Obama Approval in Egypt Fell Drastically Since Cairo Speech

That's not the Tea Party. That's Egypt.

That’s not the Tea Party. That’s Egypt.

Anyone who got their worldview from the editorial pages of the New York Times would assume that Obama’s Cairo speech was a transformative event that repaired America’s image in the Middle East.

The reality however is drastically different.

Obama’s approval level in Egypt in 2009 was at 42 percent. Not bad for the region or for the Muslim world. These days after the prolonged mess that his democracy initiative put Egypt through it’s at 26 percent.

That’s nearly as bad as Jordan, also known as the real Palestine whose population really hates the United States. While Obama’s approval only fell by 9 percent in Lebanon, it fell by twice that much in Egypt as Obama aided the Muslim Brotherhood while alienating mainstream Egyptians.

Aside from Pakistan and the two Palestines, Egypt is now the country that likes Obama the least.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    That’s jihad for you. Obviously those opposed to sharia and the MB will be angry, but no matter how much you help them, the jihadis will still hate you as well. Why would any sane person do anything to help jihadis?

    0’Bama is a delusional jihadi.

    On to Syria…

  • Jsjk

    I think his low popularity in Egypt is all the more surprising, since (IMO) Obama displays (constantly) attributes many associate with Muslim extremists. Thus, after every single sentence the listener wonders, “is this yet another lie?” And yep, dollars to doughnuts, it’ll be another lie. Then there the pitting one group against another (of use as a political distraction) — hence Obama riles up blacks, and stirs the pot, hoping for race riots, just like his good buddy al Sharpton. Or Obama wages class warfare, stirring up hatred against the wealthy, the “one percent,” while Obama conviently exempts himself (but everyone knows Obama is a “one percenter”). Obama is like a Middle Eastern despot (including his lavish parties and multiple undeserved vacations when the country is bankrupt). Again, he should be impeached.

  • ytdontplay

    A commie, a homosexual, and a black man, walked into a bar. The bartender says,”What will you have, MR. President?”