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Obama Admits Syria Strikes are about Regime Change

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 3, 2013 @ 8:59 pm In The Point | 15 Comments

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In the least shocking news ever, Obama’s plans to bomb a country whose leader he wants removed from power and whose opposition is backing, is about regime change.

Obama being O, he doesn’t quite come out and say it, instead he drowns it in vague legalese, but the meaning is there. And the meaning is regime change [2].

Barack Obama portrayed his plans for US military action in Syria as part of a broader strategy to topple Bashar al-Assad…

While stressing that Washington’s primary goal remained “limited and proportional” attacks, to degrade Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities and deter their future use, the president hinted at a broader long-term mission that may ultimately bring about a change of regime.

“It also fits into a broader strategy that can bring about over time the kind of strengthening of the opposition and the diplomatic, economic and political pressure required – so that ultimately we have a transition that can bring peace and stability, not only to Syria but to the region,” he told senior members of Congress at a White House meeting on Tuesday.

Obama has long spoken of the US desire to see Assad step down, but this is the first time he has linked that policy objective to his threatened military strikes against Syria.

The lefty Guardian is spinning this as Obama catering to the Republicans, and that is mildly true, because McCain and Graham wanted a stronger plan from O, but this was obviously the plan all along.

McCain and Graham just forced Obama to slightly tip his hand.

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