Obama Economy Approval Rating Hits 35%


Obama’s economic approval rating is running almost as good as the economy. Unfortunately a lot of voters no longer vote on the economy. They vote on identity politics, coolness and Saturday Night Live skits.

Obama’s approval rating on the economy sunk to 35 percent in the latest Gallup poll, despite the president’s renewed focus on the issue with a series of jobs-themed trips over the summer.

The Gallup poll released Thursday shows the president’s overall approval rating also continuing to drop. In the Aug. 7-11 survey, Obama was given a 44 percent approval rating — down from 47 percent in early June.

The president fared worst on economic issues.

On the economy, his rating is down 7 points from June. His rating on the issue of taxes also fell, from 41 percent to 36 percent.

On the budget deficit, the percentage of people who approve of Obama’s handling went from 31 to 26.

Those are terrible numbers, except for the overall approval rating which hovers in the same basic area. And that’s the problem. People may recognize that the economy is bad, but they’ve given Obama a pass on it.

For all the talk of low information voters, people know the budget deficit is terrible and they still pass an overall approval.

  • truebearing

    His approval on the economy is still 35% too high. What kind of an idiot approves of a president’s economic performance when said president is obviously trying to destroy the economy? How do you measure that level of stupidity?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “His approval on the economy is still 35% too high.”

      That was my first though when I read the headline.

  • Paul

    Were the people not semi-conscious, battered by the Government, hypnotized by the malicious, devious media, Obama would get a big fat zero for destroying every institution in America.

    • samantha657

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    • LoserInTheMiddle

      “, , , hypnotized by the malicious, devious media. . .”

      Don’t dispute the MSM is malicious and devious.

      But it may actually be a good thing, them not doing their jobs.

      When the Presidential debates begin (if not earlier than that in the 2016 cycle), the low-info voters will be hearing about events for the first time that the media has failed to report on.

      If that doesn’t convince a sizable majority of the low-info voters to go elsewhere for their news (effectively killing off the MSM, one hopes), then this country is dead and the low-info crowd deserves whatever tyranny Washington comes up with as they lose even more of their liberty.

      Sounds heartless, but hey, if you choose to remain ignorant in this age of technology, you deserve to get whatever that devious media sells you.

      • Paul

        You are much more optimistic than I am. I, however, believe it is a much deeper problem than that of just a bunch of low-info voters. In my opinion, the majority is suffering from a constricted consciousness, a damaged, innate will for self-preservation, and massive moral confusion, causing them to have an inability to interpret social and political reality in a manner necessary for basic survival. This being the case, the future is clear, these walking dead will drag the country down further, as they already have. Which is why in past civilizations, either the country was conquered, or there was internal revolution. Currently, the country is being conquered by Islam, and as far as revolution is concerned, any attempt to force a political change, will cause the socialist fascists in government to round up the rebels in already prepared detention camps.

  • Drakken

    Another poll showed the results at 22 %. Anyway you cut it, this country is in deep trouble. Now the question remains, can it be fixed before it is too late? Or go ahead and crash it and start from scratch?

  • nomoretraitors

    The problem isn’t “low information.” The problem is low INTELLIGENCE