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Obama Calls Europe a “Developing Country”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 29, 2013 @ 10:29 am In The Point | 21 Comments

Barack-Obama-New-York-Times-Interview [1]

There’s only so much stupid you can pack into one gaffe, but to give Obama credit, he certainly can pack in the maximum amount [2] of stupid.

And one of the interesting things that we don’t talk about enough is the contrast between what’s happened in the United States and what’s happened in a lot of other developing countries, Europe in particular.

Europe is apparently one of those developing countries. I’ll grant you that some parts of Europe are drifting toward Third World status and Eurocrats keep acting like all of Europe is a single country, but neither of those are enough to justify such a level of stupidity from Barack Obama.

And the fact is there are a lot of European countries who followed the prescription that the House Republicans are calling for right now, and not only have they lagged well below where we’ve gone in terms of growth, in many cases their debt and their deficits have actually gone up because their economy is still effectively in recession. And although we haven’t been growing as fast as we would like, we have consistently outperformed those countries that followed the recipe that the House Republicans are offering right now.

What Obama is ignoring, with his usual ThinkProgress trained mind that does not see events in the world, but only cherry picks favorable talking points, austerity is a necessary purgative for a country that has gone overboard in its borrowing and spending.

European countries are generally more Socialist than America. It means they’ll see fewer results under conservative governments than a less Socialist America will see under a Socialist government.

That said, Obama’s hyped recovery is mostly smoke and mirrors. One of the few things that are working in this economy, aside from crony capitalist companies, is energy. And Obama fought drilling every step of the way.

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