Obama Congratulated Morsi Right After Win, Waited Week to Call Netanyahu

Everyone’s got their priorities. Including the guy who nominated John “Al Quds” Brennan and Chuck “Iran” Hagel. Morsi is a priority for the administration that helped put him into power. Netanyahu is a problem that Obama wishes would go away. (Weasel Zippers)

President Obama on Monday called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on his-reelection in last Tuesday’s parliamentary elections, according to a White House read-out of the call.

The White House congratulated Islamist candidate Mohammed Morsi on his election as Egypt’s first freely elected president, calling it a milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.

President Obama called Mr. Morsi and defeated candidate Ahmed Shafiq on Sunday and commended both men hours after Egypt’s election commission confirmed that Mr. Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood party, defeated Mr. Shafiq, the last prime minister of former President Hosni Mubarak.

“He emphasized his interest in working together with President-elect Morsi, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the United States.”

Apparently terrorizing Egypt and imposing Islamic law is a shared interest between Egypt and the United States. Who knew?

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Oh….so he called Shafiq, the DEFEATED candidate, too. And only hours after their election. It's now so crystal clear where Obama's sympathies lie…even a liberal could understand. If I had been Binyamin Netanyahu, I would have told Barry to go jump off Mt. Zion.

    • EarlyBird

      Golly! Surely this means that Obama is a secret jihadist. I'm surprised he didn't blow himself up on the inauguration stand to do as much damage as possible, huh?!

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Well..gee Golly, private Pyle….he would have been doing us a favor!

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Why is anyone surprised by the Islamist-in-Chief's visceral hatred for Israel? Even though he would love to have an outward leftist at the helm, his animus is fixed. His plans for Israel have been crystal clear, and mistaking them for anything less will be more than costly – for the Jewish nation & Jews world over!

    Adina kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • EarlyBird

      Um…his plans have been the same plans as all recent presidents before him. He wants Israel to stop committing suicide by continuing to build settlements on the occupied terroritories, he wants them to attempt some form of two state peace with Palestine….Am I missing some scary designs Obama has?

      Who actually got the Israeli prime minister to have the IDF drag settlers off of occupide lands? W. Who actually made Iran, Israel's main enemy (today), even stronger than when he took office? W. But who's a hero to the Israeli right wing? W.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        You don't know the Israeli right too well, do you.

  • Ar'nun

    I think the time is aproaching that we see what is currently happening in Egypt and Syria to happen here. Let's see if Obama's cherry picked generals are really willing to fire at us. Let's begin a Democratic Movement and take it to the streets to eliminate this Muslim Brotherhood POTUS.

    • EarlyBird

      Go for it!

  • monsieurginger

    Did anyone else know of any other world leader to call and congratulate Bibi?

  • EarlyBird

    Egads! You mean the US president didn't fall all over himself to lick the boots of an Israel Prime Minister in congratulations?! Say it ain't so! That's forbidden by the Bible, isn't it?

    To hell with Netanyahu has done nothing but manipulate America and American opinion of Israel via the Israel First lobby inside the US. He even said how "easy to manipulate" the US is.

    Obama inherited a neo-con foreign policy disaster, and is rightly averse to getting the US into another Middle East war – especially one on behalf of Israel which is unnecessary. So Bibi hates Obama and Obama hates Bibi.

    Who cares? Netanyahu is just another prime minister of some other country which isn't even in NATO.

    • Raymond in DC

      Obama got himself into another Middle East war all by himself – in Libya – and without Congressional approval. True, we took no casualties (until Benghazi), but the after-effects will be long-lived. Islamists are now in charge there, while the weapons have spilled beyond Libya's borders, from Algeria and Mali to Gaza and Syria. New cadres of battle-tested Islamic militants have also moved on to the next fields of battle.

      • EarlyBird

        Indeed, another president got us into another war without Congressional approval, the tradition since Korea.

        But to his credit, Obama was wary to getting involved in Lybia because we didn't know who we would be supporting, and he didn't see an immediate, vital interest there. He was dragged into military action, and instead of making if another big American project with marines on the ground, he put together a coalition and limited our involvement.

        But neither he or the coalition broke Lybia. It was already breaking and would have broken and be under threat by Islamists no matter what we did or didn't do. The difference is now we have a presence there without it being a quagmire.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Obama was dragged into military action? Who dragged him into turning North Africa into an Al Qaeda party zone?

          Gaddafi was winning. The Jihadists was losing. So Obama came in on the side he favored.


          • EarlyBird

            Obama was dragged in by France, England and Italy, by way of NATO. The news early in that conflict, you will recall, was whether or not NATO was a still an operative coalition given Obama's reluctance to get involved.

            Qadaffi was not going to stay in power; it was a question of how many Libyans he took with him. The vast bulk of revolutionaries were not – and have proven not to be – "jihadists," Jihadists were already in place in the deserts and in Mali, and were trying to insert themselves into the revolution, which was part of what gave Obama such pause to assist them.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            NATO had no trigger for involvement in Libya. So Obama went voluntarily. He wasn't dragged.

            Gaddafi was winning and that was actually the reason Obama gave for intervening. Gaddafi was about to take Benghazi.

            And my that would have been a tragedy…