Obama and Clinton Blocked Military Rescue Efforts in Benghazi

hillary clinton for president

As FOX News begin releasing more information, we are getting confirmation of some of what we suspected.

One of the big things is that the block on sending in a rescue force came from Obama and Clinton who didn’t want to offend the new government of the country that they had been bombing for months. And lives were lost.

On the night of the Benghazi terror attack, special operations put out multiple calls for all available military and other assets to be moved into position to help — but the State Department and White House never gave the military permission to cross into Libya, sources told Fox News.

“They had no plan. They had no contingency plan for if this happens, and that’s the problem this is going to face in the future,” one source said. “They’re dealing with more hostile regions, hostile countries. This attack’s going to happen again.”

Under normal circumstances, authorities in Benghazi would have fallen under the chief of mission, one source said — the person in charge of security in the country who in this case was Stevens. But once Stevens was cornered and members of his security detail pushed his distress button, that authority would have been transferred to his deputy. However, that deputy was out of the country.

That meant the authority then reverted directly to the U.S. State Department, and oversight of the response to the attack that night fell to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy, who were calling the shots.

Sources said that shortly after the attack began around 9:40 p.m., special forces put out the calls for assets to be moved into position.

“What that does is that enacts … every asset, every element to respond and it becomes a global priority,” one source said. “I would tell you that was given and the only reason it was given is because of special operations pack.”

However, the source said, “Assets did not move.”

The failure of the State Department or White House to give the military permission to go into Libya, according to the source, only accentuates the significant breakdown in communication among the State Department, military, CIA and White House.

The source keeps claiming confusion, but I don’t think the issue was confusion. Benghazi didn’t lack protection because of money. As has been shown repeatedly, State was swimming in money that it was wasting on ridiculous projects, including art galleries, mosque renovations and green energy.

Instead Clinton decided to outsource protection to the local Muslim Brotherhood militias and keep American security forces to a minimum to avoid offending the locals. Military force was held up for the same reason. It’s the same reason that our national security is shot.

Not offending Muslims is the closest thing to a coherent theme that Obama’s foreign policy has. That was the theme that got Americans killed in Benghazi.

  • Lady_Dr

    Thank you Mr. Greenfield. I was once interviewed for a position in the "Art in Embassies" program (and would have lived in Washington, DC). If I had been hired I would have been paid an absurd amount of money, so I know what he is saying about this is true. There are a large number of individuals in the State Department whose sole job is to locate and plan the display of art in America's embassies around the world. But Washington is loaded with irrelevant programs like this one.

    • HiPlainsDrifter

      "But Washington is loaded with irrelevant programs like this one."

      But when "sequester cuts" are made, it seems to always be on the backs of the military, the flying public, or lovers of the national parks…never garbage like Harry Reid's "Cowboy Poetry Contest"….

  • onecornpone

    This was pretty clear after some of the commanders who waited for the order to launch were interviewed shortly after the event. That order never came through. I don't believe any of them admitted they had been told to stand down, but it was clear to most of us that had happened, by what they didn't say, and the horrified look on their faces.

    I can imagine the Benghazi ordeal will haunt some of them for the rest of their lives.

    The sickening part of this is the LSM's collusion with the regime to assist in a coverup of sorts. At least the commies are finally showing their cold hard-hearted side. Some people are expendable.

    Carney said today, Benghazi was a loooong time ago

    Oh well…

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      The question becomes: when is it a moral and legal factor to get the culprits on trial, no matter how high up they go – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/08/benghazigates

      And if the above wasn't foolproof, then why were the survivors ORDERED to shut up? – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/18/benghazigate-

      Thus, off to the slammer they gotta go!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

      • onecornpone

        Sadly, it seems we have 'evolved' from the time that corrupt pols go to the "slammer", unless they are too unsophisticated to understand how to game the system, like Duke Cunningham, or a few other foolish Republicans.

        At this point idealism is an exercise in futility.. perhaps we can rekindle high-minded principles like "rule of law" if we survive these communist hellbent on flushing out every dime of capital the private sector has in our possession. Survival is the name of the game right now…

      • Reneetru

        I am so amazed how this administration is not being held accountable. I hope and pray that the truth comes out and those responsible will be punished, impeached, whatever is legally called for!

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Obama has Boehner trained as a caddy.
          Impeachment has to come from the house.

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            little o will be out of office before anything concrete will be acknowledged to by this beyond pathetic administration.
            We have Americans murdered on 9-11 by Islamists in an Arab country that is a known hot bed of Al Quaeda …
            They didn't rush in but they're still fools…

          • Falcum

            The drunk has arisen.

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            Is that you cornqueen? Or just WeeTard still acting the fool?

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  • Twana Blevins

    Unclassified cables between Benghazi and Obama Administration

    Executive Summary Brief – Benghazi

  • Andres

    “When a man who is honestly mistaken learns the truth, he either ceases to be mistaken or he ceases to be honest.” -Author unknown

    A lot of prominent and powerful people in our government, the MSM parrots and the general public are facing the same dilemma, and sadly, many are choosing the latter.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Honesty, much like common sense, has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

  • Drakken

    It is always better to beg for forgivness than it is for permission, in that vain of thought, has the military changed so much that someone didn't move to get their people in trouble regardless of permission from higher ups?

    • Looking4Sanity

      Behold the fruits of Progressive education conditioning! Still think the military won't follow orders to fire on American citizens?

  • truebearing

    I always believe the worst of Obama, Hillary, and the Left in general. It's a pretty safe bet. It is also safe to say that offending Muslims can't be the sole motivation for abandoning Stevens or Obama would stop using drones, or appointing gay diplomats. He also wouldn't have had Bin Laden assassinated, then dance on his grave. There is something more sinister going on, and Obama will stop at nothing to conceal it.

    Not offending Muslims wouldn't have precluded removing Stevens and crew from Libya. It also shouldn't have stopped the administration from coughing up a few bucks for an escape plane — that Stevens requested and was denied.

    It seems to me that Stevens was intentionally hung out to dry, for reasons unknown.

    • He_Has_Failed

      Stevens was running guns into Syria for Obama. Obama couldn't admit that and still pretend he's Mr. Peacenik.

      • truebearing

        Entirely possible.

    • Chris

      Knowing our presidents proclivities, it is conceivable that Stevens rebuffed obama's sexual advances, or admitted he was a Christian or something else equally horrible, and therefore Barry decided to make him cannon fodder.

      Ok maybe I'm being goofy. But who knows when we have the most opaque administration in history, headed by a nasty, petulant, little creep who will do anything to stick it to Americans.

      • truebearing

        Goofy? Hardly. You are exploring the plausibility of an American president who is a pervert and evil in every sense and who wants his country to fail. Whether Imambama made sexual advances towards Stevens isn't important….unless that is part of the reason Obama refused to defend US sovereignty, and the lives of those who honor his presidential oath more than he does — which actually wouldn't be hard to do.

        Obama can go to hell, but that is like telling anyone else to go home.

  • charlotte

    The reasons Clinton and Obama may give are bull. The military rehearses for these kinds of scenarios all the time. The 2 guys on the roof who died had laser targets on the mortars. Why? There was a drone above and they thought it was armed.They came from Tripoli by a privately chartered jet. They were stationed in Tripoli. I think they KNEW the drones were armed and able to take the terrorists out, but the drones didn't fire. Why take the trouble to show your position with a laser pointer–a straight line between the target and the device?? Why? Because they KNEW the drones were armed. I think thats part of what they're hiding.

  • Goemon

    Wasn't there an order to do nothing about the hijacked planes on 9/11? And I always hear about the Chinese hacking us but do we ever hack them? We're being destroyed from within I tell ya.

  • Charley

    I don't understand why they would be against rescuing people from danger and attacks. This is not right, but the country's affairs are left to their discretion, aren't they? So let's watch and see how many new and unreasoning events emerge in the future.
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    • Mary Sue

      because they are idiots.

  • Mary Sue

    why does this remind me of that Harrison Ford movie, "A Clear and Present Danger"?

    • custom1

      Good comment. This is exactly the kind of "government" we are seeing now. I believe they were running guns or worse and thought that those on the ground were expendable.

  • DDay

    It is one thing to deny extra security due to outward appearences, I get that. But to deny security and leave personel there unsecured so they can be easily slaughtered is somthing completely different. You either provide adequate security, or you pull the people out and make visits when necessary. You don’t leave them there defenseless, and you don’t rely on any other country to provide that security, I don’t care if the other country is Canada, you just can’t do that.

    Time for Shillery and Obozo to take responsibility for their obvious mistakes.

  • kasandra

    I think that to understand this event you have to understand the role narrative plays for these people (and by "these people" I mean the far left including our administration). Reality is simply irrelevant to these people. It's all about the narrative. If the narrative is that al Qaeda has been vanquished, nothing can be allowed to interfere with this narrative irrespective of objective reality. Just take a look at, for example, Project Head Start. We've spent billions on it. Every study of it, including by Obama's HHS, has found that it has no lasting educational value. Yet, every time the administration wants to scare people about the horrendous effects of spending cuts it trots out "but this will require Project Head Start to be slashed." Based on objective reality the rational response would be "So?" but the narrative is that is doing lots of good and cutting it would be a disaster. I ask you, which is stronger to the American people, reality or the narrative. Now you know why the left treasures control of the narrative so much. It makes a much stronger impression on most people than fact. So the narrative here was Libya was a bloodless (for us) success, al Qaeda is on the run, it was Islamophobia that caused the attack, Obama's policy is great, etc. and nothing could be allowed to interfere with this narrative, especially two months before a presidential election.

  • BLJ

    This pisses me off big time! Our muslim President and his muslim loving Sec of State let these 4 men die. These two criminals should both be tried and convicted for this.

    Barry is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and this makes him an enemy combatant as far as I am concerned. How in the hell is this creep still President?

  • flowerknife_us

    The Administration will have the same type of reaction with Afcrapistan before the 2014 withdrawal. The Number of Dead will just be considerably higher. All those shoulder fired anti-air weapons from Lybia should be all over the Country by then. Target practice outside every airstrip.

    Just why were those storage bunkers not struck in the first place?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Obama wanted Al Qaida to have weapons, a safe haven and revenue to continue the jihad struggle.

      Everything Bush had been fighting against. I miss having a president that loves his country.

      • BLJ

        Obama is the Manchurian Candidate come to life.

        • Regina

          (You mean Manchurian President,)

  • Jimmy

    There was no blocking of anything. Several independent reviews have shown that there was no stand down order.