Obama Agrees, Piecemeal Amnesty is the New Amnesty

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Some conservatives were reassured when Boehner made it clear that the Senate illegal alien amnesty bill wasn’t going to happen. They shouldn’t have been.

There were premature celebrations of amnesty’s death when Rubio announced that he was going to support piecemeal amnesty bills over his own Senate bill. As should have been obvious, the amnesty crowd wasn’t giving in.

Now Obama has made it official by endorsing piecemeal amnesty. That means piecemeal amnesty is where it’s at.

Barack Obama said Tuesday he would accept a piecemeal approach to overhauling the immigration system, a move aimed at jump-starting a moribund process that reflects the realities of a divided Congress.

Mr. Obama has long favored the sweeping immigration bill that passed the Senate in June, but the House has made clear it wouldn’t consider that measure. In a wide-ranging interview before business executives at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council, the president said he is amenable to House Republicans’ taking up elements of the Senate bill, as long as the end result is the same.

“If they want to chop that thing up into five pieces, as long as all five pieces get done, I don’t care what it looks like,” Mr. Obama said. “What we don’t want to do is simply carve out one piece of it…but leave behind some of the tougher stuff that still needs to get done.”

So we’re back to Square One with Republican amnesty advocates having settled on a new way to try and sneak amnesty by their own voters.

John Boehner is already excited at the idea of reviving amnesty.

House Speaker John Boehner insisted Thursday that immigration reform was “absolutely not” dead – just a little over a week after declaring he had “no intention” of negotiating with the Democratic led Senate over its comprehensive immigration proposal.

Boehner told reporters at his weekly press conference he was “encouraged” by President Barack Obama’s comments earlier this week saying he was open to the House GOP’s plans to address immigration reforms in a series of smaller bills.

The big issue is the pathway to citizenship. For Republican business groups, it’s about legalizing cheap labor. For the Dems, it’s about 12 million new voters and welfare recipients.

The Chamber of Commerce might accept legalization short of citizenship (though it would likely end up leading to citizenship anyway as the European guest worker example shows. Once you legalize people temporarily, it becomes harder to deny them permanent residency and then citizenship). But the Dems won’t.

So any piecemeal amnesty approach can dress it up in border security, which was the original disguise for amnesty, but sooner or later it’s going to have to deliver a pathway to citizenship or be turned down by the Senate and Obama.


  • jmfay

    Piece meal does not work as any bill that the House passes can be used in a conference committee with the Senate bill. Schumer and Reid have already made it clear which bill will prevail. This is how we got the nasty amnesty in 1986.

    Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.


  • Erudite Mavin

    It does not make any difference where Republicans stand on Amnesty.
    Obama has already created Executive Orders for various amnesty programs
    including Dream Act. Does anyone think the Democrat congress would vote for any Republican Bill to stop Amnesty

    Using Republicans is bogus and gives cover to Obama.
    Libertarian Rand Paul would be on board with forms of Amnesty as his speeches,
    comments on interviews lay this out.
    Then you have his father Ron who voted every time against fencing the border.

  • pete

    who the hell corrupted and SUB-JU-GATED the texas repubs???
    what happened to the party platform of 2008 of NO AMNESTY NO WAY??
    what happened to the party platform of 2010 of NO AMNESTY NO WAY??
    If you’re willing to live under the Me-HEE-a, you be ready to live under the SHA-REE-A

  • John Q Citizen

    It’s called not upholding current laws and deporting all illegals and creating a new one called a pathway which will be changed to something else and then changed again to something else. It’s basically they don’t want to kick out potential voters and welfare recipients and then putting them on Social Security. They see votes and we see getting closer to losing all benefits for the legal Americans who need them.

    • Sherice Thomas

      Join the di

      I’m not sure how true it is but the pieces seem to fit the puzzle but I have read where O had a plan to drop a nuclear b on American soil and two with EM p capabilities sending America into blackness this month, less than one week ago, I believe. Question: How is he still making any kind of demands rather than being carried out of the White House? If this info is true, he needs to be addressing that with America and nothing else to gain any type of confidence back from the people of America! Now, as for illegal immigration, how is this the top priority for any of OUR politicians when we have over 20 million American workers unable to find jobs or full time jobs and over 11 million ILLEGAL aliens working???That math does not add up to me. Americans need to ask ourselves this: has our quality of living declined in the last 10 years when they started talking about amnesty and illegals flooded over our borders and visa hopped into our country?? Answer: yes.

      Really, Americans need to be mad as H e l l and not going to take it anymore!!! WE are the ones who need to start stalking these politicians where they live, eat and play and present OUR Stories illegal immigration has affected us and OUR families and how the lack of enforcement is damaging us!!! Do it. Film it. Spread it. If they stab us in the back they will NOT be able to say they ‘didn’t know’!!!!!scussion…

      • Chas

        “but I have read where O had a plan to drop a nuclear b on American soil and two with EM p capabilities”

        Link it, do not tease it. Cite your source. I doubt it.

        I don’t doubt the smugness and maybe megalomania of our president, but I doubt he would have the means or actually consider it. It is so much easier to continue the political-culture war.

  • GSR

    Today, mass immigration is mainly about one thing: Displacing/replacing native born White Americans. Rendering them a minority in their own country for partisan, political power reasons.