Obama Appoints Hamas Supporter who Called Israelis Nazis to Commission on Religious Freedom


James Zogby called Hezbollah “the Lebanese armed resistance”, defended Hamas supporters and urging understanding Hamas. He was less understanding toward Jews calling Israelis “Nazis” and accusing Israel of perpetrating a Holocaust against the PLO.

A vehement opponent of freedom of speech, Zogby took the Islamist side of the Mohammed cartoon controversy, writing, “To declare, as some have, that such freedom is absolute is, of course, nonsense since every culture, by definition, has its taboos. The measure of a civilization is not the freedom it provides to defile taboos, but how respectful and sensitive it is to the taboos of diverse cultures, especially those within its midst.”

Zogby then implied that cartoons that offend Muslims should be banned.

But then there was this, “At a 2007 Arab American Institute forum, Zogby was cited by then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama as his “good friend,” whose support it was “an honor to have.”

So Zogby’s good friend appointed him to the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom where he can have a ball explaining why Muslim religious freedom requires taking away everyone else’s freedom.

  • herb benty

    Anyone else notice how Obama always appoints a person who is about the last person any godly man/woman would. That smile of his hides a real devil.

    • M

      I’m totally godly and think Zogby is a great choice.

  • Veracious_one

    Obama has filled his administration with Muslims and wacko leftists…it will take decades to restore order after he leaves office….it’s hard to believe he hasn’t been impeached….

    • AgainstTyranny

      It didn’t take the Egyptians decades and America, including OUR
      military is at a boiling point and ready to start cleaning out OUR White
      House. Guess why McCain is leaving?

  • Alan Berskow

    Zogby is originally from Syria. He supported the Moslem genocidal massacre of non-Moslems in Biafra for many years

    • Rachel Levy

      No he is originally from Lebanon and is a Lebanese Christian,or at least that is what I heard. Some Christians in the mideast are as every bit antiIsrael and antisemitic as the PLO and Islamic terrorists.

      • Alan Berskow

        Nope – Moslem and Syrian. He may sometimes lie and claim to be a Lebanese Christian. Taqiyya and all

        • Gee

          His father was an illegal immigrant from Lebanon.

          The founder of the The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) was Dr. George Habash – a Christian.

          The Coptic community was one of the main players in the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt.

    • Imam Khalid of Basra

      Mashallah! A fine and unbiased choice.

  • doc

    So, can we expect to see middle eastern countries become respectful and sensitive to those with different cultural values that live within their borders?? Can we expect to see crosses and female drivers in that most intolerant nation of infidel haters aka Saudi Arabia???

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The problem with appointing a Hamas member to a commission on religious freedom is Islam is not a faith-based religion. Indeed, all Muslims must totally, completely, and unconditionally submit to the “will of Allah”, which in essence is Sharia, i.e., Islamic totalitarian law, under the penalty of death for blasphemy and apostasy.

    In other words, Islam is a very totalitarian cult that doesn’t allow the freedom of conscience as in true faith based religions. As a matter of fact, the only freedom that Sharia allows is the freedom for Muslims to become more devout slaves of Allah.

    Not to mention, that Islam is so powerful a totalitarian force that it even controls Muslims living in the West, as Muslims immigrants never ever assimilate and integrate, but instead form Muslim enclaves that in time inevitably morph into Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia and that in effect become tiny Islamic statelets within the larger host infidel states, as mass Muslim immigration to the West is really stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad for the purpose of demographic conquest and it is allowed to manifest throughout the West totally unopposed because the West conflates and morally equates what is really jihad, i.e., holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the expansion/establishment of Islam as somehow being terrorism, which is always and only violent. So since mass Muslim immigration to the West, which is really stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad, isn’t violent, it isn’t construed as being terrorism and thus isn’t opposed.

    In any event, what faith-based religions compel faith via the penalty of death? The answer, of course, is none of them, proving unequivocally that Islam is not a faith-based religion, and there is no freedom to practice totalitarian cults that I’m aware of, and especially one like Islam that has as its sole fundamental purpose the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into Islamic totalitarianism through stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad and violent jihad, then finally through the imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law.

    Folks as long as the West continues conflating and morally equating what is really jihad, i.e., holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the expansion/establishment of Islam, with terrorism, the Left will also continue claiming that those who perpetrate violent jihad attacks in the cause of Allah aren’t Muslims. Why let them get away with that lunacy? Indeed, terrorists like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and the Unabomber didn’t perpetrate their terrorist acts in the cause of Allah for the expansion/establishment of Islam, because their terrorists acts were actual terrorism, as opposed to jihad, which again is specifically and only holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the expansion/establishment of Islam and is a manifestation solely unique to Islamic society.

    Nevertheless, if you insist on conflating and morally equating what is really jihad as somehow being terrorism because you have been brain washed by mass media, then do you also ignorantly still believe that Islam is also a so-called “religion of peace” too.

  • nomoretraitors

    Now why does this not surprise me?

  • Warren Raymond

    So for this Islamo-Christian, who is so much more of a Muselmaniac than a Christian, “real civilisation” only works when we submit to the barbarians. What a perfect fit in the Obama tradition!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Thank God for term limits.

    • Huh?!?

      Oh, I have a feeling this little ‘powder-keg’ in Syria is being managed in such a way that it will blow up just about the time Hussein’s term is supposed to end. Emphasis on ‘supposed to’.

      If that’s his play, there’s a good chance King Hussein won’t give up his throne.