Obama Decides to Follow Law, Ask Congress for War Authorization


In an incredible turn of events, Obama made the unprecedented move of actually committing himself to running a Syria War by Congress, after his people spent a week insisting that he wouldn’t bother to do it, and after refusing to run an earlier Libyan War by Congress.

So what changed Obama’s mind?

1. The Syrian War is wildly unpopular and he’s trying to spread responsibility for it over to Congress. This way Republicans won’t be able to attack him for it once they have voted for it.

2. It buys him delaying time, since he chose to pull back from the brink, especially once the UK dropped out. This gives Cameron more time to get his country into the war.

Obama has been previously described as hesitant. Discussions of Obama’s role in Afghanistan described him as constantly looking for various options and unable to make up his mind.

Going to Congress may undermine his authoritarian stance, but it gives him a credible reason for delaying action further without making him seek weak.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The Loser-in-Chief had painted himself into a corner but now has found a possible way out. He had no intention to get Congressional approval before but now that he realizes nobody is behind him, he’ll go to Congress and silently pray they nix any attack as the British Parliament did. Obama’s urgency may stem from a secret commitment he made to his brethren in the Muslim Brotherhood who along with Al Qaeda make up the bulk of the rebels in Syria. Now he can say to the Brotherhood, “My hands are tied, the Americans won’t let me help you,” and then he can dance quickly to the next issue to continue to make himself a moving target so that Benghazi and Fast & Furious and all the other disasters won’t catch up with him.

  • rogerinflorida

    It is absolutely imperative that every one of you get motivated and contact your congressmen and tell them in no uncertain terms that the American people are against this war!
    For heaven’s sake it is as likely that the CIA carried out this attack as Assad did.
    We need to stop this BS now!

  • onecornpone

    This is deeper than Syria

    I think this SOB is reeling, finally completely off balance…

    If we lose this opportunity to pin his hide to the wall,

    we may lose the concept of rule of law in this country forever.

    Time to ACT!!!

    • JacksonPearson

      Constitutionally, Obama have no enumerated powers granted him, to attack a sovereign nation, that did not attack the United States.

      • onecornpone


        LMAO!!! Since WHEN has that stopped him???

        Jeebus H. Christ!!!

        • JacksonPearson

          That’s his problem. Despots never like to be restricted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Schmick/100000836170959 Bryan Schmick

    Pres Obama is still looking for someone else to share the blame for his actions.

    It is interesting what the pecking order is for approving his use of US military:
    1) The UN
    2) Major NATO countries (e.g. France and England but maybe including Germany)
    3) US Congress (i.e. the American people and the constitution)
    Of course he reserves the right to overrule all three.

  • ziggy zoggy

    He also wants to disguise the fact that he is helping jihadis again.