Norwegian Students to Become a Minority in Oslo Schools in 8 Years

This is the way Norway ends, not with a bang (well eventually with a bang) but with an immigration policy. The real majority in a country is not the percentage of the total population, but the percentage of the population under 18. When you know that percentage and its trend, then you know the future.

This is your future with Muslim immigration.

“In the last five years the number of schools where Norwegian pupils are in the minority increased by 18, from 40 to 58.  At the turn of the millennium 31 percent of students in Oslo were minorities. Ten years later, the share has risen to 40 percent. The share of minority pupils in Oslo schools has grown by one percentage point a year, which means that pupils with Norwegian as their native language will be in the minority in 2021.”

We’re not just talking about Oslo here or Norway or Europe. This is the fate that faces most of the First World, with the exception of Japan, unless it wakes up.

  • A 22 Year Old Man

    And only because Japan is strict on immigration.

    • Mary Sue

      that's one thing that Japan got right!

  • rightwingcanadian

    you know what blame this on left wing and right wing politicians pandering to the immigrant vote and importing voters from the 3rd world.


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    The problem is the USA doesn't want to do it the second time. The first time they did it because no one else had it. Now everybody else has it too. America used it for the greater good of everybody. Now someone else has to step up to the plate and take swing for everyone's greater good. They want to use it on us as soon as possible. Do you trust their judgement ? There is nothing like better-judgement in islam. In retrospect Japan was just a test. Please understand….the real target is ….are….come on say it 

  • danseagull


  • Empress_Trudy

    The key though is that when that happens not only will the population be twice what it is now, the median age will be something like 16. There won't be anyone left who knows how to keep the lights on. They'll wind up having to hire zillions of foreign workers to pump the oil out and when that happens, they will come full circle and become EU-Saudi Arabia.

  • Muslim_Free_Europe

    thats really sad to hear of norway and its culture. luckily im in the US which has most majority of recent immigrants (asians ) and (Latinos which follow european western culture) WW3 is here people wake up these sand people are going to exterminate you from your home land. you must do something to keep your population up or forever be gone. islam is a trash cult that brainwash people into sick stone age culture.
    3 choices should be offered to those immigrants just like spain did in the 16th century (convert to norwegian culture , die, leave the country)

    • Elaine

      The Asian immigrants follow their own culture in many ways but follow ours by having few children so their numbers won't begin to match that of Islamics or Latino's Latino's are more and more following their culture of accepting Socialism. The first generation may be conservative, religious, and happy to live in a freer country than the one they immigrated from. But the second and succeeding generations, brainwashed and manipulated by the public school system and media controlled by the left, become left-leaning.

  • Elaine

    Demographics control everything. The West is dying because its people decided not to save the human species through its policy of widespread contraception and abortion. But the Muslims have done the opposite. Their numbers are increasing and will continue to increase. This is how they will, one day, rule the world.