Obama Appoints Former Rangel Staffer “Black Education Czar”

Obama used to have 43 Czars. It’s unknown how many Czars he has now. Somewhere in the White House there’s probably a Czar in charge desegregating transgender toilets and a Pie Chart Czar.

But we do know that there is a Black Education Czar or as his official title goes, the “Executive Director of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans”.

Many real life Czars had shorter titles than that.

The new Czar is David J. Johns, a former member of Columbia University’s Concerned Students of Color set up to protest an affirmative action bake sale. Johns graduated with a triple major in English, Creative Writing and African American Studies, which would have made him unemployable in any real job.

But fortunately there are plenty of unreal jobs available for professional activists.

Johns became a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Fellow  at the office of corrupt Congressman Charles Rangel. During the last election, Johns campaigned incessantly and obnoxiously for Obama. And now he has gotten his payday. A title that will allow Obama to claim that he’s doing something about the high rate of education failure in the black community while pursuing the usual vendettas.

The official title is Executive Director of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans and the task is to reduce “racial isolation and resegregation of elementary and secondary schools.” Despite decades-old desegregation laws, “substantial obstacles” to equal educational opportunities still remain in America’s public school system.

The administration is actually paying states to set new academic achievement targets based on race and income, with lower goals for black, Hispanic and poor kids and higher ones for whites and Asians. Washington D.C. became the first American public school system to adapt the new race-based standards last fall.

So it’s the usual mismash of blaming everyone else while lowering standards further that has wrecked inner city schools. And as a former racial activist, David Johns is perfect for the job.


  • jgeorgia2000

    You cannot make this stuff up. Overt racist laws and regulations. And yes it is race based for the Whites and Asians, but the low-informed and Black community do not realize this actually states that they are too dumb to compete with whites or asians. Upon graduation how is this going to help them compete for decent jobs. Looks like their overlords are making sure blacks and the latinos will supply the servant low income class for the future. Can't have everyone with the same educational background. No one would be left to mop those floors and mow those lawns. If I were a black or latino I would be raising hell that they think my kids are too dumb to even try to educate me for a better job opportunity in the future.

    • Spikey1

      "If I were a black or latino I would be raising hell that they think my kids are too dumb to even try to educate me for a better job opportunity in the future."

      If you were black or latino, you would be the exception, because you are concerned about your own children's education and future.

  • Edward Cline

    I'm very disappointed with this development. I was hoping that, instead of Jones, Obam would have appointed someone like Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton, or Louis Farrakhan, who obviously have far more experience and success in promoting racial serenity than Jones.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What the hell, how many white studies czars exist, Obama is first and foremost a Socialist
    and secondly a racist, thirdly and Islamist and lastly but not least a fraud…………..William

  • joe

    And when they graduate 2 grades behind everyone else in knowledge ,what do you do with them ?
    Put them in jobs they are unqualified for – like building bridges that collapse?

    The only thing this program does is create racism. If i was black ,i would feel extremely offended to be considered so inferior.

    But the stats will look good on political reports and MSM news blurbs.

  • BS77

    Another worthless bureaucracy that will do nothing, produce nothing but cost a fortune. Typical liberal agenda program: throw money down the garbage chute. If you want to improve education….enforce dress codes, make tests harder, test the teachers…..and PAY students for top grades….yes, an incentive program.

    • BS77

      About incentives. Students who perform well on tests and in their general grades could get gift cards,
      tickets to special events, sporting events or entertainment. Those who are at the head of their class could go into special programs and even take college level courses for credit while in high school…and get other forms of rewards for their achievements. I know there are those who will criticize this because of the "competition" involved.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Okay now, this is in line with his appointment of Kevin Jennings, as "Safe Schools" czar, even though Jennings is known to have dabbled in man-boy clubs!

    And when the co-option of education is not to educate but to indoctrinate, this appointment makes total sense, as does having the "guy from the neighborhood" (as if) as leader of teacher's conferences – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/25/domestic-terr

    Upending the ENTIRE education system is more than mandatory.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • bluffcreek1967

    I've noticed that everything revolving around this new Czar, David J. Johns, involves race: "Black Education Czar," "Concerned Students of Color," "Congressional Black Caucus" and the list goes on. He sure is preoccupied with his race, isn't he? I thought we lived in a color blind society? I thought we were all supposed to be post-racial? I thought one's race was something we were told to put behind us and to judge blacks by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? I guess all of that only applies to whites?

    The hypocrisy never ends with this administration. If whites were this openly preoccupied about their race, their racial interests, and newly appointed government positions promoting white advancement, blacks would be rioting in the streets. Special federal committees would be investigating the matter for possible crimes of 'white privilege.' But with blacks, they get a free pass. Their beloved agitator and communist, MLK, would be proud. ("'The Talk' White Parents Need to Give," http://www.ambrosekane.com)

  • kafir4life

    Liberals think that the only way that Blacks can advance is with their assistance. They don't believe that Black people can do anything for themselves. There are enough Black people that believe them.
    That's actually why liberals give President Stinky (bo) a pass on everything. After all……you can't expect a Black man to perform at the same level as a White man. Myself, I don't think that Stinky's lack of leadership skills has anything to do with his color. He's just incompetent and an abomination.

  • Moliminous

    What an insult to the Black community. I'd be furious. You don't need another czar, you need common sense in the application of the Constitution in a school's curriculum.

  • Julian Vasquez Heilig

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself: "Do I really think I know what I am talking about?… Especially when it comes to African Americans and Latina/os?"