Obama Blames Christian Nigerian Gov for Genocidal Muslim Boko Haram Terror


We’ve heard this before from Obama Inc’s minions, but I think this might be the first time that Obama said it out loud.

“There is no doubt in the progress we have made in dealing with some extremist groups, for example core Al Qaida and Bin Laden” stressing that “they have been greatly diminished”.

He noted that “What is also true is that in some ways the problem has also metastasized, we have more regional terrorist organisations like Boko Haram in Nigeria espousing an extremist ideology, showing no regard for human life”.

He admitted that despite not having a transnational capacity like the other organisations “they are doing great harm in Africa and in the Middle East and in South Asia”.

Obama blamed the upsurge of terrorist groups on the fact that “countries are not delivering for their people and where there sources of conflict and underlining frustrations that have not been adequately dealt with”

He however ruled out military solutions in tackling terrorism but advocated that governments “give people opportunity, education and resolve conflicts through regular democratic processes, the less likely they are to take root”

Millions for Islamic appeasement and tribute, but forget about self-defense.

Obama’s emphasis on Boko Haram as a local group, as opposed to the multinational Al Qaeda, despite Boko Haram’s ties to Al Qaeda and a body count that tops Al Qaeda in the past few years, gives him an excuse to continue refusing to treat Boko Haram as a terrorist group while preaching more appeasement toward the Islamic regions of Nigeria.

Kerry had earlier called for more “restraint” in fighting Boko Haram’s Islamic genocide.

Genocide Watch describes Boko Haram as a Jihadist organization seeking to impose Islamic Sharia law on Nigeria and has placed it at Stage 6 of the 8 stages of genocide.

Boko Haram has ordered Christians to leave Northern Nigeria. Its leader has stated, “We are also informing Christians all over the country to embrace Islam or they will be attacked. If they fail to do so, there is nobody to blame but themselves.”

In pursuit of its genocidal Islamist goals, Boko Haram has killed thousands of Nigerians and destroyed hundreds of churches, many in bombing attacks.

Despite all this, Obama Inc. has refused to list Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, despite its ties to Al Qaeda, and repeatedly pressured the Nigerian government to appease it instead. After Boko Haram turned down an amnesty and the Nigerian government has responded to the terror by advancing its campaign, Secretary of State John Kerry is warning the Nigerian government to show restraint.

  • Sheri Hardinger

    How much more of Obama’s terror can the world and USA continue to suffer through?

  • bj affordable

    Obama is the Big O – as in naught. A nothing. A big fat zero!

    No disrespect to Roy Orbison.

  • Ceredwyn Freya Holt

    This act was wrong but Islamists destroyed several churches, kills Christians, but the President doesn’t bat an eyelash. Now he says something about this. What happened to fairness? Oh right, he is the only one who can say what is fair.

    • Gee

      It’s kind of like telling Israel not to over react when missiles are falling on their cities.

  • herb benty

    Obama is in league with Islamic terror and it’s goals. You would have to be blind not to think so, right?

    • OfficialPro

      yeah if it wasn’t enough that he supports the Brotherhood and Hamas, this right here is blatant.

      • Gee

        Yes the President has offered billions to keep Mursi in power. Nobody has thought to ask where this money is going to come from.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Ahhh, they’ve got grievances. Where have I heard this before?

    • Thomas Dobbins


  • Darlene Zimmerman

    I am tired of this man, when are we going to demand that he be impeached…..pick a crime, any crime…he has committed more crimes in the past 4 years than any person in office in this country’s history…he is a thorn in theside of this country…it is time to have him removed

  • venicementor

    “We are also informing Christians all over the country to embrace Islam or they will be attacked. If they fail to do so, there is nobody to blame but themselves.”

    This says it all!!! It is demanded by them and those like them, that everyone in the world embrace Islam, or these MF will take us all back into the StoneAge, where their minds are firmly planted – and here we have a president who seems to agree with them – charming. Get him the hell out!!!

  • herb benty

    I often wondered why the silence from the Obamites when Millions of Christians were being exterminated in Sudan by Bashir, silence by O on the killing of Christians in Syria,Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia etc., etc. Crickets. And, of course, Nigeria, with “Boko Haran” slaughtering multitudes of INNOCENT Christians, Obama sends “Kerry” the pinko to tell the Nigerian government to “go easy” on the evil murderers. Jihad has attained the American Presidency. And I cannot leave out the Jewish people, who have been dealing with Islamic evil for over 1400 years! It looks as though that is the “crux” of the hate Islam has for Christians and Jews….. we refuse to bow to Islam making us the “worst” . Look, Islam is evil, atheistic lefties are evil, ( note the protesters chanting “hail satan” at the Texas pro-choice rally). This is why the radical Left in the West are cozying up to Islam, they both worship Satan, period.

  • Ade

    Now I know that Obama is a ‘bloody’, if the Nigerian government is to appease boko haram, what should be done to the victims of violence from boko haram? By this stand I believe that Obama was pretending to be touched by the death of those children killed by mad gun men at different times in the United States. Any way no man is capable of being fair and this is why I know that Obama is playing politics with the lives of people. If boko haram should be appeased why did Obama and the U.S kill Osama?

  • http://criminalnationnews.blogspot.com/ Criminal Nation

    Stop immigration, stop trade, and put a cage around North Africa is all that is required. Beyond that the deportation of lawless and ‘martyring like animals’ from outside of that protective perimeter… is a must…

    Thank You….!

    • http://criminalnationnews.blogspot.com/ Criminal Nation

      …” ‘No, I will not send my money to Nigeria’ ”…
      (Its a broad signature comment worth Googling)

  • adams

    i cannot beleive Obama said this. i have lost all respect for him. he is the 666 we have been hearing about

  • 1malcolm1

    OK, folks, how do we protect our Republic from a Muslim lover in the White House?