NYPD Warns Against Bill That “Will Ban Cops from Identifying a Suspect’s Age, Gender and Color”


Fortunately in our modern enlightened age we know that age, gender and color have nothing to do with crime and allowing cops to use irrelevant factors like that to try and find suspects is just bigoted.

Cops might as well wear blindfolds if the City Council passes a bill that would let them use little more than the color of a suspect’s clothing in descriptions — or risk being sued for profiling

Union President Roy Richter — who is seen in the ad wearing a blindfold in Times Square — told The Post the bill is dangerous because “it will ban cops from identifying a suspect’s age, gender, color or disability.

“When we have wanted suspects and patterns of crimes, those are very important descriptive terms to let officers know who to look for.”

The ad warns that if cops transmit a description of a suspect that goes beyond the color of his or her clothing, they could be sued for racial profiling if the proposal becomes law.

The bill’s sponsor, Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn), and Speaker Christine Quinn are going to bypass normal committee process and bring the measure directly to a vote.

Quinn is the Democratic frontrunner for Mayor. So this is a taste of what a Quinn administration would look like.

  • Jakareh

    New York hasn’t been nearly as hospitable to criminals as it once was and that makes the liberals feel so bad!

  • Zombee

    Visiting New York is Hazardous to your health. Criminals human life forms are armed with firearms and knives. Law abiding human life forms are banned from possessing same.

  • Boots

    If passed this should do wonders for New York City tourism. Who in their right mind would vacation in a town where the law impedes criminals from being arrested? Williams and Quinn must aspire to make New York East Detroit.

  • ElizabethMC

    Leave it to liberals to come up with something like this.
    They’re idiots.

  • OfficialPro

    Wait, I thought profiling was simply pulling a person over for “driving while Black”/”Driving while Hispanic” because they assume a guy driving a nice car that is either of those ethnic persuasions is a drug dealer.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Profiling can be many things, but describing the physical appearance of a specific person is not one of them.

      • OfficialPro

        They probably conflate it with the alleged “All blacks look alike to non-blacks” phenomenon, citing a fear that if the perp is described as “African-American” that just any random black person is likely to be pulled off the street and arrested in a case of mistaken identity.

  • glpage

    If that bill goes into effect I bet the sponsors will be the first to get their knickers in a twist when the crime rate soars because the cops can’t do their job.

    • ltcdmward

      And sponsors will introduce another law mandating even more “diversity” in the cops to “level the playing field” (so more whites will be detained, arrested, etc.). Rule of Law don’t ya just know!

  • tagalog

    Let’s just eliminate criminal law and the criminal justice system altogether if it’s so racist. With no crimes, no one can claim that the approach to criminal law enforcement is unjust to any given group.

  • lewpubco

    This just is further proof that when it comes to stupidity, there is absolutely no bottom for politicians.


    So we can’t call these things animals even if they act like animals…..???

  • Mike

    This is so stupid.I am a white man in an all black neighborhood shooting kids,wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, what description is going to stop me the quickest,white man with gun, or man in blue jeans and t shirt. Color of skin is a quick way to rule out certain people,nothing wrong with it. Racial profiling is I am white so therefore i’m going to go after red skinned people.Political correctness is a scurge in our society.

  • poetcomic1

    In the Cannibal’s Pot got it SO right.

  • spyeatte

    Sure glad I don’t live in NYC where the bozos are in charge.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    We need to start shooting traitors again.

  • OfficialPro

    Here’s how they fix the problem:

    Send black officers to arrest black suspects!