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Obama Asks: “Would Libya Be Better Off With Gaddafi in Power?”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 26, 2013 @ 4:07 pm In The Point | 26 Comments

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That’s an interesting question considering that the government has broken down, the country is on the verge of civil war and Al Qaeda terrorists are openly operating training camps there.

“In Libya, when the Security Council provided a mandate to protect civilians,” Obama said at the UN “America joined a coalition that took action. Because of what we did there, countless lives were saved, and a tyrant could not kill his way back to power.”

Obama went far beyond the UN mandate by bombing his way to regime change. His actions resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Africans in Libya, the near Al Qaeda takeover of Mali and the permanent collapse of any meaningful authority in Libya.

“I know that some now criticize the action in Libya as an object lesson. They point to problems that the country now confronts – a democratically-elected government struggling to provide security; armed groups, in some places extremists, ruling parts of a fractured land – and argue that any intervention to protect civilians is doomed to fail.

“No one is more mindful of these problems than I am, for they resulted in the death of four outstanding U.S. citizens who were committed to the Libyan people, including Ambassador Chris Stevens – a man whose courageous efforts helped save the city of Benghazi.

“But does anyone truly believe that the situation in Libya would be better if Qadhafi had been allowed to kill, imprison, or brutalize his people into submission? It is far more likely that without international action, Libya would now be engulfed in civil war and bloodshed.”

Libya is now engulfed in civil war and bloodshed. Armed militias are running everything. Had Gaddafi won, it is very unlikely that this would have been the case.

Instead of Gaddafi killing his way to power, the Muslim Brotherhood and assorted Islamist militias are killing their way to power. Is that supposed to be an improvement?

But let’s look at whether America would have been better off if Obama hadn’t decided to implement regime change in Libya using a No Fly Zone as an excuse.

Four Americans would still be alive. Al Qaeda wouldn’t have come into a lot of weapons and wouldn’t be able to use Libyan territory as their own private training camps.

America would have been better off with Gaddafi in power. So would Libya.

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