Obama Appoints Radical Gay Activist White House Jewish Outreach Director


The obvious response to Matt Nosanchuk being appointed as the White House’s new Associate Director for Jewish Outreach is Huh. Matt Nosanchuk has a long history of gay advocacy. And that’s about it.

Matt Nosanchuk’s entire career consists of shrilly pushing gay rights through every organ of government. If he was ever involved in Jewish causes or the Jewish community, it’s not obvious.

He worked on gay rights at the Justice Department, under radical extremist Tom Perez and he was a leader of the LGBT Policy Committee for the Obama campaign.

He was the gay rights liaison at the DOJ. Not the Jewish one. He handled gay rights for Obama, not Jewish issues.

Once again Obama is demonstrating that the Jewish community comes last. From rescheduling Chanukah to appointing a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism associated with an anti-Israel group who then focused on Muslims, this kind of contempt is ubiquitous.

Now an Obama gay rights troll gets appointed to a position he has no relationship to because who really cares about the Jewish community anyway?

  • stu4

    Great reporting again, as usual, Daniel. Let me just say here how disturbing it is for a president of the United States to even have a Jewish Outreach director in the first place. Here goes the federal government balkanizing the country again. And, of course, here is Obama’s administration pandering to an ethnic group. If he really cared about the issue most important to American Jews(though, sad to say, to a smaller number of them than in the past), Messrs. Kerry, Hagel, and Brennan would be nowhere near the making of foreign policy and Obama would be opposing the enemies of the only democratic and solidly pro- U.S. nation in the Middle East.

    • OfficialPro

      Muslim outreach, Jewish outreach…the way Nobama handles each one just goes to show what he thinks of each community.

  • Samual

    I agree with Stu4. Great reporting. I am literally speechless about this myself.


  • Norman Dostal

    what a nasty, bitter old homophobe! the fact that this guy has advocated for a minority that still suffers in thsi country proves he is able to fight hard for any minority-shame on this silly anti-gay bigot! oy vey!

    • cristo52

      “still suffers in thsi country”


    • http://golem2.blogspot.com/ Golem

      “a minority that still suffers in thsi country”?

      This minority enjoys a higher than average level of income, a higher than average level of education, and a lower than average crime rate. Some suffering.

    • Andy_Lewis

      Here’s your missing /sarc tag.

    • stu4

      Hey Norm,
      Maybe I’m being a tad paranoid – or just a bit thick and/or humorless here, but what’s with the “oy vey” at the end of your post? Is this a little dig at all of us overheated Jews having conniptions over Obama’s latest move,stuck as he is iin permanent campaign mode?

      I don’t think Greenberg is taking a swipe at gay advocates per se(though he clearly despises the strident ones among them) but questioning just how serious or well equipped Nosandhuk is to deal with Jewish matters. But why are we even bent out of shape about his qualifications or sincerity? His position, like that of all the outreach czars, should cease to exist.

  • Manaphy

    “Once again Obama is demonstrating that the Jewish community comes last”

    Yes, that is exactly the reason why american gives billions of dollars to Israel in AID and financial/military support every year, and the reason why most U.N. resolutions condemning Israel are vetoed, and why there is a Jewish Outreach program in the first place.

    • OfficialPro

      Obama’s only been prez since 2008. Aid to Israel has been going on for decades. It’s like any government program, once it’s in place it’s unlikely to be revoked (although I think it shouldn’t be revoked anyway).

      Obama is a poser that hates Israel and hates Jews (well, hates the ones that aren’t JINOs, anyway).

    • stu4

      If you’re simply saying that Obama isn’t a raging anti-Semite or that he doesn’t wish to see the demise of Israel, I buy that. But his policies, objectively speaking(as Barry Rubin always stresses) hurt Israel- and governments iin the Arab and Muslim world who are allies of the U.S. as well as secular/liberal forces who look to the U.S. for support.

      As for the notion that the Jewish outreach office is proof of his goodwill, it’s nothing but proof of how the Democratic Party sees its supporters as a patchwork of special interests, discrete populations with such different identities and needs that they can’t be appealed to as Americans.

  • OfficialPro

    Looks like he appointed a JINO…

  • morris613

    So, he named a gay activist to be the outreach person for a religion that considers homosexuality to be immoral. Not very bright.

  • Anonymous

    Watch out! The White House has a homo-nazi in charge.

  • Alicia Ford

    Apparently most of you people, as well as the author of this homophobic trash, is proof the ignorance and stupidity walk hand in hand.