that immigration has cost 70 billion kroner ($12,185,810,000) in seven years. On Wednesday the newspaper determined that the government spends 2 million kroner ($348,110) per newly arrived non-Western immigrant they get to work or study.

And what is the Norwegian government getting for all its money?

Nevertheless, according to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) fewer and fewer start work or studies. Only half of the participants who completed the program in 2010 are doing something useful after two years of training in Norwegian, social studies and other subjects.

Why should they bother when a generous welfare state awaits?

Including social benefits and course fees, the state has spent a total of 56 billion kroner ($9,747,080,000) on training of 56 000 immigrants from 2004 to 2010.

It would have been cheaper to pay them to go home.

This also means that the government has spent 23 billion kroner ($5,743,815,000 on 23 000 people that are not doing something useful.

For comparison, the Ministry of Education’s budget this year of 55 billion ($9,574,565,000) before loan transactions. This means that the government has spent as much on getting 33 000 non-western immigrants into work or studies within six years as the state’s total spending on day care, school, education and research for the entire population of the state budget for 2013.”

Diversity. It’s bloody expensive.

  • TOM

    What can one expect , with all the oil wealth , which was developed by the west , what have Muslims
    accomplished ?
    Japan , Korea , China have few natural resources yet they are on a par with the West.
    Muslims are the only immigrants who expect the host country to accommodate them , instead
    of integrating.

  • William Sanchez

    That is why the economic systems in the west are collapsing. Once they collapse who will take over? And who will riot and burn cars ??

  • Michael Copeland

    Norwegian muslims have been keen to attend the government's firearms safety classes. After attending each person is entitled to own up to six rifles. Muslims in Norway are not interested in hunting reindeer.

    • Ståle Lorås

      LOL Thats not true! Im a pureblood norwegian, grown up and living in norway. The problem here with exstremists is very-very small. Dont want to heat things up, and create the problem(giving them recruits), and definetly dont want others to do it for me.. Even if "the muslims" started a war, it would be a short one. They are scattered and divided. Dont get why so many from the west seemingly want to see them as a threat. This is mostly a problem for intel, and so it should be til they to see the better of it.

      • kaz

        5 % of your population is made up of an identifiable minority that is sworn to kill you. that minority is invited and paid for at your expense by your government. no problem. 50% of your schoolchildren are composed of that malicious hate filled minority due to your own refusal to breed, combined with your sworn and deadly enemy's eagerness to breed, at your expense, meaning that in one generation you will be overwhelmed with young people who want to kill you. no problem. how do you spell suicide in norwegian?

  • Michael Copeland

    In Germany, according to Udo Ulfkotte, the budget deficit is equal to the amount spent on welfare drawn by muslims.
    (Video) German journalist Udo Ulfkotte: “If we got all money back we spent on them [Muslims], Germany would barely have a national debt” ……/video-german-journalist-udo-ulfko…

  • Michael Copeland

    In Britain 50% of muslim men are unemployed, while 75% of muslim women are unemployed (Paul Weston, of LibertyGB). There are many polygamous wives drawing benefit as "single mothers". It is well known that Islam does not have single mothers. Thus do the politicians fail their nation.

    • lol

      is muslim a race?

      • DaRueStir

        No they are a scourge like locust spreading to devour the civilized world.

  • Christopher Riddle

    This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    All i see is narrow minded racist comments by the ignorant…
    Embrace the faith and you will never regret it!

    This article is a load of bull

    • Mary Sue

      your faith is bad, and you should feel bad.

    • ziontruth

      "Embrace the faith and you will never regret it!"

      Whether the faith you speak is Islam or Marxism, it is antithetical to human liberty and should be condemned by all decent human beings as such.

      And the Race Card is maxed out.

    • Guest

      'Racist'. lol As Islam is responsible for the on-going slaughter of tens of millions of Hindus, Africans, Buddhists, your statement is laughable. Islamic slavery is on-going. Ask Simon Deng.

    • Sound&Fury

      Jalal, your hero had a thing for little girls. I'd call that ignorant, & perverted.

  • Loti

    Hey, "joe" or Jalal
    Islam is not a race.
    The race card expires looooooong time ago.

  • http://facebook Henning Andre Huseby

    I live i norway and we have a wery weak goverment who alow this to happend to its own people.we are so angry what is happning to ouer contry.

    • findalis

      Then vote in another government who will change things instead of the same old idiots.

    • Donald Wright

      Stop voting for Liberals, and encourage all of your friends and associates to stop doing so too. You're going to get to the point where opposing Islam in your own country is dangerous, as has been shown true in Holland.

  • Knize10

    Eliminate the costs, ship'em all back to their land of origins. The will never adapt and they will try to impose their cult and sharia. Unacceptable.

  • Brujo Blanco

    This is an example of what can happen in our country. It is suspected that if amnesty becomes law we may be looking at an additional 33 million in a.relatively short period of time. When these people arrive they will claim poverty and likely end up with more money than the working poor. No country can afford.unrestricted immigration.

  • tousie

    As long the as our governments keeps letting these sorts or people in our country we are doomed!!!!

  • Rdlake

    They'll never learn. They see the Muslim infestation in France, Spain, UK and the havoc & misery they cause. They tolerate it and encourage it with their political correctness. Savages love it when Christians turn the other cheek.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The excuse of low cost labor or not enough workers because of low birth rate is a farce, the
    fewer people the more for those who inhabit thier lands and people being what they are they
    will make the best they can of what is available. However when you import lazy, self indulgent
    and violent people who are there to take over your land then mass insanity must be blamed.
    Who would import the means of thier own destruction as an unorchistrated exercise, who and
    the answer is leadership that has been bought and or is very evil and loves the dark side.

    • Donald Wright

      William, yours is a very good demonstration that Liberalism (with its love of multiculturalism and its demand for importation of every group that refuses to assimilate) is a mental and moral illness.

  • Bobby Pataki

    Still a whole lot less than the Jews cost America.

    Bernie Madoff, a single Jew stole over $50 billion from hard working Americans.

    Jews are a Cancer on Humanity.

    • UCSPanther

      You antisemites, as always, are a joke.

      • Bobby Pataki

        Judaism is the Greatest Lie Ever Told.

    • Donald Wright

      Jews, unlike Muslims, have contributed to tremendous advances in medicine and science that have made our lives better, and have made great contributions in some of the arts, e.g., classical music. Muslims, however, contribute nothing, except possibly some interesting Middle Eastern food.

    • farmchickisr

      Bobby ridiculous comment, Jews are some of the largest contributors to world science, agricultural, technical, computer areas, not to mention medical and other industries, oh and culture too for the matter… what have you been doing for world good?

  • laughing@momo

    With only a tiny over respresented highly succesful (25% of World positive influences) of just "FIFTEEN MILLION JEWS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD", and a insignificant incey-wincey teeny-weeny strip of land (no bigger than wales & 1/500 the size of muslim cespit lands) – it seems that the One-Billion (useless, lazy, non-rational who add nothing to world society) inbred muzlims are just a tiny-tadge little bit Jealous !
    Very big LOLz

  • ProudLiberal

    You cannot put a monetary value on diversity. That's just wrong.

    • UCSPanther

      Unfortunately for you, there is. We can only handle so many immigrants who come from lawless third world hellholes, who come here and refuse to integrate, leech off of taxpayers, behave in a lawless and violent manner, arrogantly view themselves as conquerors and attack/victimize anyone who they perceive as weaker than themselves.

      You progressives live in a dream world, and you will eat crow, mark my words. The Swedes are already starting to, as are many EU countries.

    • Sound&Fury

      You can't put a price on stupidity either. You're priceless.

    • Donald Wright

      "Proud Liberal," what are you proud of? The welfare payments that you receive? Of course the monetary issue doesn't bother Liberals–they aren't the ones working and paying the taxes that support parasites. When some illegal alien or Muslim kills one of your own, I wonder whether you'll feel as proud of your openness to "diversity."

  • kaz

    you are wrong. there is a monetary value on diversity. it is a huge negative figure.

  • Lucian

    When they gang-rape your girls and chop off your heads,Norwegian liberals, then you see what Islam is really is!

  • Odd

    We are doing okay with Muslims….. Americans…just keep your raciest ideas away from us….we are getting all of our money back…we are investing in Iraqi oil fields..we did not have to kill 1 million to invest there. W e are also, investing in over 50 Muslim country around the world if you did not the total Muslim countries and most of the have natural resources…Telenor is the largest mobile operator in Pakistan, NorskHydro is the second largest aluminum producer in the Mideast…. I can go on and on with our companies that are investing in the Muslim world and remember we did not have to fire one single bullet to kill innocent people

  • Maria Smith

    norway is the dreamland for immigration

    UK Immigration

    • Avoicenmany

      And look at what has been happening in Sweden :(

    • kukla

      It WAS the dreamland. All non-European immigrants must be forced to leave.

  • Amit Singh Abrol

    Moderate Muslims are clever hypocrites.They are only projecting a good view of themselves, until they have the strength to fight you. Please read this email about Muslim behaviour in various countries, starting from the Countries in which they are under 1 % , then at 2 to 5 % ( UK ), then over 5 %, then over 19 %….and so on until we see Muslim behaviour in Countries where they are over 75 %.

    Muslims don’t need numbers to owerpower Europe. People reading the above article would say that Muslims will always remain under 5 %. But Muslims don’t need numbers anymore. There is another danger. Science & technology will soon make a portable chemical or biological device easily available. Take this scenario. Cannot a Jehadi group put this device in a Merchant Ship and threaten to explode it when it docks in some European Coast. You wont even know which ship it is. Wait, that day is coming.

    Stop being idealistic and politically correct. Recognize the dangers of Islam and take strong and radical measures NOW.

    • ur talking to a Khan

      are you out of your mind??? come to norway and sweden , muslim or what ever, immigrants are getting so god damn lazy , they can’t do zihad.. no way..

      they just sit around, have cafe and think about having sex. Muslim as immigrant vs muslim in India, Pak, Afgan etc. is different scenario bro. :D ..

      Why so serious??

    • Zharf

      Sardar G. Now I am convinced that all Sardar Gs are utter idiots that’s why there are so many jokes about their stupidity. The greatest hypocrites and cowards on earth are Sikhs who were massacred by Indira Gandhi in India but they still friends to the Hindus!

      • jujunyc

        You have no idea of what you are saying. Sikhs cowards, definitely not.

    • hussains

      Are you a lunatic you rag. you religion is nothing more than a sect or islam.

  • tard

    typical scum

  • Douglas Lynn

    Over 95% of Muslims are against violence and terrorism. However, almost all of those same people will tell you they want their adopted countries to become Islamic countries where Sharia law rules and the followers of all worldviews except Islam are treated as second class citizens.

    • Don Miller

      Over 95% are against violence and terrorism? Oh really? Prove it, liar. The only ones who don’t support violence and terror are the ones who don’t read and follow their “holy book.”

      • Zharf

        The most violent people on earth are the Christians, Jews and Hindus and Sikhs; the greatest number of massacres and genocides occurred at the hands of Christians — in Europe (WWI and WWII), Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Bosnia, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan; at the hands of the Jews in Palestine (Sabra and Shatila massacres); and at the hands of Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir since 1947.

        • Er

          that is simply untrue. you could say that most massacres and genocide occurred by ideological fanatics.
          hitler (a pagan, not a chritian) just followed the ottomans footsteps on the Armenian holocaust.
          the west only used the nukes once 60 years ago, muslim countries who are only now starting anxiously to acquire nukes still have to prove such restraint.
          Sabra and Shatila was committed by Christians that now are for some reason moved from being a majority to a minority in Lebanon, wonder how did that happened , but Christians are fleeing the middle east due to persecution.
          90% of conflicts in the world are due to Muslim violence.
          the fact that the west mastered technology for the purpose of war effectively in the last 100years , do now erase 1400 of Islam’s violence, slavery, oppression and the erasing of non-muslim cultures which continues to this day.

    • Alex Renwaz

      Not on my watch. Not without some spilt blood.

  • Woodrow

    can I be welcomed into Norway? I am a working IT profession. A little language help and I am good. I can be productive day one. Looking for a free place to land.

    • Avoicenmany

      Count me in as well. I like you am in IT and my better half is working on an RN. Plus, Norway is a beautiful country, the hard part will be adopting to the Scandinavian keyboard.

  • John Fantasin

    This is nasjonalt selvmord or in English, national suicide. Before Rome fell the Barbarians congregated outside of the gates, but we here in the west open the gates and subsidize our own destruction.

  • ronb39339

    As many problems as one good nuke detonation in the middle east would solve, 100 nukes would be much better.

    • Voiceof reason

      spot the ignorant American. Its US Foreign Policy that has caused Islamic terrorism.If Americans were given a proper education and not brainwashed into thinking their country/culture (ha ha)/democracy is the best in the world the WORLD would be a better, safer place. Wake up!! Stop listening to yoru givernment (and FOX) and ask why? Why does everyone hate us? Its not envy!
      *actually, let me qualify that last remark. We dont hate the American people, we HATE your politicians and foreign policy – The Republican Right, the Christian Right – being the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world!!


    Send them all there.

  • Whatisthisshit?

    Got anything to back up your research? Also how come they only use that much money on muslim immigrants? Also you write in your article that they spend $713,740.30 on every non-western immigrant, so why are you flaming the muslims for this? It just doesn’t make any sense, I highly doubt they use $713,740.30 on every single non-western immigrant. Please link us something to back up your research

  • BeFair

    I wonder where would this hatred take us to?

    Why can’t people from different racial and religious backgrounds co-exist and learn to respect each other for being humans, nothing else.

    All this stereotype starts from such comments, leads to foolish arguments and ends up with rage and distress among us all.

    We all may be Different but We don’t have to HATE each other for that.

    Like this Sikh fellow who posted this in his limited wisdom; tryin’ to trigger some sense of insecurity among us after watching some Hollywood action. Makes no sense and is very offensive to many.

    But should I start thinking that every Sikh is a lunatic racist like him and against immigrants or muslims?

    No. they aren’t. Similarly its nothing but a prejudice to discriminate people based on their religions, race or ethnic background.

    Media and wars across the world have brought us to a point that we just love hate speech and we love to discriminate ourselves from others for no good reason.

    What is the difference between a Criminal and a Terrorist?

    Criminal – a person charged with and convicted of crime
    Terrorist – a Muslim charged with a crime

    Is that fair?

    • Zharf

      BeFair, you are a fair soul. You are absolutely right in your analysis. In every nation, religion, there may be only 1-2% who are bad and who bring bad name to nations and religions.

    • Alex Renwaz


  • 1stGalacticEmpire

    Have they ever done any good? They are not bad but what their religion teaches is intolerance, hatred, suppression of women and illiteracy. Their view of law and education is twisted and Wonder why any European country would allow such people in, They only will try to convert others and marry many women and basically be the cause of violence.I don’t hate anybody but if someone says that their way is the only way whatever else their argument, then that is a certain cause for trouble. I hope someday they can see why they are the cause of so many problems in this world and be normal human beings with compassion, love and respect for others.

    • Zharf

      Galactic Empire: do you have any compassion for others? The trouble with the world are the Jews and the Christians. They have the technology, the means, and the arsenals of weapon to attack, suppress and subjugate other nations. Who have been attacking Muslims? First it was the Soviet Union that attacked Afghanistan and now the US. The US attacked Irag, destroyed it but found no WMDs. Now it’s planning to attack Syria. The Arab Spring was a plot by the Western powers. Read the speech by Shylock in the Merchant of Venice.

      • Alex Renwaz


        • ishkabibul

          Alex Renwaz-islam has no respect for anything that is not of -islam they have no intention to assimilate as they come to -colonise and convert -us infidels to -islam -aided and abetted by the dhimmi’s and the politically correct and the censored -media-but it’s not “.all over until the fat lady -sings “.as the saying goes.

  • James Walter

    This is A muslim World Motherfuckers, we here to take over this World, so stop Crying like Little bitches and take it like man. Muslim World baby

  • James Walter

    @amitsinghabrol:disqus I know you ain talking, you Little fucking Singh Coward.

  • Alex Renwaz

    Destroying Norway’s culture with a smile on their face. Scumbags.

    • Erik Land

      Destroying Norway’s culture with a smile on their face. Scumbags.-Alex Renwaz. What you say is true. Immigrants in Norway is destroying Norway’s culture!. The stupid thing is if you say so in Norway you will be called a racist because no one wants to believe their land is stolen by immigrants… Sadly but true.

  • hussains

    Please note that mainland Europe (non-UK) is going down the pan. This is because they are far too socialist and cannot compete with Asia due to competition. Fact is these societies need to a)fundamentally restructure or b) become closed countries that protect them against competition from Asia. Muslims are just a scapegoat here.

  • Messino

    In Sweden our Minister of Justice claims we need to see them as assets because sometime, in the distant future, they will be profitable for the country