Obama Cuts Egypt Aid, Demanding Return of Church-Burners to Power


Obama, still furious that the Muslim Brotherhood, a group whose members included Osama bin Laden and every other Al Qaeda leader, was forced out of power by popular anger, is once again cutting military aid to Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood, despite being closely linked to terrorist groups, was never denied any heavy weapons. Kerry rejected any thought of refusing Morsi, who prayed for the destruction of Israel, his F-16s.

But the Egyptian military is getting more aid cuts, because it won’t restore the Church-burning Muslim Brotherhood to power.

The crackdown on the Brotherhood showed no signs of abating on Wednesday, as prosecutors said Mr. Morsi, Egypt’s first-ever freely elected president, would face trial on Nov. 4 for inciting his followers to kill protesters against his rule late last year.

The announcement of the aid censure marks a new low point in the already frosty relationship between the U.S. and Egypt, once one of America’s closest security partners in the Middle East.

Some people reacted with anger on Wednesday, saying that Egypt was better off without the aid and could seek out other sources of military financing in China, Russia or the Persian Gulf.

“This is actually a chance for Egypt to be free of this burden,” said Tahani Al Gabali, a former constitutional court justice and a vocal opponent of the Brotherhood and U.S. influence in Egypt. “The U.S. is pressuring Egypt to allow the Brotherhood back into politics and it won’t work. Unfortunately, the current American administration has a failed foreign policy.”

Obama’s policy is supporting Muslim terrorists. Obama’s policy is supporting the mass murderers of Christians in Syria and Egypt.

And now Obama is throwing a tantrum, kicking and crying, because his pet tyrant in Cairo was overthrown by the Egyptian people.

  • A Z

    It had been several weeks since Morsi was deposed. I figure that since Obama had done nothing he would do nothing. I was wrong.

    Qatar was funding Morsi’s Egypt and the economy was still tanking with direct financial aid. They almost ran out of currency under Morsi. they were at 3 months supply for imports.

    No foreign reserves seem to be okay.


  • A Z

    I watched the movie the Late Great Planet Earth. I figured with the Soviet Behemoth expanding that I would be in such a situation. You psyche yourself up. There is no where to run.

    The Wall came down. The Malthusian dystopia receded. Things were looking up.

    Now there will be no Christians in Middle East unless there are underground churches and a whole lot of conversions. The Israelis will be hard pressed. The late Great Planet Earth looks germane again.


    • defcon 4

      OTOH, apocalyptic movies are beginning to look like documentaries about islamic states.

  • Veracious_one

    Obama is just trying to punish the Egyptians because they are putting Morsi on trail for being the Islamic murderous thug that he is…

    • m4253y

      true, but i am sure much will be revealed in that trial, before, during and after of the muslime in chief’s intimate ‘handling’ of the MB ascension to power and Mubarak’s downfall.

      mark in your calendar for something ‘else’ to occur at trial time so as to divert the public’s attention away from it

      • 1dudette

        not to mention Morsi’s possible complicity in Benghazi and little O-hole doesnt want any of THAT exposed to the public. Not that libs will care.

        • gerry

          His sphincter must be on over drive.Can hardly wait for the s… to fly!

  • Robert Barsocchini

    “And now Obama is throwing a tantrum, kicking and crying, because his pet tyrant in Cairo was overthrown by the Egyptian people.”

    Addition: Obama’s SECOND pet tyrant in Cairo was overthrown.

    • gerry

      Quite unlucky Obama,old buddy ganster Morsi on trial.A whammy on Syria by the Assad Putin,and to make good measure a second one from the International Community.The only President who got a diplomat sodomised,and the only US President who could not get a coalition.Even the much maligned Chirac had one.!

  • budd callan

    eypt and russia once more agin bye bye USA so called good guy after what yous done in iraq what goes around comes around

  • N. Wasse

    Let me see Obama was to give Egypt 1.3 Billion dollars not in cash but weapons manufactured by American workers guess who will be suffering? Not the Egyptian workers for sure.

    • gerry

      So what!Obama doesn’t care about Americans,workers or not.Benghazi Barack hates the US,that’s why he is engaged in population substitution.

    • Gee

      Actually it is mainly in cash. Those M-1 Abrams are built in Egypt

  • JVictor

    It has been very interesting watching the Narcissist in Chief throw increasingly dangerous and telling tantrums as the rest of the world finally catches up with the reality of who he is. His lack of stammering when he assailed the jury that acquitted George Zimmerman showed that he believes with all of his heart that he is still a victim of racism; his recent petulant press conference about the government shut down showed just how polarizing he is–he thinks he can simply speak things into existence with total disregard to the separation of powers in the Constitution; now, he’s throwing the freedom-seeking Egyptians under the bus in favor of the Sharia law advancing Muslim Brotherhood. Your true colors are showing, Mr. President. And they are horrifying.

  • James Graham

    How much more evidence will it take to convince everyone that this “president’ is not whom he is supposed to be? When will you low-information voters as well as everyone else who “don’t like politics” throw off your apathy and grow a pair and start paying attention and doing your part as an American citizen to get this treasonous idiot and his fellow children of the corn out of OUR White House? What will it take? And when will that be too late?

  • antioli

    Obama fights democracy.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Important to see these reminders of Obama’s continued knee capping of the
    current Egyptian Gov. who would have better relations with America and Israel
    than Morsi and his Muslim Brother Hood whose goal is to wipe out Jews and Chrisians
    Obama does not have a core value of freedom and support of America. He will continue to back in any fashion Radical Islam.

    Also another Obama family tie in to the Muslim Brother Hood.

    Obama’s Brother: Muslim Brotherhood Leader?

  • zizi abdullah

    Mr.Obama your loud threats about the bloody aid is similar to a dog that his bark is worse than his bite!so keep barking